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  1. gotz2ride


    Rear upper suspension links?
  2. gotz2ride

    AC on while charging

    From everything I have read, that seems to be the case.
  3. gotz2ride

    AC on while charging

    Has it ever cooled the cabin less while you supercharged?
  4. gotz2ride

    2016 Tesla Model S Part Out

    Do you have a center console with rear cupholders?
  5. gotz2ride

    2016 Tesla Model S Part Out

    Do you have a center console with rear cup holders?
  6. gotz2ride


    How much for all seats?
  7. gotz2ride

    Parting out 3 2015 model S's (70D, S70 and S85)

    What color code is the 70D?
  8. gotz2ride

    Driving on the sand? Ocean Shores

    Only rear wheel drive and did great! This is a Florida Beach btw.
  9. gotz2ride

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2015

    Do you have a good black passenger side fender?
  10. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    A recertification wasn't needed. If you are actually interested in the car, we can discuss it getting certified prior to purchase.
  11. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    Price Reduced to $60,000. And of course as Patrick was nicely pointing out and as I mentioned, it is a rebuilt title. And I can appreciate him putting that in this thread, however the car is priced according to the title it has. So if you have any questions feel free to message me and ask. This...
  12. gotz2ride

    New Tesla App is great

    Is it just me or is there really no difference other than the looks. Im hoping its just preparation for useful updates to come.
  13. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    Attached is the link to my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D that I am selling. Autopilot enabled free supercharging for life. Pano roof, sub zero package, gray (or silver) next gen seats Cars for Sale: Used 2015 Tesla Model S in , Vail AZ: 85641 Details - Sedan - Autotrader
  14. gotz2ride

    Supercharger - Ozona, TX

    Ozona Supercharger Online!
  15. gotz2ride

    Red Brake Calipers wanted

    G2 Brake Caliper Paint Systems This is an awesome deal. Its a 2 part epoxy and i had no chipping. I will be doing this again to our new one as well.
  16. gotz2ride

    Supercharger - Junction, TX

    Junction is Live!
  17. gotz2ride

    Dryer outlet ?

    I use the adapter that goes plugs into the dryer outlet and gey 17 miles of range per hour. But if you aren't renting, why not instal a HPWC?
  18. gotz2ride

    NextGens Gone?

    Im looking to get rid of my next gen seats Im looking to get rid of my next gen seats. The silver or gray not sure what its considered (2015 85d)
  19. gotz2ride

    Supercharger map for 2017

    Looks like they removed Tucson from the list. Bummed
  20. gotz2ride

    Trunk fascia

    when you cover the fascia with a piece bigger than it you press down on the gap. then carefully cut in the gap and press the extra in the gap.
  21. gotz2ride

    Trunk fascia

    For a fun experiment I went to Oriely's Auto Parts and got some cheap racing stripe vinyl. Took about an hour to do the handles and hour for the rear piece.
  22. gotz2ride

    Supercharger - Texarkana, TX

    Lets try not to hate on people to much. Makes us no different if we can't try to understand how or why someone is the way they are. Once electric cars become the norm all will be well.
  23. gotz2ride

    Tesla Service

    I must be the lucky one. I have had service completed in in Florida and Arizona with no issues. In Florida I called set an appt up, dropped it off and got a loaner. next day car was ready. In Arizona i called the wrong number about service, and instead of saying call the right number they said...
  24. gotz2ride

    Tesla Model S Airbags Passenger dash and knee airbags

    do you have any exterior parts (fenders)
  25. gotz2ride

    Does this quarter panel look repairable?

    It can vary depending on the size. He makes it easy to get a pretty close quote. You can text him pictures of the damage from the angles he asks for. I think he want approx size and he will text you a quote. He was very professional and was able to get back to me the same day and scheduled me in...
  26. gotz2ride

    Does this quarter panel look repairable?

    I know you guys are no where near FL, but Brice at Central Florida Paintless Dent Repair does amazing work! Shoot him some good angles of it and ask what he thinks. Maybe make a vacation out of it. I moved across the country and have already wished he was closer. I know it sounds odd but hit...
  27. gotz2ride

    My first Texas road trip using superchargers

    My trip was about 3 weeks ago
  28. gotz2ride

    My first Texas road trip using superchargers

    I just did a trip from Tucson to Houston. I had the same issue at the Sweetwater charger. The email I got back was almost humorous. It explained to me how superchargers work. said there was no issue and told me how they charge fast empty and slow down as it fills up. The annoying part is not...
  29. gotz2ride

    Center Screen Freezes

    I have just talked to Tesla and they have just started having this problem. They are working on a fix as I write this. They say it shouldn't affect driving
  30. gotz2ride

    8.0 Lost or Degraded Capabilities

    So far my 8.0 has made these deviations more often and more aggressive than I remember the old version doing. Also have you noticed if it actually offsets when passing the semis?
  31. gotz2ride

    8.0 Lost or Degraded Capabilities

    Has anyone had autopilot swerving towards semis on the interstate? I am currently on a long road trip and my S has taken at least 4 aggressive turns towards a semi as we were passing it.
  32. gotz2ride

    Supercharger - Page, AZ

    Any rumors about Tucson by chance?
  33. gotz2ride

    Just plasti dipped my Model S

    I have since sold the car, but it held up fine while I had it
  34. gotz2ride

    TPMS Sensor for Newer Model S

    Do you still have the tire sensor?
  35. gotz2ride

    Parting out a 2016 70d

    $50 plus shipping?
  36. gotz2ride

    Parting out a 2016 70d

    Cool, I look forward to finding out.
  37. gotz2ride

    Parting out a 2016 70d

    What kind of shape is the passanger front fender?
  38. gotz2ride

    Parting out a Tesla 2013 P85D

    Tesla radiator This is a Craigslist add for a radiator. Hope this helps, now if I could find a black front right fender! Lol
  39. gotz2ride

    Consumer Reports recommends Tesla disable Autosteer and make changes to AutoPilot

    Well it took 3 accidents to get CR to freak out. I wonder how many severe injuries, attacks, and robberies it will take for the same response to this new Pokemon game? Pokémon Go Mania Leads To Dangerous Consquences
  40. gotz2ride

    Inner fender liner

    I need a passanger inner fender lining to include the front vent piece.
  41. gotz2ride

    2013 tesla 85 parting out

    Front passanger side inner fender well? Including the vented piece?
  42. gotz2ride

    Police surround car while supercharging

    Thanks for your service and sacrifice
  43. gotz2ride

    Police surround car while supercharging

    When did the cops ask ericwol for his papers?
  44. gotz2ride

    Police surround car while supercharging

    I respect what your father did. However I completely disagree that every job has a risk of fatality. Also cops aren't whining they are dieing. From your responses I would gather your the same guy who would call on the police to come save you from you neighbors loud music but complain when they...
  45. gotz2ride

    Police surround car while supercharging

    And what rights were disrespected?
  46. gotz2ride

    Police surround car while supercharging

    With all due respect ericwol unless you have risked your life for others everyday not knowing if you will see your family again, maybe don't recommend how an officer of the law should do his/her job.

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