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  1. E30-4ME

    Eve for Tesla from MyQ

    See post #8 on this thread. I used the Simple Commands app to create the routine and generate the shortcut.
  2. E30-4ME

    Heated Steering Wheel - 3 Clicks

    Mine seems to be staying tied to however I left it during my last drive (i.e. if it's on when I last left the car, it's on again when I start driving the next time). I like that much better than any of the BMWs I've owned with them that required me to turn it on every time I drive. My, we are...
  3. E30-4ME

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Ordered in August. Jason offered me a try of the 2020 mats last week. I got the shipping notice, then received the 2021s a couple of days later. Then I received the 2020s, so now I have 2 sets. Haven’t tried the 2020s since the 2021s fit very well. Guess I’ll have a backup set if the new ones...
  4. E30-4ME

    Any idea on fixes? Interior door trim puncture

    Jeez, how can Tesla in good consciousness sell us a $50,000+ car that isn't impervious to our 4 legged friends?!? This is an OUTRAGE. I will never wait endlessly for purchase another Tesla. :p Looks like it's time to develop the Kevlar interior panels. They'll be expensive, but they'll sell...
  5. E30-4ME

    back seat cushion

    Wow, that sucks! Bad dog. 🐶 Unfortunately I'm no help here since I'm in Minnesota, but you couldn't be in a better part of the country for good upholstery places than So Cal. Can anyone here help a guy out?
  6. E30-4ME

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Glad your are on the way - did the shipping notice come under Tesla Shields name? Order #2768 here and have seen nothing yet. I understand this may not be a fully first-in, first-out queue, but I remain hopeful…
  7. E30-4ME

    Tesla shield business practice

    Well, I'm #2768 - hope that means I'm close! Crossing fingers...
  8. E30-4ME

    Minnesota - FSD Beta Videos

    Thanks so much for posting these. It's nice to see FSD beta working in my own area/neighborhoods. I'm not a subscriber (yet), but am subscriber-curious. Someday. Now that you've driven with FSD beta for several weeks, do you see it "learning" at all in some of the poorly marked areas (or for...
  9. E30-4ME

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Ummm, whaat?? Clipped from the Tesla Shields site today... I particularly like the, "ships immediately" text. So my August order is in the mail then? Sorry, I've been trying to be supportive but the excuses are getting old and the weather in Minnesota is imminent. Might be time to go to LDCRS...
  10. E30-4ME

    First road-trip with snow

    I think that's an all-season tire, correct? If so you should be alright if the snow isn't super deep or slippery. Having some chains or snow socks isn't a bad idea though, just in case.
  11. E30-4ME

    Vendor Booty Ashore! (TeslaShields update #12)

    Thanks for the updates; crossing my fingers (order #2768 on 8/27) as we’re likely to get our first major storm this week. I don’t expect to see them this week, but from here on out it gets pretty messy in Minnesota!
  12. E30-4ME

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    I miss 2 - check that - 3 things from my last car: 360 overhead camera view HUD the exhaust note I'll be fine without that last one I guess. We have a loud-ish Mini Cooper S to fill that void. But the first two were things I never expected to need but ultimately really liked.
  13. E30-4ME

    MYP Summer Tires & Chains/Autosock Question

    Interesting question. As a Minnesotan that has lived in California and made the trek from the Bay Area to Tahoe numerous times I think the chains/autosock would be well worth having along. The summers alone will be a recipe for disaster if conditions are even slightly slick. Fun story... when I...
  14. E30-4ME

    Will Tesla still be a desirable car in 5 years?

    I think Tesla is still a novelty, although we are definitely at the tail end of that phase - even though Tesla has been around for awhile, we're just hitting a level of widespread adoption and the uniqueness will start to fade unless visual updates are made. Do they have to be revolutionary...
  15. E30-4ME

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    They definitely use salt in Minnesota, as well as a chemical spray de-icer (at least in the Twin Cities). I do wonder how it's going to work, for sure. Good thing it's my wife's car :p
  16. E30-4ME

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    Thanks all for your opinions and inputs. This will be my first winter doing waterless and I've been pretty apprehensive about doing it in January/February (when we can be hitting daily highs below zero. Not that I'll be washing on those days... I'm going to have to visit a self-spray wash from...
  17. E30-4ME

    Plasti-dip vintage gold on Geminis w/center caps

    Well now you’re going to make me go and post a non-Tesla in a Tesla forum. It was no M3, but it was clean and only had 78K on it when I sold in 2019 (it’s a ‘92). Would have looked awesome with gold basket weaves, or even with the stock bottle caps. I’ve been on the lookout for a 318is to...
  18. E30-4ME

    Plasti-dip vintage gold on Geminis w/center caps

    LOVE it, and wondering about it on white (I’ve been thinking about bronze…) Bonus points for using “chiral” in a sentence. Extra bonus for doing it in an automotive forum. We’ll done. 👍
  19. E30-4ME

    The one thing keeping me from ordering

    First car in a long time without one. Actually have been slowly regressing from having a convertible, to sunroofs, to the MY. Honestly, I’m not missing it much. The hole has been filled 😉 with other things about the MY I love. It’s a pretty serene ride. That said, I’m now thinking about an...
  20. E30-4ME

    Speed traps...

    Wow, they are rough in the Netherlands. No wonder everyone bikes. Although I have to say if I lived in Amsterdam I’d probably have a Van Moof.
  21. E30-4ME

    Speed traps...

    3 tickets in a month!?!? Forget iOS apps... I say, go for the record books! :p
  22. E30-4ME

    2021.11.x Firmware

    Took delivery on 9/8 (at 2021.11.102) and got the update to 2021.32.21 on 9/30, as a point of reference.
  23. E30-4ME

    Heated Steering Wheel - 3 Clicks

    Or you can use voice control and say, "turn on heated steering wheel" for a one-click option. I think you can also start it from the app before you get in the car, although that's three clicks too - one for the app, one for Climate, and one for the steering wheel. I agree, maybe the profile...
  24. E30-4ME

    Considering a Model Y

    I placed my MYLR order on July 16, and the price was $52,990 before options and fees. It’s now $54,990. I don’t recall another increase between the time I ordered and now, but I could be mistaken. EDIT: just saw that there was indeed a $1K increase right after I purchased. I stand corrected...
  25. E30-4ME

    Considering a Model Y

    Welp, if you were on the fence the price has gone up again.... +$2K on the LR, +$1K on the Perf...
  26. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    Yep, two shortcuts.
  27. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    Glad it's working! It isn't location aware, although I'm sure that could be added (I'm not a Shortcuts expert...). I just say, "Hey Siri, open (or close) the garage" and it works great. It hasn't failed yet and I'm going on about 1 month of use. We still have a clicker in the car as backup (as...
  28. E30-4ME

    App takes forever to connect to car

    Still in service :(. Minor imperfection in the fender that needs bodywork to fix. I did notice that mine updated to 2021.32.21 while in service, but the app doesn't seem to have improved (even though it's in service, there's still a 404 error showing that goes away after a minute or so once it...
  29. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    You need to add the name of the SimpleCommands routine in the requestText field. This should match the SimpleCommands routine name exactly.
  30. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    Click on the arrow at the end of the url in the “get contents” section. It will expand so that you can paste your token into the authorization field.
  31. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    That looks the same as mine does. Except mine doesn’t have SimpleCommands at the beginning of the shortcut. When I run the shortcut, I just say, “hey Siri, open garage” and it works. Doesn’t open SimpleCommands at all. I just used SimpleCommands to create the shortcut, but it isn’t needed as...
  32. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    Did you try reading this article? How to use 'Shortcuts' with SimpleCommands
  33. E30-4ME

    IOS Shortcuts

    I’ve done the shortcuts with my MyQ garage door. Downloaded the SimpleCommands app to create the routine, then created the shortcut straight from the app. Good walkthrough included, so even a simpleton like me could do it. I like it better than a clicker and free is better than $325 for homelink.
  34. E30-4ME

    2021.11.x Firmware

    Took delivery on 9/8 and have been at 11.102 since; car is in for service and they accidentally released it before it was completed. Saw it on the app for a moment and it indicated update to 32.21 is available. I don’t have FSD. Then service took it back over so it’ll be ready when it’s finished...
  35. E30-4ME

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    So I’ve tried to scan through the 10 pages of this thread and I have a question - has anyone just wiped down their trim upon exiting the car wash before it has a chance to dry? Does this help avoid the issue? Just wondering if it’s more of a residue or an actual reaction. Coming up on winter in...
  36. E30-4ME

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Would you really pay $200 to get the latest update if you aren’t interested in FSD? What is in the update that is so compelling? I’m on 11.102 and am looking forward to some of the features, but nothing strikes me as that valuable (I’m not planning to buy or subscribe to FSD though). Is there...
  37. E30-4ME

    Where are the door handles...? 😳

    I hadn’t noticed this until you said it, but I’m left handed and now I’m psyched that for once all you “righties” have to put up with something awkward in your daily life 😀
  38. E30-4ME

    Considering a Model Y

    My opinion only: if you like the car you have and aren’t sold on the things that are unique about Telsa, don’t buy it. It’s a lot of cash to only be semi-satisfied (or worse). And you’ll take a lot of flak from people on the boards if you do buy it and then come and complain about the things you...
  39. E30-4ME

    App takes forever to connect to car

    Having the same issues as @David1oh here. Both my app and my wife’s, 404s nearly every time. Subscribing to see what happens, I have a service appointment tomorrow and will add it to my list of questions. Will share anything that seems valuable.
  40. E30-4ME

    Vision-only cars

    August build, 9/8 delivery, 11.102 here. No FSD, no update yet…
  41. E30-4ME

    App takes forever to connect to car

    I’ve been having similar issues with both the Tesla app and Stats app, which makes me wonder if something has changed on the backend coincident with the updated app. Our MY was delivered after the updated app was released so unfortunately I don’t have a comparator. I’m also not a developer, IT...
  42. E30-4ME

    Angry no Homelink and now no premium connectivity:

    Brands are increasingly moving to subscription models. For example, my previous (luxury) BMW had CarPlay, next one was subscription based despite nearly every Honda, Hyundai, and other mainstream manufacturers including it for free. I think we’re going to see a lot more subscription options as...
  43. E30-4ME

    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    So... for those of us in the cold northern US states, should we be thinking MicroSD instead of SSD based on functional temperature ratings? Most of the SSDs and USB flash drives have lower ranges of 32F, while the MicroSD cards operate down to -13F. Our MY will be parked in a garage generally...
  44. E30-4ME

    Minnesota waiting room

    I ordered an MYLR on 7/17, took delivery on 9/8. Tesla Eden Prairie was great to work with. Did a home delivery with a trade and everything was smooth. First service appointment is on 9/27 for a couple of minor things but otherwise very happy so far! Not worried about winter in the least.
  45. E30-4ME

    TeslaTap J1772 to Tesla 48 AMP 18' extension - anyone using this?

    Reporting back... - The handle and cable are genuine Tesla parts. - The handle button transmitter will not work to open the charge port since it is not connected to a Tesla Wall Connector. He did suggest the J1772 extension (J1772 on both ends) and that the length could be shortened if needed...
  46. E30-4ME

    Eve for Tesla from MyQ

    I used the Simple Commands app; you can use the app to create a given routine, then once the routine is complete you can generate a shortcut for it on your phone. It worked flawlessly for me. Sorry, there was an intermediate app beyond the MyQ one that I didn't specify in my earlier comment.
  47. E30-4ME

    Eve for Tesla from MyQ

    I use the MyQ app and found some shortcuts to allow me to use a, “hey Siri” command to open and close via a token. Works flawlessly and was free.
  48. E30-4ME

    new MY long range still on 2021.11.102

    on 11.102 here too. Took delivery on 9/8. It sounds like a small number of 11.102s are getting upgrades per others using TeslaFi, but it seems like our Vision-only, later builds might be on a firmware branch that will take a little longer to rejoin. crossing my fingers for an update soon, but...
  49. E30-4ME

    TeslaTap J1772 to Tesla 48 AMP 18' extension - anyone using this?

    I reached out to them earlier today with the same questions (1&2), the other two would definitely be good to know too. Will let you know what I hear.
  50. E30-4ME

    If you HAD to convince someone to not get a Tesla, what would you say?

    We kept our Highlander (2016, V6 limited) when we bought our Y. The Highlander is the soft riding appliance that will get our large dogs (2) and teenage kids (2) to the cabin in one vehicle. And it has the hitch for our bike rack. It’s the family truckster we expect it to be. I hate the...

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