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  1. stace

    Full Set 19" OEM Model S Rims,Tires,TPMS2 Tote Bags

    Thanks! I dig 'em! Looking forward to getting them put on. (And, for future reference, shipping from Cali to Illinois was just shy of $400. I can see why "pick up only" is the usual practice.)
  2. stace

    Full Set 19" OEM Model S Rims,Tires,TPMS2 Tote Bags

    When you say "make arrangements", what does that entail from your point of view?
  3. stace

    A Temporary Fix for Broken (Non-Retracting) Door Handles

    Neat. If this is indeed a temporary fix, some tape would also do the trick, I'm thinking.
  4. stace

    Model S -Glasses box.

    Link? Where could I get one?
  5. stace

    Model S 2017 - Behind Back Seat Open Panels - Quality Fail

    Literally undrivable.
  6. stace

    Can't add favorites anymore

    Anyone else see this? I bring up various podcasts in TuneIn, hit the little heart icon, and it'll fill it in like it's added as a favorite, and it will even briefly show up in the list of favorites below the player. Then, gone. I've only recently tried doing this - I did it in December when I...
  7. stace

    Autosteer put me in the penalty box?

    Ahh, pedantry. That's why I love the internet. One must choose one's words exactly.
  8. stace

    Adding a new vehicle to visibletesla and teslalogs

    Visible Tesla will detect the new car once it's on your Tesla account. If it's not, quit and restart the app. I don't use teslalog.com, so I can't say with that.
  9. stace

    Autosteer put me in the penalty box?

    Well, no, what I'm saying is that arguing Tesla is making you unsafe holds a lot less water when you demonstrate that you're not interested in being safe.
  10. stace

    My Tesla Model X delivery nightmare continues

    Tesla's biggest mistake was ever agreeing to a rebuild. This is not the type of customer they want. I kinda hope the guy does tweet at Elon, so Elon can pull one of his "Here's your money back, we won't sell you a car" turns.
  11. stace

    Autosteer put me in the penalty box?

    Please tell me someone else took a picture of your display while you were driving over 80MPH without autopilot engaged. Otherwise, safety arguments here go right out the window.
  12. stace

    Scroll Wheel Reversal

    I'm in the same boat. It's like trying to plug in a USB cable. I mean, it's intuitive for volume, obviously. Or if I have the right scrollwheel set for temp or fan speed, it's intuitive. But when selecting displays on the screen? It's always the opposite of what I expect. I've just grown...
  13. stace


    Hey, cool. After doing the overrides, I noticed it got the VIN right (it was displaying incorrectly in the "VIN" box). It shows up as a 70D now, but that's fine.
  14. stace


    My Model S 60D shows up as having a sunroof (which it doesn't) and no wheels. :)
  15. stace

    8.0 Music Player Unusable

    I made regular use of the right thumb wheel to switch media sources. So much so I rarely ever used (or displayed) the media app on the touch screen. With 8.0, it looks like that's gone and I have to clunkily look away and poke at a screen to switch from Slacker to Bluetooth. Especially...
  16. stace

    Issue That Impacts Such A Narrow Band Probably

    If you could, I'd appreciate it. I know that Supercharging creates a notification regardless of setting (there's no way to turn it off).
  17. stace

    Issue That Impacts Such A Narrow Band Probably

    Off topic, but do you get notifications from the Tesla app on your Pebble?
  18. stace

    Pebble Smartwatch Notifications?

    I use the Tesla app on my Android phone (previously a Nexus 5, now a 5x), and I've never successfully received a notification from the Tesla App on my watch. They show up on the phone just fine. All my other apps show up just fine. I've ensured it's enabled in the notification section of the...
  19. stace

    Calendar sync no longer working

    The *connection* works, in that if I'm looking at the calendar app on the Tesla, and I turn off Calendar sync on my Android, the screen switches from "No events" to "Enable Calendar sync to see events", so at least that element is working. It's just no events are getting synced.
  20. stace

    Heater intermittently broken.

    I called the service center when this happened to me. They pulled my logs, sent a new firmware, and the problem hasn't returned. They said it's a known issue with some cars and this firmware. As a side bonus, the new firmware brought the exterior temperature and clock back to my dash display!
  21. stace

    auto parellel parking - nothing happens after pressing "start" - anyone?

    Ditto. I'm not sure what magic incantation I need to get the little "P" to appear, but so far I've never seen it.
  22. stace

    Unhappy with moderation and personal attacks?

    No, he didn't. Here's exactly what he said (with emphasis added by me): He said others might, not that he would. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?
  23. stace

    folding bike that fits in the frunk?

    Since I came to this thread for advice, I figured I'd throw in with what I ended up getting. The fbike Direct 6 does indeed fit in a Model S (but will not fit a D). fBIKEdirect - folding bike shipped direct to your door I'll post pics of it in there when I have some daylight to take them in.
  24. stace

    Key Fob solutions

    Has anyone got a solution for a hard case for the keyfob? My wife has a tendency to accidentally press buttons on it while it's in her pocket and she's getting in or out of the car. I've had at least one phantom charge port opening I attribute to this, and it used to happen frequently with my...
  25. stace

    Phantom charge port door opening?

    Last night, I backed into a spot near an HPWC in the mall near here (there's a Tesla Showroom in this mall, and they park the test drive cars there). When I went to plug in the charger, the port was already open. I didn't hit the button on the charger, I didn't hit my keyfob button, nor did I...
  26. stace

    Incorrect message "Charging needed to reach destination"

    I had this happen on a road trip a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, it was routing me towards home, but I pulled off to go to a store. On the way back, it never completed calculating the route and popped up this error (which I new to be bogus). I had it calculate a new route and it worked fine.
  27. stace

    Firmware 6.2

    Isn't that *this* thread? Am I missing something.
  28. stace

    Radar detectors and sunpass/ezpass/fastrak sensors on autopilot cars

    I mounted my iPass transponder on top of the beam on the driver's side, rather than in front of it. Works like a champ.
  29. stace

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    I can't be the first, but... K.I.T.T. Just waiting for summon to be enabled...
  30. stace

    75% Insurance Increase

    I'm just over 1200/year with State Farm with a $1k deductible.
  31. stace

    Just got a call from my DS....

    I had the exact same situation. My car is now built, on a train. As of yesterday it was in Amarillo, and they expect it up here in Chicago any day now. I can't wait.
  32. stace

    Unplugged by another S owner... Tysions Corner

    Does this exist/work for non-iPhone users? So far all the info I'm seeing is iPhone only.

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