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  1. MikeMayhem

    Version 17.4.14

    my car went from 17.2.12(while at service) to now 17.4.14. drove a bit while on an errand but really no difference noticed
  2. MikeMayhem

    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    "They are also taking away output current after too many launches on some packs" It is not an X in Y time, it is different in my car every time. It's more a temperature trigger that reduces power coming from the pack, it you find your self in a power reduced start, turn off max battery power...
  3. MikeMayhem

    New pearl white 60 with all glass roof.

    LIke the look! Sweet! Do they somehow strengthen the bottom of the car since the all glass roof loses the brace behind the pano roof? I guess kinda like in convertible cars??
  4. MikeMayhem

    Brake Rotor specs

    Hi All, Anyone have access to this info? I have heard that the Camaro SS from 2010 on have the same size brakes as a Tesla Model S. I am having trouble finding out the size of the wheel hub and hat height to see if they would in fact fit. I had to brake hard the other day to avoid a...
  5. MikeMayhem

    No Firmware 8.0 yet....

    Getting a little impatient! LOL..... You think that they would have tested fully before a release..... In Canada with an early P85D that normally gets updates quickly, according to the Firmware Tracker that I wish more people would report to. Love the car but would be nice if Tesla would...
  6. MikeMayhem

    [RESOLVED] Insuring Tesla...TD monnex won't :( where can I go?

    I am with Royal And Sun Alliance. And rate went way down
  7. MikeMayhem

    US car in Canada-navigation and browser?

    My car's internet works in both USA and Canada. I make the trip often into the states and no issue. P85D As I understood it, all Tesla's have a US SIM card in them that roams in Canada. My car has LTE and have noticed along alot of the US freeways away from urban centres only 3G signal but...
  8. MikeMayhem

    Electrical upgrades to home. How much did it cost?

    Actually, I was an electrician. Left the trade for a higher paying career. And if the consumer is comfortable doing the job and gets the permit, I say let them. It has to pass inspection afterwords anyway, and saving on paying an actual electrician. It's unfortunate but a lot of electricians...
  9. MikeMayhem

    Hawaii - Model 3 reservations

  10. MikeMayhem

    The Worst 3 weeks of my life

    I did notice a couple in autotrader and ebay both a few weeks back. worth a look.
  11. MikeMayhem

    X: What's your 90%?

    i use percentage and 90 percent on my app shows 364KM = 225 miles 2015 P85D
  12. MikeMayhem

    Hawaii - Model 3 reservations

    I am going to put the deposit! I love my model S P85D and it's a blast to drive but I racked up 10K KM in 2 months... I bought this car to drive it though my average fuel cost was $1000 a month. My model S cost me less than my old car and gas combined (KICK IN MY ASS AS I GOT THE MODEL S...
  13. MikeMayhem

    Electrical upgrades to home. How much did it cost?

    The average cost is hard to say depending what you have to do. I ran a 6/3 AWG to a Nema 14-50 originally and then decided to get the HPWC. I have a 100 amp service now and am running the HPWC @ 40 amp continuous (50 AMP Breaker). I am in the middle of renovating my basement and will...
  14. MikeMayhem

    Tesla Update 7.1 2.13.77 activated Summon on my Canadian MS P85D

    @wayner yes, i have dual chargers. have not tried the auto park from stack yet..... Have to clean out my garage and try the summon to driveway still.....lol Been lazy - - - Updated - - - Also, I may be wrong but I believe the updates roll out by VIN #. and sorry fo rthe late reply, I have to...
  15. MikeMayhem

    [RESOLVED] Insuring Tesla...TD monnex won't :( where can I go?

    I know this is a little old now but Royal & Sun Aliance insured me and my rate dropped less than half coming from an M5 BMW. I asked why the difference and was told EV gets a discount as well it is one of the safest cars. Was paying $2600 and now $1200
  16. MikeMayhem

    Tesla Update 7.1 2.13.77 activated Summon on my Canadian MS P85D

    Tesla Update 7.1 2.13.77 Installed the update yesterday and it includes Summon. From outside the car, I have tried the reverse and forward, will set up the garage parameters and test it today.
  17. MikeMayhem

    Lighted T (aftermarlet)

    You must own the company! lol. And thanks, I may just do that! Look at Avantelle, grabbed that console because it was a reasonable price compared to the competition including Tesla. Don't get me wrong here, but just because we can afford a car in this price range doesn't mean we should get...
  18. MikeMayhem

    Firmware 7.1

    Thanks, just signed up.
  19. MikeMayhem

    Lighted T (aftermarlet)

    Hi, Kinda like that Lighted T and was considering getting it...... Until I saw the price $239 for about $10 in material...... Too bad too, Really like how it looks. Still kinda want it. Anyone here get it? How did install go? I was expecting a price of around $100.00 and I would have paid...
  20. MikeMayhem

    Firmware 7.1

    Got the Update last night and see no difference at all. 7.1 (2.10.71) Does anyone know of a list of updates online anywhere?

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