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  1. murph335

    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    Bumping this thread for: “soft start” is this a kit that radio flyer is refering to from the forums? Adding traction: how did flex seal tape work?? Exercise band link is dead.
  2. murph335

    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    NON STAGGERED!! THANK YOU!! Trying to order black ones bc after i refinish the hub it shouldn't surface rust anymore.
  3. murph335

    Why hasn't anyone put the 22 inch Model X turbines on a Model S?

    I love how the 22” extra width fills the fenders! What tire size did you run? For the rest.. 21” ride great if you have air susp and mich pss tires. 19s and 20s look real small and dont fill fenders. Pot holes? Pay attention and don't hit them! Id rather complete the look than...
  4. murph335

    21” Grey Turbine Upgrade Parts List

    If you see tire psi on the cluster left side you have gen2. SC upgraded my 2013 complementary. Update: the lugs on 19” do fit the gray 21”. However the lug caps DO NOT FIT those lugs. You need to get new lugs or maybe they will good will them for you. SC said i had the old acron kind that...
  5. murph335

    Wheel spacers

    Installing 21” turbines 8.5”wide square. Did the 18mm allow the studs to fit inside the turbine hub? Or do i need to go 20mm? Anyone got pics of the square 21” turbine setup?
  6. murph335

    21” Grey Turbine Upgrade Parts List

    When upgrading from the 19” to 21” Grey Turbines you may need some parts if buying a used set. This thread is about sharing the part# and things to consider. Here is what I found so far: WHEEL CENTER CAP - GREY (6005879-01-A) 4 x $5.00 = $20.00 LUG NUT COVER - BLACK (1023838-00-A) 20 x $0.39...
  7. murph335

    P85D Ludicrous upgrade??

    I just called the service center for a quote on a 14 P85D I am looking to buy. They said I cant buy it or add it. Right now the only car I can add on L is a P100D. :(
  8. murph335

    Wider Model S stance and improved aggressive appearance with wheel spacers

    Lookin fitted! Is 18mm recomnded for the oem square 21" setup? The high offset and narrow wheels are buggin me
  9. murph335

    Arizona: Charger Installation 50A - Great Service! Top Choice Electric

    Hey TMC members when I purchased my Tesla I went to the find installer site. I called 3 companies for estimates. One came out and the pricing just didnt make sense and the owner couldnt explain his own pricing model for a 2hr job. I Finally called TOP CHOICE ELECTRIC for an estimate. They...
  10. murph335

    Replacement License Plate Screws Sizes

    For future reference.. I tried a few and found these fit. 1/2 inch is more than u really need. I would go for shorter 3/8 if they have it.
  11. murph335

    2015 P85D with Ludicrous, Autopilot 52K Miles for $84K

    I looked for months before buying mine. Watched and monitored the market. KBB is way off in values. Example they value a loaded 2013 S60 at $37k. The cheapest tesla anywhere is $45k regardless of miles or opts. I wasnt able to buy a tesla anywhere in the country for anything close to...
  12. murph335

    Replacement License Plate Screws Sizes

    I just picked up a MS from a local seller and used a temp tag in the window. I just noticed today they kept the plate screws. I tried the 10-32 x1/2 from my bmw but the threads are too large. What are the correct size screws to fit the 4 plastic gromets or would you mind checking the...
  13. murph335

    Scottsdale: Recomended Tint installer?

    Yep they did a great job on a bmw in the past. Groupon and referral discount helps too! I live in north phx now so I ended up going to AirPark tint in scottsdale. did the CIF 30 stuff for heat resistance $430 after groupon. See how it dries and looks in 48 hrs.
  14. murph335

    License Plate Screws

    More importantly if you are missing screws. What are the proper Screw sizes that go into the the little plastic gromets?
  15. murph335

    2013 Model S, 31,xxx miles $51,000 Phx area

    Bump for a great seller!
  16. murph335

    Official Model S Child Seat Thread - reviews, pictures, and discussion

    Awesome! Just ordered on amazon $20 well worth it. I think these will be better than the ones i have now.
  17. murph335

    Official Model S Child Seat Thread - reviews, pictures, and discussion

    For boosters I read a blog that this is 11" wide and the seat belts are 12" apart so these work great. Amazon.com : Cosco Top Side Booster, Leo : Child Safety Booster Car Seats : Baby However, What about front facing car seats that... 1. FIT Flush 2. how to protect the leather from indentions...
  18. murph335

    Phx, AZ: Who Refinishes Brake Calipers? Full service

    Anyone in phx or scottsdale have a good experince with a company for caliper refinishing in the area? Looking for an oem result!
  19. murph335

    Scottsdale: Recomended Tint installer?

    anyone have a hook up on a good tint spot? There are tons of them out there. In past cars the tint on the rear window can be blurry at night or not as sharp. Thinking this $500 huber optik stuff might fix that problem?
  20. murph335

    Divorce and the Big Car Payment

    LOL as a bday present is even a worse financial decision. Gifts are not recoverable in a divorce! This thread went from irresponsible to straight wreckless. Is this for real?
  21. murph335

    Divorce and the Big Car Payment

    Only if you use attys to negotiate and argue. If you put it all on a spreadsheet, and write it all out together then agree its less than $5k. Hire them to only add atty language that is specific, clear and conscise, and hold up overtime Treat it like a business deal and keep the emotions out...
  22. murph335

    Can you carry 4 21" rims w/ tires inside Model S?

    I have those as well from tire rack but they are currently on the bmw track Wheels. Just cant part yet with my 335i vert, and the smell of e85 in the morning :)" Those wall hooks are great!! Its like art! Discount tire makes me nervous but they did a great job swapping the tpms fast and...
  23. murph335

    19" Silver OEM Wheel and Tire Combo

    All 4 wheels
  24. murph335

    19" Silver OEM Wheel and Tire Combo

    Phoenix, AZ 19" silver factory takeoffs. Wheels and tires from CPO tesla. 2 wheels have cosmetic blemishes. 2 wheels are clean. Goodyear RSA 245/45/19 Traction rating is 400. (Long lasting) Tread Depth: 2 tires measure 6/32nds 2 tires measure 7/32nds 4x center caps No tpms sensors...
  25. murph335

    Different wheels can I Change dash graphic?

    Thank you! Ill add it to my list for the next visit!
  26. murph335

    Can you carry 4 21" rims w/ tires inside Model S?

    Side pic for a better visualization.
  27. murph335

    Can you carry 4 21" rims w/ tires inside Model S?

    Here is a pic of 21" wheels and tires all 4 in the trunk. 2 face down to the floor. The two on top facing up so no damage. On the floor i used 2 carboard boxes then put a canvas dog blanket seat protector over it. Then a small piece of cardboard on the side to protect the trunk carpet for...
  28. murph335

    Different wheels can I Change dash graphic?

    when I upgrade to gray 21" can i have the car graphic in the guage cluster reflect the change as well? I searched but didnt find the right keywords to get results?
  29. murph335

    Where to put jack stands on Model S?

    Looked at it today. A cheap hockey puck or 2x4 should work perfectly just like on all my other cars. I even have the rubber pinch weld looking puck from past cars. What am I missing here? Press jacked on the touch screen, flex for a selfie....oh wait i thought it was..... ok nevermind...
  30. murph335

    Car wash in Phoenix

    Yes, classic car autospa were GREAT because they have trackless systems for people with aggressive wheel setups, stretched tires, and LOWERED, etc. They are all now cobblestone and converted the Scottsdale road to plastic. I am going to stop going there as I notice my blk bmw paint getting...
  31. murph335

    21" turbines on coil suspension

    How does the gap look, got pics?
  32. murph335

    Just pulled the trigger!

    pics with all the mods?
  33. murph335

    2013 Model S, 31,xxx miles $51,000 Phx area

    local and just sent you a text about the wheels
  34. murph335

    2014 |autopilot hw |Tesla Model S60 | 22,985| $54,977

    great find! if this is AP its the least expensive ive seen. Cant tell what other opts it has though

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