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  1. Rytis

    Model 3 Croatia

    Croatia (as well as Lithuania, where I am from) does not currently have an option to order. Hopefully coming soon!
  2. Rytis

    Rent a Tesla Chicago to NYC

    I know it is a long shot, but I'm looking for a Tesla for rent this summer, July 12 to 17. What complicates my search is the fact that I need it for a one way trip Chicago to New York. Since Turo does not offer one way rentals, and I could not find the vehicle on normal rental websites, this...
  3. Rytis

    Vendor Countries that require TUV approval?

    Brake parts need to have an "E" mark (an E letter in a circle). I'm not sure who has to certify it though - when I was working for a spare parts retailer, we always had manufacturer provide the certificates. You cannot sell brake pads without that, and if you do, they can be taken off-market by...
  4. Rytis

    Valet Mode vs "Shop" Mode needed

    Well, they do have full access to the car internally, so they could just lift the restrictions of the Valet/shop mode - and it is actually needed sometimes.
  5. Rytis

    Big Island "Destination fee"?

    Destination fee is standard, same everywhere, as mandated by the law.
  6. Rytis

    Tesla Autopilot maps

    Is the data sent back to the mothership only when the driver's actions mismatch what the Autopilot would do in a certain location? This would minimize the data transfer and processing.
  7. Rytis

    Where did the Frunck space go?

    And the single motor version is apparently going away, so no more complaints about unused space - it *will* have a motor there.
  8. Rytis

    Tracking bugs?

    Great idea! I can host such a system, will set up one tomorrow if nobody steps up by then.
  9. Rytis

    Bach hatch fills with water

    There are probably two relevant TSBs for you.
  10. Rytis

    Tesla is trying to prevent CPO-cars cross border sales in Europe

    Do you need to? Could you get the temporary transit plates instead? I guess for Tesla you'd need a German address, not the actual residency status (you won't drop your nationality anyway and you'd still have your Finnish ID card).
  11. Rytis

    Smart Air Suspension

    Slide it half way.
  12. Rytis

    What can't I do while car ownership is being transferred?

    I think you should also disable app remote access as the original owner could use the app to locate the car, unlock and start it.
  13. Rytis

    OBDII port problem

    Considering that this port does not provide any data and only exists for compliance reasons, I would not worry about the plug not fitting.
  14. Rytis

    New Service Model for Rockville Service Center

    They sell loaners as CPOs before the end of the quarter.
  15. Rytis

    Does anyone have access to Tesla EPC or DIY Service site?

    They used to allow access to non-VIPs for free, although limited downloads per day. I got all service bulletins until 2015, some disassembly procedures and wiring layouts from them at that time - so even though the site looks sketchy, the data inside seems legit.
  16. Rytis

    Reliability of Drive Unit and Battery, and cost of replacement?

    Considering that you can service a US car in Canada, I do not see why they'd not service your car in Germany (probably closest to LT). The batteries and drive units will be standard anyway. (Labai džiugu matyti aktyvų lietuvį forume :) ).
  17. Rytis

    USB Ports 3.0?

    Since you're not going to be transferring gigabytes of data on thr car's side, it does not have any benefit for them to upgrade to 3.0. That being said, you can safely get a 3.0 flash drive as they are backwards compatible with 2.0.
  18. Rytis

    Model 3 security ideas

    Time-based two-factor authentication would work fine even when offline (think Google Authenticator or security tokens provided by banks). Would be a bit of a hassle to input a code every time you wanted to drive, but would be a big security improvement, especially when a key fob is forgotten in...
  19. Rytis

    An Unhealthy Obsession

    Hey, you're me! :) I did not yet bore my wife as much as you, but I'm also thinking that it would be OK to replace one of our cars "if something were to happen"! I was *this* close to preordering the Model 3, but my company card got rejected! Glad I actually didn't, I finally got over it and...
  20. Rytis

    Wife approved a Model 3 preorder!

    Resurrecting my old thread, but had my first ever real life encounter with Tesla - behind the wheel at a test drive in Zurich, Switzerland while on vacation. Well, it IS ludicrous! Drove a P90DL Model S, and I want one now :) Will probably need to wait for the Model 3, but heck, I want one NOW...
  21. Rytis

    Chrome on Browser?

    No way you could get IE. Probably malware trying to get in (not that it would work).
  22. Rytis

    What type of car is Model 3 replacing for you?

    1993 VW Golf. Yes, really! Still drives, but too rusted through :)
  23. Rytis

    Falcon wing door concerns

    It may have detected you, and would have still left that 1 inch while lifting up. It is just that the door does not know it is a person and not a wall - it would be perfectly fine to leave a 1 inch clearance next to the wall, but to a person it feels too risky, even though actually still safe.
  24. Rytis

    Deposit in EU

    We know the deposit for US is $1000. Do we know what the deposit is for Europe? I'm assuming 1000€, but haven't seen any confirmation.
  25. Rytis

    Sharing Tesla invoices to aggregate part data

    I did not think about it when I had my initial idea, but it is a good point.
  26. Rytis

    Sharing Tesla invoices to aggregate part data

    I tried; doesn't accept my billing address (specifically postal code) as I'm in "Other Europe". In addition, I'm not sure I could make the data I extract from the service page public, whereas any data released here would be without restrictions.
  27. Rytis

    Sharing Tesla invoices to aggregate part data

    I'm looking to aggregate data from service visits to see which parts had been reworked and upgraded by Tesla over time; in addition, I am trying to learn as much as possible about the actual car - would be great to know every part available in the car, and since that data is not available from...
  28. Rytis

    Wife approved a Model 3 preorder!

    I've been lurking in the forums for quite some time and boasting to my wife how cool Tesla is. I've been telling her how I want one, and she suddenly offered me to preorder one and buy once our mortgage is done (which should coincide with the release date, especially if it follows previous model...

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