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    3 Year Lease, 2 years left no FSD

    I am sure this has been discussed numerous times before, but I am into my 2nd year of a 3 year lease and purchased FSD with the lease. As I was told/promised/whatever you want to call it, FSD; fully automated driving from point A to point B with no human interaction, except for monitoring was...
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    Best Way to get out of Tesla Lease?

    2019 S75D. HW3, FSD, 4,500 Miles. 2 years left on lease. Do to illness in the family, driving has come to a virtual stop. Looking to get out of a Tesla lease with the most cash. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Reference/Tweet/Letter request.

    Could someone provide me a Reference/Link/Tweet/letter from Elon Musk stating that FSD would be available by the end of 2019? Thank you.
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    Boy Am I Pissed Now.

    Scheduled two weeks ago for 2019 upgrade to HW3. Take the car in this morning to Dallas Service Center and told that they are out of loaners. Service backed up. I say I'll wait. Get a text from Tesla, offered $100 in Uber dollars, since no loaners. After 30 minutes, they have a loaner. I...
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    Veteran Day and the 1 Percent

    Probably, in the title, the 1 percent caught your eye first vs Veterans Day. I am not talking about the top 1 percent income bracket, but the 1 percent of the population that has served in the military. For all those who have served, the country owes you a very big thank you. I hope that all...
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    Middle of Police Chase

    Coming back from a doctor's appt. caught in the middle of a police chase. Didn't think about it, but when I told my wife she said to pull the footage. Played back the front, right side and back camera and how lucky I was not to get hit by the bad guy and Dallas PD and Sheriff vehicles. Also...
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    Scheduled for upgrade.

    Submitted a service request " When can I expect upgrade to HW3?" Received a computer generated response for in home on November 10. Today, received that I will need to bring the vehicle in on the 18th to the service center as the in home means is not sufficient for the upgrade. Vehicle is a...
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    How Fast?

    In the Lexus lane, yesterday, hit 91 MPH and there was plenty left. Wasn't sure if monitored by the black and whites, so limited the speed. will shoot for 110 next time out, So, the question is; how fast have you had your Tesla? What is the top speed for a 75 D? Ride was Mercedes S equivalent.
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    Dallas Area Charity Laps

    May 25,2019 Texas Motor Speedway is offering charity laps at the speedway with your own car. $40 for three laps and you can buy more. They have a pace car that limits your speed, but it is fun and it is for charity. I believe pictures in the winner box are offered as well.
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    Survey Says!

    There are no self-driving cars available right now. It may be hard to believe with all the hype surrounding the emerging technology, but it’s still just hype—excited fanboys buoying a new piece of hardware far above its actual capabilities. It’s dangerous rhetoric. However, automakers and tech...
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    I changed my mind

    The other day, I posted that I went for the [email protected]$2 grand and no buyers remorse. Today, I changed my mind and wish that I had not spent the two grand. I took the 2019 S out in early morning rush hour traffic again to test the features with the autopilot. First, unless you have lines on the road...
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    Auto Parking very good, except!

    2019 S, EAP. Out this morning to test the auto parking. Conducted several parallel parking's and system worked great. Seems that it gets really close, but it maneuvered flawlessly. So, we tried parking perpendicular. I found a couple spots, waited for the "P" and put in reverse, hit the...
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    Option codes?

    Being new to the Tesla brand, I have many question. One question is on the build sheet under Options (decoded) it shows: AF02 APF1 Auto pilot Firmware 2.0 enhanced excludes APF0, APF2 APH3 APPB Enhanced Autopilot (followed by long narrative) Question is; What is APH3? This is a 2019 S. Thanks
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    Battery Question?

    Just finished a video on YouTube on battery capacity on 2019 75D. The person in the video was explaining the 2018 to 2019 change over and the change and deletion of the 75D in 2019. His vehicle was a 2018 build, "J" vs mine due this week with a "K"; 2019 as per the vin#, 10th digit. In the video...
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    While researching a couple of vehicles, I ran across this web site BADVIN.ORG. With a vin# you can pull up almost the complete history of the car and auction results and pictures. Cost for one report is $4 and change, but I went for the ten reports for $40 something. One vehicle I was checking...
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    Tesla X Founders Edition

    Went to look at a pre owned 2018 Tesla S 75D, 3500 miles and right beside it was a 2016 model X 75D Founders Edition with 23,000 miles. Color was Midnight Silver with black interior and not a scratch or chip on the entire vehicle. Dealer has ordered a set of new tires for it and it drove great...
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    Used 2018 Base Model S price question?

    Being new to the site, I apologize, but a 2018 S Base model with 3,100 miles is available for $59 and change. It was a three month lease and sold at auction. TBD why? Carfax is good and other info all looks good. Build date was September 2018. Any advice would be appreciated.

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