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  1. labmixz

    Model Y Floor Mats

    The Tesla All Weather Mats are made WeatherTech. I've trialed several different mats, but I kept going back to the Tesla All Weather Mats. If you're in a place that has a lot of rain and/or snow, I'd suggest the tesla all weather matts or maybe something with a bit more coverage (tuxmats...
  2. labmixz

    Brand new Model Y P needs a battery replacement.

    Honestly, I'm just more impressed there's a stand alone Skechers store still existing...
  3. labmixz

    Who Does Not Experience Phantom Braking

    I have yet to encounter it (phantom braking), though I have encountered the car trying to randomly turn into other lanes a few times, I've noticed this less since the last update.
  4. labmixz

    Random Subsonic Boom or Bang

    Record it, then post the recording of it and let people help you more efficiently. Saying it "booms" can mean multiple different things to different people.
  5. labmixz

    Rear Diffuser Details & Pictures Thread

    https://cmsttuning.com/collections/model-y Would be one of those...
  6. labmixz

    MY Dash trim questions

    that's strangely not a horrible price...
  7. labmixz

    Test Drives at Service Center (Pensacola)

    The service center (at least the one in Pensacola) does not do test drives. The closest location is Atlanta for a test drive unfortunately.
  8. labmixz

    Don't keep the Tesla app on your phone open.

    I still don't have any issues, iOS 15.1.1... lol, I just opened my app to see what version it was at, and "Last seen 11 days" on the app. I drive daily and only with my phone as the key, so that alone tells you I haven't opened the app in 11 days. Make sure your bluetooth is on, otherwise, not...
  9. labmixz

    Can you use key card only long term?

    A key card is an RFID, it does not require a battery to work, can not be damaged by water, bending, etc. (you would have to snap it clean in half for it not to work). A key fob requires batteries to work, can be damaged by water, etc... For an elderly person, the clear choice would be a key...
  10. labmixz

    Hide-A-Key (with magnets) placement?

    It doesn't even need to be waterproof. The key card itself is just an RFID, there's no electricity or battery in it, water isn't going to harm it.
  11. labmixz

    3D Printed Rigid Hatch Stops (to reduce uneven road noise)

    I would say, go through a reputable service, if you don't have a 3d printer, to have said item printed. Craftcloud - https://craftcloud3d.com/ Shapeways - 3D Printing Service | Shapeways Sculpteo - Sculpteo | Online 3D Printing Service for your 3D designs Polar Cloud - Polar Cloud Treatstock -...
  12. labmixz

    3D Printed Rigid Hatch Stops (to reduce uneven road noise)

    eh, depends on the person... I bought a 3d printer to print shelf supports for my shed, now I have 5 printers 😭 Also, you can get a decent printer for <=$200 these days, esp. with sales going on this month. If someone was already looking at them and needed the push, I say go for it.
  13. labmixz

    3D Printed Rigid Hatch Stops (to reduce uneven road noise)

    I wonder if a better material for this would be a hard TPU, it would allow for more vibration resistance. Something like Overture3d's High Speed TPU...
  14. labmixz

    Vendor eas | Southern California Tesla tuning source and daily showroom

    Good to see eas in the Tesla scene! Had nothing but positive experiences when I bought from them for my e46 M3 :D
  15. labmixz

    Vendor NOW IN STOCK! LDCRS Premium 3D (LOGO FREE) All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 2022/2021

    Got mine today, will post some pictures and what not after I install 'em.
  16. labmixz

    4680 on Model Y?

    In the recent quarterly update for $TSLA they stated that while they expect "samples" to roll off Austin production, those samples would not make it's way to consumers this year. With that being said, I wouldn't expect any 4680's coming from Austin to show up to consumers until end of first...
  17. labmixz

    Vendor Be notified when LDCRS 2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    "Now Available! - 2021 LDCRS Tesla Model Y Floor Mats" from [email protected] Check your spam folder as well, I had mine show up there.
  18. labmixz

    Tesla shield business practice

    Honestly, I've been watching their threads just for the laughs. I was first interested in their products, but then when I saw how they interacted with each other, there was no way I was going to order from them. It's two people and sounds like one of their parents is supplying some of the...
  19. labmixz

    Vendor New Site - 3D MAXpider

    I think there could be a better designed logo presence. I'm all for the fact you need to keep your logo for brand identity and authenticity, however the logo is very obtrusive. If it were something like subtly stitched in instead of this huge fridge magnet off to the side, then I would have...
  20. labmixz

    Does Model Y Roof have UV protection?

    They put out a video on the glass a couple weeks ago. They did mention it being UV resistant.
  21. labmixz

    Vendor Be notified when LDCRS 2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    That's probably because they stopped sign ups, as they said, just several posts above yours...
  22. labmixz

    Don't keep the Tesla app on your phone open.

    It does NOT need to be open, in foreground or background. I never use the Tesla app. It uses the bluetooth connection, so as long as you have bt enabled, you're good (at least on iOS).
  23. labmixz

    Don't keep the Tesla app on your phone open.

    Yes, I never have my tesla app running...
  24. labmixz

    Don't keep the Tesla app on your phone open.

    You don't need it open on iOS to unlock.
  25. labmixz

    Vendor Be notified when LDCRS 2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    They are up to April 2021, Model Y's manufactured after April 2021 have a slight change in the seat rails.
  26. labmixz

    Alignment Shops near Tampa

    I'd try Advance Performance Tires and Wheels (4011 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33624, 813.868.1100). Not sure if they'd do a Tesla, but I always took my previous cars (which other shops would flat out refuse to do, due to how low and/or expensive my wheels were). Not to mention, they always did...
  27. labmixz

    Looking for Glossy C/F Frunk/Trunk emblems

    I've been looking for awhile on several sites, Etsy, AliExpress, Amazon, and several other sides. Looking for some glossy carbon fiber frunk/trunk T emblems. I'm fine with it being hydrodipped abs or real c/f. I've bought from a few different vendors and I keep running into only matte c/f...
  28. labmixz

    Vendor Be notified when LDCRS 2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    :( I didn't see any emails get sent out, I signed up for alerts the day you posted
  29. labmixz

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Only way I can think of it interfering with the signal is by fairly cheap bulbs with parts that leak interference. There isn't much to an LED bulb, short of some resistors & capacitors, small chip for the stepdown conversion, a small chip for the led driver and well the LED(s). Anything that is...
  30. labmixz

    Garage Door Suggestions

    3/4hp is far enough power for any 2 normal car garage, even for insulated doors like the one your have. 1 1/4hp is usually over kill, typically you would see these on 10ft+(tall) 2 car garage doors, while your typical residential garage door is only about 7ft tall. Also, to reply to someone...
  31. labmixz

    Garage Door Suggestions

    I went with a Chamberlain 3/4hp belt drive w/camera, model #B4545. Works flawlessly with the homelink module on the Tesla. I actually replaced my garage door opener months before I bought my Tesla, but I haven't had any issues with it. I enjoy how quiet the garage door opening/closing is now, lol.
  32. labmixz

    Inconsistent air conditioning A/C performance with new Model Y

    Normally in cars my range is 72-74. I noticed in my MYP it would act similar to what the OP is describing. I just figured due to no one being in the passenger seat, it's not getting enough cold air out for my tastes and I've had it set to 68 ever since, not really gave it a second thought after...
  33. labmixz

    Pics of Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    That's the only picture I had readily available, if it's not raining tomorrow I can take some more for ya. Thanks! RPM's Jupiter V-Style.
  34. labmixz

    Pics of Rally Armor Mud Flaps

    lol, what work arounds? It's barely a 15 minute installation. Edit: I also love these things, no mud spraying my doors anymore after it rains.
  35. labmixz

    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    As promised, some more pictures, kind of forgot until it was already back in the garage and I was trying to beat the rain. Tried to get a couple angles 🤷‍♂️. I also have the RPM C/F Mirror Caps (but in glossy), haven't noticed any decrease in cellular/wifi/gps.
  36. labmixz

    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    Honestly, the OEM spoiler wouldn't be horrible with the proper adhesive and alignment. Before I put on my aftermarket I took the time to clean all the crap adhesive off the OEM, then fit it, to my surprise it fitted fine... I would imagine with the proper 3M spray adhesive, rather than tape...
  37. labmixz

    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    Definitely does not lift... at all... it hugs the trunk perfectly. It took me a few days after RPM came out with the spoilers to decide on which one, I definitely thought the Jupiter V was a bit too big. Though, weirdly, it feels lighter than the stock, I know it's not, but somehow it's still...
  38. labmixz

    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    When I took delivery of my MYP, the rear spoiler was lifting on both ends (yes, at delivery). I scheduled service with the local Tesla Service Center, which they came out and inspected my issues (there were more than just the spoiler). I was told to hold off on the spoiler as Tesla has a new OEM...
  39. labmixz

    Carbon fiber body kit installed

    not a fan of the full kit, but the rear diffuser is nice...
  40. labmixz

    Center Console Carbon Fiber Overlay - Recommendation For A Vendor

    I found some pictures of before/after test fits Before: After: Fitment was spot on for all the pieces I ordered.
  41. labmixz

    Center Console Carbon Fiber Overlay - Recommendation For A Vendor

    I ordered a whole dash overlay, center console overlay, rear ac area overlay, etc... from TeslaOffer.com At the time I ordered, I didn't really have a good idea of what the newer interior would look like, after receiving my MYP and the overlays, I have, so far, only installed the dash overlay...
  42. labmixz

    Blindspot Mirror

    love my Suma's... esp with tint
  43. labmixz

    Tesla OEM vs. RallyArmor mud flaps

    I kept the logo's on... the blue kind of matches my scheme. Logically due to how these are made and the dimensions, they should protect more than anything currently on the market. Seem to due very nicely in mud, as I no longer have huge mud trails on my doors (as I did with other brands) which...
  44. labmixz

    Tesla OEM vs. RallyArmor mud flaps

    They protect more than previous options, wider and longer than the Chinese White Label ones, but rigid enough to maintain form without making annoying noises (like Tesla OEM's).
  45. labmixz

    Tesla OEM vs. RallyArmor mud flaps

    They are the exact same as Carwiner, Basenor, RPMTesla, Abstract Ocean, <random Amazon seller>... Same exact mud flaps. After trying the three major brands: Tesla OEM Chinese Manufactured White Label (Carwiner, TeslaShields, Basenor, RPMTesla, Abstract Ocean, any Amazon seller) Rally Armor...
  46. labmixz

    Any MYP Owners Running Stock?

    My wheels / suspension will probably remain stock. People complain about the MYP's suspension, but I was riding in a slammed E46 M3 for the last 10 years, so, the suspension is fine to me. Probably the only way I could be persuaded differently is if there was an OEM airbag option or maybe a nice...
  47. labmixz

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    I bought the Amazon (Carwiner/Abstract Ocean/RPMTesla/etc... these are literally all the same). I've seen multiple videos on these mudflaps, people praising them. Here's a 100% honest review, they do not fit the car's lines, they are a different color plastic, they look like pure crap. They do...
  48. labmixz

    Valentine One radar detector mount.

    Someone on reddit had a great idea, I'm not sure if they're on here, but take a look: There might be some tweaks needed (after speaking to him), but it's a very nice simplistic solution. I'm going to see what I can do with it soon!
  49. labmixz

    Y Performance, Help me with mods :)

    I have yet to have any issues with shipping (from RPM) and I'm on the other side of the country. In fact the one item I thought would take awhile to ship, shipped faster than most of my last order. I also haven't had any issues with Tesmanian.

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