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    The New Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3: Which is better EV?

    For what it's worth, I have a 2014 Model S, which I love, and is my car (I bought it, and I drive it, not my husband). In the 2.5 years I've had it, my husband has driven it probably 10 times because he does not like driving a "fancy" car (he drives a 2011 Prius). I put down a deposit for the...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Parked next to this P85+ at Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA on Sunday in the back lot between Trader Joes and Gap.
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    slacker in 5.9

    I have a similar experience, where Slacker just can't find a song for 10-20 seconds, or it starts a song and then just ends it and skips to another song. It's really irritating, so I don't use it much (usually just when the kids are in the car). I always have assumed it's the crappy AT&T...
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    Total Mileage Thus Far

    3,400 miles in 10 weeks here.
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    Family Road Trip Coast to Coast to Coast...

    Sounds great. Please keep us posted on your adventure. How long do you plan to be on the road? Are you hoping to use only superchargers, or other public stations as well? I would love to be able to do something like this one day, but I don't have the patience to charge at non-SC stations unless...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Saw a brown MS like mine driving South on Broad Street in Philly near city hall early this afternoon. Couldn't get a good look at driver though.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Was flipping through an entertainment mag at doctor's office yesterday and was happily surprised to see that Brad and Angelina haul their kids in a Tesla! - - - Updated - - - Saw a white MS near King of Prussia on Route 202 going towards West Chester around 6:15-6:30pm on Tuesday. PA plate...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Too bad you didn't see me while visiting Philly. I'm in a brown metallic. Some days I see 2 or 3 Teslas, other times I go days without seeing one.
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    Inspection in SE PA?

    I'm near Philly and went through all this 6 weeks ago when I picked up my new car from Norristown. I found out my local AAA store could do the registration, taxes and tags, and it was painless. I then went to a nearby gas station that does inspections and they were great. Took 15 minutes since...
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    New Blink charging stations along PA Turnpike

    Good news for those traveling along the PA Turnpike. These are Level II charging stations. EV Charging Now Available at Two Turnpike Service Plazas - Around Town - Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood, PA Patch
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    How do you have your displays setup? (Touchscreen and Dash)

    Thanks! After fiddling around with various other configs, I prefer the original settings!
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    What's not to like about the model S?

    I wish. When I asked my service center about it and for recommendations of local reputable tinters they had none. How is that possible? Aren't there owners in this area (the Norristown service center) who have had it done that they can recommend to the center for others?
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    What's not to like about the model S?

    11. Neck pain for a first week of driving it. Found it was hard to get used to a new driving position. Don't know why. Better now that I've had it a month. 12. Hard for small child to see out of rear window when riding in the jump seat. My 4-yo stopped sitting back there after 2 weeks because...
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    Just a few questions before placing my order...

    Just to reiterate what some have already suggested, I'd absolutely get the 85 if you can afford it. I know you want to keep your payments at $1000 and don't drive that much, but you will definitely drive, or want to drive, more than you do now or expect to. Everything affects your mileage/range...
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    In fairness to the original poster, many people don't test drive cars with adult passengers in the back (I test drove the MS with two of my kids, who are 8 and 11, so the rear headrests weren't a problem). Though the rear headrests look kinda short, one doesn't realize how short they are until...
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    Rear window needs a wiper

    When I was in a Tesla showroom in the mall yesterday telling her how much we loved our MS, I asked a rep there about the lack of a rear windshield wiper and she said most sedans don't have one. Hatchbacks and some crossovers and minivans do, but most sedans don't. Even though the MS is more...
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    Door storage space needed

    With 4 young kids my previous cars looked like garbage dumps. I am SOOOOO relieved that my S85 doesn't have storage space (can't believe I'm saying that because it was the one thing I was really really annoyed about when considering buying the car)! For the first time EVER, my rules when we got...
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    How do you have your displays setup? (Touchscreen and Dash)

    Wait, you can set your left and right dash?? I only thought you could set your top and bottom screens! How do you set your left and right dash? Mine have been set to what they were when I picked up my car a month ago (turn-by-turn on left (or music if I'm not using nav) and energy on right).
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    Can't decide on my color

    I've always bought cars that aren't the standard colors that most cars are (grey, tan, white, black), so brown, blue and green were my top picks. I test drove a green and didn't like the shade as much as I thought I would. Picked brown because it was more unusual than blue. Couldn't be happier...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Black model S on Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly the other day with 0-PETROL plate.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Saw a red model S parked in front of the Apple Store in Ardmore, PA around 9am today. I slowed down hoping to see the driver but didn't see anyone. Maybe s/he was having a one-to-one session in the store.
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    Tesla moments

    I'm surprised how few teslas I see in my area, and how few people ask me about my car. But, the best tesla moment I had was last week: i was was dropping off my daughter somewhere, parked and when I came out I saw a man walking away from my car. He saw me and said he was sorry but he just had...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I've had my car for 2 weeks and this has happened twice. Key fob was in my coat pocket that I was wearing and I got that message. Waved fob around and waited a minute or so and car would turn on.
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    Rated range on your car

    When I see 365 Wh/mi I get giddy. It's pathetic. I have many short trips where I reach 600 or more for a short period. The cold temps are KILLING my efficiency. I try to take the highway just so I can get under 400 for even a few miles.
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    Rated range on your car

    I'm getting 233-235 on 90% daily range with my S 85. I've had car for 16 days and live near Philly where it is in low 20s most mornings. My average Wh/mi has been dismal in this weather. Averaging 435 many trips.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Awesome. Thanks @SamGarber!
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Scheduled pick up for March 10 (but I'm picking up on 11th) at Norristown, PA service center. Original delivery date was "late February," which got delayed to March 4, then again to March 10.
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    Random Model S sightings

    Parked next to a silver MS last week at 233 Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore, PA in the morning. Had a PA vanity plate starting with ICAR. - - - Updated - - - I fly out of PHL so this is helpful. I can park my MS at this preflight location and leave it plugged in while I'm gone? Do they limit how...
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    delivery set for now but delayed - anyone else?

    Yup, I confirmed order on Dec 7 and got an original "Late February" delivery date. Then I was told delivery was delayed and would be March 4. Then was told it may be at least another week. At this point I don't even look or ask. It'll come when it comes. If I've waited 2.5 months already...
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Tesla service rep called last week to say my delivery date has been delayed again, this time a week or so. Now estimated delivery date of week of March 11 (original estimate was "late February" then pushed to week of March 4).
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    So How Much Does It Cost? (my most hated question)

    Anyone who has commented on the cost knows it's expensive. I don't have to give numbers.
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    Has anyone received a production status update since 17-Jan?

    Didn't realize this was a form letter. Mine reads exactly the same, except for delivery location detail: I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to introduce myself as your Delivery Specialist and your main point of contact from here on out! I have good news; your Model S is preparing to...
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    Has Anyone's Model S Auto Insurance Gone Up Significantly?

    Good to know. We've had geico for years. Our premium for 3 cars now is $4400/year and I got a rough quote of a $720/year increase to replace our minivan with the tesla when it arrives in march.
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    After weeks of daily checking and seeing no changes in my dashboard, I just noticed I now have a VIN! Must have been assigned on January 8 or 9.
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    Random Model S sightings

    I live in Wynnewood and am ALWAYS looking for them. I saw one last week driving two cars ahead in the next lane on Montgomery Avenue past Lower Merion HS and I yelled at my kids in the back seat, "There's one, look!!!" I tried to get next to it to see the driver but to no avail (probably because...
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    Had to go back to the dark side....for a day....

    I actually accidentally leave my Prius on regularly because I always push "park" thinking I've turned it off, and I walk away, and since the car is silent, I don't notice that I haven't turned it off. I once left it on for SIX HOURS while I was at a conference. Another time I left it running for...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Why are there so few Model Ss in the Mainline of Philadelphia??? We have a Tesla store at the King of Prussia Mall, and a service center in Norristown, soon to be in Devon. I've seen maybe three in the past few months. I haven't seen one in center city Philadelphia at all (though @SamGarber has...
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    This is fantastic. As someone who is awaiting her MS, this is very helpful. I will start memorizing it now.
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    Model S Buyer Demographics: Gender

    I originally test drove a MS at the King of Prussia Mall (outside of Philly), and when I was done the rep said that if my husband wanted to also try it out too, I could borrow one for a weekend. So I did. I did have to pay the $2500 refundable deposit, however, before they'd loan it to me for...
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    Philly-area window tinter and paint protector recs?

    Thanks @ipryor. I'll definitely look them up.
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    My Model S 85 fully wrapped, pictures from the process...

    Dennis, Sold!! I will call Leeberbs. Sound awesome. I definitely want window tinting so I'm glad he does it the XPEL and tinting. Thanks for the solid rec. I have to google his location now...
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    My Model S 85 fully wrapped, pictures from the process...

    I'm a complete newbie to a luxury car and am expecting my MS in late February. I've been seeing threads about clear bras, optic coats, Xpel, etc. should I be getting a clear protective film put on my new car since I didn't opt for the one tesla offers? It never occurred to me that I would really...
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    Philly-area window tinter and paint protector recs?

    I'm surprised the MS doesn't come automatically with tinted windows so I'm annoyed we have to have it done ourselves. Does anyone recommend a pro tinter in Philly area where it looks like it was done in the factory and not after-market (no bubbles, peeling, etc)? Thanks! Also, I've read threads...
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    Recommended Philly area Detailer

    Great. Thanks for the rec!! So I shouldn't use a car wash when I get my car?
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    Tesla listed as one of '10 Cars Almost No Women Drive' by Marketwatch

    We have role reversal in our household, as I am the one to whom all three of our cars are registered, and I'm the one who is obsessed with and is buying the Tesla. My husband could give a hoot about cars—he wants practicality and affordability (he had a Honda civic and now drives a Prius. I also...
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    S85 confirmed on 12/17/13 still sourcing parts as of 12/28/13 "late February" delivery date pick up in Norristown, PA My options: All Glass Panoramic Roof Brown Metallic Paint Parking Sensors Piano Black Décor Rear Facing Seats Subzero Weather Package Supercharger Enabled Tan Nappa Leather...
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    Model S Buyer Demographics: Gender

    I know this forum thread is outdated but I'll revive it. I am a woman, am buying the Model S myself, and will be the primary driver when it arrives hopefully in late February 2014. While I'm not a gear head, I've always loved learning about cars and going to car shows. I've always ogled cars...
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    Random Model S sightings

    OMG. LOVE this color.
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    Random Model S sightings

    What??? In Philly??? I live here and haven't seen one.

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