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    Why would someone do this . Mod tragedy.

    As if the rear window visibility wasn't bad enough stock...
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    Wing door came down on my head

    I got hit many times with the falcon doors and the trunk. That's because I have the fob in my tight jeans and accidently hit it. But I don't mind as it's really gentle on you, doesn't hurt. It's really not like getting your fingers stuck in regular doors closed with full human force.
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    No cellular service?

    Same here model x no internet on my way back from work at 6:30 in the bay area.
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    How long until used Model S hits base Model 3 prices

    I don't know when but at that time you'll also be able to buy cheap an used model 3 for even less $$$.
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    Very disappointing first week with Model X

    Just to balance a little bit, I have a 2017 P100DL X, it's been flawless and required zero visits to any service center, 11k miles today.
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    Video of Tesla Model X pulling semi truck up hill in the snow

    Oh so you think the truck engine was actually working as well? If yes, that video/article is very misleading...
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    Video of Tesla Model X pulling semi truck up hill in the snow

    The link: Watch a Tesla employee use a Model X to pull a semi truck up a hill in the snow Impressive!!! The Model X pulled the semi truck up a hill.
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    $9k pano fix...ouch

    How did they get to know you were racing?
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    Tesla Offers "Gen 2" Mobile Connector for $300

    Well i already throttle my umc to 20 amps so I have a hot battery in the morning and less waste. When traveling, I've only found 12 amps outlets. So all in all, it makes a lot of sense!
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    AP1 vs AP2 from someone who owns both

    An update as requested: AP2 has been getting better or maybe I got used to it but in my daily commute I still see a lot of differences that have me wanting to drive my AP1 S more for long trips: No phantom breaking on AP1. The AP2 car will randomly brake for no reason on the highway, it happens...
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    New vs Used Dilemma

    Go used because all the bugs have already been fixed.
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    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    Hi @deaddog, it doesn't have the Ultra High Fidelity Sound.
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    Shortage of keys?

    Same for me, still missing a key, service said they haven't received them yet...
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    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    An update since some people asked via PM: Each extra mile is $.25/mile, pretty cheap The residual value is 61,789.50. 20,863 Miles Remaining on the Lease
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    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    Hi @Gillijr1001, I am located in Berkeley, CA.
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    2016 Tesla Model S 90D Loaded with AP lease transfer $1090

    The color is Titanium metallic, great condition, never had any problem with the car. It's loaded with almost all upgrades. Took delivery in June 2016, it was a floor model with 3700 miles at the time. It has 18900 miles now. These are the official options for this car: Model S 90D All Wheel...
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    Tesla Model X 2016

    Wow, so sorry for you... I can't imagine how I would feel if my X had so many issues, especially on day 1...
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    Charging Incident at YYZ

    Happened to me a few times in my office parking garage (it's a large tower so people don't know each other). One time I come back to a volt charging on my dime... The guy was there, he told me he unplugged because my car wasn't charging... how would he know? Then called me an asshole...
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    White Premium Seats hot and uncomfortable?

    Maybe it just needs time to loosen?
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    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Thanks for the the replies. Geico is telling me that my coverage is "under review", whatever that means and they will give me an update on Monday. Tesla told me they're the only who can take care of it so that's clear :) I am still surprised as to how quickly this happened,
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    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Does anyone know if the windshield has to be changed by Tesla?
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    If everything is software upgradable. . . .

    It already exists, just an option in the summon settings.
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    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Actually between pickup, driving home and my wife noticing the crack only 3 hours passed. This is very odd. I can see there's an impact at the base of crack, looks like it could have been made by a small rock or a tool.
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    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Hi, Well... the windshield of my S has a large crack on the passenger side. I picked up the car from the SF service center this afternoon. It didn't notice anything wrong. I drove home to Berkeley and parked the car, didn't notice anything either. My wife and I took the car for a ride a few...
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    Tesla First Car

    For real? Looking forward to the insurance quotes...
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    HELP, Alliant financing expiring before delivery

    There's a big chance the .99 APR will stay as they keep talking about false deadlines to rush orders but then they keep it. I know this doesn't help you a lot.. but don't trust Tesla on exact delivery dates, when times come to make a delivery appointment, you will easily lose a few days.
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    A thread for people with no problems

    My 2016 AP1 inventory S90D has been flawless, 17000 miles right now, all good!
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    100% flawless for me on both my AP1 model S and AP2 model X.
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    XPel and ceramic coating installed!

    Great, what ceramic product did you use?
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    Time running out for Model X 2017 *massive* business-use tax deduction

    But if you're audited, can the IRS accuse you of abusing the system?
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    AP1 vs AP2 from someone who owns both

    I took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL on Monday, what a car! I’ll do another post about the FWD and the X in general, right now I want to focus on AP. The X comes with AP2 and I have a 2016 S 90D with AP1 that has been my main driver, commute and road trips for a little bit than 1 year...
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    Another cost calculator

    Thanks seenhear, that's great, I already bought my X a few weeks ago, otherwise it would have been very useful to me!
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    Shortage of keys?

    What I would expect is a communication before delivery because they must have know about the problem and along with proper training of their staff so that they are in the known. Something along the line of: We apologize but due to a shortage of keys, your car will only be delivered with one...
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    Shortage of keys?

    Yeah, compensation doesn't make sense, it was mostly venting. What's maddening is the way that the delivery goes: Delivery agent: Oh and by the way, there's only one key but who needs two, right? Me: Euh, I need an extra key just in case and the phone app is only for emergency and doesn't work...
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    Shortage of keys?

    So what you're all confirming is that Tesla knows they are out of keys ... and they are inventing a different story for each customer about why they only get one key for their car at delivery???
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    Shortage of keys?

    I just took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL in San Francisco and only got 1 key to the car. We're not talking about a rental car here but a $130K+ luxury car! And I am prone to losing keys too... This is what my OA said: I can absolutely understand the frustration, as we have had a few...
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    22 onyx black wheels

    It's part of the Tesla range calculator for models, I don't see it for the X. A P100D S goes from 337 with 19 inches wheel to 323 with 21 inches. The hit with 22 will be even bigger. I've done a lot of road trips with my current S, you need all the range you can get! Model S | Tesla, scroll...
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    So Disappointed in Tesla! They screwed me!

    Got into a similar situation except I got the bad news a week before delivery. Basically I wanted to exit my model S lease to get into a model X lease and everything was all fine according to my OA. Until I ask me to double check all the numbers and he comes back to me with a $20K negative...
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    22 onyx black wheels

    I was debating the same thing myself and coming from a model S, the range hit with 22 inches wheels was too much for me so I stuck to 20 inches. Also, if you search the forum, it seems to be common wisdom that larger wheels means more tire/wheel damage and frequent changes.
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    2016 Tesla Model S P90D Lease Transfer

    Just to make sure I get it, you're giving 5K for someone who takes over your lease? Any pictures?
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    Plasti Dip the 20 inch rims?

    Subed, looking to plasti dip my X wheels as well.
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    Got My Beauty Wrapped!!!

    Whoa, only $2200? Congrats, this is awesome
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    2017 Model X P100D Fully Loaded

    Right now similar X in inventory can be had for $130K, so including the 9K miles and the quick loss of value of new cars, something like $110 would make sense I think.
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    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    Hey, I am in the market for a second Tesla for my wife, how to I take advantage of these deals?
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    Tesla Model S P85+

    Hi, do you have HOV stickers?
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60kw - No Longer Available

    Hi, do you have pictures of the inside? Did you install the HOV stickers?

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