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    254 is alive... needs firmware

    I picked up #254 about a year ago as a project car. History - the car had a disagreement with a tree back in 2009 which took out the headlight and damaged the front-right suspension. Not a scratch on the hood. The car hasn't been touched since. It has done 5800 miles, is still on the factory...
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    Powertrain failure alert, working 10 mins later

    The car would "start", then throw an error as soon as I tried to drive forward. It also threw an error when I attempted to charge. List of errors reported: 269 BSM: Negative contactor/economizer stuck low 270 BSM: Negative contactor/economizer stuck high 939 DMC FW: Battery UnderVoltage fault...
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    Roadster chasing a Roadster at Laguna Seca

    1.5 Roadster (me) chasing a 2.5 Roadster at Laguna Seca last weekend... Time trial event - recorded time of 2:00.264.
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    Battery pack/ESS notes

    I am putting together a thread with information for people who are considering poking at the battery pack. My experience is with the Roadster but most of this information will hopefully be relevant for other EVs as well. The Roadster pack is 99S/69P - each 4V brick consists of 69 cells in...
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    Safely trickle charge a bricked pack in/out of car - solution

    Update - after a busy week of analysis I have a PCB design in the works that is a drop in replacement for the BMB PCBs to allow a bricked pack to be safely trickle charged in car (or out of car). The Roadster has 99 bricks in series - the design is basically 99 fully-isolated charging circuits...
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    CAN buses & access

    Has it been figured out how many CAN buses are present in the Roadster, and good ways to access each bus? (figure the OBDII port will give access to 1 or maybe 2 of them). My first interest is the battery monitoring system (BMS) from the battery - goal being to monitor a battery charging from a...
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    Disengaging the electronic parking lock

    Any tricks to disengaging the electronic parking lock on a dead 1.5 Roadster? (my Roadster is fine, this is another one) I patched a 12V battery into things and the car booted up... the screen would go into Tow Mode but there was no thunk and after a few attempts it reporting a parking system...
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    Quick clip of me messing up turn 11 at Laguna Seca

    I overcooked turn 11 a little at the Golden Gate Lotus Club track day yesterday in a 1.5 Roadster... The flag guy was pretty on to it :-)
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    Approaches for cooling the motor?

    Once the motor hits the first yellow the car backs off the power, gets slower and slower (no error message). At Laguna Seca it would blast up the hill once, but I could watch the current (A) number back off further and further the second time up the hill. Flooring it from a stop - weak...
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    Oversteer snap-back

    I did the REFUEL track day at Laguna Seca Speedway last weekend - 1.5 Roadster. Good fun. Oversteer out of turn 11 onto the straight, corrected...the tail started coming back as expected then suddenly snapped-back straight. Wasn't pretty - figure that left a mark on the track. What is going on...
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    Does the 1.5 suport J1772?

    I purchased a Tesla J1772 adapter cable years ago when they first came out - never used it. Tried a Leaf J1772 charging cable once just to test - no go. Just got a cheap Duosida charging cable to replace the Leaf cable that blew... the Duosida cable works great for the Leaf but no go on the...
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    Traction control - won't accelerate out of a corner

    My 1.5 won't accelerate out of a corner - it just puddles along with the traction control light flashing until the corner is pretty much over. If I turn the traction control off the car powers out of corners like a rocket - plenty of grip. Car is really well behaved. I am wondering if...
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    Waiting on part and Tesla service center won't charge the battery

    Looking for advice... My Roadster started throwing "coolant system error" messages and wouldn't charge. Was sitting at around 50 miles remaining. Tesla had the car for a week diagnosing, left me a message on Friday saying they thing it is the water pump, it has to be ordered from Europe, and...
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    Help identify these springs & shocks...

    The ride height on my 1.5 is about 0.75" lower on one side which Tesla diagnosed as a blown rear shock. Rob at Dietschwerks too a look and noticed the springs and shocks didn't match left vs right. On one side the shock is labeled Tesla 6000012 and F4-BE3-E071-T0 which seems to be normal for...
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    Accessing the 12V feed to PEM (1.5)

    Is there an easily accessible way to probe the 12V power feed going to the PEM on a 1.5? My Roadster sometimes glitches on key ON requiring the 60A cabin fuse to be pulled to reset things. Measuring at the cabin fuse box the 12V rail is stable and clean (13.6V, ~100mVp-p) under steady load...
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    Recommended replacement for the rear shocks?

    One of the rear shocks has gone on my 1.5 after being replaced by Tesla 2 years ago. Tesla says "they have to come from Europe and we do not have an ETA". Any recommendations for upgrading the rear shocks? Car is not being raced. Spends most of its time on the freeway. Nick
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    Possible steering problem?

    Tesla recently replaced the low power switchpack - when I got the car back the steering wheel pointed a bit to the left to go straight ahead. Not the first time. When they replaced the low power switchpack last year I got the car back with the steering wheel pointed left to go straight ahead...
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    Dead Roaster - switchpack?

    My 1.5 died (again) leaving me stranded (again). It threw an interesting list of errors on the LCD - ABS system failure, TPMS system failure, Coolant system failure, and Low voltage system failure. At least the LCD still works :smile: The original switchpack module failed and was replaced...
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    Bay Area CA Roadster owners - quick meet for a rainbow picture?

    Anyone want to get together for a quick rainbow picture? I have Orange. Need Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Duplicate colors welcome. Nick
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    "Powertrain Problem"

    Sadly my Roadster had to be picked up by a tow truck (again) today... Hopefully Tesla will be able to look at it tomorrow. Sigh :crying:
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    Tesla Roadster Spanner

    Just discovered my Roadster came with an extra spanner... (guessing from the yearly service a few months ago)
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    Odd brake pad wear

    Tesla service pointed out I should get the brake pads replaced ($1100). I figured I should check them myself... Left-rear wheel outer pad = 3.5mm Right-rear wheel outer pad = 3.5mm Left-front wheel outer pad = 2.5mm Right-front wheel outer pad = 6.5mm So yes, time for replacement, but...
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    APS output 2 (PEM) reset

    This morning I came out to my car still charging, but reporting "APS output 2 (PEM) reset" on the touchscreen. Does anyone have any idea what that means? I am starting to get a little worried as this is the second glitch in as many days - 2 days ago I found the charging port lit red and...
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    WANTED: rims (front) for Roadster

    Hi guys, One of my front rims has a slight warp to it causing vibration at high speed... It currently has the factory grey wheels, not polished, 1.5 model. If you have upgraded your rims and have factory rims you might sell please PM me. Nick
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    Vibration through the steering wheel

    Hi guys, After a service my 1.5 suffered a vibration through the steering wheel starting at about 65. (the service involved removing the front wheels but not the tires) Tesla rebalanced the tires multiple times and at best they moved the vibration to starting in the high 80s. I had...

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