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    Electrified garage ?

    Has anyone been able to get hold of them recently ? I’ve called their NH location several times and also used their website to request a callback/estimate with no response so far. (I suppose they might just be super busy and I need more patience :) )
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    Draw Tite hitch install

    Hi Folks, Has anyone had the Draw Title hitch installed on their Model X ? Any recommendations for a (Tesla approved? maybe?) body shop in MA that will do this (and perhaps a ballpark cost, if you you are willing to share) ? I've read here that this is prohibited by the warranty ToS, but, not...
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    Where did the TuneIN favorites go?

    With the 2020.24.6.11 update it seems that the save favorites are gone. It does show new podcast episodes under “Your New Episodes” but I don’t see any way to see the entire list of my favorites. Is this just gone ? Also, on a perhaps related note, searching for music only seems to search...
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    Slacker search not working

    Lately, I've noticed that searching for any artist or song returns empty results. It seems that the search is only looking for podcasts no matter whether I select Artist/Song/Album etc. Has anyone experienced the anything similar ? This seems to have started after my Spotify subscription ended...
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    2020.4.1 Free Premium Connectivity (for some reason?)

    I had started paying for Premium Connectivity on my Model S (purchased October 2018) in January, with the renewal set for mid-February. After the software update to 2020.4.1 a few days ago, I got a message on the touchscreen that my premium connectivity had expired and that I had to update my...
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    Release notes not showing up

    I have a late 2016 Model S and I received the latest 2019.24.4 update. After this (and the previous update), the "What's new in this release" window and similarly the "Release Notes" window shows up blank. Anyone else having this happen ? It's not a huge problem but just seems like somethings...
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    Tire shop recommendations ?

    I'm curious, where do forum members from MA get their tires changed (S/X) ? Tesla, BJs, Costco, some local shop ? Wondering because I'm going to need tires at some point this year and wanted to do some legwork while it's not an emergency. I've had Tesla quote a very high price for OEM tires on...
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    PSA - Change in MA rebate

    I’m sure most folks here’s are already aware of this, but it looks like the MOR-EV rebate is changing as of January 1st. The rebate will now be $1,500 for BEVs and FCEVs priced under $50k. If I understand correctly, there’s no more rebate for vehicles over $50k. Frequently Asked Questions | MOR-EV
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    Dedham off-grid ???

    Has anyone been able to get a hold of folks at Dedham ? Sales and service seem to be completely unreachable at all time of the day. Even on their cell phone, strangely. I realize that there’s probably a huge model 3 push under way but surely someone can answer the phone once in a while.
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    Leominster SC slow charging

    Has anyone else experienced slow supercharging at the Leominster SC ? I’m seeing ~50kW when I started charging at 45% SoC. Never went above 55kw. This was a 100kW 2017 Model S. Only one other car was charging at the time and wasn’t sharing a stall.
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    Free supercharging for in September

    Edit : Cant edit the subject :rolleyes: - it should ay "free supercharging for orders in september" I ordered a Model S using my referral code in September and have taken delivery of the car. However, my account doesn't show that I have free unlimited supercharging. My delivery advisor claims...
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    AP unavailable ?

    I saw a post earlier today form someone saying that AP was suddenly gone. I’m having the same issue since late afternoon. Anybody else ? The MCU also rebooted three times within a span of 15 minutes of driving. Thoughts anyone ?
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    When was AP 2.5 Introduced?

    I’m sure this has been answered many times here, but it’s one of those harder things to search for due to any false positives and I haven’t had much success. I’m curious to know when AP 2.5 hardware become standard on the MS ? Also, is it possible to get the month of manufacture of the car ...
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    Showroom Model 3 apparently available

    Just saw this and thought I’d share - Buy A Tesla Model 3 Demo At A Discount [UPDATED] | CleanTechnica Perhaps someone might be able to take advantage of this if it’s true. Good luck!
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    Difference between new and used car warranty?

    Can someone help me understand the difference between Tesla’s new car 4 year 50k warranty and their used car 4 yr 50k warranty ? Seems like they are the same. Thanks !
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    Inventory MS - when does warranty start/expire?

    Sorry if this has been asked before - When buying an inventory car with some thousand miles on it, how does is the warranty affected ? If it's a 2017 car with 5000 miles, does the buyer now get only 3 years of warranty or 45k miles, whichever comes first ? I'm wondering specifically about an...
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    Where does free supercharging show up on Tesla account ?

    I just ordered a Model S using my own referral but I don't see any references to free supercharging in my Tesla account. Does anyone know where/when it shows up ? I don't see any referral references yet either. Thanks !
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    Did the late 2016 90D ever have coil suspension ?

    Question says it all. I did search the forum and found a broken link to a wiki that claimed to list options by year, but the link just took me to the from page here. Thanks !
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    Used Tesla : Battery degradation or normal ?

    I was looking at these two Model S 75D on Tesla's website : Inventory Search | Tesla Inventory Search | Tesla One of them is rated at 234 miles and the second at 249. When new, these should have been rated at 259 miles. So, what's more reliable here ? Are the lower numbers more realistic ? I...
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    Out of state purchase

    I searched this sub forum but didn't find anything, so thought I'd start a new thread about this. Has anyone bought a Tesla from out of state ? Now that Tesla won't ship used cars, you have to go and pick it up in person within 7 days. I realized that for MA residents, this creates a lot of...
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    Major differences between 2016 (refreshed) 90D and 2017 90D?

    I was wondering if there were any major differences between the refreshed 2016 90D and the 2017 version ? Did the 2016 have smart air suspension ? Also, as far as real world range, are they pretty much the same ? I haven't been able to find much by way of real world range stats here. I realize...
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    Ultra what seats - How do they hold up ?

    I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with the Premium ultra white seats and how they have held up over time. Are they a nightmare to keep clean ? Do they get stained very easily under normal use ? Thanks!
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    2017 90D pricing ?

    I'm trying to find the price for the last of the base 90D that were made in 2017. Anybody have the numbers ? Thanks in advance!
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    Tesla CPO - what to look for ?

    I’ve seen several threads here about issues with Tesla’s new approach to their CPO vehicles. Are there any tips on what one should be aware of ? Are there Model S specific issues that one should look for or ask about ? Especially mechanical issues that are not at all visible or obvious from...
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    Model 3 coming to stores

    But no word on when one will arrive in Massachusetts. https://www.tesla.com/model3-arriving Wild, baseless speculation here - does this imply that there aren't as many reservations in MA or that more MA reservations are being converted to orders, so no need to rush a car here ? Or, am I just...
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    Trunk inside width?

    Can anyone share the inside width of the Model 3 trunk ? I'm curious how it compares with the Model S. Thanks !
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    MCU reboots while driving

    I have a 2016 Model X on 2018.12 firmware and the MCU just rebooted while driving. Anybody else having this same issue ? I realize that until there's a software update or something, there's not much I can do about it but I'm a little concerned anyway. Is this a problem to be taken up with the...
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    100D real world range ?

    I saw a post here about the real world range that the 75Ds are getting and was curious to see what kinds of range (or realistically, rated range at 90% charge) folks are getting on a S100D. Thanks !
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    12V battery replacement

    Wondering how soon have MX owners had to replace the 12V battery ? I just got a warning from our 2016 MX75D that the battery should be replaced soon. The car is always garaged and plugged in when not in use. This just seems too soon to have to replace a battery.
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    Powerwall in New England ?

    I realize this should probably go in the Energy sun forum but I’m looking for folks In New England who have the Tesla Powerwall installed. Wondering about installation costs and overall experience. Thanks !
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    What’s wrong with this listing ?

    I came across this Model X P90D with less than 25k miles being sold for $22,255 on vroom : Used 2016 Tesla Model X For Sale ($22,255) | Vroom That’s a hilariously low price for this car. Clearly something’s not right with this but I can’t figure out what. I thought vroom was a reputable(?)...
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    Tesla navigation on tesla.com

    A little while ago, Tesla had made their navigation app available on their website. It would let you plan a route after selecting a specific car. For the life of me, I can't find the URL again. Tried searching the for but no luck. Anyone have this bookmarked ? Can you post it here please ...
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    Windshield ghosting ?

    I have a mid-2016 MX that has a good bit of ghosting. I’ve been driving a loaner MS 85D for the past few days and I’ve noticed some ghosting on this car too. I was wondering if this is a common phenomenon just like the MX ? Are the refreshed MS more or less prone to ghosting? Thanks !
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    Trim peeling away from car ??

    I noticed that the black plastic trim under the front passenger door of my 2016 MX is paling away. Anyone have this happen too ? Of course, I'm planning to take the car in but also wanted to gauge how unusual this is. Also wondering if this is simply a fit and finish issue or something a little...
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    Key fob battery replacement

    Just wondering how often have folks had to replace the battery in the fob ? I had to replace two in little more than a year and that seems excessive to me. Thanks !
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    Replacing plastic underside ??

    So, I managed to rip a small section out of the plastic undercarriage that protects the battery. Doesn't look like it's anything much more than cosmetic and while I understand that the plastic basically did the job it was designed to, I was curious to know if anyone here has replaced this part ...
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    EV electricity rates

    Does anyone know if National Grid offers any incentives to charge EVs at off peak hours or have TOU rates that make it worth it to sign up. So far, what little information I've found makes me think there's nothing available, but perhaps I haven't looked in the right places. It seems to me that...
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    Trailer mode when using bike rack?

    Quick question - does the X have to be in towing mode when using a bike rack ? Having never had a bike rack before, I'm not sure what to do. Thanks !
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    Curious about trade-in value

    I have a 75D with autopilot v1, 5 seats, tow package, high amp charger upgrade and subzero package with around 12k miles. Wondering what kind of a trade-in I can expect from Tesla. (Not sure it even makes sense... need a sanity check here more than anything:) ). Tempted to trade this car in for...
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    Help me understand Powerwall2 use case

    I'm interested in getting a Powerwall2 for emergency backup purposes. Is the main purpose of the Powerball to shift TOU or as a backup in case of power outages or some combination of both ? Does it even make sense to have a Powerwall with the sole purpose of backup power ? Thanks !
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    30 mile range loss overnight

    I almost always keep our 75D plugged into the Wall Connector any time the car is in the garage. However when I left the car I plugged one night, there was a loss of range of almost 30 miles. The temperature had dropped to below 30 at night but this big a drop in range seems excessive. Is this...
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    Flat tire

    It appears that my MX has a major leak from one of the tires. Reading through some of the posts on this forum it looks like the tore might need to be replaced. Does anyone in the Boston area have any advice on how to proceed ? Thanks !
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    Charging stats

    Is there any way to get logs that provide details on when the car was charged and how long ? Kind of like the stats you see on the chargepoint website.
  44. M

    Wall connector - Charge speed reduced

    I have a Tesla Wall connector (set to 72 amps) that I was using to charge a Model X P90D. The charge current was set to 72A. However after a short while (maybe a few minutes of charging), I got the "Charge speed reduced" message that you can see in the attached picture. The car is saying that it...
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    Phone number for online sales ?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but, has anyone been able to get a phone number for the Tesla merchandise/accessories online store ?
  46. M

    Colorado now offers $5k EV rebate

    Just came across this article : Regional News Briefs || SWEEP Unfortunately, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction here with the reduction in EV credits for cars over $60k.
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    How many powerwalls per inverter?

    I know that currently the StorEdge inverter can be used to charge a single PowerWall. I haven't had much luck getting concrete answers to hooking up multiple PowerWalls to a single inverter. Does anyone here know whether/how/if it's possible to use multiple PowerWalls with a single StorEdge ...
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    HPWC Warranty

    I know that the Tesla HPWC comes with a one year warranty, but I've seen posts on this forum where members have mentioned that the warranty on the HPWC was extended to 8 years because it was purchased with the car. Is this standard ?
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    $1200 Destination charge

    Does anyone know if the $1,200 destination charge is a mandatory charge ? Can you avoid it by taking delivery in Fremont ?
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    HPWC installation

    I'm considering getting a HPWC installed by a licensed electrician but I was wondering if it's better to have a Tesla recommended electrician do the work (for warranty purposes or some related reason, I suppose). I'm going to have the electrician in for some significant work anyway and figured...

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