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  1. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Nonsense, I did get the actual HEPA ordered/installed and is working as expected. NOTHING smelly from the outside ever makes it inside, and 'Bio-Defense' option is nothing but selecting vents cranked to maximum. It pushes so much air in through vents it can only escape through non-air tight...
  2. Sc0rPs

    An even more dissapointing second week with our Model X

    First, let's try to avoid labeling to try and trivialize their points of view. I hear it all over and granted many can only repeat what they hear I still like to think everyone has their own mind. So hopefully we don't fall into the same crap we hear such as fanboy, left winger, right winger...
  3. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Just be warned, although it will definitely provide some filtration it will most likely be inferior to actual. Even harder is to ensure the materials being used are proven safe, not slowly disintegrating and flowing into your lungs. Plus when we are hit by the zombie virus and you may still get...
  4. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    I don't think there will be any update, from what I gather you can order & install the HEPA but the software is not updated. From what I gathered, bio-defense mode is simply cranking your vents to max which then creates "cabin pressure" where air can only exit all other non air tight spots and...
  5. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    I also went for it, and it did take around a month or so for it to arrive and appointment, took about 30+ minutes.
  6. Sc0rPs

    MX loses front left suspension arm after driver runs stop sign and hits curb during test drive

    She was driving too fast, but there was that black SUV illegally parked obstructing view of the stop sign. This was a test drive Tesla???
  7. Sc0rPs

    Japanese Model X crashed into motor cyclists - one killed on Sunday

    Way too much of a biased response, each case is almost unique and often still driver error not paying attention to take back control. Even if autopilot was completely at fault, 10 deaths per 300k (if true) is still significantly less than human piloted.
  8. Sc0rPs

    Tesla Warranty Issue + Impact on XPEL Wrap

    I see your point, but don't remember any warranty also including any after market products. In fact, many after market work voids the warranty. All you can say if you were informed it shouldn't be an issue, and showing any proof of that conversation will give you weight perhaps even having them...
  9. Sc0rPs

    Woke up to this today...

  10. Sc0rPs

    Woke up to this today...

    Did you try a reboot?
  11. Sc0rPs

    Model X extended/overnight test drive?

    Guess you got your answer, and for me it was 48 hours... day 2 was snow so kept it parked. They were cool with it.
  12. Sc0rPs

    Decision help! X or S in my future, what do you think Value wise?

    If your just looking to try and flip one then go for the S, its depreciation will no longer drop as fast. Without knowing your needs & wants can't recommend beyond that.
  13. Sc0rPs

    Model X ordered any tips

    Do you have any shame? Humility?
  14. Sc0rPs

    Model X ordered any tips

    - Dash Cam: Blackvue is good or something a little cheaper & simple Lukas ARA (wouldn't worry about 4K, the 1080P is plenty clear) - Xpel Clearbra to protect that paint, at least a partial - recommend you do this right after delivery - Check your area for what types of charging stations, your...
  15. Sc0rPs

    [UK] 75D or 100D?

    If your actually doing maybe 50 - 60 miles a 75D is plenty range. To put things in perspective I used a Kia Soul EV as my commuter doing that. Also, for those longer drive days or trips where you actually might need to charge check to see about local charging stations in your area both by Tesla...
  16. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Did a little digging: Part number is: FILTER,HEPA,MDL X (1045566-00-G) $175 US or $266 CAD
  17. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Does anyone have the particular part number handy?
  18. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    I was planning to do the install myself, it is pretty straight forward. It just didn't make sense that the non-bio X & bio X would actually have incompatible parts. I think your correct, they must be thinking I want the bio-hazard upgrade.
  19. Sc0rPs

    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Curious if anyone can shed some light, I have a new Tesla X without bio mode. As I seen in some previous threads & videos it was possible to just order and install the HEPA filter. I was in the process of doing so, but the Tesla parts representative claimed it was no longer possible to...
  20. Sc0rPs

    Not getting paint protection film for your Model 3?

    Depreciating yes, like all cars. However that's your car, and getting just a partial IMHO is well worth it. Simple as original non chipped paint does hold better value than a car with chips so if your the type that doesn't keep your car long it will help in resale, or if your a long term owner...
  21. Sc0rPs

    New Tesla Owner - Model X Delivery & Post ownership experience of 5 days

    Congrats on your new X! Had mine delivered a few short weeks ago, and the fobs did come in that box. I would get some of those remaining issues taken care of, you put good money into this vehicle. Of course no one expects perfect but there should be absolutely no squeaks!
  22. Sc0rPs

    50 miles Odometer in the contract

    Mine also said 50 but actually only had 11. I suppose depending on where it needs to be delivered, some probably have to be driven on the final stretch.
  23. Sc0rPs

    Post your boat towing WHP/m?

    Not sure your timeline, but I do have an RV travel trailer a little heavier than your own load. I am planning an actual trip this weekend (weather permitting) but did do an in town tow. Its guess-o-meter first knocked off about 12 miles but it changed again as I kept going. So do not want to...
  24. Sc0rPs

    Model X noticeable changes from 2016 to now?

    You would think this is in all of them, but can confirm has a neighbor checking things out when he hit 'Close all Doors' from center console then stepping back in the FWD's way which it detected and stopped. I also just had my X done fully with Xpel, the installer commented how older ones...
  25. Sc0rPs

    Dangerous backup cam freeze?

    Only been a couple weeks but even my Kia Soul EV has a back up camera, but I never relied on the cameras alone. More of a confirmation after visual checks & proximity sensor warnings, so if they did freeze I would know.
  26. Sc0rPs

    Does anybody regret buying Model X for your main car?

    I had electric vehicles since about 2012, and actually made road trips with a Kia Soul EV! It did mean lots of planning ahead and couple times had to hang out since the planned fast charger was not in service. Can't speak for your area but mine is just littered with charging stations with fast...
  27. Sc0rPs

    Did not make it to Mountains :( Please advise

    Had you owned a lower range EV in the winter you would have never reduce your Tesla to a 'in town only' vehicle. I have a Kia Soul EV that I still took on longer trips, just planned ahead and frequented charging stations more often. Make use of those adapters!
  28. Sc0rPs

    Struggling with Recalling Driver Seat Profile - Model X

    Will 'valet mode' prevent saving any seat adjustments? Just double checked and that is a feature of valet mode: • Speed is limited to 70 mph (113 km/h). • Maximum acceleration and power are limited. • Front trunk and glove box are locked. • Home and Work locations are not available in the...
  29. Sc0rPs

    Poll: FWD on Model Y

    Would like FWD, but seeing how this is suppose to be a more economical vehicle it makes better sense as a premium option. Such as lower battery capacity with conventional doors to optional upgrades such as higher capacity battery, all wheel drive, falcon wings, etc.
  30. Sc0rPs

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    Was curious so checked online "passenger vehicles with a purchase price of between $125,000 and $149,999 will see an increased PST from 10% to 15%. For vehicles that have a price greater than $150,000, the PST is now even higher at 20% from 10%."
  31. Sc0rPs

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    Seriously, double check the tax hike deal. If $92K price does not apply then maybe hold out for another? Maybe they have a reservation where the next 75D with your selections comes available you get first crack?
  32. Sc0rPs

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    I dealt with the one over on West 4th, close to Granville Island and they seemed pretty good. I can safely say Robson will treat you just as well. If you get pre-owned / lease takeover I think you'll be safe from the tax increases. Think they apply to 125k+... could be wrong so please do double...
  33. Sc0rPs

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    I should clarify, when I said a lot cheaper it is in terms of insurance.
  34. Sc0rPs

    Canada MX from USA or best to buy/lease locally

    Hey Dan, I was contemplating all this very recently. I decided to order & buy my X in Vancouver. Just took delivery about a week ago so getting a little extra protection for the paint and what I consider a must-have is a dash cam. Just a couple notes, getting a 75D or 100D without the 'P' is...
  35. Sc0rPs

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Yes sir I did :). Now just installing dash cam & will be getting a wrap done...
  36. Sc0rPs

    Supercharger rates up over 50%!

    I guess those that don't have unlimited charging cannot get it now for their vehicles?
  37. Sc0rPs

    Any Existing EV owner switch to Model3 or S/X ?

    Went from Volt to a 2016 Kia Soul Luxury EV and ended up keeping the Kia as an A to B vehicle, was offered only $10,000 for it. I was already debating if I should keep it since I didn't really want to take my new X for errands & groceries so all good.
  38. Sc0rPs

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    My X was just delivered last week, and the current rate was 1.99% for 6 years.

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