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  1. sgblank

    Wall connector won’t release charge handle

    Dumb question - but is your car unlocked when you try to remove the handle? I made this mistake a couple of times when I first got the car.
  2. sgblank

    AWD delivery thread

    Was supposed to pick on my car on Sept 26th in Fremont. Got an email today asking if I'd like it home delivered today. 4 hours later it was in my driveway - delivered by the head of the Tesla Semi program. VIN 1146xx. AWD, non performance. Just one punchlist item - charge port door receiver...
  3. sgblank

    My 5-year Model S Maintenance/Service History

    My Five-Year Model S Service History 2013 – Model S P85 - delivered in March HPWC (Tesla Wall Charger) in my home garage failed ranger came and replaced the HPWC fuses Pano roof chewed up its rails and would no longer open Service replaced the Pano roof Replacement Pano roof had wind noise...
  4. sgblank

    Burlingame Calif Service Center

    Got the red ring of death on my Model S (car wouldn't charge). Service diagnosed it over the phone and said I likely have a bad master charger. My Palo Alto service center said they couldn't get me in or get me any type of a loaner for four days. The Burlingame service center said, "Come on...
  5. sgblank

    Palo Alto Service - Two weeks to discover no MCU's in stock

    My MCU (the big center touchscreen) has bubbles and is leaking goop out of the bottom. Thanks to these forums I discovered this a known problem and requires a touchscreen replacement. I made an appointment on Jan 5th to bring my car in on Jan 18th. I described the problem and the service advisor...
  6. sgblank

    4-Year Service History and Battery Loss - Model S

    The original CHAdeMO adapter had software incompatibilities with some types of CHAdeMO chargers. Later versions of the adapter had upgraded firmware to fix this. So in one of my service visits I asked them to upgrade my adapter firmware.
  7. sgblank

    4-Year Service History and Battery Loss - Model S

    1. Yes, that's why I bought the extended warranty 2. also why I'm planning to get a new Model S sometime this year, when the AP2 software actually works
  8. sgblank

    4-Year Service History and Battery Loss - Model S

    A few thoughts after four years: 1. Electric Cars are the future I’m never going back to an internal combustion engine. I have no doubt in another decade or two, 25-50% of cars will be electric. The only question is when and whose brand. I’m looking forward to my next Model S in 2017 when full...
  9. sgblank

    4-Year Service History and Battery Loss - Model S

    My Four Year Service History Picked up Model S P85 from the factory 3/11/13, VIN P6xxx 51,645 miles 2013 HPWC in my garage failed ranger came and the replaced HPWC fuses Pano roof chewed up its rails and wouldn’t open Service replaced Pano roof 2014...
  10. sgblank

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    PG&E onsite installing the meter right now. They say it still needs to be tested, Probably tomorrow. Btw, The equipment enclosure is still being built with cinderblocks stacked up in a pile.
  11. sgblank

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    Progress as of 11am June 10th As noted elsewhere, part of the supercharging equipment is located in the underground parking lot directly below the pedestal. The frames of the charging pedestals are installed, but the balance of the distribution cabinets are still in their crates awaiting...
  12. sgblank

    Model S Body Refresh Coming in Sept/Oct?

    When the Model X ships in Q4 the Model S will get a new nose, along with additional internal hardware and sensors to make the platform compatible with the autonomous driving features that ship with the Model X.
  13. sgblank

    Door handles

    Auto- Present Handles are disabled when ... To preserve battery life, Model S is designed to temporarily disable the Auto-Present Handles feature when: The key has been out of range for more than 48 hours. The key remains within range for five minutes after all doors...
  14. sgblank

    Capstone Paper on Tesla vs Texas Automobile Dealers Association

    romotodez background on the general subject of "rent seeking" here
  15. sgblank

    Probability of getting a Model S with a "known" issue?

    I've had: Pano roof open/close issues Door handles not presenting/defective Water in tailights Tesla service will make them good. My last three cars were Lexus, Jaguar and Porsche - Telsa is by far, the best car I ever had.
  16. sgblank

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    Two Autopilot changes on the page that disappeared were pretty interesting: - automatic lane change - tap the turn signal indicator and the car moved into the lane automatically - auto parallel parking - car would park itself I don't know if these were "spoof" placeholders or real features.
  17. sgblank

    19" stock tire life?

    Just had my 19" original tires replaced at my 24,000 mile service. Tires were worn on the inside tread. Tesla put on 4 Goodyear Eagle RS @ $180 each.
  18. sgblank

    Another 12v battery bites the dust

    Add another March 2013 Model S that just got the 12V battery needs service message. Ranger coming out next week to replace it. I'm wondering if the first cold(ish) night in Northern California had anything to do with it. When I called service they said the voltage looked OK now (13 volts). I...
  19. sgblank

    Is it time for Tesla to do traditional model years?

    Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment see Tesla and Adobe: Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment
  20. sgblank

    Beijing Charging Stations Won't Support Tesla?

    Perhaps this is why Tesla open-sourced its patents? Beijing Plans 10,000 Rapid-Charging Stations, but They Won't Support Tesla This link points out that the Beijing Charging Stations were announced as part of a Sino-German Electric Vehicle Charging Project This presentation explains what Tesla...
  21. sgblank

    Strange Color on Charge Port

    Just to pile on. Had the same problem. They replaced the charge port lights at my 12K service.
  22. sgblank

    Tesla versus the Rent Seekers

    Another take on the subject here Strangling Innovation
  23. sgblank

    [lolachampcar] Performance Upgrade Efforts

    @lolachampcar / pimp-boy not sure if this will help the conversation, but here are the parts and part numbers that Tesla is now installing as part of a P85 to P85+ upgrade
  24. sgblank

    Performance Plus Package now available as option or retrofit

    @AnOutsider yes - details attached
  25. sgblank

    Performance Plus Package now available as option or retrofit

    Just an FYI, I got a formal 'OK'D by Jerome" quote for a P85 to P85+ retrofit from the Palo Alto service center $23,968
  26. sgblank

    Has anyone done a P85 to a P85+ suspension retrofit?

    @EMDoc - the quote from Tesla is attached. The Palo Alto service center said I could deduct the cost of the rear subframe $1518.69 in the quote as it was only needed on cars with earlier VINs then mine (6xxx). That still makes it a ~$23K upgrade.
  27. sgblank

    Has anyone done a P85 to a P85+ suspension retrofit?

    The Palo Alto service center was quite helpful in providing me a quote for the upgrade. My two choices for a P85 to P85+ upgrade are: - $22,859 to upgrade my existing P85 to a P85+ - $53,512 to trade in my P85 for a used service loaner P85+
  28. sgblank

    When Features Disappear

    In the last year over the air upgrades have made the Model S a much better product then the one we originally bought. However, the 5.8 unilateral downgrade of air suspension is a troubling harbinger of the potential of downgrades. There doesn't seem to be a Tesla corporate obligation that...
  29. sgblank

    Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling Fix

    Tesla probably understood they had a suspension problem early on In hindsight Tesla probably understood they had a suspension problem early on. They introduced the P85+, a new body style less than 6 months after they started volume shipments of the S and P models. My guess is they discovered...
  30. sgblank

    One Man's P85+ versus P85 experience... am I being unfair to the P85?

    Yep. Exactly my experience but from the other direction - I have a P85 and got to drive a P85+ for four days as a loaner. Bought the P85 in 2012 when it was the high-end (and when it was marketed like the +) Completely different handling experience. If you come from a Porsche or other...
  31. sgblank

    From Panamera Twin Turbo to Tesla Model S

    Also came from a Panamera and love my Model S. My comments are about the one option you haven't put on your list - the choice between the S85 and P85+ My heads-up to anyone making the transition from a Panamera to a Model S is: If you spend most of your time on freeways or relatively...
  32. sgblank

    What did you drive before getting the model S and why did you change?

    Last 20 years: two Lexus LS 400's > two Jaguar XJR's > Porsche Panamera 4S > Model S P85
  33. sgblank

    Firmware 5.0

    @dirkhh Not true. 4.5 _does_ support parking sensors. I drove a P85+ loaner that had them. Photos are here: Parking sensors - Page 34
  34. sgblank

    Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling Fix

    @brianman thanks, corrected the post to get the versions correct.
  35. sgblank

    Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling Fix

    @ dreamin I'd say the problem was subtle on straight normal freeway driving, but moderate to severe on rapid acceleration. Also the Model S P85 has a ton of "slop" in handling corners on mountain roads I drive making it unstable at high cornering speeds. A few data points - I moved from a...
  36. sgblank

    Parking sensors

    Parking Sensor Display - on 4.5 version 1.33.61 I had a P85+ loaner (VIN 17068) with Parking Sensors. The car had software 4.5 version 1.33.61 Here are three pictures of the dash display
  37. sgblank

    Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling Fix

    I brought my P85 in to Menlo Park service for a couple of issues, one of which was the car swaying from side to side while driving / accelerating. This was the second service appointment I had asked for this to be looked at, and this time it seems someone in service: drove and verified the...
  38. sgblank

    Pano Roof Noise - Factory Fix Coming

    Brought my P85 in to Menlo Park for service on multiple items, one of which was noise at high speeds on a closed Pano roof. Service said they adjusted the seals which may help a little, but then the rep said there's a factory fix coming to address this issue. The rep said the fix is pretty...
  39. sgblank

    New HPWC is out (soon?)

    I had one of the "old" HPWC's that came the same day with my car in March. After reading about the new fuses on this forum I emailed Menlo Park service the evening of Aug 13th about updating my HPWC. A ranger came to my house the evening of the 16th and upgraded the fuses. Just drop your local...
  40. sgblank

    775 mile California Road Trip - 5 Superchargers

    @tacket - Short answer, yes I ended up cutting it close - not because of the Tesla range - but by the unexpected driving I did when I was touring around. Just by looking at the map between Superchargers I thought I could make it from a range charge in Tejon to-Glendale to- two nights staying in...
  41. sgblank

    775 mile California Road Trip - 5 Superchargers

    Took a 775-mile trip around California this week. I wanted to see if real-world long distance travel was possible with the Tesla. I used the Harris Ranch, Tejon, Buellton, Atascadero and Gilroy Superchargers as well as local chargers in Santa Barbara. Short answer, these trips are eminently...
  42. sgblank

    Menlo Park Service - Not a good start

    @mayhemm yes, I have the tech package. no, maps are not preloaded. The nav system uses Google Maps. If you don't have a 3g connection your map goes black. When you get back within range your map reloads.
  43. sgblank

    Menlo Park Service - Not a good start

    Update to Menlo Service Just to close this thread out with an update: - got my car back on Monday from Menlo Park service (having brought in Thursday) - Pano roof was repaired. Cause: broken wind deflector arms. Given how quiet opening and closing the roof is now, I now realize the cracking...
  44. sgblank

    Menlo Park Service - Not a good start

    My pano roof was making cracking noises when I closed it. I noticed pieces of plastic broken in both rails the roof rides in. I called the Menlo Park service center and they said, "just drop by and we'll take a quick look at it." By the time I brought it in it would no longer open when the...
  45. sgblank

    Strangling Innovation: Tesla versus “Rent Seekers”

    thanks. I thought so too. But it's more than likely the wrong forum for anything more complicated than complaints about 5mile/day vampire losses and Tesla grins. Here's hoping there are people dealing with these issues strategically inside Tesla.
  46. sgblank

    Strangling Innovation: Tesla versus “Rent Seekers”

    Recently, the New York and North Carolina legislatures considered a new law written by Auto Dealer lobbyists that would make it illegal for Tesla to sell cars directly to consumers. This got me thinking about the legal obstacles that face innovators with new business models. Examples of...
  47. sgblank

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Two months with my P85 Two months with my P85 and already they're all over Silicon Valley.

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