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    Parking Overnight - Battery Use

    Sometime last year I had to wait in the car (2019 SR+) for my wife to have a dental procedure. IIRC, it was around 85°F and I was parked in the sun. In 2.5 hours of sitting in the car running AC with a set point of 76°F I used either 15 or 16 miles of range by the guess-o-meter (at the time, I...
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    Sentry Mode Home and Work Locations are Wrong

    I had to google the procedure to request a change to the location of my home address pin in google maps. I ended up on a google maps page where I could shift the location of the address pin on the map and submit the change as an update request. Did it in the evening and by sometime the next day...
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    Sentry Mode Home and Work Locations are Wrong

    I had to slightly adjust the Google pin for my home address, which was off by enough to make the car think it wasn’t quite home yet. Now I works perfectly.
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    Bought 150KM Range Model 3 in Canada - Can I upgrade range?

    I thought the idea was to sell it cheaply to allow buyers to get the rebate, then pay to upgrade the car to get the range and autopilot of an SR+.
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    What doesn't work when you don't have cell service or WiFi?

    Voice commands don’t work without cell service, either, do they?
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    Auto headlights with wipers function deleted

    Let’s keep in perspective motor vehicle code vs. criminal code. You might be ticketed for a wiper-headlight violation, but they’re not going to drag you out of the car, cuff you, and cart you off to the hoosegow over it.
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    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    My conclusion was the Maguiar’s didn’t last as well as the Adam’s or Hydrosilex. I think the Hydrosilex and Adam’s were easier to apply and the Hydrosilex edged out Adam’s in lasting power and ease of removing road tar and bugs. I reordered Hydrosilex for this year’s autumnal ceramic waxing.
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    I think Tesla is a pretty phenomenally good software company. Just compare them to their big competitors, Ford and VW. They are miles ahead. I’ve used the menu system in a Mach-E, and it is so much worse. You might argue that you don’t like their particular UI design, but UI design sensibilities...
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    Hurrican Ida

    We just need some gizmo that turns the wheels into paddles, like a steering wheel button on the Mach 5.
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    Any problems or challenges in having two Model 3's in the same household?

    I’ve had 2 M3s for a bit over a year. My M3s are registered under separate emails - one under mine and one under my wife’s. Despite that, we were able to grant each other access on the two accounts. In fact, our daughter has a MX under her own account and she and my wife have all 3 vehicles in...
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    New weird grey circle on display?

    I think the lock icon should be in the circle? I’ll check mine. I think the circle is supposed to be there to emphasize the lock icon, which is being rendered too low on the screen, perhaps.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    If your delivery date was mid- to late-September I’d still be worried, though…
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    That was end-of-quarter gamesmanship/maximization of delivery numbers. Quarter’s over, so you’re probably in the clear.
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    Now we get horses on the display

    The Boombox function even more so. I want to pass an Amish buggy at low speed with “coconuts” set as the pedestrian warning sound.
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    Cabin Overheat Protection A/C not working for 2 months

    Mine is working fine. I did notice that when my last update happened the AC protection setting was changed to “OFF” and I had to turn it back on, but other than that it has been working. I usually listen as I approach my parked car to see that I can hear it running.
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    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    I would have thought that to be the case - that they would delay making those until later - but I don’t even see the $60k car in their line-up anymore, and the one that was billed to come out at $60k now shows up as $80k. Also, the fancy executive seats used to show up as an option in the...
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    Superchargers need “targets”

    The back-up cameras make it so easy you have to either be completely incompetent or “JDGAF” to end up on or across the line.
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    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    Looks like Lucid has also dropped those crazy-luxurious “executive” rear seats.
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    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    Lucid were supposed to have a $60k car out alreadym according to C&D: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30534478/lucid-air-ev-deposit-debut/
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    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    What happened to the original claims that they would have a sub-$60k offering for the “masses“? They have definitely positioned themselves as a competitor to the S, not the 3 - it appears they have given up on that segment. In my mind, “starting below $80,000” means $79,995.
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    PA Safety Inspection

    I bought a set of lift pucks that I carry in the car, so I always have them for inspections or if I get a flat and have to get a tire replaced or plugged somewhere and they want to put it on a lift.
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    PA Safety Inspection

    I was thinking in terms of the raging MY vs MME battle, plus some shade Ford execs have thrown at Tesla by publicly claiming to be the only US car company helping to support California’s Climate Action Plan.
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    PA Safety Inspection

    You know what would be funny - try to schedule an inspection at a Ford dealership. To do inspections in PA, they are required to inspect all cars.
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    Owning Multiple Tesla and App Issues.

    For me, whichever car was last selected in the app is the one that it will unlock. If I switch cars I have to launch the app and swipe over to the other car.
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    Plug or Unplug?

    The only time I unplug when the cars are in the garage is during electrical storms and when I’m re-calibrating the BSM.
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    For reference, my relative received his MME about a month or so ago and is having no problems with the PAAK feature. His charge door is not popping open, either, so I think they’ve at least made progress on those issues since the early deliveries. I think that at least shows that Ford is on top...
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    There is a feature that appears to be missing from the MME’s UI. My relative noticed that when I do AC charging, the Tesla displays volts and amps and allows you to throttle down the charging current. If you are having to plug into a wonky 120 socket and you’re afraid it’s not good for 80% of...
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    Relearning how to drive an ICE car

    After driving a M3 for a year I drove our Prius on a shopping trip. After activating the windshield wipers trying to shift gears, I ended up walking away from the car in the supermarket parking lot without turning it off or locking it. When I returned with my groceries the gas engine cycled on...
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    Yep, my mind got ahead of my fingers and I didn’t proofread. 4.1 mi/KWh.
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    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    As an owner of 2019 and 2020 M3SR+, a close relative recently bought an MME. He wanted a Tesla, but his wife said she would never drive it because she didn’t like the “computer screen” - she insists on a traditional instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. When the MME came out he saw an...
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    I’m not sure disabling the sound is even breaking the law at the moment. The feds legislated a requirement that car manufacturers include the PWS, but it’s up to states to legislate motor vehicle code that would require it or criminalize disabling it. I searched PA’s code and couldn’t find...
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Just keep in mind that I mentioned this as an alternative to disconnecting wiring harnesses or stuffing newspaper into the speaker. If people want no noise, they’re going to have no noise one way or another. This is just a better way to do it. If you want no noise but you’d still like to be able...
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Maybe instead of a noise maker they need a cowcatcher.
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    For myself, I don’t plan to do it- I don’t mind the sound that much if it’s federally-mandated, and I can’t really hear it from inside the car with the windows up anyway. I’m just putting the idea out there, though it’s a pretty obvious one.
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Yes, I read that. In fact, it was to that post that I was responding. What I’m saying is that deleting a silent PWS sound takes a lot less time and effort than crawling under your car and reconnecting a wiring harness. And it’s a lot less noticeably executed, too. Deleting a silent sound file...
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    I didn‘t read all 77 pages of responses in this thread, so maybe someone has said this already: you can upload a sound file, right? Maybe a sound file of silence? Then you don’t have to disconnect the speaker. For Teslas, anyway. Others may not allow sound file uploads.
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    The MCU for my 2018 P3D needs to be replaced. How common is this?

    The MCU is not in the screen, so no, the glass protector is not a contributor. The MCU is behind the back of the glovebox as it’s been described to me.
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    Geico = gouge-co

    So far, so good. Most insurance companies have a “new customer discount” they build in to pull you away from your current insurer, and that goes away when renewal comes up. My rates went up 8% on renewal, but still way, way lower than the quote I got from Geico. One of the posts in the thread...
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    Geico = gouge-co

    I had geico when I traded in my old car for SR+. They raised our premium from $1200/yr to $2400/yr. I moved to another insurer and the rates dropped dramatically. Even after we bought a second SR+ the new insurer is less than $900/yr.
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    Reading PA needs a SC

    There are also 3 Wawas and 3 Sheetz in Reading.
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    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    When I first read the photo caption, instead of “light poles not installed yet,” I read “potholes not installed yet.” Don’t know where my mind is on that.
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    1100+ miles with 2 MTBs

    When I‘m drafting, I’ve found that 2 puts me in the vortex buffeting zone and that I do better drafting about 4 or 5 lengths - that gets me fewer rock dings, too. Problem is, other motorists take that as an invitation to insert themselves and disrupt my jam.
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    Lost my Unlimited Free Supercharging

    The value of free, unlimited supercharging depends on you use case, of course. For me, it’s worth maybe $50 per year. I wouldn’t be bothered by such a trivial sum if I got a $5K refund in its stead. At $50/yr, $5K pays for 100 years of supercharging. That computation for your use case might put...
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    Small dent on 2018 Model 3 leads to a totaled status by insurance

    I had significant metal work done on the rear passenger door and quarter panel plus repainting and it was only $1900.
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    Getting billed for using a normal looking wall connector?

    I agree - this might be a good thing. Today, you often can’t charge at a destination charger unless you’re a customer of its owner. Being able to bill for charging might induce more businesses to install more destination chargers and make them available to the public because it doesn’t end up...
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    Small dent on 2018 Model 3 leads to a totaled status by insurance

    As a salvage it doesn’t need the repairs, so the $12,000 (which seems very high for a simple dent) doesn’t apply on that side of the equation. This does seem upside down to me, though. It would seem the insurance companies are setting unreasonable rules in order to steal people’s cars for...
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    Locked in car [did not use manual release on door]

    I hope that this was a joke. Most guests in my car find the emergency release long before they figure out the “open” button. I’ve taken to explaining it to anyone new in my car so they don’t pull the emergency release. It happened again just last week. If OP was serious, then this is an Emily...
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    Two tone Model 3 seen!!!

    I’ve seen a few Model Ys that had two different tones of white...
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    Bad dent quarter panel

    Did this appear on the car after parking it somewhere or lending the car to someone?

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