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  1. K

    Wrap on the nosecone?

    I've wrapped several cars on my own. It's not overly complicated just time consuming. The hardest parts are typically the bumpers and the mirrors. Just take your time, having an extra set of hands doesn't hurt either. Look into using cut tape for inlays.
  2. K

    21-22 model S wheels on an older model?

    Or better yet buy some forged wheels that look better, are lighter and fit how you'd want.
  3. K

    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    Hi, this must be your first EV. Cold weather almost always sees you lose a decent amount of your rated range. Also you're never going to get anywhere near the 405 miles range unless its 0 wind, perfectly sunny warm day and drive 40 mph nonstop on a flat road. I don't get why Tesla even bothers...
  4. K

    Vendor Rear Adjustable Camber Bushings for Model S/X Group Buy

    I just purchased some a couple weeks ago because the UP ones were sold out.
  5. K

    Cheapest way to get updated Fascia for older Model S?

    even retrofitting projectors if you're going to bother opening them up to paint isn't that much more work. the upgraded projectors are around $150 and the adapter to mount them is roughly $70. So for an additional $250 you can have much better headlights than the stock HIDs.
  6. K

    Disable auto high beam

    I thought that tesla vision only cars had that option added recently. OP is your car car a 2021?
  7. K

    Model S Plaid 21" recommended tire inflation

    Look in your door jam. It's printed on a sticker there.
  8. K

    Refreshed Model S Plaid - Hidden Feature Coming Soon? (LED Lights!)

    Yes, and it had no impact on making my driving experience 'much better'
  9. K

    Refreshed Model S Plaid - Hidden Feature Coming Soon? (LED Lights!)

    Just curious why you think driving at night with an LED light across your dash would make your experience 'much better'
  10. K

    Please check BBB before order tesla

    In other news, Honda has a 1.04/5, Toyota has 1.12/5.
  11. K

    Supercharger - Trinidad, CO

    It's not just superchargers but seems like everywhere you stop to let pets out has been overtaken by goat heads. On my way back from Sedona recently seems like majority of places we stopped between CO and AZ had been infested. As for the charger thing I believe they had a temporary 'urban...
  12. K

    Driving from Denver, CO to Mesa Verde National Park

    The denver tesla club facebook group usually has people willing to lend out chademo adapters if you haven't already found one.
  13. K

    Tesla S Break pedal not functioning

    First post and another 'unintended acceleration' person thinking the car malfunctioned. There's no 'safety issues' here beside you not knowing the difference between the go and the stop pedal.
  14. K

    2017 Model S water leaking in front footwells

    maybe this? Water in footwells
  15. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    it's not forged so shouldn't be a surprise. also t sportline list the arachnid weight as 27F/28R so these are actually nearly 7lbs heavier than arachnids.
  16. K

    20" Model X Slipstream Wheels on Model S

    Found some mint slipstreams to replace my 21" turbines for winter. Would have preferred gunmetal but I'll probably powder coat them for next season. Installed Continental DWS06+ 245/40/20 and 275/35/20.
  17. K

    Cruise Control / Autopilot unavailable after update?

    2021.36.22 doesn't exist as far as I can tell. Only 2021.36. Most likely a typo.
  18. K

    Cruise Control / Autopilot unavailable after update?

    My moms car exhibited this issue today but I told her to try a full power off from the screen and let it sit awhile and the options became available again. She did a reset and adaptive/AP/speed limit signs were still not working correctly before that.
  19. K

    FS: Model S/X (4) 20mm wheel spacers

    Selling a set of 4 wheel spacers purchased from motorsport-tech.com. They are the v3 bolt on style spacers. Used them with a set of 21" OEM turbines for a more flush look when I first got my car before getting dedicated Summer wheels. Recently switched to Model X wheels for my winter set so no...
  20. K

    Model S Refresh bumper for older models!!!!

    I think the user Rockwell was doing custom striker or something if I remember correctly
  21. K

    Titan7 Wheels Group Buy Model S/X

    The Titans are nice but beside them both being forged the difference between the Titans and others are that you can pick the face, color, size, width and offset you choose vs cookie cutter options that Titan offers.
  22. K


    is that a new feature because on my car if you select the vent option you receive a prompt that says if you vent them you're unable to close them remotely.
  23. K

    Anybody has issue with the dash display like this?

    Pretty sure in the latest FSD beta those icons and even speed signs are no longer displayed so its likely an 'updated' UI but if they will return them who knows.
  24. K

    Car broken into without damage

    arent the v1 keys known to have weaker encryption than the updated one? maybe if you're still having issues purchase an updated keyfob?
  25. K

    Headlight info?

    There's people who successfully went from the pre-refresh to 2016+ LED lights so I'd assume that there'd be a way to go backwards if possible to the nosecone HID headlights. After doing a projector retrofit in my 2015 lights that was a significant improvement and people said the stock 2015 were...
  26. K

    What do yall think about this mod?

    My car says I get something like that too but my real world consumption is no where near that lol. And thats without a big GT wing. If you wanna see your range get killed, tow around a mountain bike on the top of your car. Then you'll second guess your wing idea
  27. K

    What do yall think about this mod?

    Since I think you only have a P85 and knowing you wouldn't want to kill the little range we already have due to drag... also knowing these cars can't do any real track time before hitting limp mode I'd say keep the wing for the stance boy 350zs and stuff. If you have a P3D or refresh S and can...
  28. K

    Supercharger - St George, UT - Convention Center Drive

    I don't think I've seen Tesla open a new SuC location that's not a v3...
  29. K

    Battery upgrade options

    OP is in Norway I'm sure electrified garage and wk07 aren't going to be an ideal option. I'd just take the refurb pack and then sell your car if you need more range. They are only required to replace it with a unit similar to the range/mileage as its replacing. They will likely sell you a 'new'...
  30. K

    Keep 2015 P85DL or trade for 2022 Model 3 Perf?

    What is your reasoning for trading in a car if your driving behavior has slowed down? To me that would make more sense to just keep what you currently have if you don't need any the benefits of a newer vehicle like supercharging speeds, smaller vehicle profile or fsd. I also don't use the +...
  31. K

    Autopilot basic

    Your first post says you hit the accelerator instead of the brake. Operator input always overrides any of the assist. This is your fault not the cars or any of the assist options. Autopilot isnt a feature of parking. Even the auto park option isn't consider 'autopilot'.
  32. K

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Decided to crack open my headlights again and do the projector retrofit to the G5-BRT projectors. I'd highly recommend doing this mod if you decide to do the headlight de-chrome. While opening the butyl was far easier than the OEM perma-seal it was significantly more messy and sticky. Highly...
  33. K

    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    The Tesla app. The previous iOS app had a widget that displayed your cars status and had 3 buttons much like the design of the old app for the fan, keyless driving & lock/unlock shortcuts. I don't have an actual screenshot of my phone but found a screenshot someone took on reddit when they were...
  34. K

    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    Yeah I no longer see the widget I was used to using all the time to precondition my car quickly. Now I only see some stupid status 'widget'. I don't want/need to see a pic of my car and % that just opens the app. I want easy access to shortcut options again.
  35. K

    I found a P90DL, but it doesn't have red brakes and is missing spoiler? Is it a stealth?

    not sure which magic model S had a retractable spoiler
  36. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    gloss gunmetal
  37. K

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    urban off-road
  38. K

    Browser Crashing

    tried using teslawaze for the first time in awhile and it just kept crashing. wasn't sure if it was related to the site or the browser itself but I gave up after that. I'm on the same sw version and mcu2
  39. K

    Refresh Winter Wheel Options

    Yep, for the price of their wheels you can get a set of forged wheels in custom offset, size and width in various different face designs and your choice of finish for less. I got some from BC Forged for much cheaper than their forged options.
  40. K

    Refresh Winter Wheel Options

    Looking at the site to understand what the difference you are seeing, it appears that the pre-refresh wheels are their flow formed vs the refresh wheel variety appears to all be forged.
  41. K

    Why didn’t the latest Model S have CCS2

    probably because CCS2 isn't used in America for starters
  42. K

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Where did you get your bracket or did you make it yourself?
  43. K

    Light inside the chrome in the fog light housing?

    Its part of the tech package I don't think it's a standard feature on early models.
  44. K

    Another $5k price increase for LR MS……

    The fact that the price keeps increasing just keeps putting a damper on my pipedream desire to comfortably upgrade from my existing P85D. Guess this just gives me the excuse to go back to my original idea to wait a few more years to get a used plaid instead.
  45. K

    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    whats also odd is the calipers on that car are red when currently the plaid and LR only have black?
  46. K

    does anyone know if the new model s long range comes with the new carbon sleeved motor like the plaid?

    The tesla site has a comparison diagram of the plaid vs long range and the plaid explicitly says they use carbon sleeved rotors but the long range has no mention of that.
  47. K

    Fix TPMS error

    it looks like service gave you the answer. you have the incorrect tpms for your model year. there are two different versions of tpms and your car has the older one and the wheels have the noncompatible new version. easy fix, you need to replace the tpms sensors for the version your car supports...
  48. K

    Plaid 21 Arachnid Wheel dims

    according to the documents above the new wheels for the front are 9.5. So I'd say probably not recommend a 9" if you can now fit a 9.5. I'm guessing most of us who upgrade wont be able to keep our existing set of wheels spec'd for the old body style as they wont be aggressive enough

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