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  1. Cory151

    So I went drag racing with White Fang. I need help with a setting.

    Only time my car did that is when it was left in service mode by there service center. 2 min phone call and it was fixed
  2. Cory151

    2017 P100D vs new LR+

    P100DL all the way. You've worked too hard to miss out on all the fun. You can always flip it over to chill or sport mode if you want to feel middle class speed.
  3. Cory151

    Plaid a total game changer?

    Name one time Tesla have failed to deliver on an acceleration metric? They said the P85D runs 11s and it does/did. Who cars what you say the horespower number is especially when there can be as much as 15% variability between dynometers. Back on topic Plaid ordered and funding has been secured.
  4. Cory151

    Plaid a total game changer?

    GM has successfully been doing the exact same with with the Corvette and Camero/ Firebird.
  5. Cory151

    Buying second car for Turo

    At one point I was up to 11 cars all purchased outright without debt (Including Tesla's) on Turo before I went back to work a few years ago. Here's why I no longer do it; -It's a bit heartbreaking to have somebody trash your car even if there is a robust liberty mutual insurance policy in...
  6. Cory151

    Model S Plaid

    Doubt there will be any HUD since it never really caught on in the late 80s. But in order to get the performance and incredibly high phase amps needed for Plaid they will need a revamped battery pack for sure. I expect they will consolidate the current 16 modules down to 5 or 6 larger ones...
  7. Cory151

    Unplugged Performance Camber Correction Kit

    Interesting. I have to get both of my MS aligned after a few thousand miles as they started eating the inner rears. Both times the alignment fixed the issue which thus far has not returned.
  8. Cory151

    What is 12v battery replacement cost

    Why even replace it? Just remove the fireman loop unhook the 12v battery and load test it. If it load tests good put it back in as its simply a programed death based on cycles. They can't say *sugar* about warranties when the original serial numbers matching battery is still there. Disconnecting...
  9. Cory151

    Model S Fixed Glass Roof Replacement Cost

    So long as all the old urethane was cleaned off and the surface prepped correctly the new glass will seal just fine. Not to mention that urethane is just squirted out of a Milwaukee caulking gun by an associate at the factory, then flipped over on a rotisserie before a suction powered lift...
  10. Cory151

    PG&E rolling blackouts during heatwave (Aug 14 2020 —> ?)

    Ive got a 'few' Model S modules in parallel with one of Jack Rickard's 240v inverters being charged by about 2.5kW of repurposed solar panels combined with another 1.5kW of solar panels all with 240VAC micro grid tied inverters. I charge my cars mostly at work. Depending on how hard I run the...
  11. Cory151

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    Your layman logic isn't gonna cut it here buddy. Ive taken the time to weigh both tire combos on a scale. Ive got a $1000 to the charity of the winners choice that says the 21" stock wheel and tire is heavier than a 20" Model X rim with a winter tire on it. If you're so sure, it should be easy...
  12. Cory151

    P100d 19" Aftermarket wheels

    Why when you can have a 21" turbines for less than the cost of 19" wheels? 21-Inch 2012-2017 Tesla Model S Wheels for Sale – Front Wheel Second choice would be Model X 20" rims, which I run my snow tires on in the fall and winter.
  13. Cory151

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    The P100D was on 20" Model X rims with a brand new set of snow tires. This wheels/tire setups is exactly 1.5 lbs lighters (per wheel) than the 21" turbines that were on both the p90d and p85d. Don't take my word for it, test the cars back to back at same SOC. If you live in such a Tesla dense...
  14. Cory151

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    If this thing doesn't run 10's when the track opens (like it has the last two years in a row).... It's getting sold. If they are going to reduce total kW output they need to make up for it with the P85D/P90D early power distribution curve. Ive never understood how that much power going into...
  15. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    Who gives rats ass about Germany? Theres a 1/4 or 1/8 mile drag strip in every county inside the U.S. Pro Tip: If the link isn't in English 95% of this forum won't understand it.
  16. Cory151

    Short squeeze or has the average investor finally realized Tesla's true potential?

    Institutional fund managers wanting to be perceived as, being on the right side of climate change, really have no choice in medium to large caps stocks but to plow their billions into Tesla. As of today there are a lot people who have driven forklifts in Fremont for the last 5 years who are now...
  17. Cory151

    Used 2016 Model S P90D vs New Model Y (AWD Long Range)

    Does acceleration matter to you? Does the P90D still have its lifetime free supercharging? If the answer to these is either yes or no, to both, that would be my answer.
  18. Cory151

    Where to buy/swap Telsa Wheels

    Craigslist. Wheel section.
  19. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    Would people stop posting that tired old German garbage link (launch mode not engaged+ low SOC) . Both of those cars have run 10.5 independently, Im fine with that. I'm talking about ......
  20. Cory151

    Does the S have more "pull" at higher speeds?

    Were your parents married barefoot? It's on the website. Anything delivered before Jan 1st 2017 also qualifies.
  21. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    This is gonna be epic. We will get to see a little bit of what will be shaping the performance electric automotive landscape in coming years. This will be the first public demonstration of "alien technology."
  22. Cory151

    Any updates on Plaid Model S?

    Im expecting to place my order for the competition plaid model S in a few months and receive it by end of 2020. This will take the place of my Roadster order since they will be virtually the same price.
  23. Cory151

    Charged for supercharging while a vehicle with free lifetime charging

    If it were me: Cancel the card, have your bank reissue a NEW number. Due to fraud I do this annually anyway. They can charge it all day it won't matter.
  24. Cory151

    Charging with 110

    Technically 110V low amperage charging is the BEST form of charging for long term battery health. That goes for all 18650 Li-ion cells not just Tesla. Low C rate charging is best so long is time is not a factor.
  25. Cory151

    Does the S have more "pull" at higher speeds?

    Probably because it needs the downforce for traction. The Mercedes A class is the current world record holder for CD at .22 surpassing the MS.
  26. Cory151

    Does the S have more "pull" at higher speeds?

    Not sure anybody in a 2016 P100D gives a hoot about efficiency since all of them Supercharge for free. I would buy the lowest priced P100D you can, or wait for the plaid addition which will run 9s and make all Ravens and P100D less desirable. I've still yet to see anybody in a Raven surpass...
  27. Cory151

    Does the S have more "pull" at higher speeds?

    . Here's is what I recently learned: -The P100D decimated my buddies stock beautiful C6 Z06 from a stop, so he wanted to see the difference from a roll. Probably because his car doesn't seem hook up in first gear at all, in spite of having PS2 tires. -On a 3 honk highway pull from 50mph...
  28. Cory151

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    Then line the cars up and make a video of the race. At this point you having no proof other than your "feelings." Im not into arguing with people about their feelings, so I guess you're just gonna have to suffer with your poor slow P100D.
  29. Cory151

    Just drove a loaner 2015 P85D (L?) today ..... OMG.........

    Above,Top 10 fastest 0-60 for Teslas, all time, on Draggy. Below, the P85DL start somewhere in the late 50's and seem to mix into the same times as the P3D.
  30. Cory151

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    Bro, you keep keep saying the same thing to everyone who will listen, and I want to believe you but until to post up 0-60 times or 60ft times, of a P85D beating a P100D, I cant get onboard. But, I do have a solution. Tell Santa you'd like a draggy for Christmas this year. Here's a link...
  31. Cory151

    Weak brakes

    Something sounds wrong. The Brembos on my P85D were the best stopping Ive ever had.
  32. Cory151

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    553kW 2016 with 70K miles 84% SOC I was under the assumption that the pre-raven cars weren't getting any additional power? Is this incorrect?
  33. Cory151

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Before Ford's water filtration system failed to keep water out of my fuel system on my my F-250 Superduty 4x4 diesel ($12,780 repair at Pacific Beach Ford), it was only used transporting dirt bikes to and from Pala Raceway. So I guess my weekend dirt bike pleasure trips cancels out your once...
  34. Cory151

    Jalopnik article about Supercharger network

    The is every single weekday at the local Costco.
  35. Cory151

    Jalopnik article about Supercharger network

    Gas prices just peaked on Thanksgiving, I'll take my free supercharger with a side conversation with other nice Tesla owners, while we wait. GasBuddy predicts fuel prices will be at their highest since 2014 over Thanksgiving
  36. Cory151

    Jack Rickard's take

    I really hate that you turned this topic political so Im gonna let you in on a little secret. You probably are going to want to get rid of your Model S, as the Fremont factory is filled with Trump supporters, why do you think the UAW has never cracked this place? Take a tour sometime and talk...
  37. Cory151

    5th wheel towing?

    I was told that in order to verify the towing capacity a 5th wheel had to be installed and tested on one of the prototypes, as it is not legal to bumper pull 14k on public roads. Not sure how much bed elevation was needed for that 5th wheel hitch to be installed. But 3500 lbs is what they...
  38. Cory151

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    No time to vote, have to order my silver truck nuts and my "Made In The U.S.A" plate frame. Merica
  39. Cory151

    My two biggest problems with the cybertruck

    Here's my take. It's an electric pickup with 500+ miles off range. Its got a 240v outlet so I can plug my TIG welders directly into so I've already ordered two of them.
  40. Cory151

    POLL: Will you buy?

    Didn't read all the prior posts but I did just reserved two of them. The SS exoskeleton should make it last ok but 240v outlets alone will save $20k in very expensive Miller Diesel engine driven welders. It's gonna get worked every day of its life so I don't give a "hoot" what it looks like.
  41. Cory151

    Plaid Model S to get bigger battery pack

    Interesting. Have had two Model S with non of the described issues.
  42. Cory151

    Plaid Model S to get bigger battery pack

    Yes it'll be 400 miles on the standard long range (due to the M3 based drive unit) Model S and 300 miles for the Plaid version.
  43. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    Turns out the do actually have over the air updates for the new Taycan "Turbo" S..........but they only effect the P100D ;)
  44. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    No problem my friend.
  45. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    The defense rests.
  46. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    I think they'll need to come out with a 900 Volt version Trashcan. Unless you only race it against people who don't know how to use the Ludicrous + easter egg.
  47. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    I believe that title has belonged to Rimac for some time. They've been building 9 second 1/4 mile EVs for since 2012. The Porsche destroying starts at the 3:57 mark. "That said, Rimac's Concept One, circa 2012, fed on 1,073 horsepower from its four electric motors, and could best most...
  48. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    I'm guessing your just guessing and have nothing to back that sh^% up. When your car comes in DM me and we can meet up for a good old fashioned drag race. Aint nothing but air and opportunity between us.
  49. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    I believe I asked what the starting SOC was, now how they cars ran as the battery depleted. So can I quote you as saying that the "Porsche runs no different at 100% SOC than 10% SOC?" I've built an HV pack or two in my day, how much are you willing to wager that statement is incorrect?
  50. Cory151

    Porsche Taycan vs Model S

    Wow everything in CA is coming soon, youd think that's the first place you build out your chargers. Plus how many chargers are at each site? I can see it now....... "Sorry there's only one charger so your just gonna have to wait for my eGolf to finish before charging your Porsche" will not sit...

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