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    Tesla App, Cannot Schedule Service Appointment, 404 code

    Tesla app has always worked when requesting Service Appointment. Now when selecting Service, my VIN comes up but GRAYED out then "Request failed with stats code 404" and cannot schedule service. iPhone 12 Max Pro, T-mobile, but using home internet. Troubleshooting steps: logged out and in...
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    WTB: Model S OEM wheels local FL or Shipped

    GOAL: 19 x8 wheels in gray, carbon or charcoal Do not need TPMS, can use from my existing wheels. Do not want silver. Goal is: 19" OEM wheels: 5 spoke Slipstream Sonic Carbons Can pickup locally in FL up to 150 miles or will pay for shipping. Thank you
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    Range/Route from Milford SC to Naples, FL

    Helping out ArtInCT: He is expecting delivery of P90D or P90DL in March 2016. We have all been there, new Tesla and range anxiety. Planned is a route without stopping at every SC. Any other advice will be helpful. Art: be sure to create account at http://www.evtriplanner.com, great info...
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    Set (4) GREY, 21" Turbine Wheels, Tires are optional

    Wanted: Tesla 21" Turbine Wheels, GREY, NON-staggered, with TPMS sensors. VIN needs to be above P50900 for TPMS sensors. Prefer whole package with tires but not mandatory to have tires. Consider trading towards my current Tesla 19" Stock wheels, TPMS sensors, Michelin Primacy Sport mxm4...
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    Range Estimate

    Looking at EVplanner and also Superchargers. I am, hopefully, planning trip to pick up Tesla P85D from Chicago and driving back to FL. There will be multiple Superchargers on the way but question is: There are a couple SuperChargers that seem do not seem that far apart. 1. In...
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    21" Turbine Wheels and VIN

    Tesla store shows this if wanting to order 21" wheel package: Tesla PN: VIN < P50900: 1019311-00-B VIN > P50900: 1053755-00-A Does anyone know what the change is when VIN is above P50900? Would 21" wheels from a lower VIN fit VIN above P50900?
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    Can iOs app on iPhone have 2 Teslas?

    Is there a way for iOs app on iPhone to have TWO Teslas attached to it? Maybe could sign in with separate user name that is attached to an individual Tesla.
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    Out of State Sales Tax when Purchasing used Tesla

    Can anyone help me out here? I live in Florida and may purchase a used Tesla in Illinois from a NON-Tesla dealership. The dealer is saying I have to pay THEM sales tax at the Florida rate of 6%. 1. Is this correct? I would assume when I register the vehicle in Florida that I PAY SALES...
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    Premium Interior Lighting Upgrade

    I am getting conflicting results when searching and reading forum about following. I am evaluating a Jan 2015 P85D, have not seen in person yet. On Tesla build sheet does not have Premium Interior and Lighting selected. Does have Tech Package with AutoPilot and FOG LAMPS. 1. How do I know...
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    Power Trunk Option on P85D

    I am evaluating a 2015 P85D that does NOT appear to have the Premium Interior and Lighting Upgrade according to Tesla build sheet. I have not seen the Tesla yet. I read couple posts that stated POWER liftgate came standard on P85D or possibly with Tech Package so I am UNCERTAIN if this...
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    Eyes on Tesla near Chicago, IL??

    If anyone is willing to look/evaluate a Tesla for me near Chicago, please PM directly. I have no problem paying for this service. I live in FL and there is a Tesla that I am interested in near Chicago, IL. Any help from forum members would be great. Or email me at clk2609 at yahoo. com Thank...
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    Single versus Dual Chargers

    I have S60 with Dual chargers enabled and High Power Wall Connector also (HPWC). Currently, shows charging at 40A. When I try to increase the amps above 40A on touchscreen, will not let me. NOW, has full charge, not sure if that has anything to do with it. Shouldn't I be able to increase...
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    What VIN does AutoPilot start?

    Does anyone know what VIN Tesla started adding AutoPilot hardware/software? The earliest I have seen is 55966. Briefly speaking to Tesla rep they said late 50s. Next, for example, if I see a Tesla with VIN 065000 and does NOT have AutoPilot as part of tech package: 1. can it be added...
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    Tesla Trade in to Carmax Quotes

    If this is posted twice, sorry, Mod please remove. I tried to post about 20 minutes ago. Seen couple members sell their Teslas to CarMax. I got a quote directly from Tesla but much less then I am willing to sell for. I have not tried CarMax yet. Any members that got quotes from Tesla...
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    2013 Tesla Model S 60 - No Longer Available

    2013 Tesla Model S 60 GOAL is to trade up to a 85KwH Tesla AND pay for difference. Know slim chance for someone to go from 85 to 60 but putting it out there. When originally configured was informed by Tesla could upgrade to larger battery in future. This is not the case and Tesla will not...
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    Anyone want to trade my 60 for 85kWH Tesla?

    Cannot really put this in For Sale forum yet. I have a 2013 Tesla Models S with 60KwH battery pack. Originally ordered with 60 in hopes of trading battery pack out as technology got better. Tesla now states that is not an option. With Superchargers we find ourselves using Tesla to travel...
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    USB, Music Files, Best way to transfer from iTunes?

    I know iPod and iPhone do not play music through USB. Reading forums, most are going with USB flash drive. My understanding is music files must be .mp3 or .m4a. MS will not play .m4p How do I convert from .m4p? What is best way to copy music to USB? just transfer playlists or...
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    Google Maps, Heads Up option?

    Is there a way to change Google Maps in Tesla to Heads up driving versus keeping it as North up? I doubt there is but if someone knows how, let me know. Thanks

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