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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Thank you TESLA ! ! ! Per request: Two good news in one picture. One Tesla charging and no orange cones in sight And the sky if full of clouds and rain, not smoke.
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    Supercharger - Sandy, OR

    I noticed the Tesla map for the Northwest has a new item. Is this in Troutdale/Gresham area or on the way up to Mt Hood? Which ever it is good news for me so I don't have to go South to Woodburn before starting for home.
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Thanks TBajema for the great update. The cones were still up Thursday night, but commissioning cannot be far off, maybe even today. The stripes and place of the parking stops won't take long.
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    I having been checking ever other day until this week and then nightly checks. Anyway it is so, so close. At this point they are just waiting for the Tesla engineer and the last site inspection. Jointly they can turn it on. On Monday the seal coat was added. On Tuesday the lamps were...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 25th Good progress ! ! ! The equipment enclosure has mounted, locked doors. There is power at the meter. Site lighting poles are erected, but still need lamps. Close to final inspections and commissioning. Driver view upon entry to service station Note the...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 21st Close but not today and unlikely tomorrow. The completion of equipment enclosure continues to delay opening. Further delay will push opening into next week. Less than a day of focused work needed before inspections and commissioning. Most significant...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 19th Best case scenario still commissions site on Friday or Saturday. At least two more construction days are needed before inspections and commissioning. The equipment enclosure has taken much longer than expected and it looks like the last cement order wasn’t...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 15th Site clean up is underway. Stations are mostly assembled, and are wrapped in plastic bags The curbing is mostly poured. But there are a variety of punch list details, including the list from Aug 11th Add these. · Site lighting (2 poles) · Put up the Tesla...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 11th I think ReddyLeaf will be surprised when he visits Thursday evening. The guys from SDK Electric take a lot of pride in the lowest number of days possible to build out a Supercharger location. I’m betting the job will be substantially complete by then. I think...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Construction Update – August 4th ​The SC location is about 3 miles from I-82 on the Ellensburg to Pendleton route, and several hundred yards from US-395 on the Ritzville to The Dalles route. I took several progress photos around 5pm today. There are 8 bays – 1 drive-in with room for a...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Local news story I didn't get a chance to go over there while it was still day light so no owner snaps. But one of my friends alerted me about this story. Hope to get pictures tomorrow. KEPR CBS 19 Fred Meyer stores (Kroger) has been a great supporter of EV charging stations here in the...
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    Supercharger — Baker City, OR

    Charging at the Stage Stop Nice day for a drive, and I am very glad not to have to conserve. Ran the AC all the way here. Eastern Oregon was up to 102 before I got to Ontario.
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    Supercharger — Baker City, OR

    Great News I will be checking this out tomorrow on my way to the City of Trees. This will be my third trip to Boise in a Model S. And the first time, I am not spending the night in Baker City. Thank you SuperCharger Team. You are awesome.
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    Supercharger - Boise, ID

    Construction Status Update (1) - July 2 I received these from my friend in Boise who is a future Tesla Owner. Charging equipment is on location: Conduit is being placed: Form for concrete pad begining to take shape: Meanwhile traffic on I-84 is visible in background: It is looking very...
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    Supercharger - Boise, ID

    Construction has broken ground At lunch time these pictures were e-mailed by a friend and future Model 3 owner in Boise: This is the building behind the hotel door with some of the equipment in the foreground. They are digging near the hotel transformer so they can dig under the parking lot...
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    Supercharger — Baker City, OR

    Survey stakes located I stopped at the Sunridge Inn Friday afternoon enroute to Boise and found survey stakes in the grass near a tall Best Western sign between the hotel and the Chamber of Commence display. I confirmed the location with hotel staff. There are looking forward to a quick build...
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    Supercharger — Pendleton, OR

    Construction complete, awaiting transformer I stopped at the Wildhorse Casino before lunch Friday to see workers preparing parking lot strips for 8 new shiny superchargers. The crew said they were done and leaving for home. There is a vault where the transformer will be placed, otherwise the...
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    CHAdeMO Make/Model Review — Using with a Tesla

    AeroVironment EV50-PS According to our granddaughter, “CHAdeMO charging is so awesome!” It opens up lots of trips off the Supercharger Highway, especially in Oregon. My CHAdeMO adaptor was delivered to the Portland Service Center. Yesterday when I picked up they ensured the Model S...
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    Supercharger - Coeur d'Alene, ID

    It is about 40 miles further to go thru Ellensburg and charge their Super Charger. 210 miles is very doable in an 85, but the detour to Ellensburg would be the fastest way to erase range anxiety other than taking the Model S at a leisurely pace. Before The Dalles SC was up and running, I went...
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    Rented 85kw for 3 days during Super Bowl.. Opting NOT to buy

    Road experience vs. theory All around this is an interesting thread. I think it is great that KDIceBergSlim was able to try out a Model S for a few days, but it is hard to become a seasoned EV driver is such a short time. Without the road experience, it is easy to get caught up in informed...
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    Supercharger - El Centro, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Handicapped spots I am the primary driver and significant other for someone who no longer drives but is not housebound. This Tesla owner values the increased width for “Handicapped” designated spaces, whether at Super Charger locations, at rest stops or at the mall. The increased width of...
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    Superchargers At National Parks

    At Park entrances Did anyone else notice the proposed SC location at the East Entrance to Yellowstone, near Cody WY on the new Tesla Map for 2015?
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    Supercharger - Golden, BC Canada

    Status photos Shawn, Thanks. These are great, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. It looks like the supercharger hardware is place and the pedestals are installed. The wiring interconnections may also be done, which leave the question of status of the transformer. Given that...
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    Supercharger - Lima, OH

    Great Status photos Thanks. It looks good. They were still working on the pedestals as the back cover is off of one, but it looks like the transformer is in and the meter is installed. Will Santa charge his new shiny red Tesla sleigh at this station?
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    Supercharger - Superior, MT

    Supercharger is Now Open Recieved notice from Tesla Motors this am: The Superior, MT Supercharger is Now Open
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    Completely ICEd at Ellensburg Superchargers! Grrr

    I just re-read the entire thread because I don't think this is much of a problem. It appears there was only one case on July 21 when someone was completely blocked from charging. Before and since then others have always been able to charge. I live about 100 miles from Ellensburg, but stop...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Page 1 table updated Thanks for the continued looking in WY and for the notices on Butte and Superior. Sad to hear about needing to find a new location in Sheridan. I heard Tesla is in working with another hotel in Coeur d'Alene. I talked to a Model X enthusiast on the owner's Corporate...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Per KeithM on Sept 15th This one has lots of attention, but there are two hotels with HPWCs.
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    Wheel chair access in a Model X

    I agree this is a good idea, and also agree Tesla should focus on getting the X out to customers and later the ≡. But one day the Honda Odyssey we have with a ramp and rotating driver's seat will need to be replaced. If Telsa makes it easy to take out the middle seats and the opening at the...
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    I-10 — Along the Gulf Coast — A Causeway Connecting the Island of Texas

    I-10 — Along the Gulf Coast +1,000 I like the improved format.
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    I-70 - Completing MidWest bridge

    Progress noted on Page 1 table Table updated to reflect Dayton as complete. It is going to be a horserace to see if I-90 from Ritzville to Rapid City or the Mid-west bridge for I-70 gets done first. I am happy to read of progress on the I-70 link across Missouri and Illinois. Thank you...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Page 1 table updated Thanks for the great feedback from the many followers of this thread. Collectively the knowledge gathered by the group assembled a good overview of the project. This east west route is quickly being completed. For me Superior (and Missoula) is a big deal. Just two months...
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    Tesla coverage in Australia

    One of the sites I occasionally review has has a coupe of recent articles regarding Tesla's development plans in Australia and potential impacts on public policy. http://reneweconomy.com.au/2014/tesla-looks-to-solar-to-power-australian-supercharging-network-89178...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Table on page 1 was updated. The Butte news is very exciting. Bighorn is going to checking on Sheridan for a similar development. That leaves finding the new location in Coeur d'Alene and finding more details on Gillette. It looks like we can start planning a Supercharger only trip to Chicago...
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    I-70 - Completing MidWest bridge

    Table on page 1 updated to indicate that Indianapolis is open. We still need a location in St Louis, and detectives to find those approved permits.
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Feedback update Updated table to indicate completion of Bozeman and Big Timber. 3 Complete and 6 to go. Looking Good. Thanks Tesla.
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    Bozeman, MT Supercharger

    Bighorn and DrGuest have fun with the new Superchargers in your 'hood and the adventures that await. I am looking forward to my trip across Montana. Thanks Tesla for building the SuperCharger highway.
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Feedback update Thanks for the comments. I updated the table to account for: Reported location in Superior (DrGuest) Improved readability now locations are firm The Superior vs. St. Regis discussion is interesting. I concur with St. Regis viewpoint, but I don’t mind driving a few miles...
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    I-70 - Completing MidWest bridge

    Feedback update Thanks for the comments. I updated the table to account for: Note that Topeka is on line Identify Independence narrowing location area Revising Columbia and Effingham from Speculation to Pre-permit Revising Cambridge from Speculation to Nice to have The project to get I-70...
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    I-70 - Completing MidWest bridge

    I have been waiting for a change of status to update the table. It will be in the format of the I-90 (West) entry and will not reflect planning unless there is a local informed consensus. It took a could of tries to get WY correct. When Topeka, Dayton or Indianapolis come on line I will...
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    Looking for advice

    Sounds like a beautiful car. You will enjoy it. I do a lot of road miles as opposed to around town. I have these features and recommend them: Dual chargers – (already discussed) As more HPWC and high amperage Level 2 chargers are installed you will appreciate not having to spend the...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Feedback update Thanks for the comments. I updated the table to account for: Reported agreement in Sheridan (Bighorn) Crossing Montana trip report (Vger) I think the Rapid City to Billings segment now works with the Cottonwood rule of thumb for ideal Supercharger spacing of ~133 miles...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Sheridan, WY Is there evidence of permit application or public hearing or newspaper article to move the dial from Speculation to Planning for Sheridan?
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    Feedback updates Thanks for the comments. I updated the initial entry to: Account for start of construction in Missoula Noted Speculation unless there is a known permit, then Planning Re-do of Rapid City to Billings segment I included only one option for each needed intermediate station
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    I-70 - Completing MidWest bridge

    I summarized the information I know about, along with some speculation, regarding Tesla's high priority project to finish the route from Kansas to West Virginia, in the following table. I will update as the stations come on-line. I-70 Routing East from Salina to Triadelphia (964 miles)...
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    I-90 - Completing the West

    I summarized information from multiple threads regarding Tesla's high priority project to finish the route from Ritzville, WA to Rapid City, SD, in the following table. I-90 Routing West from Rapid City to Ritzville (970 miles) Emerging Plan as of December 5, 2014...
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    Supercharger - Big Timber, MT

    Discovered yesterday, address is 228 Big Timber Loop Rd. Big Timber, MT 59011. See construction status pictures in #22 in Bozeman, MT - Supercharger Thank you DrGuest
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    2014 Supercharger predictions ?!?!?!?

    Currently the European and Asia installation rate exceeds the North American rate. At the 200 mark, 57% are in North America. At the current rate of installation, by the end of the year only 50% will be in North America. So guesses for North America are in alignment. swegman best case...
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    Aerovironment Pay Per Use

    Before the SuperCharger in The Dalles, OR, was commissioned, I used the Aeroviroment Hood River location. The 800 number is on the charger. I just gave them a credit card number and the charger started charging. I know rates are different between the J-1772 and the Chademo chargers. I don't...
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    2014 Supercharger predictions ?!?!?!?

    2014 Projection and Priority routes My guess of 275 is based on Tesla’s performance from 100 to 200. I have high confidence there will be more than 260 and less than 300 worldwide at yearend. Globally Tesla is doing a fantastic job rolling out the Supercharger Network. Tesla is forging ahead...

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