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  1. Nevek

    Boise ID to Winnimucca NV-Anyone done it?

    I'm looking for an alternate route from Seattle area to Reno, as the Hwy 5 gets old after awhile. It's possible via Hwy 84 via Winnimucca if you include a roundabout way that includes Twin Falls ID and Elko, but cutting over from Boise to Winnimucca would be a lot shorter. It's 257 road miles...
  2. Nevek

    Model S Now or Model 3 Later Considerations

    I had a private dialog with a Model 3 reservation holder considering an S now that the lower priced updated S60 has been announced. There are some points I hope may be helpful to anyone else looking at the trade-offs. One of that persons main concerns was if the Model S would be "old tech"...
  3. Nevek

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    Electric Car Incentives In Washington State Expanded To More Models It looks like the new bill goes into effect July 1, 2016 for the first $32k of an EV sale, which makes a lot more sense than the old bill that had no sales tax credit for any EV over $35K. There was a thread regarding this in...
  4. Nevek

    HPWC Not Working

    My HPWC has no lights on in front and in place of my normal 3:00AM scheduled charge at 56A, my phone app reported three messages of "Charging Interrupted at 3:01AM with battery at 75%". I've tried the HPWC reset button and resetting the 100A dedicated breaker with no change. The 85D charges...
  5. Nevek

    Winnipeg, Mars

    NASA have named a small patch on Mars "Winnipeg" after the Canadian city. The name is presumably a nod to the fact that temperatures in the North American metropolis can sometimes match those on the icy planet. The small area, previously known as "target", holds much interest for astronomers and...
  6. Nevek

    Model X Reservation Holders-Roll it Forward if Possible?

    I kept my X reservation "just in case" I wanted to trade my interm S for the X I thought I really wanted. Now I'm used to my S85D and am in no hurry to buy an X, but a future Tesla, perhaps a Model 3 or a next-gen Roadster, would work well as an addition to the fleet. Rather than ask for a...
  7. Nevek

    Tofino BC from Seattle-any tips?

    I'm planning a Tofino Vancouver Island trip which will be a first for us in an 85D. My thought was to range charge, then take a lunchtime charge in Port Alberni (about 200 miles not counting the ferry ride) at one of their public J1772 level 2 locations. I don't know the actual mph charge rate...
  8. Nevek

    Warm Silver Pictures (aka Titanium)

    Here are a few pictures from a 70D in Seattle this morning (should be at the Westlake Sales office by tomorrow.) I like it.
  9. Nevek

    Quote for upgrading panel from 200A to 320A For HPWC-Look Reasonable?

    I'm told that my 200A panel needs to be upgraded to 320A in order to support a HPWC at a full 80A. My current panel is basically full, since I have 240v air conditioning, oven, a hot tub, and electric clothes dryer now. There is also a solar power input feed. The ballpark quote I'm given from...
  10. Nevek

    Northwest Auto Salon Xpel quote-comments?

    Here is what NW quoted for paint protection. Are these prices comparable to what others have paid? Any discounts or other shops recommended? " The cost for the Full Frontal option is $1895 and takes us 2 days to complete. The full vehicle coverage is $7000 and takes us 5 business days. If you...
  11. Nevek

    When can we Order Next-Gen Seats with 85D?

    It's almost a deal breaker for me not to be able to order the next-gen seats for an 85D. After trying both new and old seats at the Seattle showroom, I think I'll always be somewhat disappointed with an 85D otherwise. I've submitted this request to Tesla via the recommend channels but if...
  12. Nevek

    Charging at Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop

    I thought I'd pass on what was emailed to me by the Sun Mountain Lodge maintenance manager when I asked about EV charging. I imagine it's for guests only but didn't enquire. Highway 20 is such a great summer drive with the lodge at the end of it that I wanted to make sure it would be a practical...
  13. Nevek

    X Swag

    Just arrived today via Fedex. I sure hope they sent this package to Bonnie as well.
  14. Nevek

    Anyone Considering the 2015 Cayenne eHybrid if MX keeps delaying?

    It is certainly not apples to apples as a plug-in hybrid but it still qualifies for $5,335.60 in Federal tax credit and will almost certainly be readily available before the MX. I suspect the interior may be better than the MX, albeit with no third row seating. Costs appear to be in line with...
  15. Nevek

    Just Drove the P85D and I still want the Model X

    I had a chance to drive the Model S P85D at Seattle Westlake today. It had just been delivered and the staff was excited. I actually declined the offer at first, since I was afraid it might make me order one if I drove it! The wait for the X is getting old, and WA tax breaks go away in 6 months...

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