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    I-94 SC's - getting crowded with M3?

    I travel from Chicago to Detroit regularly in my MS. I've hit all the SCs on I-94/96 (St. Joe, Marshall, Ann Arbor, Livonia). Historically, they are never full. The last few trips, however, I've noticed that traffic is really picking up with lots of M3s. I've been lucky and pulled in just...
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    Lease return inspection - Tesla Finance, not US Bank - Autovin?

    Based on browsing the forum, it appears that US Bank uses Autovin for lease return inspections. Does Tesla Finance use Autovin - or does Tesla itself just inspect it at the Tesla center? And if it is inspected at the Tesla center, can you do a pre-inspection or they just inspect only on...
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    Lease Return Experiences - wear/tear? (Tesla Finance)

    I'd be interested in hearing about people's experience in returning leased cars to Tesla (not US Bank but Tesla Finance). I've seen the Excess Wear and Tear Chart but some manufacturers are far more lenient than their published standards, particularly if you are leasing another car from them...
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    Pricing on CPOs - market status?

    I'm seeing a lot of CPOs (mainly P85d and 90d) that are priced "reasonably" and appear to be priced under what I'm seeing advertised on cars.com, here, and elsewhere - and these are CPOs with a 4/50k warranty. They are reasonably equipped 2015s (next gen seats, AP, ultra hifi) with reasonably...
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    Rent me your ChadeMo Adapter - in CH or KC?

    I'm planning my first long road trip from CH to KC over Memorial Day and am becoming a bit concerned about the lack of SC along the way, as well as in KC - but, surprisingly, KC has several Chademo stations. I don't really want to drop $450 on something I suspect I'll only use on this trip --...
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    ESA - now eligible even with dealer in chain of ownership?

    As best I can tell, originally the Extended Service Agreement was available only to the original owner. Tesla then changed policy to permit subsequent owners to purchase the ESA (assuming mileage/time limits met) so long as the car was always bought/sold by private parties - but anytime a...
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    Memorial Day Weekend - KC to CH?

    I've seen the stories about long waits at SC's in CA during holiday weekends. We are considering making a trip on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend -- and I'm looking for input on whether we have a decent likelihood of having to wait for a supercharger at Independence, MO, Columbia, MO, St...
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    Chicago to KC?

    Anybody done a Chicago to KC trip (or the return) in a Tesla? If so, can you comment on routes,SC availability/waiting/ICEing, ease of access to SC off highway, and any other insights you might have? It looks like the only option for my S90D is through St. Louis - I usually go via Hannibal...
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    Chicago - Detroit- I-94 SC Access Report

    I've driven this roundtrip 3x in 3 weeks. These were my first road trips and one thing I learned is that your timing can be impacted greatly by ingress/egress to SC - from the moment you pull onto the exit ramp until the moment you're plugging in (and the reverse) - a pretty obvious point but...
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    Supercharger - St Joe, Marshall, Ann Arbor, Livonia - Snow?

    Travelling Chicago to Detroit tomorrow. Given the snows we've had over the past couple of weeks, I'm wondering whether any or all of the stalls in the I-94/96 superchargers are blocked by piles of snow left by the plows. Can anybody who has used/seen them recently comment? Thanks
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    WTB - winter mats, console, cubby - MS

    My new to me 2015 MS90d is on the way - I'm looking for winter mats (tesla or weathertech in black) for sure. May also want a drop in console (Evannex?) and/or a cubby drawer - I have the grey interior with carbon fiber. Let me know if you have any or all of the above and we'll go from there...
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    No Cupholders for front seats?

    I'm looking at 2015 MS 90d and 85d. Most I see listed show two cupholders directly in front of the armrests between the front seats. But some appear to show no cupholders in those positions (or anywhere else, because I can see the yacht floor). Were cupholders in 2015 an option and how were...
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    Tips for New Owner - 1K Mile Road Trip as First Drive - Firmware Update?

    If all goes right, I will be flying out to get my 2015 MS 90d next week and immediately driving 1000 miles back to Chicago. I'm planning my supercharger route and loading FLAC tunes on USB sticks. Any helpful hints from wiper and stereo settings, to charging tips would be much appreciated...
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    OEM Tires? late 2015 MS90d w/19"

    What were the available OEM tires the could have been delivered with a 2015 MS90d w/ 19" Silver Cyclone wheels -- order date October 2015, delivery early December 2015? Were all options a/s or was it possible to get summer performance tires? Assume the order sheet is silent on tires. Thanks
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    Lease Transfer Process?

    Has anybody gone through the lease transfer process with Tesla Finance? How quick and smooth was the process? They say 3-4 weeks from submission to final - was that your experience? I've done swaps with BMW Finance and they were incredibly fast -- less than a week, despite also saying 3-4...
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    Pix of 2015 Premium Interior Grey w/ CF?

    I'm trying to find good photos of a 2015 (90d it its relevant) with premium interior, grey next gen seats, carbon fiber decor and black alacantra headliner. Unable to find them by searching so I'd appreciate if somebody could post them or point me to a link. Bonus points for midnight silver...
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    FYI - 2015 70D, low miles (not mine)

    I chatted this guy up when he was asking mid-$70s. Car seemed in good shape but didn't have Ultra Hi Fi, which is a must for me. He has it listed as a 70 but it appears to be a 70D. He asked me what I thought was a fair price and I told him to go to carmax and then add 5-10% and it would put...
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    2016 90d vs 2017 75d/100d

    Aside from range/acceleration/battery pack issues - and leather vs synthetic seats -- what will be the differences between a loaded 2016 90 (build between april and June) and a new 100d/75d. I'm really looking for input on the little things that aren't readily apparent from looking at the spec...
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    Would you price adjust for paintwork....

    I'm in the hunt and looking at many different cars. Putting aside the fact that the Tesla market is much different from any other car market (and I've purchased close to 40 cars in my life -- I like cars!), I have a specific question. In my experience, having any repair - however minor - that...
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    75D - Deciphering window sticker options

    Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but I am trying to decipher the options on this 5/17 75D build. It doesn't list PUP but, as you'll see, is has a "black interior" option for $3300 and also has upgraded stereo and subzero but its price is only 82K, not 87K. So, the question is what...

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