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  1. mtapes

    Why 2 different "hold the wheel" Nag warning types?

    @TX_M3P+ Never happens AFTER the normal Blue alert. Always displays as the first alert. @ChrisH, The B alert, when it happens is never facing anything strange. 3 lane interstate, no construction, no special traffic conditions. Just where I would expect a normal Blue Alert. @MacDon, Again...
  2. mtapes

    Why 2 different "hold the wheel" Nag warning types?

    Not a complaint but just some questions. My experience: I always hold the wheel under tension (maybe sometimes not enough). The only time I completely release the wheel is to get a drink or something like that. My question/concern is that I get 2 different types of warnings: A: The normal...
  3. mtapes

    Volume on Tesla Model 3. Why no gradual rise?

    After a phone call, when the audio unmutes, it is generally a huge audio spike, that while probably won't harm the speakers, it is certainly not good for my ears or the surprised passengers. I would like a ramped unmute, maybe 250-500ms (1/4 - 1/2 sec)
  4. mtapes

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.2 - FSD AutoSteer Stop Sign Warning and Adjacent Lane Speeds

    I have a question for discussion. What is the purpose of having the traffic light and stop sign "warning" as opposed to simply showing us the stop sign or light when they are detected? Now we have people attempting to go thru red lights and stop signs to "test" this feature. Dangerous for...
  5. mtapes

    Is there a search function in the Spotify App?

    Excellent! Thanks very much! Pleasant listening to you...
  6. mtapes

    Is there a search function in the Spotify App?

    I have not been able to locate a search function within the Spotify app for the Model 3. Is there any way, from within the Spotify app to search for an artist, song title, etc?
  7. mtapes

    album shows up multiple times on USB music

    Hi Guys... WLIR....Long Island Progressive Rock Station in the 70's I produced a live radio concert series for WLIR. We broadcast live on each Tuesday Night, from locations such as Ultra-Sonic Recording Studios (where I was an engineer), My Father's Place, Calderone Concert Hall, CW Post and...
  8. mtapes

    Starship Orbital Prototype - Florida Version

    Much progress at the Florida facility as well. 1 month ago (top image) a few days ago (bottom image)
  9. mtapes

    Please fix the curb rash risk on Model Y !

    Showing the wheel bands from AO. Many color options. The only time I hit the curb (rear passenger wheel) the wheel band was damaged and saved the wheel from more severe damage. SO ugly or not (YMMV) I vote for the wheel bands, until the tire size changes.
  10. mtapes

    Powder Coat Rims, Color/Finish - M3P+ Red Multi-Coat with Chrome Delete

    Satin Black Powder Coated Wheels on Midnight Silver M3 LR AWD with Chrome Delete and Tint
  11. mtapes

    2019.20.4.4 - Dancing remains - Sunspot retired

    And I was wrong. My sunspot returned today. I guess it just took the day off yesterday, even though it was a sunny day. Those wacky Teslas :)
  12. mtapes

    SpaceX Starship Factory Cocoa, FL - Fly over - Jul 9

    From Teslerati: "Per one of those posts, Starship/Super Heavy’s “initial launch capability” will be achieved at Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Complex 39A (also known as Pad 39A), a facility SpaceX has leased since 2014 and launched from since 2017. Originally constructed in the 1960s...
  13. mtapes

    2019.20.4.4 - Dancing remains - Sunspot retired

    The subject says it all. The dancing continues, but the "specular highlight" (White dot) that was supposed to represent the reflection of the sun on the rear window, is gone. Hopefully some bugs got fixed along the way. Keep those OTAs comin' Love the car!
  14. mtapes

    SpaceX Starship Factory Cocoa, FL - Fly over - Jul 9

    I think the plan is to use 39A, which SpaceX has on long term lease.
  15. mtapes

    SpaceX Starship Factory Cocoa, FL - Fly over - Jul 9

    This is the day after the small fire.
  16. mtapes

    Feature Request for a polite "Toot-Toot" horn honk button

    I have found that "punching the horn" for a light tap, is more easily done when "punching" in the UP direction rather than the more intuitive DOWN punch. Hope that makes sense. Once I figured this out, it was much easier to control the horn level from a toot to a full slam.
  17. mtapes

    Do Service Centers "allow" Caliper Cover add-on?

    I am thinking of getting the Red Caliper covers made by MGP (in USA) and sold by RPMTesla (and some others sell a similar item). They are the aluminum type that clamp-on using 2 screws. MAde specifically for Model 3. Have any of you installed these? If so did the SC say anything when they saw...
  18. mtapes


    Off Topic: How do you know the size of each FW?
  19. mtapes

    Chome Delete Midnight Silver

    Happy to show you mine. I also had 19" wheels (Silver) powder coated to satin black.
  20. mtapes


    srs5694 - Nice write-up summary. Thanks for taking the time to post this.
  21. mtapes

    Nav Voice level setting not being stored for me

    Yes, that might be it. I will check. Thanks.
  22. mtapes

    Nav Voice level setting not being stored for me

    M3 LR AWD 4500mi EAP FSD 9019.20.1 The issue for me is that the volume level of the navigation voice is not being stored. It generally goes to lowest level, somehow, even though I try to store it in my profile at the level that I "enjoy". Also since no "number value" (like 1-10) shows up, no...
  23. mtapes

    12V Switched Power in Rear (Radar Detector Install)

    Thanks very much. A lot of useful info here.
  24. mtapes

    Tesla Model 3 plastidip door handles

    One more pic of vinyl chrome delete:
  25. mtapes

    Tesla Model 3 plastidip door handles

    My Chrome delete with Vinyl, professionally done:
  26. mtapes

    M3: No off button for audio?

    ...or press the "pause" icon on screen.
  27. mtapes

    Model 3 horn sensitivity

    I too have noticed the lack of polite tap option. What I have found through experimentation, is that if I direct the tapping pressure to an upward (towards the windshield) direction rather than downward (towards the floor), it takes less pressure and offers more "control" as required for polite...
  28. mtapes

    First Service Experience - 99% perfect!

    Orlando, FL - Minor part replacement (pass door wiring harness plastic strain relief piece was cracked) On time Courteous Efficient Respectful Why only 99% perfect and not 100%??? - No creamer for the coffee! They will send over Mobile Service to fix one other minor cosmetic issue. (Already...
  29. mtapes

    New guy in Orlando

    Welcome from Melbourne, FL (1 hour SE of Orlando). 2018 M3 AWD
  30. mtapes

    Superchargers capped at 80% in some locations

    Just returned from Palm Bay, FL SC. 8 stalls - 2 used (including me) Told me of 80% limit. But allows me to charge to any level (I assume because of open stalls) Needs improved messaging, but overall, a good thing IMO
  31. mtapes

    A better look for 19" OEM wheels on M3?

    Was only about 50% happy with the look of the 19" OEM rims. A friend turned me onto this kit on Amazon (designed for 18" Aero Wheels), and I like the look on the 19" as opposed to with the Tesla supplied plastic "cap and lug nut covers" on the wheel. See what you think. So far I am liking it a...
  32. mtapes

    Vendor Chrome Delete for Model 3 S & X

    Quote please for M3 LR AWD full chrome delete.
  33. mtapes

    It’s been 8 days and Tesla hasn’t removed my old car

    I returned my original M3 (had serious defect) for another. Took about 2.5 months to get the original car off my account. Maybe just now the car has been sold to a new owner and that is why it came off of my account. Tried with the SC to get it removed, and ultimately sent an email, but never...
  34. mtapes

    Model 3 System Volume?

    My "problem" (annoyance) is this... If I am listening to loud music, when a system alert "chimes", the music ducks down (which is good), but the music comes back to the loud volume that I had set much too quickly. In other words, I want the music to "ramp" (or fade) back in over about 1/2 sec...
  35. mtapes

    Well...137 miles and tire exploded.

    Bummer. Good luck.
  36. mtapes

    Love bug swarm in Florida.. Reports from Ev car owners requested

    I do not think the Love Bugs discriminate between EV and ICE cars. They'll wreck any car. I think mostly depends on the time of year, weather conditions. Happens in Oct and May. Will definitely etch your clear coat and paint if not removed promptly. Here is the Model 3 Happy Again:
  37. mtapes

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    Excellent work. Thanks!!! Thanks again!!! Requests: -Next button (to skip playback to the next file set in the playlist) -Play the first and last 10 seconds mode -Display the entire file tree in the TeslaCam folder, so that we may select any file set to be played back (to be added much later :)...
  38. mtapes

    Tesla Waze lost wind and weather radar

    Setting Icon in Teslawaze brings up this preference screen to set parameters.
  39. mtapes

    Superchargers at Wawas?

    WaWa is springing up here in FL left and right. I have not seen any with SC, but they are the best "7/11 type" gas/food store I have found. Of course only visit there now with my wife's ICE car.
  40. mtapes

    Model 3 software super-thread

    @Enginerd Thanks for doing this. Very useful. Suggestion. Please mark 2019.9 (and others as the info becomes available) as "beta EAP only" or something like that. Thanks again for your work! Appreciated.
  41. mtapes

    Rear license plate installed with wrong screws

    Here is a before/after with (bottom) and without (top) the amazon screw covers, still using the stock tesla screws. Here is the kit: https://www.amazon.com/Cruiser-Accessories-82030-Covers-Chrome/dp/B00032KC30/ref=pd_day0_hl_263_2/144-3742014-6231527
  42. mtapes

    Rear license plate installed with wrong screws

    @mrau Thanks for the links. I am getting the chrome ones.
  43. mtapes

    Rear license plate installed with wrong screws

    And the stock screws look terrible on the chrome license plate frame. Should be silver color screws imo. Anyone find good looking ones that fit properly?
  44. mtapes

    Parts of 2019.8.3 are great, but ...

    Still on 2019.5.15 I experienced the aborted lane change scenario yesterday for the first time, but it was pouring rain. So no issue in my mind for that behavior given the awful visibility.
  45. mtapes

    Slacker Radio Questions - Benefit to paid account?

    @ Snow Drift So using the M3 UI or the app gives you the same premium features? Thanks!

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