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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    If u are close to Seattle area, you can use midnight tint of Seattle, in Edmonds... that’s where I got mind done. Brett runs this place and pleasure to work with
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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    Not yet, finally got all the red logo stickers done (front, read, 4 wheel center caps, turn signals), now will clean the car and post pictures, very happy with the way matte blue turned out. But it’s definitely a personal preference thing
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    My 2018 X100D, 20” rims and Contisilent is averaging 401kw/mi, for 2,000 miles. (Seattle area). This doesn’t seem normal, as my 2016 X90D, also with 20s, averaged 320 for over 2 yrs. I haven’t changed my driving habit, if anything been taking it easier with the new one (own it) vs. the old...
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    New X Owner Question

    same here. took delivery end of sept of my 2nd X100D. they just handed me 2 keyfobs. no leather case, no box, no Tesla goodies (back in 2016, they gave me umbrella, coffee mug, pen, leather keyfobs). I didnt expect to get goodies with my purchase, but obviously with delivery volume...
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    Ahh ruined the white interior

    I found a serious ballpoint mark on my white rear seat yesterday. I tried using soap to get it out, but 30% was still visible... finally i raided my wife’s makeup drawer and tried “nail polish remover” using a makeup removing pads... and...... (drum roll).... came right off in 5 seconds. I am...
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    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    I had Chrome Deleted with black door handles, looks very good to me, it’s a matter of personal preference I guess. I did have them also wrap the spoiler black as well. I like it. Since I got the full XPEL stealth wrap, I also went with black matte/satin finish on for my chrome delete
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    Auto lowering when park is engaged?

    While I would love it as option, not sure if I will use this all the time. here is why. many of the parking lots have concrete blocks or side walks, that bottom of front bumper might hit... if suspension is auto lowered.
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    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    Was there around 8:20pm, 8/8 stalls were full (when I plugged in) charged for only 15 mins (all I needed), but I agree, this will be full with mostly the local Issaquah Highlands people at all times during the normal hours. Probably should have had 12 stalls in this location.
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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    I did call around few detailers in the area, and $7k was actually pretty reasonable for XPEL, Chrome Delete, and front windows tint. But I have read that it varies from state/city to state/city. Seattle area is almost as expansive as CA for many services now. Agree on completing the look with...
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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    $6,875 total for everything.
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    that might take me a while :D, as i have over 2K contacts in my phone. :(
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    "I also remember reading on a thread to try not allowing contacts to sync. See if that helps. Then after its connected, select the sync contacts button after you've confirmed that it has paired correctly." This did it!!... its working now. I just dont have people name showing up with caller ID...
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    Thanks, will try this after work today and report back if works. Thanks again for the suggestion.
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    Done that too... deleted the device, even did the cold reboot (two scroll + breaks), before repairing iPhone to X. Still same situation
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    i have been on 12.0.1, that didn't change anything for me.
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    Anyone else with Bluetooth connectivity issues with iPhone XS Max and v9?

    I am really not sure whether the issue is with my X v9 firmware or iPhone XS Max, but when connected my iphone via Bluetooth and playing music, the connection drops after 30 seconds, and music only plays through phone speakers (vs. X's speakers). Even after restarting the phone, doing two...
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    v9 Dash Cam Inconsistent Recording

    according to the Tesla blogs and several articles, you need to format the USB as FAT32 (not FAT) for it to work
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    Garage door damage... what’s the damage?

    It’s not homelink... it’s the garage door openers that only have one I/O signal to either open and close... so the garage doors remote also has a single button for both operations... hence the homelink systems just mimic your garage door opener remote. I do agree that it’s time to improve the...
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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    Getting excited... good progress... should be ready tomorrow
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    USB ideal capacity and best brand for v9 Dashcam?

    thank you... I didnt know that it only saves last 1 hour of activity. I was under the impression that we were only limited about how big the USB drive is :(
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    USB ideal capacity and best brand for v9 Dashcam?

    so the benefit of this stick would be to transfer files without having to take out the USB and plugging into a PC?
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    USB ideal capacity and best brand for v9 Dashcam?

    What do you all recommend for ideal USB size / brand / speed for the v9 dashcam? anyone done some analysis on size vs. hours of recording. I tried to be on the safe side and ordered 128GB USB 3.1 Sandisk. Liked the small profile and 128GB is probably big enough, but now wondering if it will...
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    Anyone with an S/X still waiting for V9?

    I have a feeling that roll-out is paused by Tesla... not seeing an increased number of cars reporting the v9 update on EV-FW site. I hope its due to fixing the split screen or somehow allowing us to pin the rear camera on the upper half of the screen.
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    Getting XPEL Stealth and Chrome Delete in Seattle Area

    Getting full XPEL Stealth wrap and Chrome Delete, and front window tinting on my X100D... I will post more pictures of progress. It was hard to find someone good in WA (I always see ton of great vendors here from CA), but finally decided to go with Midnight Window Tinting in Shoreline, WA...
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    Took X home-Should I have refused delivery?

    I also see all these as cosmetic issues. Not trying to disregard your concerns, but these can definitely be addressed by service center... I would not have refused delivery. You did not make a mistake in bringing car home.
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    Bellevue, WA delivery

    Many... some I miss while appreciating the rest. X90D vs. X100D AP1 vs. AP2 Perforated seats vs. plain (I preferred the perf seats, even with higher risk of tears or cleaning difficulties of spills)... still liked white interior on both. Contrast piping around stiching on X90D vs. plain on 100D...
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    Bellevue, WA delivery

    Picked up my X today at Bellevue service center, had a 7pm appointment, (rescheduled from last Friday, as my car was not shipped until this Sunday from Fremont), arrived there at 6:40 and the place was packed, I mean no place to park packed. As an existing Tesla owner (fanboy - I admit), I was...
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    Horrific Delivery Experience - Delivery Refused

    I have been driving an X for over 2.5 yrs, my VIN is in low 4000, yes there were panel gaps, scratches, fwd alignment, headliner, rubber seal issues, but SC fixed every single one of them... I have been extremely happy with the overall Tesla experience... (this is coming from someone who sold...
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    Recs for good interior leather protector and sealant product?

    I have had my X since early 2016 with White Vegan leather (ventilated seats) with two kids (now 12 and 10). In 2.5 yrs, never had to apply any protection or covers on the seat, 38K miles on the car and seats are still perfect. Did clean it a few times with soft cloth and warm water. (Probably...
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    Help me decide ... Red MX: Xpel Ultimate (Clear) or Xpel Stealth (Matte)

    i have a quote in Seattle for $5K for XPEL Stealth and $1K for Chrome delete. planning to take it in couple of weeks. anyone else has better recommendation?
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    Ordered My X...

    My lease was going to end in end of March 2019 and Tesla offered me early lease buyout as well... Just like you Jeff, I ordered the EXACT same X 100D, Deep Blue, stock wheels, and white interior... I also thought long and hard about the sonic carbon wheels, but couldnt pull the trigger...
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    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA

    Any update on this SC? do we have a date for opening?
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    X: What's your 90%?

    X 90D with 20" wheels. 9,400 miles. First few months of owning my X, my 90% was consistently 234 miles. However for last month or so, now 90% shows 226 rated miles. I normally charge to 90%, have charged to 100% 3-4 times night before long trips and rarely let the battery reach <20%. I...
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    First Model X with 8.0

    I just got update notification. I have been reading all the issues/shortcomings of 8.0, but I still can't help myself and have to install it right away. Hoping that it will keep getting better overtime. :-)
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    Model X TPMS

    Hold it down for more than 1 second and then start scrolling until you see the option of "car status". Then let go. You can do the same on either right or left scroll, depending on which side of the dash you want the info to appear.
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    Firmware 7.1

    Slide the seat all the way forward and back and it should do the trick. Happend to me few weeks ago, and I took it to SC.
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    20160329_211853195_iOS by ahmarm posted Mar 29, 2016 at 11:36 PM20160330_053609000_iOS by ahmarm posted Mar 29, 2016 at 11:36 PM20160330_053614000_iOS by ahmarm posted Mar 29, 2016 at 11:36 PMPicked up my 90D in Seattle today. Loving the X, found minor cosmetic issues that Tesla DS noted down...
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    Delivery feedback and pics for SC after a week

    Thank you, very useful post. I am picking up my X on coming Tuesday, and will pay close attention to the areas you have noticed. To be honest, I don't think I was even going to look in the areas where you have found issues. Your post alone was worth the time investment I have made in joining...
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    Car insurance

    I am going with the "dreaded" lease (yes, I have read most of the debate on this topic in this forum :)), hence I didn't check on the replacement value yet, but will inquire for sure. Allstate usually are pretty good with replacing relatively new car, in case of a total loss.
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    Car insurance

    its coming out to be $928/6 months additional to add the X as the third car for me with AllState. thats with all the discounts and clean driving record. $250 deductible and 100/300/100 policy. Progressive was quoting $840, and I didnt want to switch insurance companies for less than $100...
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    Wall connector out of stock

    I would install the NEMA 14-50 for now. You don't want to charge the Model X on standard 110volt outlet. (3 mi/hr charge rate)
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    I have my X delivery now scheduled in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon. VIN: 43xx. 90D, Black, white interior, premium, sub zero, auto pilot, 48A, 7 seats Reserved in Oct 2015, order confirmed 1/19/16
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    Will MX fit in my garage?

    perfect. Thanks Pvogel
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    Will MX fit in my garage?

    I might have missed a post or two on this, but can someone please let me know what the total height/clearance we need (FWD open) to fit the Model X in my garage. From Floor to lowest part of garage door opener mechanism, without the door touching it or restricting the door opening?
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    Picked up 90D today, San Rafael

    Congratulations, glad to hear that QC is getting better. What config & color did you order?
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    Two deliveries in one day!

    congratulations... what an awesome story and timing.
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    Picking up Model X tomorrow @ 10:30 "not in CA"!

    Congratulations, car and family looking amazing. Please share your experiences of X vs. S driving
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Congratulations indeed and thanks for sharing the pictures
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    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    My model X 90D delivery is still expected for March 24 - March 30 (according to Tesla website). My delivery rep says to not hold your breadth and it could be delayed by a week, not sure who to trust.

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