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  1. AlexanderAF

    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    I'm sticking with the Roadster. When the Model S "refresh" Plaid and Plaid+ specs were released, I strongly considered just trading in my current car for one of those. Having those strong performance numbers while having practical features like comfortable rear-seats, a rear infotainment...
  2. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    They are awaiting Edison. They said a few days to a few weeks. They are most definitely without a doubt in my mind V3 250 kW Superchargers, and I like that they are at the outer edge of the parking lot as opposed to near the front. This’ll hopefully keep down the number of ICE incidents.
  3. AlexanderAF

    CCS1 to Tesla Adapter is being developed by Tesla Korea Club.

    Without permission or a licensing agreement with Tesla, it will probably not work on a Tesla car. The car is likely not equipped to handshake with CCS fast chargers, and will not initiate the charge.
  4. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    This is exactly where I need a supercharger. I live on-base at Edwards and I go to LA pretty often. Unfortunately, the super chargers in LA get really crowded anytime I’m on the road. I get it, people there rent and have no place to charge at night. But this will allow me to run to LA and...
  5. AlexanderAF

    Supercharger - Florence, KY - Houston Road

    I will definitely be using this when visiting my wife’s family! I’ve been to that Meijers, Best Buy, and Kohl’s many times.
  6. AlexanderAF

    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Funny part is...I wasn’t going to buy the truck until after I saw it. Now I’m a tri-motor reservation holder.
  7. AlexanderAF

    Living and sleeping in a Cybertruck?

    I used to think this, too, until I worked in Los Angeles for 5 years. My wife and I both have high-paying jobs and rent was massive and buying a house was out of the question. There are tons of good jobs out here, but housing prices are so insane that living in your car doesn’t seem so...
  8. AlexanderAF

    Okay, I think down the road I’m getting one. Here’s why.

    So...was watching first-ride videos on YouTube and decided why not put my plan into action. I have a tri-motor reserved for delivery in late-2022 (which I expect may get pushed to 2023). Plenty of time to enjoy my M3P, and I’ll replace it with the ultimate road-trip truck down the road! The...
  9. AlexanderAF

    Okay, I think down the road I’m getting one. Here’s why.

    I bought my Model 3 Performance for speed practicality, and range. It’s a beautiful sedan, but I wish it could be a bit more... aggressive-looking. I’ve been a muscle car enthusiast my whole life and always enjoyed aggressive-looking, fast cars. Well, for about what I paid for the Model 3...
  10. AlexanderAF

    I think it will look badass driving on the road

    They have one on their website: Cybertruck Honestly, this is going to draw a lot of attention on the road as it looks like absolutely nothing out there. I think it looks really good from the front and back, but definitely not from the side. If it was a smooth curve at the top rather than a...
  11. AlexanderAF

    Model 3 Performance runs a 10.58 1/4 mile.

    They clearly didn’t measure the track correctly...
  12. AlexanderAF

    My experience at the Jaguar and Audi Dealerships today for their EVs

    Dealer eyes your attention over to the back where Al Gore has a sniper rifle trained on him :P
  13. AlexanderAF

    I think I just saw a prototype for the redesigned Model S...

    The car looks taller because it is most likely skewed from the camera. The camera shutter passes over the sensor from left to right, so if the car is moving from left to right it will get squished. If it was still it wouldn’t be distorted. Similar to how an ambulance sounds high-pitched as it’s...
  14. AlexanderAF

    Tesla's Referral Program - no more free Roadster 2.0?

    I got my fifth referral a week ago, so I guess I’ll wait and update if a secret level pops up. Either I lose all my hair from the missed opportunity, or my dopamine receptors all fire up like Christmas lights if I see the secret level.
  15. AlexanderAF

    Tesla's Referral Program - no more free Roadster 2.0?

    Well if that’s the case I missed the boat by...two weeks (bangs head on table)
  16. AlexanderAF

    Tesla's Referral Program - no more free Roadster 2.0?

    Regarding Tesla's Referral Program and access to their secret levels (ex. Roadster 2.0 discount), were these secret levels only available to customers who ordered their Tesla in 2017 and future customers are limited to only 5 referrals? I purchased my P3D on 07/2018. I am currently under the...
  17. AlexanderAF

    Nomad Review Video and Design Change Details [Video]

    Nomad is having a pretty large Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (up to 30% off most items - sorry, not the Model 3 charging pad). Here’s a link to their website. I receive a small commission if you buy using my link at no cost to you. If you don’t want to use my link I’ve also posted their...
  18. AlexanderAF

    How to get a stuck license plate off a Tesla Model 3

  19. AlexanderAF

    Nomad Review Video and Design Change Details [Video]

    Yep, in case you have a smaller phone. No problems there with an iPhone 8 Plus!
  20. AlexanderAF

    Nomad Review Video and Design Change Details [Video]

    Design change [00:53] The Onvian USB Splitter Cable that Nomad recommended in their letter works just fine powering the Nomad while allowing me to still record dashcam footage. While the splitter states only one side is good for charging, either side can be used for the Nomad (according to...
  21. AlexanderAF

    [Video] For Model 3 Performance Owners - Everything you need to know

    So customers inquiring about Elon's refund tweet are being told that the $5k refund is in the works and they are having their accounts marked as "refund requested". A P3D non-PUP customer inquiring about this was told he/she would have his/her account marked "refund requested" as well. Another...
  22. AlexanderAF

    [Video] For Model 3 Performance Owners - Everything you need to know

    Sorry everyone. I've been looking at this strongly from the PUP perspective, and I realize now that there are many who weighed the decision of whether to spend $5000 or not, and chose not to only to find out that it would be free later. I'll update the description to include any decisions...
  23. AlexanderAF

    [Video] For Model 3 Performance Owners - Everything you need to know

    There has been a lot of talk on this price drop in the past few days, so I figured it would add value for current owners of the Model 3 Performance (with the Performance Upgrade Pacjage) to understand what’s going on with the recent price-drop, what’s the best decision to make, and what’s the...
  24. AlexanderAF

    295 miles, no EAP

    I had the EXACT same issue. I called the service center and they said somewhere it wasn't reflected that I had EAP. They said they'd push a software update to the car and it would take 24-48 hours for it to prompt an install. That evening my EAP started working...no install required.
  25. AlexanderAF

    Oops! Don't shift into neutral while driving

    If you're on a slight incline, you can rock the car uphill and let it roll back just like a manual...so long as it's not on "hold".
  26. AlexanderAF

    Tesla Model 3 Drive System Validated after 1 Million Miles of Testing

    That is quite impressive. I hope mine lasts for many years to come!
  27. AlexanderAF

    My Thoughts on Autopilot Efficiency

    While I find autopilot works in a lot of situations, there are some where I don’t use it. If I hand a semi behind me I sometimes find it can stop too suddenly for the truck driver. Generally autopilot is more efficient for me because I am somewhat of a speed demon without it. I only really...
  28. AlexanderAF

    Here's why the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the Best Tesla Yet

    I don’t know but it’s not there anymore
  29. AlexanderAF

    Here's why the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the Best Tesla Yet

    I was the external drone operator. I coerced a younger Tesla-crazy coworker to drive the car while I flew, then I took him to Oozlefinch Brewery afterwards. It was a good day. It would be my dream to own a Roadster 2.0. I highly doubt I’ll ever get one for free as I just don’t have enough...
  30. AlexanderAF

    Here's why the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the Best Tesla Yet

    I am by no means nothing more than an amateur, but I wanted to do a video highlighting the Tesla Model 3 Performance, and why I friggin love this car so much! I've come from a long background of owning muscle-cars, and I think the day a person like me picks up a Tesla is a sure sign that this...
  31. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    Looks like they need a new belt for their dyno...I give up!
  32. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    Good news is I found a linked all-wheel-drive dyno! It’s going to be a 180 mile drive to Atlanta, but since I am making a Performance Model 3 video, I’m just going to suck it up and do it. It’s next Wednesday, so if all goes well I will report numbers that night. The video probably won’t be...
  33. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    No luck so far. I now have my P3D+, but in southern VA I could only find one linked AWD dyno and they declined to dyno it because of "the ride height sensors and all the electronics". I didn't want to get into how the Model 3 does not have the smart air suspension, hence no ride height sensors...
  34. AlexanderAF

    Just took delivery of P3D+ from ATL/Roswell

    I have to say, delivery exceeded my expectations! I picked the P3D+ up from Alpharetta-Roswell in Atlanta. My DS was very helpful, and everything was squared away within an hour and a half (we are a mil family, so there were added complications with moving around so much). I started a 600 mile...
  35. AlexanderAF

    Wireless Qi charger opinions

    Sweet! I’d love to see some pics of it installed. I’m also curious to know how well a larger phone like the iPhone Plus will fit in there?
  36. AlexanderAF

    How do you guys feel on the Model 3 being really popular

    Ditto!* *I work in the NASA Earth Sciences Division
  37. AlexanderAF

    Forcibly towed?

    Driver: "Sir, I believe you damaged my car. It says in the manual that towing the car with the rear-wheels on the ground can cause excessive heat resulting to damage to the rear motor." Tow Truck Driver: "Oh, I'm sorry...please, here's a check!" They are towing companies. You'd have to sue...
  38. AlexanderAF

    Atlanta, GA Waiting Room

    Over the phone I was told the same thing, but I’m picking it up at my very earliest opportunity anyway.
  39. AlexanderAF

    Would the typical Corvette Driver recognize a Performance M3?

    If it a guy in their mid-30’s-40’s, probably. I’m trading in my 2SS Camaro (AND my Prius) for a P3D+. No more fuel supper and gas guzzler.
  40. AlexanderAF

    P3D Reference Consumption

    Yeah, I imagine for the first two Supercharger stops I’ll probably be enjoying the crap out of it on the freeway. I am estimating a total of six supercharger stops to finish the journey with 20 to 25 minutes at each stop. I’ll be staying at a friends house who is absolutely in love with Teslas...
  41. AlexanderAF

    Atlanta, GA Waiting Room

    Thanks! I hope the appointment keeps and everything is smooth sailing. Really excited about the car.
  42. AlexanderAF

    Atlanta, GA Waiting Room

    I have a delivery date for my P3D+! Decatur delivery center on the 28th. Because I telework back and forth between AL and VA, this falls in where I’ll be in VA unfortunately. I’m going to have a 650 mile road trip immediately upon leaving the dealership in Decatur. Kind of nervous.. Reserve...
  43. AlexanderAF

    P3D Reference Consumption

    I have a delivery date for my P3D+! However, my first trip from the dealership is going to be a 650 mile road trip. Abetterrouteplanner.com does not have reference consumption for a P3D with 20” rims. I searched the forums and can’t find any direct answers. Would anyone be willing to share...
  44. AlexanderAF

    Using Mobile Connector Outside When Rainy?

    All great answers and exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  45. AlexanderAF

    Using Mobile Connector Outside When Rainy?

    How many of you have used the Gen 2 mobile connector outside when raining? I’m visiting a friends house in the country and he has an outdoor wall outlet, but as this is in Maryland often rains overnight. I read the manual, and it still unclear to me if the mobile Gen 2 connector is designed...
  46. AlexanderAF

    So...has anyone dyno'ed a P3D yet?

    I've searched the forums, YouTube, and r/TeslaMotors and I still have yet to see a dyno test for a Tesla Model 3 Performance. I'm very curious to see what actual whp versus rated horsepower is? Anyone? If nothing, I got the call that they have a P3D+ on the way for me. I was thinking maybe I...
  47. AlexanderAF

    P3D with Performance Upgrade and Black Interior status

    I got a call from a salesperson saying they have found a car. I provided my trade-in info. I do not have a delivery date at this time. I'm picking up from ATL. Ordered: 6/28 Edit button gone: 9/2 Phone call: 9/4
  48. AlexanderAF

    Unbox Therapy gets hands on a P3D

  49. AlexanderAF

    Turn signal sound too quiet?

    It would be nice to have a feature where if you leave your turn signal on too long because of how quiet it is, a mild electric shock is delivered to your balls. I’ll tweet Elon.

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