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  1. RyanDe

    Hit a curb right under the doors, on the skirt? Thoughts on costs to fix?

    Not even sure what this area is called to get an estimate. Has anyone done anything similar, any ballparks on cost and where I should go (any old bodyshop to tesla certified)?
  2. RyanDe

    Charging doesn't start after being plugged in after last update

    Only started having this issue after the last update. Last night I got home with 52%, plugged it in like usual, it "clicked" as usual and this morning it's still at 52%. It will be plugged in and not actually start charging, I've noticed a couple times that if I turn the climate on it will just...
  3. RyanDe

    Hudson MA or Auburn MA super charger if stopping?

    Coming west, could stop at either, which is "better" in terns of location/availability?
  4. RyanDe

    UMC frozen in charge port, roadside assistant never picked up. Not happy

    I can say this is the first bad experience I've had with my car but it's also the first time it's been this cold so I'm really worried about what is going to happen this winter. We were in Vermont this weekend and when it came time to check-out in the morning the mobile charger wouldn't come out...
  5. RyanDe

    Custom built button to turn my Model 3's heat on

    I built two, one is next to the stairs on my way down and the other is next to the door if I forget on the way out.
  6. RyanDe

    How to shut off the rainbow road easter egg music?

    Turned it on for the first time last night for the kids and it played the music and changed the road but when I turned off autopilot the music wouldn't shut off. I tried everything and even worse it doesn't play through the radio so the volume/mute doesn't work. Eventually the actual music...
  7. RyanDe

    Trim coming off under both doors

    Sorry, bad picture. If I step away from the car 10' or so and look you can see the little sag and it's happening on both sides. I tried to push it up but it doesn't stay, is there something I can do myself to fix this?
  8. RyanDe

    Changing fm radio stations?

    is there a better way with the sheep controls? Next changes favorites, I want it to basically seek the radio.
  9. RyanDe

    Click sound when car unlocks/turns on?

    kind of loud click, like something is unlocking or clicking into gear. Is this normal?
  10. RyanDe

    Navigation doesn't show the exit?

    This seems very strange, every gps on the planet shows what exit you should get off except Tesla. Am I missing something?
  11. RyanDe

    2018.24 has Summon for M3?

    Model 3 Owners Club on Twitter I don't see any proof yet, release notes don't mention it.
  12. RyanDe

    No front plate?

    thining about taking it off in MA, tan without it on my bonnet for 10 years no issues. Anyone take it off?
  13. RyanDe

    Rim scrape repair?

    Figured, owned the Durango for 3 years and never hit anything. Second week with the M3 and already curbed the rim. It's not horrible but noticeable. Is there a gray paint or something I can get to cover this up?
  14. RyanDe

    Charge PW at night when it's cheap and use stored energy during the day?

    Is this possible? Our local utility offers $0.024 power after 7pm until 12am but $0.096 during peak. Trying to figure out if we use a PW to only pay the $0.024 or not.
  15. RyanDe

    Favorites art missing after reboot

    Had an issue, rebooted and now the favorites don't have art. Other albums have art, do I have to re-add them?
  16. RyanDe

    Four days in, two error messages.

    Hope this doesn't turn into something where I have to hand the car over for a period of time. :-( I'm really loving it. This happened when I pulled out of the driveway so I circled around just in case something else was up. I used the Turn Car off feature in the controls and it went away. I...
  17. RyanDe

    Installed my own Wall Connector, saved $848

    Lowest quote was $950. Purchased all the parts for $102. Took about 3 hours mostly fishing that large ass wire. Glad I didn't run conduit, looks better with the back install.
  18. RyanDe

    I don't see why you'd need the quicker model 3.

    It's plenty fast, and it's already made two people "sick". I don't understand the need or even want for a quicker car besides bragging rights.
  19. RyanDe

    Just realized I didn't get my die cast car. :-(

    Was too busy and excited to notice but now I'm disappointed. :-(
  20. RyanDe

    Turn off EAP without brake?

    On today's 2 hour drive I found myself wanting to disable EAP without having to touch the brake, basically anticipating something (tolls) or wanting to pass and it felt weird to tap the brakes as the people behind me would see it. My previous car had controls for this on the wheel so it was...
  21. RyanDe

    Picked her up yesterday, happy to report it's as amazing as you think.

    Only about 5 hours of driving but man is it fun. No issues that I found, car looks and drives amazing. Took the family (three kids in car seats) out to dinner and they loved the acceleration, wife felt a little sick. :) I was disappointed that I was told multiple incorrect things during the...
  22. RyanDe

    Super charging charges before I owned it...

    Not a big deal, but kind of strange. Picked it up today (11th) and noticed this. I guess they super charged it to fill it up two days before I took delivery. I guess I know it works...?
  23. RyanDe

    What to expect for paperwork and process?

    My delivery is Monday, I'm still waiting for the purchase agreement with the final numbers to give to the bank. What's the process like, what should I expect? I'm a little nervous it's Thursday and if they get me the paperwork late the bank will only have tomorrow to process everything.
  24. RyanDe

    What will AP do if there is a sudden jerk, like a blown tire?

    I'm assuming they've tested this but if it's driving and something quickly knocks you off course (blown tire, big hole in road, etc) will it try to correct?
  25. RyanDe

    To tint back/top window or not

    I'm going to do the sides, not the front but can't decide if I should do the back/top window or not. I park in a garage most of the day so sun shouldn't be an issue most of the time but it still might be nice to have it. Has anyone done/not done it?
  26. RyanDe

    Went from refreshing daily to see if I can configure to refreshing daily to see if I have a VIN

    It's only been 750 days, what's another 42? :-(
  27. RyanDe

    What are your thoughts on friends/family charging at your house? You at theirs?

    No judgment here. :-) What are your thoughts on friends plugging in at your house? I've had a few friends ask to plug their hybrids in my normal outlet which I was okay with because I knew it wouldn't actually use that much power but now that I'll be installing a high voltage charger this...
  28. RyanDe

    Enclosing NEMA 14-50 outlet, how far does the charger plug stick out?

    Since it's outdoors and I want to protect it while making it look decent I want to enclose the plug in a box like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005UPANU2/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B005UPANU2&pd_rd_wg=elHoC&pd_rd_r=7KMR328QCASFPYHPW5P6&pd_rd_w=z8CrM The outlet would stick out a...
  29. RyanDe

    Anyone drive 93/95 in New England on Autopilot?

    How are the highways in the north east?

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