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    Tesla Pet Liner (Dog Hammock and Door Protectors basically)

    Yeah, I've got various solutions but it's precisely the door protectors that got me interested in this product. I'll check it out and let you all know if no one else has.
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    Tesla Pet Liner (Dog Hammock and Door Protectors basically)

    Has anyone had the chance to try out the Tesla Pet Liner from the Official Tesla Shop yet? Only noticed it now - not sure how long they've been selling them for. I just ordered one, and I'm curious as to how it looks and fit - in particular I'm wondering how the door protectors on the picture...
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    Regretted Not Getting White, sooo....

    Looks good! Though I think you can tuck in the back of that seat (behind the seatbelt) into the plastic if you want to hide the seams better. Where'd you get the stickers? I've been tempted to do the same, but everywhere I looked seemed either out of stock or overpriced.
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    Regretted Not Getting White, sooo....

    Lol, thanks! I may have inadvertently childproof locked myself in the back seat the day of the installation, thus forcing me to step on the center armrest and the front seats to get out, next morning the footprint cleaned with a cloth like it was never there. :D
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    Regretted Not Getting White, sooo....

    I don't know what the difference is? There were rings at various parts, and there were straps at various parts and hooks to connect to them - none of which I was familiar with but the covers came with gloves and the one tool required (a flat plastic... stick, for lack of a better word, to shove...
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    Regretted Not Getting White, sooo....

    I LOVE the Model 3+, even with black seats I loved it. But ever time I got inside I thought... something feels like it's missing. And finally, I took the plunge! WHITE SEATS!! All it took was four jars of bleach, a paintbrush, and several days... (I'm kidding, I bought white seat covers and...
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    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    … how quickly we become demanding of something we did not know existed earlier. It sounds like in your case, since the lack of update is a huge concern, it would almost be worth the relief in stress for you not to use TeslaFi so that you can remain ignorant of the other people with the update...
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    Should I buy a SR 3?

    Absolutely, but IIRC, the OP suggested that money wasn't an issue. I may be mistaken.
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    Should I buy a SR 3?

    I’m gonna reach out on a limb here and suggest that if you want refinement and build quality and can’t stand road noise and don’t like the seat height of the S you’ll be happier with something like a Mercedes EQS or a Polestar 2. All the joy of electric, all the refinement that the elderly would...
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Received my baby yesterday. Order was placed end of June... so a little over two months wait, maybe two and a half. I bought the dead cheapest version I could get, and the entire delivery process was totally stress-free, was able to spend as long as I wanted with the car inside and out before...
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    New parents with a Model Y - Baby transportation?

    Thanks for all your great responses and suggestions guys! Sounds like dark seats, a seven seater, LR, it is! :) I’ll get PPF installed and ceramic tint for the windows, and look into that seat protection :)
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    New parents with a Model Y - Baby transportation?

    I'm buying my little sister a new car for her (very late) birthday, and she's due with a baby soon - the model I've been looking at is a Model Y, since it seems more practical/safer for someone transporting a newborn out and about (and I can't afford a model X so I didn't even look at it!). It...
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    Trade in a 2020 MY for a 2021

    Also, to the OP: No, don't pay more money to buy a new car. Get the existing issue fixed. Record it if you have to. Like, clearly if you hear a noise one of the two things must be true: 1. You're wrong, there is no noise or it's not as bad as you think it is, and you're losing your mind. 2...
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    Trade in a 2020 MY for a 2021

    You'd think with all the free labour/research available online by owners, that a company as agile as Tesla would take these opportunities to reduce the amount of work required. Enthusiastic owners like you guys are precisely the kind of people to be basing their diagnoses off of! Hopefully the...
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    25% Ceramic Tint

    Looks pretty good. Did you get the roof tinted too? Or did you leave it as is?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Might as well join the party here. Ordered end of June (28th or 29th), White SR+, Partial Premium Interior default black, no FSD. EDD has fluctuated between early to mid-August, and is now Aug 28-Sep 11. And to think, I was irritated when it took a month for a Polestar 2 to arrive lol.
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    Stealing wheel

    Yeah, after trying out the yoke on the MS plaid I can say that I am not a fan of not having the driving stalks there - the weird shape of the yoke is something I could probably get used to, but I would def. hate it on long drives.

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