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  1. SteveD

    Best 19 tires replacement

    Thanks for your excellent review of tires. Very informative and great to have the links. I have 19" rims so the Continentals looks like the best fit and has an excellent price point. The Michelins are sold at Costco but currently they are out of stock, they are offering $150 off atm. On a...
  2. SteveD

    Blog Ford Makes $11.4B Investment in Electric Future

    We should all applaud this announcement. It's not we against them, but united we can built a better planet. I hope their vision comes true. Competition is good for everyone. Elon Musk should be proud that he sparked a revolution. Many people where pretty skeptical that electric cars could ever...
  3. SteveD

    Newbie Question - Sentry mode and Dashcam

    Here is a simple solution: You can format and set up the drive from the car. With the drive inserted and no other connections to the 2nd USB port, select Controls > Safety & Security, and then FORMAT USB DEVICE. You may have to scroll the screen up to see the FORMAT option. A format erases...
  4. SteveD

    Tesla Model 3 Three Year Review – the Basics (Part 1)

    Great review and I would agree with a lot of your comments. Especially about the rims being bigger than the tires. I have rim rash on most of the wheels. That was before they updated the software so that when you backup, the mirrors adjust to look at the curb. The rear camera was not very...
  5. SteveD

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    You car should have the HW3 already installed.
  6. SteveD

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Not call M3 came with HW3, so if you had an older MS like I did, Tesla had to upgrade the computer. In my case it was free because I already had FSD. I have a 2018 M3
  7. SteveD

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Would FSD add to the resale of a car that has this option? Perhaps not 100% but would at least add value.
  8. SteveD

    Where is the best place to purchase/replace/align tires on a Model 3?

    Lots of tire shops fix flats for free. Never had a problem with the independent shops. Fixed 3 flats on my Tesla already, all due to screws.
  9. SteveD

    Tesla Humor

    Next day for me. But the service center was in a push to get cars out before the end of the quarter. So they were super busy. They gave me a model S to drive so no problem for me.
  10. SteveD

    J.D. Power Report Says Tesla Vehicles Prone to Problems

    I cannot believe that Tesla is dead last in the JD Powers report. I have had a M3 for 2 years. Zero service calls. Not perfect is every way but pretty close. We have about 24K on the car. I am loving how the car keeps getting better OTA updates. I own a Kia Sedona, really nice car in lots of...
  11. SteveD

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    How can I find out which level of MCU I have?
  12. SteveD

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    It looks more like a cross between a Delorean and a Hummer. Super badass in my opinion. Already have my $100 down. This tank will go great with my Model 3. My wife can drive the M3, I'll take this Cybertruck. Can't wait to start driving over curbs, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how...
  13. SteveD

    Exterior detailing

    Jkoya, You might want to check in with Claire for some advice on the product. She did a demo on my KIA that had badly rain-etched windows and it came off pretty well. She is doing a full detail at my home next week and will remove all the etching on glass and body. I know Griot's have some...
  14. SteveD

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I'm thinking the cybertruck is a cross between the DeLorean and the Hummer. It's going to be a great truck and I'm looking forward to trading my Kia Sorrento in to buy it!
  15. SteveD

    Exterior detailing

    Actually JPP, I did cQuartz on my Tesla too but even with cQuartz some maintenance is necessary. I've had my car for a year now. Living in the Northwest, I hand wash my car in the summer and fall but as colder rainy weather sets in using the Rinseless wash is a big help. I was surprised how...
  16. SteveD

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    It will look super cool with some graphics on it. Big aftermarket for graphics. Wait and see!. Great specs and decent price. Looking forward to hearing more.
  17. SteveD

    Exterior detailing

    I have a friend of mine who is a car care specialist at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma, WA. For any car enthusiast, this is the place to visit. Check out www.griotsgarage.com Claire has been working for Griot’s Garage for 5 years and is an expert in car detailing. She is very knowledgeable about car...
  18. SteveD

    No Radio since 12.4!

    I previously reported that the radio is not working for local stations. It seems to be working now! I too had my windows tinted. Hope there will not be any problems in the future. I have had the car a little over a year now.
  19. SteveD

    Let's talk about audio: Immersive Sound

    Dang that's lot of speakers. Love it! I haven't heard the Porsche yet, but at triple the price of a M3, I think Tesla is doing pretty dang good. I just don't understand all the complaints. But even the experts can disagree about what sounds the best. Certainly some subjective elements.
  20. SteveD

    No Radio since 12.4!

    I have the same problem. My wife listens to new radio everyday on her commute to work. Can't get the station anymore and station just spins like it is trying to connect. I'm getting this on regular music channels as well from time to time but not as bad as the radio which does not work at all...
  21. SteveD

    Let's talk about audio: Immersive Sound

    I love the sound of the Model 3. Best sound of any audio system in any car I have ever owned. How many speakers? Nine? I like the immersive option. I'm just using the built in streaming option, but occasionally stream audible books from my phone.
  22. SteveD

    Blog Bollinger Prices All-Electric Truck at $125K

    Looks more like a Land Rover than a truck. I agree, ugly. Land Rovers look better with far more safety, comfort and style. Who would buy such a thing. Glad to see innovation when it comes to electric vehicles, but this looks like a step back.
  23. SteveD

    Blog Tesla's Full Self Driving Option to Receive $1,000 Price Increase

    It was pure joy driving on autopilot on winding rural roads in eastern Washington on a road trip in August. I was amazed to see the car slow when pulling curves. I have no idea what technology is used to slow the car into curves. It was so much fun driving in a relaxed manner, watching the...
  24. SteveD

    FM radio stopped working

    My wife has been complaining that the FM Radio is having this problem. It worked fine until the last software update now she gets the spinning circle. But it does connect occasionally but then will disconnect like when she uses her turn signal. Very weird. I don't personally use the FM radio...
  25. SteveD

    Navigation Maps outside of cell service

    Time for Elon to launch some rockets from SpaceX to improve cell phone range.
  26. SteveD

    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    Tesla has a great reverse camera so it's pretty clear when a pedestrian is behind the car.
  27. SteveD

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    I don't have any icon for the dash cam?? I only want to use dash cam no music so I don't need to partition the disk. I have a micro SD chip in a USB drive. I also am using a Nomad pad to charge two phones. They use both USB slots so I use a splitter to create an extra USB plug. I know it is...
  28. SteveD

    Navigate on autopilot drives like a drunk - won’t keep straight in a single lane.

    My auto steering is rock solid. I've had my car for a year with 14,000 miles. This car will steer far better than manual steering. Initially I had some problems with on and off ramps where the line on the left would disappear. The car would want to wander to the left. But no so much anymore. It...
  29. SteveD

    "You people"? Really?

    Hey you know, we don't know why he was dismissed but typically one is warned before he was banned. Perhaps he will be back and stick to the posting rules. The Tesla community needs to have some rules for the benefit of all.
  30. SteveD

    FSD Letter - What does it include?

    I just make the purchase. I love enhanced autopilot now and look forward to increasing it's capability. I plan to keep my car a long time so I hope this will be worth it.
  31. SteveD

    Full Autopilot Upgrade??

    Got an email from Tesla offering full autopilot upgrade from enhanced for $3000. Loved driving the car with autopilot during a recent 450 mile road trip in rural Washington State known as the North Cascades Loop. Full autopilot would of course include any hardware upgrades so might be worth...
  32. SteveD

    "You people"? Really?

    Lovely photo btw Bonnie :) Are you still driving a Tesla?
  33. SteveD

    Musk Teases Features of Tesla's Version 10 Software

    Could not agree more Scottm. While some of the frills may be fun, a focus on the basics is essential.
  34. SteveD

    Blog Tesla Model 3 Road Trip to San Diego

    I curious. No mention as to how long it takes to charge your car. I can see how the breaks would be nice but what would be the total time added to your trip as you stop to charge your M3. I have one and looking forward to a longer road trip. Perhaps Seattle to Yellowstone next year. Just my...
  35. SteveD


    Hello Model3forMe Seems you have it working pretty good for you. I'm not seeing the camera icon on my screen. Does anyone have a screenshot of what it looks like? Does it only come on when you plug the USB drive in? I am using a splitter cable so that I can have both phones charge on a pad...
  36. SteveD

    Wrapping, Coating, etc - investment or waste?

    I have had my M3 for 7 months and 8500 miles, got PPF on the hood and fenders and did the ceramic coating. It was expensive and I have wondered whether it has been worth it. The car looks great after washes (hand wash only). But I have noticed a couple of paint chips which is what I thought...
  37. SteveD

    TeslaCam 5.15 Update

    Whoops didn't notice this topic was about the TeslaCam, I was commenting on the update, so I'm off topic, sorry.
  38. SteveD

    TeslaCam 5.15 Update

    I noticed longer range with 80% charge. We charged up to 80% which yields about 245 miles, with the new upgrade the 80% charge yielded 260 miles. Not sure if this is a permanent change and whether max range now is in excess of 310 miles?
  39. SteveD

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    If full self driving was paramount for you, you should have waited for it to become a reality. I'm not surprised it is taking far longer for that to happen than anticipated. No offense intended, but anyone plunking money down on hype is foolish. I bought the EAP and could not be happier with...
  40. SteveD

    What are your charging habits?

    I charge to 80% daily (244 miles). Round trip drive to work is 75 miles. Plenty of charge to drive around in addition to daily commute. Weekend usually charge sometimes not if charge is nearly full.
  41. SteveD

    Model 3 LR tire rotation?

    Took my M3 to Les Schwab in Tacoma and they rotated the tires for free. They know all about Tesla, lift points, etc. No appointment was needed. Takes about 45 min on weekend and less during the week.
  42. SteveD

    Boring Company Shows Off First Completed Tunnel

    Lol, true concerns. Perhaps this is more of a prototype vs the final product. My concerns is more related to focusing on the successful products already developed ie Solar, Tesla and SpaceX. Who knows, I wish Elon Musk well in his endeavors
  43. SteveD

    Boring Company Shows Off First Completed Tunnel

    I don't know. I'm a Tesla fan, okay, and own a Model 3. Elon Musk is a fascinating man who has developed amazing products with a lot of futurist vision. He, his companies and employees have all done what no one else has done. Unbelievable products that people have said can't be done. Not...
  44. SteveD

    Safe to tint windshield yet?

    Dang, interesting information. Got my M3 in August, had my 70/50 3M Crystalline done in September by a quality shop in Redmond, WA. Metropolitan Detail. They had 3-4 Tesla's in the shop having detail work done so I assume they know what the are doing and took proper precautions. The Tesla is...
  45. SteveD

    The Bandit vs Slipstream Bracket

    Hey that does look great! First time anyone posted a photo of using the original plate offered by Tesla, that I know of. Thanks for sharing, helpful information.
  46. SteveD

    The Bandit vs Slipstream Bracket

    I have the Bandit. Works great. No one has backed into it yet and I am careful about leaving room for the car in front and back of me. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  47. SteveD

    Tesla originally billed us $35 for checking air pressure

    Go to Les Schwab. They did ours for free or Costco.
  48. SteveD

    Software Update 2018.46.x

    Just got update to 46.2 this evening, will check it out tomorrow and report back.

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