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  1. Agassi

    Model Y versus Ford Mustang Mach-E

    I have started looking at Model Y and then discovered that Ford is coming up with the Mach-E by the end of 2020. Check out my latest side by side comparison: Tesla Model Y versus Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV | Agassi TESLA Thank you !
  2. Agassi

    Tesla Zoom Background

    Hi All, I spend too much time in Zoom meetings these days and looking for cool Zoom backgrounds. I wanted to share my own Tesla zoom background. Tesla Zoom Background | Agassi TESLA Enjoy !
  3. Agassi

    Touch Screen black and unresponsive

    I had experienced the similar issue and documented my experience here. I drove with the disabled screen for the whole week before the fix. https://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/01/24/model-s-disabled-touch-screen
  4. Agassi

    Tesla Screen Yellow Border Problem Fix

    Wanted to share my recent experience with Tesla Service fixing the touch screen yellow border problem: https://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/09/22/teslas-screen-yellow-border-fix Wondering if anyone else had the same fix applied.
  5. Agassi

    New tire time - anything quieter than the Michelin Primacy for 19"s?

    I use Continental Pure Contact LS and they are not loud and also have a nice grip. https://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/09/17/tires-for-tesla-model-s
  6. Agassi

    Why Not Worry about EMF radiation in Tesla

    One of my colleagues at work has a family member who is very sensitive to EMF radiation to the point that he had to stop using WiFi routers and give up mobile phones. Even the wifi electric meter installed outside of his house gives this person major headaches. This of course made me a bit...
  7. Agassi

    Washing Tesla Tips

    Hi All After owning several cars with black paint including my Model S, I was able to preserve good looking paint without professional washing or detailing help and fairly on the budget over several years. My goal was always sustainable washing and cleaning schedule without braking my budget...
  8. Agassi

    Model X versus Audi Q7

    I always hear from many that Model X is so expensive and that competitors have much cheaper options to choose from. I decided to compare one of the most popular SUVs to Model X myself to check which one I would go for. The details of that compare are in my personal blog if anyone is interested...
  9. Agassi

    Is Autopilot Tesla's Only Most Important Asset?

    You are surely free to do what you deem is appropriate. The article I was referring to in my post is: Tesla's Autopilot: Their Most Lucrative Asset - Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha I was surprised how it was so focused on the Autopilot and ignoring everything else Tesla has and is...
  10. Agassi

    Is Autopilot Tesla's Only Most Important Asset?

    I wanted to share my opinion regarding one article that I read recently: Is Autopilot Tesla's Only Lucrative Asset | Agassi TESLA let me know what you think. I think this is an important subject especially if you are considering to invest in Tesla and not only buy their cars :)
  11. Agassi

    How reliable is your Model S?

    My 2017 Model S has been fine so far. My problems so far have been documented here: Model S Problems | Agassi TESLA I love the car!
  12. Agassi

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have emailed tesla support twice and asked local tesla service. They always said that they have no option to upgrade. I will email again after these news and see :)
  13. Agassi

    yellow border - need advise

    They replaced mine twice already and it did not come back yet. But it happened during the hot months so now wondering if it will come back back again in the summer. Here is my current list of problems: https://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/04/07/model-s-problems
  14. Agassi

    Model S 2017 Problems

    Hi All After few years of ownership of my Model S 75 2017, I wanted to share my problems list and experience: Model S Problems | Agassi TESLA Hope you all still enjoy your Model S and the brand. I continue to like Tesla !
  15. Agassi

    Tesla Model X versus 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

    Hi All We have started looking at the EV SUVs and really excited about new Model Y. Here is our first take on the new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace: 2019 Jaguar I-Pace versus Tesla Model X: First Look | Agassi TESLA Let us know what you think.
  16. Agassi

    Tesla Spa, Air Fresheners and etc

    Hi All I have tried many air fresheners over time and found only one solution that actually works for me: Tesla Spa | Agassi TESLA Let me know what works for you !
  17. Agassi

    SPINOFF: Did you test drive a Tesla before buying yours?

    We did test drive Tesla Model S at least twice. I believe having an ability to test drive this new technology is important. Not everyone is in the electric car band wagon yet. http://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2018/12/30/tesla-model-s
  18. Agassi

    Buying new versus used Model S or X versus new Model 3

    I have some collection of ideas to share if you are deciding to buy new versus used Tesla Model S and X versus buying the newly lowered Model 3. http://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/03/02/buying-used-tesla-model-s-or-new-model-3 Tesla's car configurations and pricing is a constant change!
  19. Agassi

    voice commands

    I also do get this problem occasionally. The system would not hear what I say. None of the words are being recognized and shown in the driver display. I noticed that this sometimes occurs because I loose connection to LTE or Wifi. I do not think it is a language issue. Sometimes, I had to...
  20. Agassi

    Navigate On Autopilot Experience

    I also do not have EAP and still have the Navigate On Autopilot. Tesla wants 10K for EAP and I am not sure what we are getting for this money to be honest. It is not clear. The full auto navigate does not exist yet, I believe.
  21. Agassi

    Strategies to Reduce Winter Battery Range Loss

    Snowstorm, this is a great tip. I will try this in the days to come. We got these "nice" freezing gusty winds which affect some range also :) The issue with this is however the generative braking. I wonder if in the range mode, the regenerative braking comes back at all. At least now, I start...
  22. Agassi

    Strategies to Reduce Winter Battery Range Loss

    Great idea. I did no get pano roof exactly for the cold and heat reasons.
  23. Agassi

    Tesla's Global Superchargers Network

    I wanted to share my latest post about the Tesla's Supercharging Network across the glob. I am still surprised how many people that I know and meet everyday who are still not sure about Tesla. Price is of course a big barrier here but hopefully soon this will change. Tesla Global Supercharger...
  24. Agassi

    Strategies to Reduce Winter Battery Range Loss

    Hi All I have compiled my list of top strategies to reduce the battery range loss in the colder months: http://agassitesla.yungacraft.com/2019/02/21/strategies-to-reduce-tesla-winter-range-loss These steps work for me. I am curios what others do to save energy. Any creative ideas, maybe :)
  25. Agassi

    Effect of cold on range

    There is always impact of cold on the range. Everyday when we have below 40 F in Philly, the consumption goes up: Cold Weather Affect on Tesla | Agassi Tesla
  26. Agassi

    Conti PureContact™ LS

    I have it on my Model S 75 RWD: Tesla Model S 75 Tires Selection | Agassi Tesla
  27. Agassi

    Continental Pure Control LS

    No impact on the range that I can see. Cold weather has more impact than anything :) Cold Weather Affect on Tesla | Agassi Tesla I did not re balance them. Actually, I just drove it and it does seem to get quieter at around 40 mph. I guess, will see. But better traction than Goodyear for sure.
  28. Agassi

    Continental Pure Control LS

    Yes I have these tires. I also had Goodyear tires: Tesla Model S 75 Tires Selection | Agassi Tesla I had these tires on Audi and MB and like certain types , not all :)
  29. Agassi

    Tesla Camera Ghosts

    Hi All Hope all will find this entertaining. I wonder if anyone has experienced the ghosts in the driver display. Check out my latest write up: Tesla Camera's Ghosts or Machine Learning Errors | Agassi Tesla
  30. Agassi

    A flight instructor teaches Tesla Autopilot

    I also honestly looking forward to this: Flying Cars | Agassi Tesla This is almost the age of aviation going main stream. I am so excited !!! Actually it is the dawn of the aviation. It is not as popular anymore. But, this tech can make it come back again :)
  31. Agassi

    A flight instructor teaches Tesla Autopilot

    Hi All Here are my experiences with Autopilot and the new Navigate On Autopilot: Tesla Navigate On Autopilot Beta | Agassi Tesla Tesla Autopilot | Agassi Tesla I am also a private pilot and enjoy auto piloting Tesla. Very much reminding me of flying in Cirrus SR 20 :) And I always stay a...
  32. Agassi

    Navigate On Autopilot Experience

    Hi All I wanted to hear what experiences everyone has with the new Navigate On Autopilot feature so far: Tesla Navigate On Autopilot Beta | Agassi Tesla I am using it everyday where I can :)
  33. Agassi

    Auto Park Accident

    I agree Autopilot and auto park are great features but still need to be careful and pay attention. I also have several close calls and had to take over. Some of experiences are documented here: Tesla Autopilot | Agassi Tesla and also recently started using the new Navigate on Autopilot. It...
  34. Agassi

    New tire time - anything quieter than the Michelin Primacy for 19"s?

    Maybe Continentals for better price ? Tesla Model S 75 Tires Selection | Agassi Tesla
  35. Agassi

    Michelin vs Goodyear

    I was looking for winter tires for my Model S 75 but found them very expensive. Here is some info that I have regarding tires and my final choice: Tesla Model S 75 Tires Selection | Agassi Tesla
  36. Agassi

    Do you regret buying a RWD Model S?

    I love my RWD Model S. I have my reasons documented here: Tesla Model S 75 Rear Wheel | Agassi Tesla
  37. Agassi

    Tips for using Climate control in V9 (2018.44)

    Yes long press is working but still it is not great. I wish Tesla added some sort of the haptic feedback to the touch screen so that users can get a better feedback if the button is pressed or not. Currently, it is lacking any feel to it.
  38. Agassi

    voice commands

    I agree the voice commands in Model S are very limited. Recently , my touch screen has been disabled for a week and I could barely do anything with the voice commands. I have documented my experience here: When Model S Touch Screen is Disabled | Agassi Tesla I think Tesla need to work on...
  39. Agassi

    Disabled Touch Screen

    I used the right wheel button to turn on the fan and control its speed. But there is no way to control temperature except the mobile app.
  40. Agassi

    Disabled Touch Screen

    Hi All Recently, after the latest software update, my touch screen was disabled. It still did show everything but it would not respond to any inputs. I did try restarts and all and actually called support. But no use. I had to learn to use the car without the middle screen for a week or so...

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