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  1. K

    Firmware 8.0

    Yes, this is the message displayed Yes, this is the message displayed:
  2. K

    Tesla SAE J1772 Adaptor for sale 1005617-00-C

    Thanks! I received mine today.
  3. K

    Any problems experienced with p285x30x21 tires on rear of p85D with staggered wheels?

    F 245/35R21 21x8.5" 40mm offset R 285/30R21 21x10" 40mm offset From tires.com calculator
  4. K

    Any problems experienced with p285x30x21 tires on rear of p85D with staggered wheels?

    While they both had similar grip, the PS2's had quite a few more miles on them so I'm not sure it's entirely fair to compare them. The noise was substantially higher on the PS2's. Ultimately I think the PS2's had a little more grip at the end of traction, but that could also be the lack of...
  5. K

    Any problems experienced with p285x30x21 tires on rear of p85D with staggered wheels?

    No chips in close to 4000 miles so far, I am considering XPEL to cover the bumper areas. As far as the Silents, they still quite well, although I am only comparing to the stock size with both Silents and Michelin PS2's, I have not been able to try the PSS's as they are harder to get. It may be...
  6. K

    Any problems experienced with p285x30x21 tires on rear of p85D with staggered wheels?

    None so far, I am running 285/30R21 ContiSilent's, would have went with Michelin PSS's but they were not available at the time. I initially thought they would rub, but they do not. The car definitely has a better feel when cornering. Plus I like the look of the larger tire back there.
  7. K

    Long time lurker, Just placed an order for a 90D!

    I have seen it go to 3G from LTE when in some of the more remote areas of desert out here, slacker seemed to pause longer between songs and nav <seemed> a bit slower, but it was still usable. Congrats on your order!
  8. K

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Here's my timeline for a getting my sticker(s) to SoCal. I decided to go with the lower application of the sticker to the unpainted surface - used 3M PPF under and over the sticker. June 18 - Delivery July 11 - Plates received July 13 - Mailed out application August 21 - Check cashed August...
  9. K

    How's your AC?

    After I first picked up my car I thought the AC was a little weak for 100+ weather, but after adding PhotoSync tint all around it cools decently. Prior to tinting I could feel the radiant heat coming the sun through the windows, which i'm sure would put an additional load on the AC system...
  10. K

    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    I can confirm that my P85D does not exhibit this any problem, I tried multiple times this morning on a level street and one with a slight incline. 2.5.36 Range mode off (also tried with it on) Creep off
  11. K

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    That was it! Thanks Allen, I must have hit it by mistake.
  12. K

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Strangely, I've been seeing the re-calibrate as well upon starting Remote S, about the time I refreshed by logging in/out. iPhone 6+ iOS 8.3.
  13. K

    Found screw - Where did it come from?

    Yeah, and I don't remember the head being quite so large, mine fell out 1 week after delivery.
  14. K

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    2008 Cadillac STS V8 1SG Around $72,000 more, not including whatever the Ludicrous upgrade will cost...
  15. K

    Minimum time from start of production to California SC delivery?

    P85D ordered at Brea, delivered to Fremont. Ordered 5/15/2015 Production Start 6/05/15 Production End 6/10/2015 Delivered 6/17/2015
  16. K

    Vendor The Tire Rack and Axis wheels bring you the new Model MS in 21" !

    Here is what I could answer... 1. The TPMS that Tirerack provided was able to sync up with my June 2015 P85D after a minute or two of driving. My car uses the Continental sensors. 3. I would guess so, but I have a staggered setup. 4. The caps are interchangable with the stock Tesla caps, I was...
  17. K

    P85D (pre/post April) ride performance

    Sure.. MS04,RENA,AU01,BC0R,BS00,CDM0,CH00,PMNG,CW00,DA02,DCF0,DRLH,DSH7,DV4W,FG02,HP00,IDCF,IX01,LP01,ME02,P85D,PA00,PF01,PI01,PK00,PS01,PX00,QNEB,RFPO,SC01,SP00,SR01,SU01,TM00,TP03,TR00,UTAB,WTSP,WTX0,X001,X003,X007,X011,X013,X019,X024,X027,X028,X031,X037,X040,YF00,COUS
  18. K

    P85D (pre/post April) ride performance

    Here is mine from mid-June, I can confirm that it does not have the "+" suspension, as I have driven a P85+ recently... And for the record I also have dual chargers.. options: [ Region: United States Year: 2015 Trim: Standard Production Trim Drive Side: Left Hand Dual...
  19. K

    NR EVGO Chademo

    It came from my monthly charging summary email. I just snipped a piece out from it. Their site is somewhat lacking unfortunately.
  20. K

    NR EVGO Chademo

    It's not free, they are just slow in billing, I have been charged for using the Corona one.
  21. K

    I'm impressed with nrg eVgo

    They run a little bit behind schedule, I charged by the Corona Chase bank on 6/15 and I didn't see any thing until least the end of July. I seem to remember reading something about you being charged around the same time of the month as you signed up.
  22. K

    What's your 90%?

    June 2015 P85D with .253 (2210 miles) Range mode Off, Insane On 227 miles at 90% 375 Avg Wh/mi (Lifetime)
  23. K

    Has anyone in SoCal had Edison install a second electric meter for a lower tier bill?

    PM me, I have a second meter installed with a separate 100 amp panel from SCE for my charging need. This document from SCE explains some of the process of the second meter installation. https://www.sce.com/wps/wcm/connect/1edda164-c538-461f-a530-e65e9847ca45/EVElectricianGuide.pdf?MOD=AJPERES
  24. K

    Official "ludicrous speed upgrade for existing P85D" installation tracking thread

    I took my car in for service yesterday to the Costa Mesa and they said the information was still filtering down to them. At this time they were just putting people on a waiting list for the upgrades... So I added my name and now it's time to hurry up and wait...
  25. K

    Driving Habits

    I find TACC invaluable for my Los Angeles area commute. While my previous car had a similar feature (Cadillac) it was useless under 25 as it disengaged an relied on the driver to start it up again. I do worry that I may become more distracted while using it. But after putting 1000 miles on...
  26. K

    Recent Timelines - Confirmed to In Queue to In Production to...

    I kept in contact with my DS often, but here is my configuration: Midnight Silver P85D Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbines Black Next Gen Seats CF Décor + Spoiler Black Alcantara Autopilot Premium Interior/Lighting Smart Air Ultra High Fidelity Sound
  27. K

    Recent Timelines - Confirmed to In Queue to In Production to...

    Just an update.. picking my car up tomorrow Confirmed Order - May 15 In Production Queue - May 17 In Production - June 10 Ready for Delivery - June 17 9am
  28. K

    Recent Timelines - Confirmed to In Queue to In Production to...

    Confirmed Order - May 15 In Production Queue - May 17 In Production - June 10 Ready for Delivery - ? DS told be that pickup will be this week (Fremont)
  29. K

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Yes, I checked with my DES earlier and he said that to expect it the week of 6/15. A little earlier than I expected (was told late June at order time.) Fortunately my HPWC was installed today, just in time. Hopefully SCE doesn't take too long to install the additional meter.
  30. K

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    I just updated my entry, it just entered production this morning, my DS told me to expect to pick it up the week of the 15th. It's going to be hard getting to sleep until then.:smile:
  31. K

    HPWC on backorder?

    I was concerned about my order as well, I ordered on 5/19 and it shipped on 5/28, which is the day I send an email inquiring about shipping status. So you might want to send them an email (onlineorders) to ask about your order.
  32. K

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Well my P85D order was confirmed yesterday... P85D Ordered: 5/8 Confirmed: 5/15 Vin Assigned: 89995 Late June delivery at factory...

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