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  1. heysteveh

    Model Y standard range is here

    This less expensive Standard Range version should definitely help increase sales.
  2. heysteveh

    Is Model Y a luxury car?

    Great thread, and some excellent points in response. If Tesla is not a traditional luxury car then at the very least it is a new category of luxury, perhaps "tech luxury"? Tesla not only makes us question what a luxury car is, but what a sports car is. Is a Tesla more like a Lamborghini or a...
  3. heysteveh

    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    So you don’t think kids are a reliable source of information on what up and coming trends are in our world? Now I’m the one that doesn’t know what to say! Kids are THE source for these things. But don’t take my word for it, take a moment and entertain yourself by watching this clip about kids...
  4. heysteveh

    Interior Detailer

    I use the protectant. I have never tried the cleaner.
  5. heysteveh

    Uber and Lift leaving California, potential opening for a RoboTaxi fleet?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if California figured out a way to apply this law to Tesla’s planned Robotaxi fleet: either they would have to treat me (and other Tesla owners) as employees :rolleyes:, or they would have to treat the cars themselves as employees (after all, Tesla cars are special, most...
  6. heysteveh

    What's up with TSLA stock? Over $2000.

    Also, Papa fox has some pretty astute commentary on why TESLA stock is doing what it’s doing on a daily basis: Papafox's Daily TSLA Trading Charts
  7. heysteveh

    What's up with TSLA stock? Over $2000.

    Check out this sticky thread for every possible theory you’ll ever want to know on TESLA stock: Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the 2019-2020 Investors' Roundtable
  8. heysteveh

    Is it normal for vehicles to jump around on the traffic display?

    When I first got my Model 3 last summer I wondered the same as you. Over the last year with new software releases it has actually gotten better (less “dancing” going on, etc.). What you are describing is also what I see on mine, but I don’t pay much attention to it anymore, other then to...
  9. heysteveh

    So Who Will Be Watching this All-Electric Cadillac Lyriq REVEAL 8/6/20 7pm EDT!?!?

    So far it looks like they have the SHOW car version up on their website: Introducing Cadillac LYRIQ: An All-Electric Future
  10. heysteveh

    So Who Will Be Watching this All-Electric Cadillac Lyriq REVEAL 8/6/20 7pm EDT!?!?

    The Cadillac Lyriq, all-electric crossover SUV! Everyone’s doing “reveals” now. Read about it here: Watch live 7 p.m.: Cadillac Lyriq electric luxury SUV reveal to include live Q&A Watch the 7pm EDT Reveal/Debut live here: LYRIQ Live Reveal
  11. heysteveh

    Tesla Will Lease You A Model Y For $499 Per Month

    This is one of the better threads I've seen on lease vs purchase pro's and con's regarding Tesla. It's nearly impossible to nail down a definitive answer because many of the variables are constantly changing, not to mention the fact that no one can predict the future (depreciation, etc.). But...
  12. heysteveh

    PPF or Ceramic in Phoenix

    PPF is like a clear wrap that you put on all or part of the car. It is usually done only once for the life of the car (mine has a 10-year warranty). Ceramic coatings are like a clear coat over your paint (and applied over PPF as well). Mine is a less expensive ceramic with a 5-year warranty...
  13. heysteveh

    PPF or Ceramic in Phoenix

    If you mean the ceramic window tint: SunTek CIR 30, including Side windows Back window and top window, $800 from Shane's If you mean the ceramic coating on the exterior paint: $599 from Race Day Detail (this was NOT their top-of-the-line ceramic coating)
  14. heysteveh

    Talk me IN or OUT

    I thought the same thing, and a couple of years ago was actively considering a used Model S over a new Model 3. Then I called my insurance agent. Where I live (Phoenix, AZ) a 3 or 4 year old Model S was going to cost me considerably more to insure then a new Model 3. For me, the smaller size of...
  15. heysteveh

    PPF or Ceramic in Phoenix

    If you live in NW part of Phoenix, Shane's Tint and Clear Bra, Peoria, AZ. Had My Model 3 done (PPF & ceramic tint) by Shane one year ago. One man shop, Shane does all the work himself, has been in business for years. Excellent reputation. Window Tinting & Clear Bra in Peoria AZ | Shane's...
  16. heysteveh

    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    You can "LOL" all you want about Tesla's being described as "aspirational", but here's a true story: when I pull up to my son's grade school (K-8th grade) in our Tesla Model 3 to pick him up after school, I often see kids pointing and exclaiming to their friends "Look! There's a TESLA!!"...
  17. heysteveh

    Stats app question re automation

  18. heysteveh

    Cancelled order because of Musk's behavior

    I respect the fact that you feel so strongly about this issue that you are willing to deny yourself the car you want because of it. Just keep in mind that there are legitimate differing points of view on how to deal with COVID-19. Apart from that, your post sounds more like you simply have a...
  19. heysteveh

    Blog Musk Says Fremont Factory Has Started Production Despite County Order

    Read Tesla's lawsuit in the link below, filed in a professional manner through normal legal channels. Musk is known for being highly principled and passionate about what he believes in (e.g. fighting all the media stories he deems false, often with personal lengthy, well thought out responses...
  20. heysteveh

    Anyone reconsidering their order after seeing how Elon is reacting to COVID-19?

    I think Elon would disagree based on his experience trying to "go about his business" of running Tesla and saving the world...;)
  21. heysteveh

    Questions about PPF/Clear Bra

    Yes, PPF does actually "self-heal". If the rock chip is so bad that it is not able to self-heal, most of the these PPF companies will replace the affected piece under warranty. If you want to know more, there are many threads on PPF with excellent info. I have the Suntek Ultra PPF on my front...
  22. heysteveh

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Sheltering in place... but just had a bath anyway!
  23. heysteveh

    Interior Detailer

    I use 303 regularly on my Model 3 interior; dash, door panels, white seats, etc. If you are getting streaks when using it that means that you are using to much and then it drys, leaving "streaks". Read the directions on the back of the 303 spray bottle, it talks about "streaking" as being...
  24. heysteveh

    Where to Find Sales figures for SR+ vs LR version?

    No wonder I couldn't seem to find it anywhere!
  25. heysteveh

    Where to Find Sales figures for SR+ vs LR version?

    I'm curious as to what the sales figures are for the different versions of Model 3. I have googled it, but perhaps I'm not using the right phrase in the search bar? Does the Model 3 SR+ outsell the Long Range version, or vice versa? What are the actual sales figures for last year on these two...
  26. heysteveh

    26 Model 3's to be at McDonalds Rock N Roll Car Show in Scottsdale, AZ

    The McDonald's Rock N Roll Car Show, scheduled tomorrow, September 21st, from 4-8pm at the Pavilions in Scottsdale, AZ has over 80 electric cars registered to show, of which about 40 are Teslas, and 26 of these are Model 3's! The Electric cars are registered through Phoenix Electric Auto...
  27. heysteveh

    Does it cost more to charge the last 20% of the battery?

    To be more specific I have a model 3SR plus and I am using the mobile connector that came with the car plugged into 14-50 NEMA outlet on a 50 amp circuit. So my car usually charges @ 32 amps. Hopefully I got all the terminology right . Thanks for the helpful reply!
  28. heysteveh

    Does it cost more to charge the last 20% of the battery?

    Thanks!! That answers my question.
  29. heysteveh

    Does it cost more to charge the last 20% of the battery?

    I have a Model 3 and charge at home. I know that when charging, as the battery gets closer to 100% it takes longer to charge, e.g. going from 80% charge to 100% takes a lot longer then, say, from 40% to 60%. My question is does this mean that it will also take more electricity to go from 80%...
  30. heysteveh

    EV Week - Prescott, AZ

    I just signed up too. Would love to chat with other Tesla owners AND owners of other electric vehicles.
  31. heysteveh

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    20% is correct!
  32. heysteveh

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    So when the registration comes due the the SECOND time after five years owning the Tesla I just bought, am I "grandfathered" in at the original registration rate, or does it go up to the new rate? It looks to me like the registration rate stays the same as long as I own the car. And if I sell...
  33. heysteveh

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    I was unaware of this. Do any other states do this yet?
  34. heysteveh

    Frequent supercharging killing my battery range? Only 1800 mileage.

    Watch this video on YouTube. It is not the normal YouTube fare in my opinion, but is very well done, just a little over 8 minutes long. It will put your mind at ease about a lot of battery related questions
  35. heysteveh

    I'm Famous!!!!

    Well, now that your on a roll the next step is to start a You-Tube channel;).
  36. heysteveh

    How about a plastic sub-trunk liner/carrier?

    Got mine today. Overall I am happy with it for the price. It did not ship in a box so it was a little wrinkled (see pics), but it is a sub-trunk liner so I don't really care. It is about 6" tall in the back. It is relatively thin, flexible plastic though I don't feel that is necessarily...
  37. heysteveh

    "Tesla": The word that will get you a better Mercedes lease.

    This is a blanket statement, and blanket statements are usually foolish at best. At least it is stated as part of an opinion rather then fact. In contrast to the first quoted post above, this one is much more forward thinking. After 3+ years on this forum, this is the first time I have ever...
  38. heysteveh

    Where are the Used Model 3's?

    This is a 100% correct answer. One benefit of this is that a demo, which is classified as new because it has never been sold and therefore never been titled, is eligible for all federal and state rebates that apply to new car sales. Every dealership in the U.S. must play by these same rules. All...
  39. heysteveh

    M3 Auto Insurance - what are you paying?

    Me too, and this high insurance factor was one of the main reasons I quit looking at used Model S's and bought a new Model 3
  40. heysteveh

    How about a plastic sub-trunk liner/carrier?

    Ordered this one today, it looks like it comes about 1/3 or 1/2 way up the sides. I don't need a deep one, or one with handles. Estimated shipping time: one month. Will let you know what I think once I take delivery.
  41. heysteveh

    To you, what are the small, lesser known things that make the Model 3 just brilliant?

    For me, the first time I drove one, I pulled up to a stoplight and it was perfectly still and quiet inside. Even though I knew this would be the case, experiencing it was a revelation to me. My previous car was a Mercedes C250. It was very quiet, and sitting at a stoplight I could not hear...
  42. heysteveh

    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    After reading several other posts on this thread of people having problems with Chademo chargers, and seeing pictures of straps being tied around trunk hinges and holding up charging adaptors, I would have to disagree that this is "no more difficult to understand than grabbing the right hose at...
  43. heysteveh

    Homelink - Post Delivery Installation Experience

    Just went in to Tesla service center today on a set appointment for an unrelated matter. While there, I told them I had ordered Homelink. He said they probably got it in already and if not, they had some in stock so they are going to do it for me while it's in service now. Based on your info...
  44. heysteveh

    Homelink - Post Delivery Installation Experience

    I've received a "order confirmed" email that said they would email me again when it shipped... it hasn't shipped yet. I ordered it one week ago. Once I get the "order Shipped" email I'm going to do what you did and schedule the service myself.
  45. heysteveh

    Homelink - Post Delivery Installation Experience

    Thanks for the tip on that service appointment. Although on the order confirmation email for the homelink it said Shipped To Scottsdale-Hayden Road Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Automatic Garage Opener None SKU: 1508524-00-A QTY: 1 Vehicle VIN: Vehicle Reservation Code: Install At Scottsdale-Hayden...
  46. heysteveh

    Homelink - Post Delivery Installation Experience

    I am wondering the same thing. Took delivery 6-18 on my SR+ and decided to order the homelink a few days later. Haven't even got to the setting service appointment stage yet. Don't tell me there's only two of us crazy enough to spend $300 for homelink?!?!

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