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  1. Potatoee

    Supercharger - Fairfield, CT

    Hey all. I'm driving south on the NE corridor tomorrow and was going to swing by the SB Fairfield SC to try out 250kW charging. Seems like the service here has been intermittent. Any comments? Any recent status?
  2. Potatoee

    Scenic Drives NH

    More and more often, I skip across the border and wander around Woodstock VT.
  3. Potatoee

    Tesla - North Shore Mall Gallery- Peabody

    It's in the Tesla nav as of the 4/6. I'm at 2020.12.1
  4. Potatoee

    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    This is a great thread. I am grateful that Tesla doesn't "dummy down" the car to protect me from myself and it exposes some of the engineering details to let me use the car as I see fit. I never agreed with having a BEV shut down prematurely to protect the car. There could easily be an emergency...
  5. Potatoee

    Perhaps a third battery charge display option is needed

    Honestly anything could be calculated. To avoid the debate what to display, it would be nice to have a selectable "running average" predictor. The owner can then select what to display via driving configuration. Examples would be things like: miles to go based on current driving, miles to go...
  6. Potatoee

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Hard to say whether you are missing something or not. It's on the driver's side and is consistent with the original article. Check both sides regardless. BTW, I checked another M3 that was manufactured about 3 months after mine (near the end of '18) and it did not exhibit that problem
  7. Potatoee

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Agreed. Putting something back there (e.g. tape) will only help to preserve existing paint before it rubs away. Once it's gone and you get rust, all bets are off. Either way, I'm of the opinion that the panel must be adjusted to ensure that the gap is there as intended. Since my original post...
  8. Potatoee

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Some of you may have read New Evidence Seems To Show A Tesla Model 3 Fender/Frame Rust Issue that discusses paint issues on the Model 3. The issue that caught my attention was the rub point for the driver fender near the top of the drivers door. Anyway, when checking my Model 3 (ca. 8/18) I...
  9. Potatoee

    Control/Monitoring EVs by Municipal Power Companies

    I happen to live in a town that has its own municipal power company (no generation, just owns the town grid) that is very progressive in promoting solar, EVs, etc. I've had the pleasure of interacting with them on several things but one thing that came up recently was grid and load planning for...
  10. Potatoee

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    I didn't read a lot of this thread but hit a few posts. Agree 100% with the original post and have experienced similar reactions from my wife as well. I also agree that Tesla should read the wiki page on what a low-pass filter is (if it exists). Anyway, IMHO I believe that the "Tesla AP"...
  11. Potatoee

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    Because the AEB did not have priority over AP?
  12. Potatoee

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    If you are saying that the radar does not detect stationary objects, I would have to disagree. Radars regularly detect stationary objects in vehicles: e.g. guard rails, parked cars, pedestrians, etc. I'll also note that any object in front of a moving vehicle has a doppler shift due to the...
  13. Potatoee

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    What I do not understand here is that regardless of the autopilot version, vision system, etc. there was a Forward Looking Radar on the car which should have handled/mitigated the collision. Very often the radar is used to trigger automatic braking/collision mitigation, adaptive cruise, etc...
  14. Potatoee

    Autopilot Warnings

    Exactly. I wish there was some rethinking of "how do we evaluate driver engagement" I think it's fine for now but could be better as we endeavor to improve the whole human/machine interaction architecture.
  15. Potatoee

    Autopilot Warnings

    What I find frustrating in these articles is the rather bland reporting about driver warnings prior to a crash. Example in this article includes "The report found that the driver’s hands were not on the wheel for the vast majority of that time despite receiving numerous alerts. Autopilot was...
  16. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    I added it to Plugshare. When's the charge station warming party?
  17. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    First person that finds it open picks a date and time to swing by. Suggestion: 6PM if during the week, 10AM on Saturday. Bonus points for anyone that brings a bottle of Champagne! Photos mandatory!
  18. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    There should be an opening day party to celebrate once this thing opens up:-)
  19. Potatoee

    Supercharger - Oneonta, NY

    Would be good to get "start of construction" confirmed so we could update the status at supercharger.info. Oneonta's availability will be key for people doing long range trip planning. @Metalmanstan : I agree with your conclusion that this is the actual SC start of construction. Outside of...
  20. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    I would be surprised if it was operational by the 17th. Seems like even after the remaining 10 chargers were added, there would would be significant work (and different tradespeople) to clean up, wrap up the landscaping, perhaps testing and certification, etc. There's a charger in front of Whole...
  21. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    As of today, two pedestals, maybe the paving is done unless a top code is required
  22. Potatoee

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    For convenience, link to Lynnefield progress Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)
  23. Potatoee

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    Does any of the installation indicate what generation chargers are being installed? I suppose I could just wait and find out but this SC has been in the works for so long, I can't help asking:-)
  24. Potatoee

    Updates to Model 3 Owner's Manual, including speed limit sign recognition

    Certainly agree re. priorities. In the meantime, I'd like to know when OM updates happen. Just noticed a new rev of the OM which is awesome and better than any ICE hardcopy that is quietly aging in the glovebox. :-) Now that I know that they actually do rev the OM, I will check on my own. +1
  25. Potatoee

    Model 3 LR. Loving my car.

    Model 3 LR. Loving my car.
  26. Potatoee

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    Last I checked, no activity but have to admit that I'm not sure how long ago that was. Lynnefield is coming along nicely though
  27. Potatoee

    Updates to Model 3 Owner's Manual, including speed limit sign recognition

    Personally I think Tesla should issue a revision to the owner’s manual with every software release, even if the only change in the manual is the sw release.
  28. Potatoee

    Made the right call upgrading from EAP to FSD for 2k

    Personally I do not believe that full self driving with the current sensor package will ever be feasible. It cannot detect marginal things like potholes, moderate sized animals, etc. The driver must always be “road aware” to maintain safety. Full stop.
  29. Potatoee

    Just left the Dedham MA SC - People were loosing their *[email protected]

    This whole thread was funny and I cannot resist saying... I'm at the Dedham SC now with my Model 3. I can get some stuff done today but will need to come back to get the door adjusted properly. Everyone here is calm (staff, other owners and myself). Still love the Red Sox and the Pats including...
  30. Potatoee

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Dedham P/U Reserved 7/31/16 Ordered 6/28/18 AWD No VIN

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