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  1. MiamiNole

    POLL: If the GOP tax reform kills the $7500 tax credit, will you still buy?

    And really, I'd like to wait for a moonroof option to become available. Haven't had a car without a moonroof in 15 years. The weather right now in FL is perfect for riding with windows down and the moonroof open. Worth waiting for me.
  2. MiamiNole

    POLL: If the GOP tax reform kills the $7500 tax credit, will you still buy?

    Yes, I'd still buy a Model 3... eventually. If I can't take advantage of the tax credit, then I'm certainly in no rush to stretch to get the Model 3 I want. I'd rather continue saving my money and taking care of other priorities.
  3. MiamiNole

    Filing Taxes Jointly & Tax Credit

    I am one of those rare circumstances apparently. Spouse student loans. :eek::eek::eek: I THOUGHT I knew the answer to this question, but I'm not 100% confident. Do you need to itemize in order to claim the tax credit, or can you claim the tax credit while taking the standard deduction?
  4. MiamiNole

    Poll: 35k or 49k

    Add me to the "want-to-know" list!
  5. MiamiNole

    Poll: 35k or 49k

    Yeah, I was thinking about that as I typed it up. A feature I REALLY want on the Model 3 is the panoramic moonroof that is currently available on the S and X. I'd definitely consider selling my first gen 3 whenever that feature becomes available.
  6. MiamiNole

    Poll: 35k or 49k

    Okay, so the premium package, EAP, and midnight silver are must-haves for me, so this question pretty much comes down to the extended battery cost to as an independent variable to determine usefulness. I need some outside opinions on this so help me out guys. I live in Orlando and frequently...
  7. MiamiNole

    Model 3 color and tire combos

    Midnight silver + aero wheels = Bae
  8. MiamiNole

    Home Charging - What do I need to do/buy?

    Do you mind if I ask how much the builder wanted for it? I just had a home built (closed on Monday) and had the builder install a 240V NEMA 14-50 plug for $250. It seemed reasonable compared to the $500-$1000 range I've seen people here throw around for adding to an existing home.
  9. MiamiNole

    Moonroof option?

    I have not seen any talk whatsoever about a moonroof as an option, and not much talk/complaining about the lack of a moonroof. Anybody know what the deal is? Wasn't a moonroof confirmed as an option for the Model 3 during the first reveal (metal roof, glass roof, glass moonroof)? Did something...
  10. MiamiNole

    Info and Hints from Elon Tweets

    He's going to Mars. Mike Pence just spoke at NASA and affirmed that man will step foot on Mars. It's all going according to Elon's plan....
  11. MiamiNole

    Tax Credit Clarification

    Stretching your budget for a $40K and not making enough to owe federal tax are not one and the same. Regardless of how much money you make, if your money is obligated for whatever reasons (mortgage, kids in college, other debts, etc.) buying a $40K car could very well be a stretch. It doesn't...
  12. MiamiNole

    [POLL] How much will the 75kWh upgrade cost?

    If Tesla's goal is still to get as many people in EVs as possible, I can't see them overpricing the range option or trying to bundle it into a more expensive package. Offering an affordable EV with range that beats every other non-Tesla EV on the market should be their focus. Based on everything...
  13. MiamiNole

    Elon says final reveal in July

    This is great
  14. MiamiNole

    Tesla blog yesterday repeats 215 mile range estimate

    Oh, I most definitely know why they are doing it. That's why I agreed with the person I originally quoted. I specifically was talking about the way they are anti-selling the 3. And I only said I find it a "bit" disturbing, and only because of all the talk of it being "compelling", competing with...
  15. MiamiNole

    Tesla blog yesterday repeats 215 mile range estimate

    Couldn't have said it any better myself. Although I do find the way they are anti-selling the Model 3 as a simpler car with "far" fewer options a bit disturbing. This IS supposed to be a car that competes with the BMW 3-series and Audi A4, right? I don't recall ever hearing that class of car...
  16. MiamiNole

    How much more would you pay for a driver instrument cluster?

    $0 Until the final design is actually revealed, I see no reason to want to spend extra money for an option that could be simply cosmetic at worst. Even if I end up not liking the final display design, there are plenty of other things I'd rather spend my money on.
  17. MiamiNole

    Elon says no Central Speedometer

    Not that I'm complaining, but is it not common to constantly look at your speedometer when you're driving? I live less than 10 miles away from my job and take all local roads of varying speed limits. I also live in Florida where people drive all sorts of speeds on the same road regardless of...
  18. MiamiNole

    Model 3 Configuration Time Window

    I thought there was some type of deferral process where you can defer your configuration date up to two times before you'd have to cancel your reservation? I know I read about that here on these forums after we all reserved. Was that misinformation?
  19. MiamiNole

    True Cost of Ownership

    Only if it's 15% or more.
  20. MiamiNole

    Final Model 3 reveal may not happen before production begins in July 2017, per Elon

    This. I interpreted pencils down to mean that they have A design, not the final design.
  21. MiamiNole

    Final Model 3 reveal may not happen before production begins in July 2017, per Elon

    After reading this post and the many responses to the post of @jsmay311, I think his quote was misinterpreted. He never said that the $1000 is putting a financial STRAIN on him. In fact, I think he only brought up the $1000 as an "oh by the way, they still have my money" kind of thing. He said...
  22. MiamiNole

    What kind of options/upgrades are you considering and why?

    And you guys still have to pay for vehicle registration every year on top of that? Yeesh. Guess I should go down to the DMV with a smile on my face the next time I pay for my FSU specialty tag registration!
  23. MiamiNole

    What kind of options/upgrades are you considering and why?

    Wow, property taxes on vehicles sounds pretty absurd. Taxing a depreciating asset? And who's responsible for reporting and assessing the value of the vehicle each year? I'd also think there would be some wink-wink nudge-nudge incentives for dealers to sell as many new vehicles as possible. Seems...
  24. MiamiNole

    Anticipating Configuration Page Launch for the Model 3

    They need to bring back dislike. "Disagree" doesn't really cut it here... EDIT: Or at the very least, give us an "Unhelpful" button!
  25. MiamiNole

    Where in my garage should I install my NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    My house will have one big door, so this won't be an option. Definitely would have considered it though! This sounds like the best option and makes the most sense for me. I park nose in when I do park in the garage, although I currently don't because we use one half for storage and I let my...
  26. MiamiNole

    Where in my garage should I install my NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Hey guys, I'm getting a new house built this year, so, in anticipation of getting my Model 3 within the next 12-18 months, I told the builder to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in advance. Now the question I was asked next was where do I want the outlet installed? I originally always assumed I'd...
  27. MiamiNole

    Tesla reaches 100000 US cars sold, halfway towards tax credit cap

    ??? How much of the world do you think drives on the left-side? Certainly not Europe outside of UK/Ireland! By the time Tesla actually "switches" to left-hand drive markets, we that reserved here stateside will probably all have our Model 3s! :)
  28. MiamiNole

    Possible hidden costs

    What's different between doing this at a supercharger at a grocery store and any other supercharger? We're still talking about superchargers being placed along grocery stores alongside highway routes for long distance travel, right? Not being put at every local neighborhood Publix or Kroger (or...
  29. MiamiNole

    Possible hidden costs

    Depends on the grocery store... Wegman's in the mid-Atlantic and NE is quite awesome! I'd sleep there if I could. ;) I (partly) jest though, so point taken!
  30. MiamiNole

    Still on the fence about committing to buying a first gen Model 3?

    TIE Fighter sound is the only way to go
  31. MiamiNole

    No free Supercharger for Model 3?

    Don't want to sound like I'm piling it on as many others have already responded to this post, but I wanted to add another perspective. Why shouldn't SCs be placed at grocery stores? Pretty much every gas station I've seen has a convenience store tied to it. If Tesla isn't going to open up their...
  32. MiamiNole

    The Model 3 I want is getting pretty expensive

    Painfully learned this lesson in college using my summer internship checks.
  33. MiamiNole

    The Model 3 I want is getting pretty expensive

    After doing some really crude math, it probably makes more sense to just finance AP into your loan up front rather than having to pay an extra $1000 later on if you know 100% for sure that you're going to add AP to the car. It sucks having to factor in a higher cost for AP but I'm pretty sure it...
  34. MiamiNole

    Elon Confirms 10/19 Announcement is Model 3 Part 2

    I hope people aren't taking this as good news. With the lack of current information on the Model 3 and also with no new information about the Model 3 being relayed during this announcement outside of the revamped autopilot and self-driving, there will have to be a part 3. So that tweet isn't...
  35. MiamiNole

    Elon Confirms 10/19 Announcement is Model 3 Part 2

    "While this is occurring, Teslas with new hardware will temporarily lack certain features currently available on Teslas with first-generation Autopilot hardware, including some standard safety features such as automatic emergency breaking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise...
  36. MiamiNole

    Premium Upgrades Package

    If it's the same PUP as is available for the Model S, then I'd have to say no. The upgrades I want for the car are all their own options for the Model S (Sound upgrade, leather, panoramic sunroof). PUP looks to range from "nice-to-have" to "completely unnecessary" for me. Outside of that and a...
  37. MiamiNole

    Another way to think about the bigger battery options.

    Thankfully, I doubt anyone else with any common knowledge about batteries and electric vehicles would share your other way of thinking...
  38. MiamiNole

    Another way to think about the bigger battery options.

    Equating a larger battery to a larger gas tank is your first mistake.
  39. MiamiNole

    Fully optioned Model 3 price in USD?

    I would think this is what most people are expecting when talking about the Model 3 having lower priced options than the S and X. 50% is kind of a ridiculous expectation. I would be ecstatic if Model 3 option prices were 75-80% of Model S prices. But I'm not expecting that. I'm really just...
  40. MiamiNole

    Engadget claims Bolt cheaper than Model 3

    Was just about to type pretty much this same response but figured somebody probably already beat me to it.
  41. MiamiNole

    Battery Pack Costs

    I know someone had a direct source citing the length of the GM deal with LG Chem, but couldn't find it during a quick google search. Best I could find was a year old article from Inside EVs. According to this graph from the article, the $145 price is locked in through 2019. I also found other...
  42. MiamiNole

    Battery Pack Costs

    I remember reading about this topic months back and someone saying that GM's deal with LG has a price that is locked in for a significant amount of years. So even as the cost to LG goes down, GM is still locked into the same price throughout the deal.
  43. MiamiNole

    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    The way these articles are jumping to conclusions about the Bolt beating out the Model 3 is unreal. Even USAToday is hopping on that hypetrain. If the Bolt was announced as having a 200 mile range, and the actual range is later announced to be 238 miles, then logically one would assume that if...
  44. MiamiNole

    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    I'm pretty sure he IS a Tesla owner. I've seen that thrown out a lot of times on this forum who are indeed Tesla owners. The US is a large country. Not everyone's SC experience is the same.
  45. MiamiNole

    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    I'm typing this in real-time as I catch up on the rest of the topic. I'm deducing that bro1999 and luca are the same person making arguments at opposite ends of the spectrum. Let's see if I'm right... :)
  46. MiamiNole

    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    Just getting to page 8 and seeing that this topic has gone south (I see Bolt enthusiast bro1999 has started with the name calling jabs). The topic DID start off on a good foot with healthy conversation. It was good while it lasted!
  47. MiamiNole

    Model 3 wave

    Awww... She'd be sad. :(
  48. MiamiNole

    Bolt EV EPA range = 238 miles combined!

    I'm pretty sure Tesla isn't "worried" about this in the slightest. Aside from people already mentioning that basically, "competition is good", it's not like Tesla hasn't been consistently improving their own battery technology. If GM announced the Bolt as having a 200 mile range and it's now...
  49. MiamiNole

    Would you be willing to buy your M≡ options now?

    This. Plus, what would be the difference between paying now rather than just putting that money towards your down payment at purchase? All you'd be doing is basically locking yourself out of any flexibility with your money.
  50. MiamiNole

    Model 3 wave

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