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  1. jstack6

    Swap in J1772 cable to HPWC?

    If you swap any cables or even use the JJapter be sure it can handler the power without getting hot. If the cable gauge is smaller It can get hot and fail. In fact I like to charge at lower power so I don't waste energy and time cooling the battery and system using higher power. In the garage...
  2. jstack6

    8 Stall Urban Charger at Kierland Commons in Scottsdale AZ

    Every site needs shade in AZ. They should all be like the Kattleman California site with Solar PV shade, Battery Power Packs to cover demand and or outages. This site so close to the Scottsdale Commons shaded garage just doesn't make sense.
  3. jstack6

    Supercharger - Phoenix, AZ - East Camelback Road

    The Solar PV and controllers (huawei) at the Biltmore SC are not Tesla brand. They can't seem to get their solar panels going yet. The Power Pack and Wall are also sold out and going to Australia and other places but not the US. I'd sure like to see their Solar PV and Power Walls all over...
  4. jstack6

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    FYI Walmart of al places is where the majority of Electrify America DOT com are going. They are 150 kW with 2 350 kW at each location. 4 to 10 ports at each with CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. No UMC Tesla ports yet but there is talk about it.
  5. jstack6

    Noise from the suspension area

    My 2012 S 85 has a similar problem. A broken sway bar. At 48K miles.
  6. jstack6

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    OK Tesla it's been way too long. Pick a new location and get this needed SC in and working. Or at least put in a Urban SC to close this big gap in the SC Network.
  7. jstack6

    Model 3 Supercharging vs S and X

    Were in HOT Phoenix and the fans seem to run on our Model S and 3. Both seem very good and can handle the heat fine. It seems with the air cond on if we are just getting a short SC the fans go crazy on a HOT day. I hope all Super Charger locations in the South get Solar PV shade and large...
  8. jstack6

    Supercharger - Payson AZ

    It would be perfect to see some progress and have it going while all the Phoenix area snow birds go up to this area to cool off in the Summer.
  9. jstack6

    Supercharger - Pecos, TX

    I wonder if the ElectrifyAmerica.com project will complete before this and or Ft Stockton. This area seems to have a problem with power. Maybe Tesla can swing a smaller Urban Super Charger ,they seem to complete and go much faster. 60-70 kW is better than nothing right now.
  10. jstack6

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    QUOTE=OK everyone, pick a date. I'd say April 1, 2020 or at least some time in April. Could end up the 1st of Never.
  11. jstack6

    Dash covers?

    DashMat doesn't have a model 3 dash cover yet.
  12. jstack6

    Turo Model 3 in Vegas

    we also rent the model 3 but at only $160 a day with discounts for a week and month. Were in the greater Phoenix Arizona area . You can also rent the model S X and Roadster from us. check it out www.SPARCrental.com
  13. jstack6

    Supercharger - Phoenix, AZ - East Camelback Road

    A friend just sent me a picture and she is charging her Tesla S on Free Sun Shine now too. The Urban Super Chargers get in and working very fast ! WOW
  14. jstack6

    Does the Model S have an OBD-II connector?

    My 2012 model S 85 has an OBDII. I use it to get lost of great trips data for a FleetCarma study. It works fine.
  15. jstack6

    Supercharger - NW Phoenix

    It's been 128 days so far. Others seem to get done in 60 days. It sure would be nice if Tesla installwts would share updates,with us,we have,an idea of,when to expect the final completion.
  16. jstack6

    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    another dirty secret is it's a 100 year old tech Lead Acid starter battery. The DC-DC from the main pack should have and now does keep it charged up but it's still lead acid. I use a Lithium starter battery in my 2012 S 85 ,3 year warranty too. https://www.element3batteries.com/batteries
  17. jstack6

    Supercharger - NW Phoenix

    I'm guessing it will be up about Feb 14th just in time for a Valentine to us from Tesla. quote=His (Sec Guard) estimate was 'early Feb' before APS would be out to finish their pieces.
  18. jstack6

    What is going on with the price of the Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector?

    You have to watch for shipping costs for total price . This one looks low at $289 until you add the crazy $80 shipping. NEW Tesla Motors Model S/X/3 2ND GEN Wall Connector w 24' Cable Charging Station | eBay
  19. jstack6

    Supercharger - NW Phoenix

    This site should be done any day. (SC- NW Phoenix) Then we can all start chanting for Payson,Payson and almost all of Arizona will be covered. Happy Holidays EVeryone =D~~~~~~~~~
  20. jstack6

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    Ft Stockton is a key for East West winter travel. Tesla has had the permit for a long time. I wonder what is holding this site up?
  21. jstack6

    16 Stall Urban SuperCharger at Scottsdale Quarter

    QUOTE=None had a light in the charging port so I'm not sure if that means they were finished ANS=Light goes out after a bit. I wish we could get Tesla to charge the charging light. It should be on an blinking anytime we are charging. I've seen a lot of Tesla I think are sitting in a space...
  22. jstack6

    Tesla vehicle problems I never knew existed,Did you?

    Recently we have had some real big problems with our 2012 Tesla S 85. I've learned problems I never knew existed. -We had one of the 2 main contactors in the battery pack stop working. The car just said low 12 v battery. We jumped that and replaced it but had the same error. The car would no...
  23. jstack6

    16 Stall Urban SuperCharger at Scottsdale Quarter

    I was also just there last night. The 6 Mini SC they have taped off are in the 30 min general parking area. I think parking spots are in big demand around the Holiday season so they keep them open. It's still a great present to have these available right in Scottsdale. The 101 and I-17 location...
  24. jstack6

    Tesla Supercharger network

    They have done amazing. I see new SC sites in our area (Arizona) all the time. Even a 16 stall Mini Urban site right at the Scottsdale Quarter in time for Christmas shopping. Count from supercharger.ingo Dec 3rd 2017 1065 86 32 World 443 41 22 USA
  25. jstack6

    Supercharger - Willcox, AZ

    Any December updates? I wish I lived closer to watch this key site.
  26. jstack6

    16 Stall Urban SuperCharger at Scottsdale Quarter

    I added this new urban mini super charger site to plugshare. I hope to stop in soon and try it our.
  27. jstack6

    Volta charging network

    Volta is really good. They started in Hawaii and,are now in Arizona where I am and California. The,advertising they get pays for them. I actually got our local power company to sponsor a few sites. Some are by tire companies and solar companies. If you know,anyone that wants to advertise to EV...
  28. jstack6

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ

    AHM, I'm set to get to the new Tucson Super Charger with a few friends from our Phoenix area Phoenix Elec Auto Association. Is everything set for a 10 AM Official Opening with Tesla and others? Jim
  29. jstack6

    For Sale - CHAdeMO Adapter - barely used

    PS I'm not selling mine and the original post one that jtl jtl826, Nov 9, 2016 posted was sold in an hour. So get one from Tesla and try it out right away.
  30. jstack6

    For Sale - CHAdeMO Adapter - barely used

    I have a Tesla adapter from about a year ago that works good. My friend bought a new one from Tesla and it won't charge. He called Tesla and they said there is a bug and blamed the Fast Charge station, Blink and EVGO. Yet my year old one works fine. They gave him no idea of how long for them to...
  31. jstack6

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ

    I guess Oct 16th at 10 AM lol I also hope the Wilcox permit will be in and progress there along with Deming NM so we have a real Southern East West completed route.
  32. jstack6

    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    So what is new about this newset Super Charger site? Does is do more than 120 kW? Does it have liquid cooled cables? (not needed in winter,LOL) Does it have Solar power? Does it have Tesla Battery back up or storage for Peak hours?
  33. jstack6

    Supercharger - Gila Bend, AZ

    This site has been vandalized a few times in the past year. Let's hope it all set for now.
  34. jstack6

    AZ EV owners - GC to Amazon

    Yes My wife and I both drive electric and got $50 for each car. They are adding electrics to their fleet. They sponsor 2 free Volta charger locations and sponsor about 10 EVGO DC Fast Chargers. They are into Electrics. Their Main Office (1521 N. Project Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281) also has 2 free...
  35. jstack6

    PowerWall 2 for time of use applicaiton

    My In Laws are in Alabama and the utility makes it very hard to go Solar. That shorted 3 hour High rate times seems the best way to go. If you have a Time Of Day Thermostat you could set it to cool more just before the high hours and then you wouldn't need much PowerWall energy to cover it. Also...
  36. jstack6

    Tesla on Track to Start Production

    They have learned a lot from the production of the S and X. I think the 3 will be ready and on time. One of the biggest items was the new 2170 battery and that seems to be in production and already used in the PowerWall. It looks good now in FEB 2017 and we will all find out in July.
  37. jstack6

    Supercharger - Junction, TX

    In Arizona we are watching the El Paso to Tucson I-10 and can't wait for a few more permits to get this route going for use this Winter. We will let you know any progress. It was promised for last year but by April of this year will be ok with all Tesla have going on. Maybe we can get a few SC...
  38. jstack6

    Supercharger - El Paso, Tx

    YES= Tesla should have battery storage and Solar at their sites in Sunny Arizona and at remote sites. That should be coming but may take a few years. Now that they will charge for some SC it should help add that feature. This South Route will be great in the winter months. It's a great needed...
  39. jstack6

    Removing the rear seat completely

    thanks, you have good pictures that helped me get to the HVJB in the middle of the 2 chargers. High Voltage Junction Box. Mine has an error along with a 12v low voltage even after replacing and jumping the battery. No Tesla support since it was a SALVAGE title .
  40. jstack6

    rear seat / cushion removal with pictures

    I can't even get the seat to lift a little to get at the hex bolts??? We have a problem in the High Voltage Junction box but I can't get to it.
  41. jstack6

    Tesla moments

    A Tesla moment on the way home from TMC Connect 2016 in Reno and after the Giga Factory tour we started driving back to the Phoenix area 750 miles away. A policeman came after us for 72 in a 60. While he was talking to my friend who was driving I mentioned we just got back from the awesome Tesla...
  42. jstack6

    National Drive Electric Week - Charleston

    Were having a NDEW EVent in Scottsdale Arizona again this year. It's at the Pavilions Mall which has the longest running outdoor car show in the country. You should see the Street Rods, Rice Burners and low riders all take note of the Tesla and others. Saturday Sept 17th 4 to 8 PM National...
  43. jstack6


    Since I can't locate a used Tesla S radiator a custom shop is making one from the specs. I'll let you know how it works out in case others new a radiator too.
  44. jstack6

    Parting out a Tesla 2013 P85D

    I need a front center RADIATOR, do you have one?
  45. jstack6

    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Parting Out a 2015 85D - What Do You Need?

    I'm fixing a SALVAGE TITLE, Tesla wants $1,200 to inspect to make sure it's up to their requirements before they will sell you parts or turn your Super Charging back on. If they need frame work it $1,600 plus labor and then you have to pay inspection all over. They control their cars . All I...
  46. jstack6


    Hi I have a 2012 Tesla S 85 and need the front center radiator. Does anyone have one or know who has one for sale.
  47. jstack6

    2013 tesla 85 parting out

    I never saw a reply about the radiator I requested.
  48. jstack6

    Full car on parts

    where the radiator. I need the center one.
  49. jstack6

    2013 tesla 85 parting out

    I'm interested in the front center radiator.

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