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  1. Mikedrives

    Sold my Model 3 after 3 years. Cost of ownership.

    Just hit 30K miles in our 2019 M3. I guess we've saved $300-$500 on the 7-10 oil changes we didn't get. Biggest outside expense so far has been wiper fluid- have had to fill it up 3 times now.
  2. Mikedrives

    Blog Hertz Places $4.2 Billion Order with Tesla

    I dunno, I see a lot of women and older people in M3s, including my wife, who keeps it in chill mode. Good thing I don't drive it much or it would be dead by now. I think the powerful regen is the only reason I haven't gotten a ticket yet. Met a friend of a friend the other day who has a Dual...
  3. Mikedrives

    Blog Hertz Places $4.2 Billion Order with Tesla

    I mean, really. I drove a Camry and an M3 yesterday. There's kind of a big difference.
  4. Mikedrives

    Blog Hertz Places $4.2 Billion Order with Tesla

    Same as any rental. I knew a guy who worked for one of the rental companies, and said customers could never be as hard on the cars as the employees are. They had a car wash that was half a level below the parking lot, with a ramp going up to parking lot level when they came out of the car wash...
  5. Mikedrives

    Auto phone key not working

    Struggling with a similar situation right now. Re: >>"Delete the phone as key from your car and set it up again." How do I do that? Don't want to lose my driver profile... I got the phone key working, but I can;t get the car to bring up my driver profile so I can get in (my wife has the seat...
  6. Mikedrives

    Iphone 12 won't unlock my Model 3 but does auto lock on walk away.

    I have a 2019 M3 with v10.2 (2021.32.21) and a new iPhone 12 with 14.4.1. This is my wife's commuter car, and (tragically) I only drive it 5% of the time. Since I got the new phone a month ago, I was able to unlock the car with the app, but not drive it. The car recognized the phone because the...
  7. Mikedrives

    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    Hertz just bought 100,000 M3s. I bet Elon is over missing you MY purchase by now! Love my M3.
  8. Mikedrives

    Blog Hertz Places $4.2 Billion Order with Tesla

    You can't tell the difference between a Camry and a Model 3? Okay.
  9. Mikedrives

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    Thank you all! Very helpful. RTFM didn't help, so thanks for putting it all together...
  10. Mikedrives

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    My wife is on her first multi-state road trip in our 2019 M3SR. She is using the touchscreen for navigation, not an app. From her texts just now: ------------------------------------- Here’s the basic challenge: I can navigate to Richmond, but I can’t navigate to Dayton with a stop in Richmond...
  11. Mikedrives

    Stolen key card

    Thank you! Ended up calling my local service center and got through, which doesn’t always happen. The guy was very helpful and walked me through the steps that Tranquil Rage laid out – thank you. And indeed, I did have to swipe my wife’s card to deactivate my missing card, halfway thinking I was...
  12. Mikedrives

    Stolen key card

    I lost my wallet a week ago and apparently it was found by a national crime syndicate, with fraud attempts made on my cards in multiple states. I shut all those down, but my Tesla key card is still out there. They also know where I live, thanks to my drivers license. If I go to the dealer with...
  13. Mikedrives

    Model 3 approaches Camry levels

    I saw a canary yellow Model 3 the other day, Chicago area. Safe to assume it was a wrap? Looked pretty good. High viz for safety.
  14. Mikedrives

    Will Future Teslas Have Lasers For Wipers, Among Other Patented Innovations?

    Thanks, Hank Lloyd Right, for all that good info. So much for my theory of getting free Lasik for my nearsightedness by occupying window seats on Southwest flights. I grew up in a prairie-style FLW house, btw. The guy's focus on curating exactly how one feels when entering a room or occupying a...
  15. Mikedrives

    Will Future Teslas Have Lasers For Wipers, Among Other Patented Innovations?

    ...and couldn't the laser be reflected off the windshield and endanger others? While I have an expert on the line... Last year I was on a Southwest flight coming in to land at Midway in Chicago- Midway sits among dense residential neighborhoods. It was nighttime and it was Christmastime and I...
  16. Mikedrives

    Round trip options

    Sorry, can you explain terms, please? I am assuming dual carriageway = 2 lanes each direction, therefore 75% single lanes = lower driving speeds = greater economy. Is that right? And "carriageway"? Are you competing for space with carriages? I guess we have that in Amish country here. (I was...
  17. Mikedrives

    Ferrari F8 or Roadster + Corvette C8?

    Indeed, I have always loved firing up my Boxster, but since I entered Teslaworld, the thrill I get feels downright juvenile. Which is still okay, but am I always in the mood for juvenile? I'm on a tight urban lot so with my F8 money, I would get the Roadster and a garage lift. With a Roadster...
  18. Mikedrives

    Tesla's Self-Driving Beta Fleet Is Generating An Immense Amount Of Data

    Would love to see how Telsa rates my driving. And more so, my wife's. When I would jump in her Prius, the average MPG would start climbing immediately, even when she had 1,000 miles since last clearing data. Leadfoot.
  19. Mikedrives

    After too long on the sidelines, I’m about to become an owner

    Can you tell me which Teslas had sunroofs? I could swear I saw a Model 3 the other day with an open sunroof, but I don't remember that being an option on the 3. (Then again, he was moving pretty fast- might have been an S.)
  20. Mikedrives

    Electric Lawnmowers

    I used an electric mower for our yard in the late 1970s. It was a huge yard, took 2-3 hours to do with a 22" wide blade, but I was a kid and complaining wasn't an option- didn't even have a Walkman™ to listen to. ¡Ay carumba! Oddly, it was easier to avoid the cord then than it is now in my tiny...
  21. Mikedrives

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Looks like a great core workout.
  22. Mikedrives

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Pro tip: Instead of whipping the cord around a lot or doing weird patterns to avoid where the cord ends up, just have the cord run down the middle of the lawn to the farthest point, then you do a little wheelie over it whenever you cross it, and at the end, you have to mow that one strip where...
  23. Mikedrives

    Electric Lawnmowers

    It is and it isn't a useful comparison. If people knew their 3/4HP single mower pollutes as much as their Hyundai, that's enough to make them think twice, and more so if the 5.7 Hemi is more accurate. I always felt ridiculous driving to a gas station to bring gas home in a can in the trunk or...
  24. Mikedrives

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    We park at the curb in front of our house, and do a lot of urban parallel parking. Within a week all four rims were uniformly scratched all the way around, consistently enough that it looks intentional. I saw a product that looked like rubber rings that stick to your rims with some adhesive. I...
  25. Mikedrives

    Blog Tesla Shows Off Production Capability at Giga Shanghai

    Allegedly much better than in the US, somehow, though my Fremont M3 is flawless.
  26. Mikedrives

    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    How many of these cars will they be making?
  27. Mikedrives

    Blog Neuralink Says it's Nearly Ready to Install Computers in Human Brains

    Whachoo talkin' about? Nukuler power is gonna be so cheap they won't even bother to meter it, and nothing could possiblie go wrong... On the other hand, Elon *does* have a better record than that...
  28. Mikedrives

    Blog Tesla Cars to Sound Pedestrian Warning With 'Snake Jazz'

    Last line says, "you have to remember that he promised fart sounds from Tesla horns and made it happen." Did they mean he promised fart sounds inside or actually from the horn? Don't tell me I've been driving around in a car that can broadcast farts and I haven't been using this. The interior...
  29. Mikedrives

    12,305 miles over 7 weeks - Road Trip

    Very cool. I was there the other day, just hours before the smoke from the CA fires made it that far east. Best access seems to be from the rest stop on I-80 westbound, 10 miles from the Nevada border. I may go back that way in a week or two- does anybody know if the eastbound rest area across...
  30. Mikedrives

    Leave car plugged in while I'm away?

    Ah, thanks, that all makes sense. That explains why I've never seen it topping itself off, if I'm asleep when it happens. Which brings to mind two almost unrelated questions: 1.) Does anybody ever really get paid to take juice off the grid? I understand it in the hypothetical, that the utility...
  31. Mikedrives

    Leave car plugged in while I'm away?

    Thanks, all. But does it ever really draw more juice after it has stopped the initial charge? I don't know why I care, but I thought that was the point of keeping it plugged in, yet I've never known it to start re-charging. And Cabin Overheat Protection On is the default, right? I didn't even...
  32. Mikedrives

    Leave car plugged in while I'm away?

    2019 Model 3 SR+, software limited to SR, 11K miles. I'm going away for six days with the forecast for hot sunny days, 88º, etc. I can park the car in the back of the house and leave it plugged in. It will have partial sun most of the day, full sun from 4-7pm. Should I leave it plugged in? When...
  33. Mikedrives

    Blog Musk Says Tesla Will Do Advertising as Art

    EXACTLY. Goal #1 should be to promote EVs in general. Add obliquely how they can save the world. Then show how Tesla kicks ass on ICE and other EVs. The art would be in doing all that in 30 seconds.
  34. Mikedrives

    Why I ordered 22+ kw solar glass roof for $134k

    Hard to believe Tesla didn't send a guy out there earlier to check install conditions with a ladder, instead of sending trucks full of people and gear just to unload and reload and turn around. Total rookie move.
  35. Mikedrives

    I get it now.....

    Indeed, the powerful regen braking is the secret surprise: it allows you to goose it, knowing you won't have to shift your foot to brake. I can't believe I haven't gotten a ticket yet, and I suspect it's partly because the car doesn't advertise and boast that it's taking off, the way a Mustang...
  36. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Got it, thanks! Makes sense. I understand pretty much everything at the balloon-blowing up level. It occurred to me that Tesla doesn't want to offer restoring range at any price, since, when that range is diminished or gone, the customer could ask for their money back.
  37. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Thanks for digging that up- I ended up reading the whole thread. Very happy with our SR+ (- +) = SR, but my wife would like the extra range so I will try to call the SA tomorrow (last day at the reduced price) on the prayer that AP and range are bundled together and somehow the extra range os...
  38. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Right. I also read, somewhere, in a review of the most energy efficient EVs, the SR+ limited to be an SR was at the very top of the pile, because of the way the battery is optimized to.. not be optimized for maximum range, I guess. Then I think a Kia knocked it down to #2.
  39. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Can you elaborate please? Do you mean that the slower rate at the end of charging is actually replicated when charging to your software-limited 100%? (We haven't used superchargers since we got our home charger.)
  40. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    I've seen that idea batted around- that a software limited SR+ can charge to 100% fearlessly- but without a definite resolution. Bottom capping seems either counter-intuitive or like a missed opportunity: this kind of means your car could deliberately strand you while you still have 20 miles of...
  41. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Good point. I'm goosing it half the time I'm driving it, but my wife drives it 90% of the time, and I think she's a secret leadfoot. I don't think she stomps it like I do, and she also has her driving preferences set to chill mode. But, sometimes I spy on her with the app when she's heading out...
  42. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Thanks. I missed that 2019/2020 distinction when news of that upgrade came up. I'll be first in line someday when they are swapping out the old batteries for the new million-mile batteries... for $1,000. Already lost 5% in a year, driving 11,000 miles. Only charges to 209 miles from the original...
  43. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Thanks. Yeah, that's what I saved when I had the SR+ features limited, but as I understand it, some of these prices change according to demands, incentives, etc. Seems weird I have to work this hard to find out. I didn't really expect Elon Musk to answer a tweet about it, but the information is...
  44. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    Thanks, all. I didn't get that it was only the 2020 M3 SR+ cars that got the 10 miles range boost- thought it was all M3s. The times I've tried to get through to a human at my two closest Chicago area dealerships, they never answer the phone so I leave messages, but never get called back. I...
  45. Mikedrives

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    I bought our Model 3 a year ago this week, just in time to capture the federal tax credit before it got halved again. The SR was no longer offered but someone here (thank you!) told me I could ask for it "off menu" and have the AP and 20 miles of range peeled off to get the $35,000 price. So we...
  46. Mikedrives

    What will battery day do to our resale values?

    I saw a lot of people driving 90 and 95 through downtown Chicago during rush hour in the early days of the Covid shutdown, as I was passing them.
  47. Mikedrives


    Teslas rock.
  48. Mikedrives

    Tesla reduced price by $2k for M3, $5k for S/X

    nope just AP for $3,000. Not sure if they'll change the SR+ all in package price too. I wasn't- there are always so many Tesla-pricing gray areas, and in fact vikh said: "nope just AP for $3,000. Not sure if they'll change the SR+ all in package price too." Can't call my dealer today, maybe...

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