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  1. EldestOyster

    Off topic galore

    Does it count as prior art if it's been documented previously? (Same stunt, but 10 years ago)
  2. EldestOyster

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    When you see a typo, but you check to see who wrote it, and think, "No, I'd better go look up that word".
  3. EldestOyster

    It has 4,400 HP and 6,000 kW/hr's of capacity

    I don't know why they avoid trains, but they have made similar things to haul rocks out of the Boring tunnels. It probably enables them to go straight up hills at full speed, too! Well, there's your ten percent, right there.
  4. EldestOyster

    Tesla Service Rhetoric...sigh

    I used to fight with the seat belts until I saw an explanation. This one I pulled from a Model3 Owner's Manual. To securely hold child safety seats, all passenger seating positions are equipped with an automatic locking retractor (ALR) that, by pulling the seat belt beyond the length needed...
  5. EldestOyster

    Rattle behind the monitor?

    Also check that the sun visors are latched. Sounds that happen "up there", reflect off the windshield and they sound like they are coming from "down there".
  6. EldestOyster

    Charging issue. 1/mi range per hour

    It is still possible it is confused. The battery could be charged, and all reported numbers are goofy. No way I can think of to tell, though (other than the obvious :) ) Now that I think about it....your electric bill, or the meter, or how hot the cable gets if you charge at 30+ amps would be...
  7. EldestOyster

    Charging issue. 1/mi range per hour

    I'm slowly getting up to speed here. This is a Model S. You're showing us the small screen. I have seen many inexplicable, wacky things that were caused by a low 12v battery. Your computer may be confused. Maybe you just need to adjust the charge rate--which you can't do without the main...
  8. EldestOyster

    Charging issue. 1/mi range per hour

    What is the battery level? You managed to take a picture where I can't see the number at all.
  9. EldestOyster

    Lowest wh/mi

    So, like this: Note how far we've travelled. It's pretty meaningless.
  10. EldestOyster

    Anyone recognize this bolt?

    I thought it looked anti-theft-ish. Also decorative. Like something that would attach a license plate.
  11. EldestOyster

    Driver Side B-Pillar glass Scratches/Issue

    In the story I heard, even the Tesla Service guy was fooled. They ordered a replacement, and when he went to remove the glass...he discovered the plastic covering!
  12. EldestOyster

    What happen After charge in full

    If your car is full, then it is no longer charging. There are "idle fees" that are in effect if half or more of the charge stations are in use. Tesla has an article about this. You can read it here.
  13. EldestOyster

    UC Riverside Engineers: Current Fast-charging is damaging

    I bet it starts out at a high charge rate, and then tapers down as the battery fills up!
  14. EldestOyster

    What happens if everyone drove EV?

    The production of gasoline consumes about as much electricity as we use to power our cars directly. So as we all transition to sustainable energy, we are freeing up the electricity we need for charging.
  15. EldestOyster

    2nd phone app user: Same Tesla account or separate?

    It's not mentioned because it's not necessary. Since each phone is matched to its own key, the driver profile feature works even if you share one account. It's the key that determines which profile to set. Ours is set up this way and it works as expected.
  16. EldestOyster

    Articles re Tesla—Fact or Fiction?

    Actual headline: Hackers stuck a 2-inch strip of tape on a 35-mph speed sign and successfully tricked 2 Teslas into accelerating to 85 mph What they want you to see: AutoPilot is plotting to kill you The catch: This is AP version version 1, the Mobileye implementation. Thus, it only happens...
  17. EldestOyster

    Articles re Tesla—Fact or Fiction?

    I've come to realize that Daily Mail is a British-ism that means, "Read At Your Own Risk".
  18. EldestOyster

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    You try holding together at that speed! :) ggr is right; that should be 1850 km/hr. Sadly, I'm less familiar with the metric values used for space flight. But most of it is very fast, which is why I sometimes slip and say "per second".
  19. EldestOyster

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    Fuel in pipes, valves that rotate to a new position, turbines and pumps slowing down, as you say. That was part of the confusion. Elon said the whole abort sequence covers all of 700 ms, and you see MECO taking a lot longer than that. He also mentioned that Dragon could still get away even if...
  20. EldestOyster

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    The answer to Tim Dodd's question wasn't 100% clear, but the information was there. The abort system was programmed to activate as the vehicle exceeded a certain speed. Of course, they like to take the instrumentation off the screen right when it gets interesting, but I tried to count it as it...
  21. EldestOyster


    I think that's great. And I think they should teach this stuff in science class. Let the kids try to beat the system. It's the best way to learn. Come to think of it, I wonder if I can get a balloon to inflate itself.
  22. EldestOyster

    Suspect MCU is dead and mobile connector "locked in", need advice on next steps.

    Is anything working on that car? It sounds dead the way you explained it. A jump start and a new 12V battery might be in order.
  23. EldestOyster

    Teach me how to charge!

    There's really nothing to explain. The button on the handle lets you open the charging flap. That's all it does. Once you have access you insert the plug and you're done. The T turning blue lets you know you succeeded. So do the relay sounds you may hear from the car. There are other ways...
  24. EldestOyster

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    (Windows break) Crowd: Embarrassed silence. Musk: Hey, I'm bloody Elon Musk! I blow up rockets for science! You think I can't fix a window?
  25. EldestOyster

    Lumbar Support

    We noticed this as far back as Jun 2018. And I've been watching; no one really seems to be able to make sense of it. There also doesn't seem to be any connection to a computer; the settings never change on their own. But you may find this post in that thread Lumbar adjustments not working as...
  26. EldestOyster

    Tesla App Connectivity Issues 2019-09-02

    Note to moderator: Keep clicking on "Whats New"--you'll find them! I see 8 topics so far.
  27. EldestOyster

    Autopilot Stalk User Interface ERROR

    I'm waiting for someone from the U.K. stop by to let us know they flip their switches down to turn the lights on.
  28. EldestOyster

    Original Menlo Park location demolished?

    Google Street View has its own "wayback" machine. The box at upper left says when the photo was taken, but if you click there, you will get the interactive history that you see in this screen shot. So there is more to look at. This one is from 2011.
  29. EldestOyster

    Confirmed V3 Superchargers in California

    So, how will we know when it's V3? I got 140 kW and 600 miles/hr the other day, so it's definitely an upgrade. I chased some links, and I read the V3 announcement, but I'm still not sure. We're apparently limited to 140 kW by the firmware right now.
  30. EldestOyster

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    So, each browser has its own video player built in? I thought they were lazy and found some player in the system to hook into. It does explain the variation we get. I have tried various browsers on various operating systems and there is quite a difference. There are the ones that try to play...
  31. EldestOyster

    How fast can they dig? Introducing the mGy

    Well, standards are always a b...burden. So, let's say there is no abbreviation. And of course it is too late to edit the title. So it goes.
  32. EldestOyster

    How fast can they dig? Introducing the mGy

    Musk has stated that Gary (the snail) is 14 times faster than (Godot), his tunnel boring machine. Which means that they are proceeding at 0.071 times the snail's pace. So they are currently boring at 71 milliGarys, where a milliGary is 1/1000th the speed of Gary. This gives us a convenient...
  33. EldestOyster


    I guess I got as far as the Journalistic Question Mark. I also heard there's a carburetor that runs on water. Meanwhile, Tesla is quietly buying up all the dilithium. Mom? What's a carburetor?
  34. EldestOyster

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    I figured the highest form of compliment was to push the Donate button. Having done that, I feel better about commenting. Confronted with a mountain of saved clips (that a reasonable person would just delete), I was trying to view them one by one using the OS X inbuilt player, and dragging the...
  35. EldestOyster

    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    Those of you looking for a delete feature should note that when you push the Choose Files button, you are basically in a file manager and can do most things the file manager does (move, rename, delete, and so on). The folder you most recently selected is still selected, making it easy to find...
  36. EldestOyster


    Sure! How many should I get? <rim shot>
  37. EldestOyster

    Is the Server for the Tesla mobile app down?

    Since there's a lot of this kind of thinking, I verified that the app's not connecting, then I went out to the car and got in, and put it in gear. See, there are many different things that go on with the phone. Entry (via bluetooth) will work even if looking at your car on the phone (via...
  38. EldestOyster

    2019 Tesla shareholder meeting lunch

    I will be sending Mrs Oyster, aka Moonlight, to join you all, same as last year. Do you need any advance payment this year?
  39. EldestOyster

    Do you believe all Model 3 owners who purchase FSD get HW3?

    It's inexpensive, and easy to change. Plus, they planned for it. So, why not?
  40. EldestOyster

    Can’t get car washed in Long Beach?

    Prediction: Car Wash Mode, as a future enhancement.
  41. EldestOyster

    Updates and Unaware Tesla Owners

    So, if a download has failed, and there's nothing we can do to restart it, and it can only be restarted from the service network....sounds like it's up to the folks who created all this to work out which vehicles have old firmware (or haven't been heard from) and issue a restart. Assuming it's...
  42. EldestOyster

    500 MPH

    That suddenly makes sense! I have pictures here showing 118 kW and 457 MPH; later it's 480 MPH but charging's dropped to 115 kW. Near the end, I have one showing 57 kW and 400 MPH! So "averaging" is what's driving these results.
  43. EldestOyster

    Fairing Recovery and Reuse

    Salt water is nasty stuff. Mr. Steven should carry a tank of fresh water so they can hose it off after they pick it up. Then it's off to Hawthorne to be packed in a BBR (big bag of rice) for three days.
  44. EldestOyster

    Fairing Recovery and Reuse

    Salt water is nasty stuff. Mr. Steven should carry a tank of fresh water so they can hose it off after they pick it up. Then it's off to Hawthorne to be packed in a BBR (big bag of rice) for three days.
  45. EldestOyster

    What are these windshield stickers I keep seeing?

    Be grateful you aren't required to stick four of them (HOV) on the body (also California)
  46. EldestOyster

    Where are they now? The first 100 Roadsters

    And there's a plaque inside that says so. I thought I would give someone the pleasure of pointing out the history. I knew you'd know. :)
  47. EldestOyster

    Where are they now? The first 100 Roadsters

    Signature number 8 is alive and enjoying the fine weather in San Diego. Nothing like a club event to draw them out. With my limited knowledge of Roadsters, I didn't know the computer screen was on the left in the early cars I've spent the last few days reading some of the older Roadster...
  48. EldestOyster

    Why did my car do this? (Dash Cam Video)

    Let's play AI for a moment. Look at the view and find the lines. Where is the road? It's just a guess, and it only lasts for a few frames. But that computer works very fast so it is possible that it was trying to get you back on "the road". Dash cam certainly makes this game more...
  49. EldestOyster

    Any way to still order a RWD w/310 battery pack?

    Maybe buy AWD and then swap cars with @Rockster ? :) Otherwise, call your favorite Tesla specialist and ask. The term Elon used was, "off menu", so that means some things are available only if you ask. They can tell you if this is one of those things.
  50. EldestOyster

    Sunk-in hood

    They did fix it. I only wish I had taken a before-picture; it was quite obvious. I cannot tell what they did, but I suspect the lid was replaced. There were several days where the app showed it open, and I believe it was probably removed during that time. It originally was so hard to close that...

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