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    Is it reasonable to ask Tesla delivery service to improve sound proofing the car?

    noise is generally higher pitched and on some of my seals, somewhat whistle-sounding. it is quite possible some people reporting a very quiet interior simply cannot hear the noise anymore. there is definitely little sound dampening in the vehicle.
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    43 Sentry events in my garage?

    ghosts in the machine :D
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    Loud popping sound coming from battery pack

    it's a quite normal occurrence, as the pack warms up the battery pan can make noises!
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    BMW i8 same price as Model 3

    Easily one of the top 5 threads on TMC
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    Model 3 software super-thread

    There's a private wifi for Tesla cars
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    Low Quality Grid detected while sitting in car after it's charged

    yup, that means it is detecting a lot of abnormal voltage drop for the current drawn.
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    21" Turbines for sale - $500, Bay area local pickup

    Sold my S so I'm selling the 21" turbines I had on it (changed to 19s for road trips). tires already mounted, though the wear is getting close to the wear bars, I would replace them. TPMS all included (100$) value, tpms for 2014+ (came off S85 w/ autopilot v1) 2 are in very good condition...
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    Tesla hits robot in vegas

    meh, looks like a pr hoax. why were they filming? why would they AP on an undivided road?
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    Weak Homelink Range

    I have that same exact problem, but my remote is significantly stronger than my vehicle homelink.
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    Only Primed Metal in Trunk?

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    When will the Dual Motor badges arrive??

    If you don't want yours, I'd love a spare as a gag gift :)
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    HEPA filter for Model 3!?

    that's awesome! I wonder how other common vehicles do?
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    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    Easy solution, retrofit option! :D
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    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    I was offered free 2 years of inspections (not service) by my OA.. bah.
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    CA HOV Stickers

    well, you're going to hate this photo then. Apologies for the quality..
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    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    there go my worries! alas, my big brake dreams are shattered.
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    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    alright, now how about P3D- folks? :)
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    MotorTrend is back with P3D - Track mode and Randy Pobst

    I sure wish they'd have used the same tires as the first test with the beta code, multiple variables makes things messy.
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    Thin/bare paint on door jambs

    I have pretty much the same appearance on mine, and it is blue as well.
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    Norcal Bay Area Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    hm, photo did not load?
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    [Yet Another] RaspberryPi Zero W TeslaCam Gadget.

    which ssd? I'm thinking a desktop ssd has capacitors in it which may be gracefully shutting down.
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    Black and Blue

    what'd you use to wrap the handles? I want to do that with mine :)
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    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    that would effectively not penalize Tesla as much, as then the credit would be spent with them.
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    "Ghost cars" jumping all over the place...

    this is normal behavior as the neural net is still learning, from what I've been reading.
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    Driver Centric Center Display

    The main concern is from someone in a model 3 crash reporting they got cut on the center screen. unfortunately there are no photos that I'm aware of of the center screen after the crash, so I'm not sure how much they impacted it. From the photo of the mount it appears it's meant to crumple, but...
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    Driver Centric Center Display

    would a metal piece added to the screen mount like that change how you would impact the screen in a crash? (or vice versa)?
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    Hot Door Handles

    that's how a hunk of chrome works, unfortunately.
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    Tesla Model 3 door handle for my house

    except there's no latch or lock :P
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    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    better off sharing build date. I'm pretty sure it's because they stopped using flufferbot.
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    Center console LED light bar

    what do you have it linked to? I wouldn't want it on all the time
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    Taptes new wireless charging pad

    Battery doesn't cost that much anyways... my money is that the OEM decided to sell that for themselves. To be honest, that's still a high price for what it is. Price != quality here.
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    Model 3: Turn Signals... ARGH!

    I actually made a mobile service appointment through the website for Nov 5, but I was contacted by them earlier last week. I made the appointment around 2 weeks ago. This was for the "Bay Area South-Mobile Service".
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    FSD removed from My Account page at Tesla

    careful there. AP V1 had a lot of similar claims that never happened. no upgrades or refunds happened.
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    Model 3: Turn Signals... ARGH!

    I have a mobile service appointment to get mine replaced today 10/22. looking forwards to it.
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    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    I've seen plenty of times on bay area (california) highways where there have been multiple inches of water on the highways.
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    RWD whine on hard acceleration... normal?

    every single electric car I've driven has made an electric whine when accelerating
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    Ever raced another Tesla in Redlight/Stoplight?

    You checked around yourself but didn't notice a Model S? o_O I see no point in showing off to other people, but I'll punch it at red lights and around curves because I enjoy the feeling.
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    Starting to regret FSD pre-purchase in a major way

    My guess is AP1. Switching to in-house on AP2 really set them back for quite some time, imo.
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    Vampire drain : 7.12 range lost, 1.57 kwh loss over 8 hours

    You're kidding me, right? Teslafi API reports Vehicle values from the JSON API.
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    Vampire drain : 7.12 range lost, 1.57 kwh loss over 8 hours

    teslafi reports based on what the tesla reports...
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    Vampire drain : 7.12 range lost, 1.57 kwh loss over 8 hours

    it is, make sure to enable sleep mode. what teslafi is doing is effectively pinging the car to stay awake 24/7
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    With all the upcoming deliveries soon, I made a list of necessary and nice to have accessories

    They remove the center caps if you remove the aero covers and install this kit: Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit
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    Model 3 Center Console Wrap

    wait, at least for my purpose I should not use a wet application method. I'm going to be doing the matte install and I believe it's the Avery SW900 Matte Black (180)...
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    Model 3 Center Console Wrap

    is there any reason why we don't use a little bit of soapy water for the install?
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    Loving phone instead of FOB

    Flawless phone as key, samsung note 8. I'm very surprised due to all the complaints on this forum.
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    PSA: Check your license plate clips

    Mine did not come with it mounted, no paper "zero emissions" plate so no point.
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    Unintended/Over Acceleration Event

    that's going to be a very big sandbar that can do 50kW ;)

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