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    Anyone lose an S key at a supercharger?

    Anyone lose a key for an S at a Supercharger? Saw this ad on Kijiji, was nice of the person to try to find the owner Found: key. Tesla supercharger Cambridge on Kijiji Found: key. Tesla supercharger Cambridge | Lost & Found | Kitchener / Waterloo | Kijiji
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    M3 OBD2 wiring

    Hey Everyone I already have a T harness at the connector behind the USB ports for my seat massage module so I was hoping to find a wiring diagram to add an OBD2 plug instead of having 2 T harnesses jammed in there but I can’t seem to find one anywhere Can anyone tell me or send a link? Thanks
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    Has anyone bought M3 Hepa filters in Canada?

    Looking to buy a set but not sure if there is a place in Canada or if I go directly from Tesla offer. Thanks!
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    Newfoundland charging infrastructure

    Hey everyone Hoping to head back to Newfoundland once things get back to normal.... Newfoundland hydro talked of a level 3 network by the end of 2020 but PlugShare only shows one in St Johns. Anyone know if there has been any progress? Thanks!
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    When do 2021 model Deliveries start?

    I know they are the same but I have a 2019 and am ordering another, when I go to sell would be better to have a 1 yr newer car. Most manufacturers do Fall but does Tesla Just do January 1? I searched couldn’t find anything Thanks!
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    Lease Takeover Model 3 Standard Plus in Montreal

    Didn’t want to place a for sale in this forum but it is only for Quebec... As you know Tesla does not lease M3’s so a friend did if for me, which is great because as a lease I can expense it more easily. If someone is interested I will order a new one. Here is a link in the for Sale section...
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    Lease Take Over 2019 Model 3 Standard Plus Montreal

    I bought the car end of March 2019. Midnight Grey. Black interior 18000 km. Car is as new, had full Suntek Paint Protection Wrap day of purchase $4000 value. Not even a scratch on a wheel. 0 down $654 CDN + tx per month. 47 months remaining buy back is $22115. 80 000 km allowed on lease...
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    Aftermarket TPMS recommendation

    I did some searching on this forum but didn’t find much. Any recommendations for TPMS sensors you have used and work well, from Amazon canada or a canadian seller? Thanks
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    Enabled the rear speakers and added Sub to my SR+

    The one thing that I wanted that my SR+ did not have was the premium audio. Finally got around to adding a small amp and hooking up the rear shelf speakers (that are already there just non functional. I also added a small Pioneer amplified Subwoofer. Really happy with the results. It is well...
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    Has anyone’s referral KM’s expired ?

    They say 6 months but don’t show when they will expire I have 2 so theoretically I get 12 months. I am a bit disappointed as I don’t supercharge often but am going on holiday this summer and mine may expire a month before I go....
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    Lost stations on internet radio

    I have enjoyed listening to UK radio, specifically “The Heart” wihich has local stations all over the UK but it stopped working last week, as did a few others. Anyone else had issues? Thanks
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    I put a DualMotor badge on my SR+

    I do PPF here in Montreal and keep extra ones in stock , I remove them install the PPF and put s new one. Too hard to line them up straight after.... Couldn’t resist putting one on my SR+
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    I put a DualMotor badge on my SR+

    I do PPF so I keep extra ones in stock , I remove them install the PPF and put s new one. Too hard to line them up straight after.... Couldn’t resist putting one on my SR+ :)
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    18” Aero wheel cost in Canada

    I am trying to find out how much the aero wheels alone cost. Don’t need tpms or tires. Tried calling local service center more times then I want to think about...never an answer. Anybody know? Thanks
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    Looking to trade oem slightly scratched wheels for brand new

    i bought 4 brand new oem 18” wheels for my model 3 for the winter $375 plus tax . Planning to replace two of my scratched wheels for summer and run scuffed ones for winter. If anyone in Montreal area wants to give me $200 and a scratched wheel I will trade for a brand new never installed...
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    Turning on rear vents for AC

    I noticed that the rear AC vents worked when someone was in the back seat but otherwise couldn’t manually turn it on. I often have my dog in the back so wanted to figure it out. At first I thought it was the occupancy sensor but it is just the seatbelt...so buckle it put AC on Auto and it...
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    Ideas for Removing sun tan lotion from seats

    I tried just a damp microfibre no luck For a car made in California I am surprised how hard it is to clean off :) Still a white mark Any ideas? Thanks
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    Rear seat Ipad mount?

    I did some searching and found nothing.... The mount I have from my previous car mounts to the headrest posts but we don’t have them Any ideas? Thanks
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    For Sale Precut PPF bumper kit for Model S gen1

    I ordered the wrong one, my loss is your gain! It is Suntek 5 yr PPFC. I had the sensor holes and front plate bracket holes deleted (much easier to install without and cut after). $150 incl shipping. Thanks!
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    Picked up my SR+ 2 weeks ago, feeling misled

    I debated between the SR and plus, in the end spent the extra $2700 CDN mainly for better audio and leather , don’t really care about slight range improvement. Also paid 2k for grey. Was in no rush but they announced a 3% increase the following week. Then they drop the paint from 2k to $1300...
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    Blind spot detection (audible)

    I am just getting used to the interface, love the display where the cars are around you...I noticed there is a listing for audible blind spot detection in the Autopilot menu, but I don’t have Autopilot. Have yet to try it. Will it still work (I think I am on the 30 day Autopilot trial)? Thanks!
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    SR+ No Autopilot will it always show cars around me?

    Just picked up the car, loving how it shows where cars are around me on the screen... This isn’t part of a free autopilot 30 day trial I hope... Not sure if it has the autopilot trial on, haven’t had a chance to play . Is it a standard feature ? Thanks!
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    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    SR deliveries keep getting delayed, thought it would be nice to have a seperate thread. When will we see one? Anyone have a VIN? When did you order? Let us know how your orders are progressing!
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    Standar Range not plus Waiting Room

    Deleted see other thread
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    Has anyone driven a Model 3 with studded tires?

    I live in Montreal and always run studded tires, more recently factory studded Nokians and Gislaved which are noticeably quieter then the dealer installed studs. I drove RWD BMW’s for years but most recent was an X drive with factory studded and was phenomenal. Ordered a SR + and my wife is not...

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