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    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    From a ampacity perspective, AWG being the same, CU always beats AL. If you want the same ampacity, increase the AL gauge to the next larger gauge and you will be fine. For example, at 90C, 8 AWG CU is equivalent to 6 AWG AL as both are rated at 55 Amps.
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    Charging receptacle wiring question.

    I like those links. Will check it out. Jacketed Stabiloy 6-6-6-6 XHHW-2 conductors on page 13-15 of this link. http://www.stabiloy.com/nr/rdonlyres/b279b6d7-0e83-4880-8e5e-2ec600fc5b27/0/stabiloywiremansguide.pdf I have Stabiloy 8000 XHHW-2 6/3 AWG in Aluminum for my air-conditioning unit that...
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    Charging receptacle wiring question.

    I was looking at XHHW-2 as it is the highest rated and has an ampacity of 75A @ 90C for Copper and 55A @ 90C for Aluminum. Perhaps I should have been specific about the wire. I was looking for 6/3 AWG (6-gauge, 3-conductor + ground) Copper XHHW-2 wire. For single conductor wires, there seem to...
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    Charging receptacle wiring question.

    I'm going 100 ft from the breaker. What are most folks using: NM-B THHN/THHN-2 XHHW/XHHW-2 And in AL (aluminum) or CU (Copper)?
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    Charging receptacle wiring question.

    I was going to install a Nema 14-50R receptacle to charge my future Tesla CyberTruck but am posting here because the knowledge is strong amongst the Model 3 folks. I'm doing the job myself and I've figured out the following based on recommendations from this site: A 50 Amp GFCI breaker on one...
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    Two reports of Teslas on AP hitting stopped vehicles in their lane on the freeway

    So, a known limitation of automation is the lack of automation in such not-so-unusual scenarios. :eek:
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    No "Dual Motor" Lettering on M3 LR AWD?

    Maybe you got scammed. :p
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    Had M3 home delivered, but not happy with paint and interior flaws

    Return it and wait for an alternative. Also what is the VIN range for your car?
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    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    Sounds like a company in distress. Forcing options on customers that they don't want. Conversely, those that select the option could have gotten it cheaper. I think Tesla's 450,000 Model 3 order book has disintegrated because of all its bad customer management. If they had been better managed...
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    Rear View Camera - atleast 5 sec delay in coming on (always black initially)

    Try turning your head back until the next update fixes it. I know it feels unnatural but it usually works. :D
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    Who Scored the best deal during the Firesale? $46k Perf. Model 3 (Spreadsheet)

    But Q1 was so bad, I'd say the real deals are just going to start. And end of Q2 deals will probably be fantastic.
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    Anyone Guess How Many Pre-orders

    With the M3, the $35K pricing bait was the primary trigger for line waiters. With the MY, the M3 crowd has now been wise to Tesla's non-FIFO tactics and is not jumping in. I'd be surprised if order exceed 25,000. And if it did go towards 50,000 I'd say that there would be huge pent up demand...
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    Will Tesla make a SR AWD model?

    Dang it! The one model that I stood in line for and waited almost 2 years before canceling my reservation. I would think it would have a 100,000 order demand easily in the Northeast, Northwest, Upper Midwest and Chicago region. Too bad Elon doesn't see it that way. If only I had twitter, I'd ask...
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    Will Tesla make a SR AWD model?

    Or is it unobtanium?
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    Screwed by Tesla today... M3 LR

    Which is why QA should have identified it as a post-manufacturing system failure, not a pre-delivery dealer checklist.
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    Delivery Issue rant

    I don't believe that Tesla reps are actively lying. My theory is they are just as clueless because of real-time changes taking place due to defects and rejections. What they see in their systems might be outdated as soon as they step away from their computers.
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    Screwed by Tesla today... M3 LR

    You should have done the right thing and sat in that seat. There's just no chivalry these days. :p BTW, Tesla did reduce its QA staff a few months back. There's your answer.
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    Severe problem with Auto Lane Changes

    All I'll say is don't be guinea pigs for Tesla. If the problem comes and goes depending on the software version, then their methodology for software development is flawed as they don't have proper QA and dependency flow charts. How can we trust the software if Tesa engineers fix a problem in one...
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    Don't bother reserving a Y on the first day.

    I have a 2013 Subaru Outback that has racked up $110K miles which is what the Tesla would replace. The Outback being AWD is very reliable in the snow and will get passed down to my kids as their starter vehicle.
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    Don't bother reserving a Y on the first day.

    You know that is a very good point. I just felt it would be a logical assumption but you could be right. My dream car may never exist. :eek: The MY reveal did not have a SR AWD either.
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    Don't bother reserving a Y on the first day.

    Tesla did lose me as a customer for the M3 SR AWD which still doesn't exist. I was a line waiter and canceled my order this past Nov when they announced the M3 MR. That's when I realized that my model would most likely be available in 2020. Obviously, I will not put any money down on the MY...
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    Stuck in mud...recover from rear

    Fantastic. Now you have one more task to complete: pave the damn driveway!
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    Battery very low - how low can it go - not driven?

    What's the point in having a car that's sitting for months. Sell it and rent when you need it. It's cheaper without the hassle.
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    Tesla to Shutter Stores In Favor of Online Sales

    I feel bad for Tesla employees who get hired and then fired on a whim or a quarterly report. Musk is a poor manager with the executive turnover he has been having. Unfortunately, the shorts seem to have got it right. This is not a sign of growth but another quarterly attempt at survival.
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    Another Tesla vs Tractor Trailer with same outcome

    I don't get why drivers trust Autopilot. It's a very dubious product if it cannot see large objects like a semi-truck or fire engine.
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    How long will the $35k Model 3 be available in the USA, before raising the price?

    The price of the SR won't rise. I don't see a big market for the Model Y. The pickup OTOH will be a game changer if priced right, but that's unlikely. So, I think the price of the SR will come down as Tesla will find innovative ways to cut costs in order to survive.
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    Standard Range Model 3 Now Available for $35,000

    Nope, this is what happens when you have trigger happy customers. I was a line waiter and I'm still waiting for the elusive SR AWD that I predicted would appear in 2020. Looks like my 2 year old prediction will hold true.
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    Downsides of Performance vs Long Range?

    Yes, The 10K difference is mostly for software. Is that smart shopping? There is no physical difference unlike most other brands performance models. Of course, the P is faster, but does it stop faster? Does it corner faster? It's just faster by software, not by design. Think about it and spend...
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    Sporadic window roll downs

    I wonder if Tesla will issue a M3 recall for the window regulator as it can be a dangerous distraction if this happens on the highway.
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    7.5 years from now or 120,000 miles my battery is out of warranty and is dead or serious degraded..

    Most ICE cars will go 100K and that works out to approx 8 years at 12K/year. The BEV warranty definitely exceeds the ICE warranty that's usually 4yr/50K or 5yr/60K. But that said, the question should be whether the BEV car depreciates to zero because it *MUST* have a new battery pack versus the...
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    Porsche Mission E

    It's a rigged test because a Gen 5 Viper (not in production) and even a Gen 7 Z06 will blow it away on the track. Both are within the Tesla price range. That test is designed to give it more credit than it deserves. But it is definitely fantastic in a straight line. And remember that one lap...
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    Price Drop

    LR AWD pricing went from $54K -> $53K -> $54K -> $55K -> $54K -> $52K -> $50K. If you wait till the end of the 2019, you might get another 5K off. :rolleyes: The depreciation on these M3s is going to be unbelievable. Probably close to $1500/month - $2000/month for the first 12-18 months.:eek...
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    Tesla and quality control.

    It's mind-boggling how Tesla has such low regard for its employees. QC and service were always an afterthought. And whatever Tesla does, it always justifies it as necessary for survival. The reality is that its management is incompetent.
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    Cancelled my order today...

    Eon Musk needs a COO who can grow the company, not one who grows it out of control and then fires a bunch of people to survive. Without a COO who can stand up to Musk, Tesla will fail. Musk is the best and worst person at Tesla.
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    Model 3 drivers door should stop car immediately upon opening

    Jeez, how many nannies do you need?! :eek:
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    Torque wrench and socket recommendations

    Get the Harbor Freight stuff. It costs $10 on sale and if it breaks, you can buy another one. Do not listen to the naysayers about HF. It opens about a 100 new stores every year because it's stuff is cheap and works well in cases where usage is limited. You could spend a ton on Snap-On or...
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    Depreciation on LR RWD

    My guess is about 20% down in the first year due to price reductions, fed tax loss and standard depreciation. If your vehicle is in a cold state such as BC, it could be worse because of the deeper electric cycles. The primary factor for cars over 8 years old will be battery replacement costs...
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    Cancelled my order today...

    As per Tesla's own recent admission, they are having a hard time making profits with the higher version of the M3. So it's easy to conclude that an SR M3 will be a tough sell for them. As to adjusting production to market demands, I think they have failed as they are unable to handle demand and...
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    Model 3 has no spare tire

    It sucks but IMHO the customer base for Teslas is the phone-savvy crowd (especially iPhones) and they are more adept at knowing how to call for help than to turn a wrench. I personally would not drive a car without a spare tire (donuts are acceptable). I'm glad I cancelled the M3 as I like to do...
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    Cancelled my order today...

    Right now, Tesla has only 2 production lines: One makes the LR AWD & Performance while the other the MR RWD. With US and Canadian demand winding down for those models, the production will be for foreign markets. Until that demand has been exhausted, or a new production line is built we will not...
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    MA passes new bill protecting home charging

    It's not MA, it's the HOAs all over the country that are too hoity-toity over what you can and cannot do. From specifications on exterior paint colors to the height of grass blades to how many cars I can park outside; it's over reaching. That's why I would never live in one.
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    P3D+ Issue: Front Undercarriage cover came loose (while driving)

    It's a Tesla so you get great torque at the wheels but very poor torque at the fasteners. :p
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    What is required to total a vehicle

    If the repair job exceeds 80% of the current value of the car, it will be a total loss. If the frame is damaged, it's usually a total loss. In your case, it looks cosmetic: bumper, fender, headlight. If you don't have any electrical issues or frame damage, I'd say it will go to the body shop and...
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    Fumes/Burnt smell in Tesla Model 3

    It's Tesla's new car potpourri. :)
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    CT buyer - confused about taxes at time for purchase - NY pickup location.

    You do not pay NY taxes for a car that is going to be registered in CT. I would recommend that the following steps: - Examine the car in Mt Kisco - Pay your sales price without taxes. - Get the MSO from the dealer. - Register in CT same day if possible, pay sales tax and get your plates. - Go...
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    Rivian R1T full size BEV pickup

    Selling $65-90K pickups is not a mass-market breakthrough. I think their order page said that they will build expensive models first a la Tesla. My 2007 Ram medium-duty pickup cost me $26K and has served me well and is still worth over $10K. I would jump to electric at a price point near $40K...
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    Help w sticker shock over adding amp to detatched garage

    Whether it's 40-Amps or 100-Amps, you are not really paying for the Amps but for the labor. A 100-Amp panel is probably under $50 and the wire from your main panel to the garage is under $2/foot. It's not really a challenging task other than that ingrained fear of a shock. The whole job should...
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    Worse car buying experience ever!

    Unfortunately, there is a herd of customers who will buy the car irrespective of your opinion. Tesla is definitely not customer centric, as it always caters to the investors first. It is one of the reasons I've canceled my order. As long as there are people willing to overpay, Tesla will...
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    Took delivery of M3 yesterday, should I take back the car to SC for this..?

    Sad to see that Tesla is still unable to solve the gap problems. With everything else being so advanced, i don't get why they haven't solved this in their design and tooling after 100,000+ cars.

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