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  1. ImpetuousRacer

    FS: License Plate Holder for 2016-2021 Tesla Model X - NO HOLES, ThatGrin Slipstream Bracket

    Virtually Brand New in box with all hardware and tool. Includes additional accessory: Extended length screws and caps for EZPass Transponder. No Holes, No adhesives, No Drilling, No Magnets. Installs with tamper proof screws for secure mounting. Quick removal with specialty tool. $125 + $10...
  2. ImpetuousRacer

    FS: OEM 12V Battery - Tesla Model X

    I installed a lithium 12V and have a like new 12v battery available. It's been used for a year (have receipt). It's fully charged and ready to go. Prefer local pickup but can ship. Listed On Invoice: OEM Part#: BATTERY, 12V, AtlasBX B19, Flooded (1046200-10-B) Listed on battery: Battery...
  3. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    Just installed 2020.24.6.1 on 2017 Model X P100D - No mention of upgraded charging increase either.
  4. ImpetuousRacer

    Mobile App controls - unlock, frunk, etc.

    I had this same problem after my MCU2 upgrade. I called customer service to see if they could help me. They were clueless and kept thinking I was asking them to update firmware in some sense. I scheduled soonest appointment I could and when they finally check the notes, they just fix remotely...
  5. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    One thing to check after your MCU2 upgrade.... Make sure your mobile app can unlock the doors, pop trunk and Frunk. After a week of using the upgrade I forgot my fob and opened the app to unlock the car. It shows it went through but nothing happens. Same for trunk and Frunk. It will vent...
  6. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Has Tesla come around to programming the MCU to allow it?
  7. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Thanks. I went and checked the car and the new maps are on there. :)
  8. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I saw everyone requesting in mobile app, so I did the same last week. They pushed me out another week and I was able to get in. This was the Palo Alto, CA service center. Just got the car back today. Went in Tuesday. Wednesday they called and had a couple misc. parts they still needed and had to...
  9. ImpetuousRacer

    Why do you need to hardwire a Tesla Wall Connector?

    Great technical details. Thanks for this. I have the 1st Gen charge cable and get 40A. New cable from 40A - 32A. New Wall charger 80A - 48A. Really dont want you fast charging at home for some reason.
  10. ImpetuousRacer

    Why do you need to hardwire a Tesla Wall Connector?

    Currently I have a Gen 2 HPWC with 100A breaker/rated wiring hardwired and set to output up to 80A. I have another 100A breaker/rated wiring that is off. I'm looking to install a Charepoint Home Flex charger (for a Hybrid RR), The 14-50 plug-in version shows basically I can do a max of 50A...
  11. ImpetuousRacer

    Why do you need to hardwire a Tesla Wall Connector?

    Good to know. Thanks for the info everyone!
  12. ImpetuousRacer

    Why do you need to hardwire a Tesla Wall Connector?

    I noticed that if you're using a 14-50 plug version of the HPWC you get 40A, but if you hardwire, you get 48A. I thought the 14-50 plug is 50AMP. So if you have 60A at the breaker, the appropriate gauge wiring, and a 14-50 plug, why doesnt it charge at 50A? Looking at the ChargePoint Home Flex...
  13. ImpetuousRacer

    Anyone else get a check from Sheiekh

    I just got the same today.
  14. ImpetuousRacer

    HPWC cable button is no longer opening the charge port anymore? Any fix?

    So there is an actual home charging support line for Tesla (650-681-6133). I called them up. They had me reboot the Tesla with scroll wheels and try again - no dice. They had me do hard reset again - no dice. Killed power at breaker - no dice. I also updated the firmware to 2020.4 without luck...
  15. ImpetuousRacer

    FS: Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector Charger HPWC - 80A - 24' N.Cal $350 - Can Ship

    I have a Gen 2 Wall Connector in Silver - Used. Charges and works perfect except THE BUTTON ON THE HANDLE DOES NOT OPEN THE CHARGE PORT Not sure if just firmware issue with my car or if it is intermittent, but wanted to make sure to detail that - hence the inexpensive selling price. Can ship...
  16. ImpetuousRacer

    Tesla Wall Connector - Gloss Black - BRAND NEW - 24' 80A HPWC - Bay Area - Can Ship

    Brand new in sealed Box. Gloss Black Gen 2 Home Wall Charger! Tesla no longer makes this. New chargers only go up to 48A instead of 80A. Plus new one has short cord. This is hard to find and no longer stocked anywhere. Part #1050067-21-H FEATURES: -Charge your battery from zero to 100 percent...
  17. ImpetuousRacer

    HPWC cable button is no longer opening the charge port anymore? Any fix?

    I held the reset button for 5 seconds to do the full reset, still no luck. Hit the breaker for a while and put back on, still no luck.
  18. ImpetuousRacer

    HPWC cable button is no longer opening the charge port anymore? Any fix?

    I didnt even know you could purchase it with the car, I just purchased it as an accessory with the car. I was hoping there was a quick fix like repairing a piece inside the handle or swapping something. Looks like I could possible just swap wall charger and sell old one as working with the...
  19. ImpetuousRacer

    HPWC cable button is no longer opening the charge port anymore? Any fix?

    I have a 2017 Model X P100D I have a silver HPWC Gen 2. Everything worked perfect for past couple years. Then I had an electrician move the HPWC to another wall. Everything works fine as far as charging, I get the full 72A. However, the button no longer works to open the charge port. The car...
  20. ImpetuousRacer

    20” OEM Tesla Model X Wheels & Tires - Slipstream - BRAND NEW!

    Set of Brand New Tesla Model X 20” Slipstream Wheels and Tires. Comes with TPMS sensors, OEM center caps. Entire set has 50 miles on it. Mounted and balanced and ready for install. Zero curb rash, never refinished. TIRES: Continental Cross Contact LX Sport 275/45/20 x 2 (Rear) 265/45/20 x 2...
  21. ImpetuousRacer

    2014 Tesla Model S P85 - Mint!

    2014 Model S P85 Grey Metallic Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels Carbon Fiber Decor Matching Yacht Floor Carbon Fiber Spoiler Included Supercharger Enabled Included Tesla Red Brake Calipers Included 85 kWh Performance Model S Alcantara Headliner Included Tech...
  22. ImpetuousRacer

    The Law: License Plate Bracket for Tesla Model X

    Like New with all Hardware. Located in Bay Area, CA. $139+Shipping or free local pick up.
  23. ImpetuousRacer

    What does driving a P+L actually feel like?

    I had a modified 2015 M5 with 720HP. I test drove the P100D and they are able to select model level. The difference between the 100D and P100D was substantial. The 100D was not even close to acceptable performance for me coming from my M5. The acceleration from a P100D from a stop is truly...
  24. ImpetuousRacer

    OEM - BRAND NEW - Front Trunk - Model X All Weather Mat

    I have a brand new in the box, never used Front Trunk (Frunk) All Weather mat from Tesla. Hoping to sell locally as shipping isnt worth it. I am in Menlo Park, CA. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! $70
  25. ImpetuousRacer

    iPhone X in the Model X (Quick Dock)

    No it does not. I has a rubber protector on the inside of the clip for the part that touches the face, and clips in from behind. You simply unclip, and no damage is done to anything.
  26. ImpetuousRacer

    iPhone X in the Model X (Quick Dock)

    I think the location of the stock dock is garbage. Hard to reach, zero ability for controls. Even with the rails, you need to get angle right to have lightning dock click in. I use the ProClip angled mount... . It puts your phone in a location where it is really an extension of the main...
  27. ImpetuousRacer

    Any double strollers that fit in Model X frunk?

    Can you remove any accessories to get it to fit (food tray, umbrella, etc) or just the frame itself does not allow it?
  28. ImpetuousRacer

    How Many Considering Model X or Much Less Expensive Car?

    My current car I just sold was a highly modified 740 HP 2015 BMW M5. Before that, I had a 2006 Supercharged 6-Spd Infinti G35 Coupe with 430HP. I love performance. I like the sounds of exhaust, intake, turbo whooshes. It's always been an exciting drive. I now have a 3.5 year old and a 2 year...

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