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  1. cdub

    Model Y Rear Seat comfort for 3?

    Our 2010 minivan is getting more expensive to fix and it seems like every time we bring it to service that want to charge us over 2,000 for some major repair like power steering etc. At least it feels that way. A simple oil change turns into a $1k service very often. We're ready finally to...
  2. cdub

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    An Update to Our Vehicle Lineup Lots of changes. AGAIN. Autopilot now standard. Standard and LR now off menu. Standard is now a software limited plus. Blog post below: Model 3 has been the best-selling premium car in the U.S. for the past three quarters, and we’ve heard from Model 3...
  3. cdub

    CPO 2013 Model S 85... $35k.

    This seems like a great deal: New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla What would be the current range of a 2013 s85? When I looked into CPOs a year ago a similar car was in low 50s. That's almost 20k depreciation in a year. Is it worth it? I'd be giving up autopilot but getting lifetime charging...
  4. cdub

    HUD Confirmed!! Not joking.

    Elon Musk on Twitter Augmented Mode! :) "Definitely. Will also have Augmented Mode that will massively enhance human driving ability. Like a flying metal suit, but in car form …"
  5. cdub

    Current S & X OWNERS: What is your favorite currently available exterior color and WHY?

    I'm agonizing over what color to get for my Model 3 so I want to get current owners experiences LIVING with their colors over the years. I do not want votes from NON-OWNERS based on "Man that car looks sick!"... I want votes from OWNERS based on "I have owned this car with this color for #...
  6. cdub

    Range hit of upgrading to 19 inch Sport Wheels?

    What is the range hit going to the Sport 19 inch wheels? I e-mailed Tesla and this is what they said: However, I think it'll be higher than that as I think they are using these wheels in their 220/310 estimations... so the car might get under 300 with the sport wheels... or at least it's...
  7. cdub

    Model 3 Driving Reel

    Feast your eyes on this beauty. Playing on loop on my Chromecast right now. :)
  8. cdub

    Bent pin on my Blink Charger?

    As I patiently wait for my Model 3 invite to config so I can upgrade from my original 2011 Nissan Leaf, the Blink charger that came with the car (aka the Spawn of Satan... charger NOT the car) seems to have developed another issue besides just deciding that it doesn't want to work sometimes. I...
  9. cdub

    Model X 2nd row now folds FLAT! (July 1st 2017 update)

    Holy crap. Now it's back to the car in the original reveal of the Model X. Model X | Tesla
  10. cdub

    Real range of a CPO Model S

    Since they started selling super high mileage CPOs today... Pre-Owned Model S | Tesla With some cars in the $40k range and 70k miles.... What would be the actual range now if when sold they're at 265?
  11. cdub

    Can't! Decide! Which color are you getting?

    I really can't decide which color I want. Some days I'm all for the red... then the blue... then the white?!? We haven't seen any silver Release Candidates yet.
  12. cdub

    Signature Red Model 3? The cat may be out of the bag.

    Check this out from today's blog post on charging: IS THAT A FREAKING SIGNATURE RED MODEL 3 IN THE FRONT? WHY YES... YES IT IS!!! :) Maybe people who waited in line for the 3 are getting something special after all. :)
  13. cdub

    "Snake" Charger ready soon?

    With summon back again and supposedly some more advanced levels of EAP and FSD coming by the end of the year... are we getting a snake charger soon? In order to do the fully autonomous trip across country demo they'll need to install some at superchargers. I'd love to have one in my garage...
  14. cdub

    All Model 3 videos (reveal test drives and RC spy shots)

    Here's a thread for all the test drive and spy shot videos that I've found. Feel free to add your own. The 3d virtual reality one. (The one above is the absolute best test drive video EVER. Watch it and ENJOY!) :)
  15. cdub

    Crazy conspiracy theory tinfoil hat time in regards to AP...

    I had this crazy shower thought this morning... What if we are seeing a lot of reports of AP performing poorer than expected because of something nefarious in the corporate sabotage realm? What if before the former director of AP left Tesla (the one who allegedly stole their secrets and whom...
  16. cdub

    My 2011 Leaf needs a new battery - CPO or repair and wait?

    Gahhh... Decisions decisions. My original 2011 Nissan Leaf (very early purchase and first day reservation... on the last boat out of Japan before Fukashima) has gone done to 8 battery capacity bars. And of course it's 2 months past the 60 month warranty. Nissan has agreed to pay $4,000 of the...
  17. cdub

    Goodbye Federal $7,500 tax credit - no way it survives Trump/Senate/House

    Oh well... Tesla is going to lose access to in naturally soon anyways...
  18. cdub

    First CPO w/Autopilot

    I just noticed the first CPO with Autopilot just showed up in the EV-CPO site: Model S 70 5YJSA1E19FF109239 | Tesla So it begins...
  19. cdub

    Autopilot Retrofit on Classic P85 - Done by wizkid057!

    Didn't see a post on this yet... but he did it: Autopilot Retrofit on Classic P85 | wk057's SkieNET
  20. cdub

    Funny video of Grandma trying autopilot for the first time

    Now I admit this was almost my reaction when I first tried it during my test drive... although it was mostly an internal dialogue. Hilarious though.
  21. cdub

    Elon visited the Century City Store!!!!

    Dan Mitchell on Twitter Couldn't have come up to Burbank Elon? ;)
  22. cdub

    Teslamotors.com appears to be down!

    We're slamming them! Elon really did underestimate demand. :)
  23. cdub

    ELON: We're going to need a bigger boat.

    Elon just tweeted: Elon Musk on Twitter
  24. cdub

    Prediction: M3 will have Autopilot standard

    I predict that with the Model 3 autopilot will be standard on all Tesla's. And by the time the 3 comes out onramp to exit autonomy will be functional. This is my thoughts after test driving the Model S recently. The rep said she would be shocked if the 3 didn't have autopilot because that's...
  25. cdub

    P100D in the works!!! :)

    Tesla OS hacker points to upcoming Model S P100D in cryptic message to Elon Musk | Electrek The article actually points back to another thread on TMC for the source... funny. But that's pretty cool. That'll probably be around 300 miles of range with the Model S. I'm assuming there'd be a...
  26. cdub

    Stupid Question... but I see people posting about P90DL - what's the "L" stand for?

    What's the "L" stand for? Is that for the towing?
  27. cdub

    Funny article about ICE cars from an EV perspective

    There was a funny article/blog post a couple of months back about the experience of an EV owner looking into buying a gas car and complaining that he can't fill it up at his house or makes a ton of noise and emits smoke. Blah blah blah. It flipped everything on it's head and was really funny...
  28. cdub

    Auto body repair with a Tesla? Who does them?

    So I'm currently going through auto body repair hell with our last ever ICE car we'll own. (a Honda Oddesy which I'll replace with a Model X as soon as feasible - our other car is a Leaf) Long story short a car seriously backed into our car when it was parked. Bumper came partially off and it...
  29. cdub

    1st World Problems?

    So let me get this straight... You're fortunate enough to be able to buy an $80k-140k luxury automobile and the manufacturer announces a new product and then you complain that what you bought a week or a month ago is not the newest and greatest? Really? Really? People... you own a freaking...

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