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  1. JPoldo

    Cost to charge at home in Florida

    I live at a condo in SW Florida and our utility is Florida Power & Light (FPL). Last month we used 635 kWh and after taxes paid $64.18 for a rate of 10.1 cents/kWh. That includes fuel & non-fuel charges. I installed EV source equipment (aka charger) at an electrical distribution panel within...
  2. JPoldo

    Battery Drain with FOB Left in Car

    Thank you Silicon Desert & ucmndd. The temperature in rail car between Virginia and Central Florida in December probably averaged 50-60 degrees. SoC was about 10% at when entering rail car and only 6% when exiting.
  3. JPoldo

    Battery Drain with FOB Left in Car

    What is typical battery drain per day if the fob is left in car over night? I recently used the Amtrak auto train between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL. When ms was driven into rail car, it had 24 mi range, but only 14 mi remained when exiting the rail car 19 hours later. At the nearest SC, only...
  4. JPoldo

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I bought the $100 insurance about 10 days ago. Advisor said I couldn’t make changes so if they introduce a long range +, I have to place a new order with price increase. However, the factory may allow a color change. Hopefully, landscape MCU is built into dash like current ms and NOT an ugly...
  5. JPoldo

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    This why I love leasing, but know it doesn’t work for high mileage drivers and others. I lease the latest & greatest Tesla in my budget and enjoy its capabilities while Tesla develops the next better model. I get many, but not all improvements via OTA free updates. 36 to 42 months later (3...
  6. JPoldo

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Why don’t you order it now to protect yourself from price increase. It’s only $100 and that’s the most you lose if outcome is disappointing. I ordered one last week.
  7. JPoldo

    Auto train?

    I took the auto train in December in ms75 for trip between Boston to Bonita Springs, FL. First leg was about 9 hrs and second 4 hrs. My goal was to reduce driving time and felt the train was safer than potential falling asleep at the wheel. To reduce traffic along the northeast corridor, I...
  8. JPoldo

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I have a ms on order due to eminent refresh. Are there Tesla paparazzi located where trucks move new vehicles to containers? Looking for European license plate should be a good indicator. But maybe production line wraps the vehicle for protection so changes are not visible.
  9. JPoldo

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Has there been any news on the gen3 WC capable of direct billing to users? Clearly, it requires new software to achieve this functionality, but heard from reliable sources it was coming. This feature would greatly help people who live in apartments & condominiums charge at home. I think many...
  10. JPoldo

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    Agree, since Tesla will add FSD for free without large increase to sell price, I can't compete with them.
  11. JPoldo

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I have an Aug 2017 build ms with 23K miles, non-AP in fabulous condition coming off lease. Does it make sense to buy it and do a private party sale making a small profit? Stories about buying a previously owned vehicle from Tesla have been horrible so wonder if private sales have become popular.
  12. JPoldo

    2021 Model S LR w/ 404 mile range?

    A variation of 2 mi out of 400 is only 0.5% inaccuracy. Sorry, Tesla battery range measurement electronics is not precise. Months from now, don’t be surprised if you see a 100% range of 398 to 406 miles. It is wise about once every month or two charging to 100% for self-calibration. There...
  13. JPoldo

    Problem with Scheduled Home Charging

    It sure looks like a bug. I’ve used the opposite scheduler tool, Depart At Time, numerous times prior to FW update and it works great. To troubleshoot, try setting departure 1-2 hours prior to when you want to leave. Then check for multiple restarts after scheduled departure time. Report...
  14. JPoldo

    Navigation update

    In case others read this thread, let me confirm that “Wdstockwizzard” is correct. Don’t waste time resetting anything. I called Tesla Roadside Assistance and they said it would recalibrate in 15-30 minutes, provided there was a clear signal to satellite. Mine recalc’d in 25 minutes. During...
  15. JPoldo

    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    Agree, you stated it better than me. Currently, my ChargePoint account bills CC $20 monthly. It's a sweet deal set up by management company for unlimited use. Hopefully, that's a typo error for Tesla skim. 3.0% sounds realistic.
  16. JPoldo

    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    I agree, Tesla probably will allow WC manager to set a KWhr rate for electricity consumed. Then manager can transfer funds to his bank account. Think about how many more vehicles Tesla will sell if condominium and apartment dwellers can get a home charger. I see no need for a Tesla commission...
  17. JPoldo

    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    I wonder how Tesla will implement direct billing to the user. The HOA or apartment manager must establish the cost for electricity. Users must automatically transfer money monthly into a debit account tied to the WC. The operator can choose to make a profit or subsidize energy cost. Maybe...
  18. JPoldo

    Automatic payments accepted by Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    Electrek and CNET reported the Gen 3 Wall Connector can or will accept automatic payments for electricity consumed. This will significantly help EV adoption in condominiums and apartment buildings because HOAs are very reluctant to add EVSE if there's no way to automatically bill the user...
  19. JPoldo

    Charging @ home

    Three plus years ago I installed a NEMA 14-50 receptacle in our northern home's garage. It has worked perfectly. But, the gen1 UMC was very rarely unplugged because I knew the $10 HD receptacle would wear out and overheat. If you buy the $55 version, repluging is much safer. Last week, I did...
  20. JPoldo

    Slip Stream silver touch-up paint

    What is the best touch-up paint for silver slip stream 19" wheels? I have some minor curb rash after 3 years and would like to find the closest match paint to brush on after sanding. My local service center and Tesla factory support were no help.
  21. JPoldo

    Best paint for 2017 Slipstream curb rash

    Rust-oleum Universal Advanced Formula, metal paint/primer, Titanium Silver seems a better match. What say you?
  22. JPoldo

    Best paint for 2017 Slipstream curb rash

    Sadly, after 3 years my ms has curb rash on two slipstream wheels despite strong efforts to avoid curbs. It's inevitable. Periodically, spouse and adult child are behind the wheel and doubtful they are as careful as me since their vehicles have more rash. It's a minor repair and I'm fair handy...
  23. JPoldo

    Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Plaid To Have Structural Battery, 4680 Cells

    I want to amplify this comment. They should have unveiled some new battery tech we could order now for delivery in 3-6 months. If not battery tech, give us something else new for the tired S/X.
  24. JPoldo

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Will they announce any major improvement to model S before Plaid delivery late 2021? What is calculated speculation?
  25. JPoldo

    Blog Public Beta for Starlink Internet Service Coming Soon

    YES, join the other 100,000 users who want to dump Comcast. Any way you can avoid this despicable company, do it.
  26. JPoldo

    2021 Model S

    I understand they make continuous improvements throughout the year without any notice. They launch improvements as soon as production is ready. Good. But why do they update the model year (VIN letter) before Jan 1? What is the criteria for a change? It would be so much easier if model year...
  27. JPoldo

    Wi-Fi Connection Help

    This is a valid point for older ms like my Aug 2017 build. Most neighborhood wifi systems require authentication or terms agreement and the mcu1 wifi adapter isn't compatible. One other adjustment you can make at the router level is changing bandwidth from 40 mhz to 20 mhz. Make sure auto...
  28. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    I explained concern about damaging battery case and they pointed to the exact location for safely lifting the vehicle. They drove it in and out of the garage, a distance of only 40 ft. No joy riding. Some inspection shops don't like credit cards but these guys were fine with it. A totally...
  29. JPoldo

    Use of 4680 battery

    Did we learn on Battery Day this new battery will go in ms Plaid models? Assuming yes, model S Plaid will need a new battery compartment with different cooling design. We were also told the battery compartment becomes a structural component of the vehicle. These changes sound like a major...
  30. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    Thank you for suggesting this great place for inspection stickers. I was in & out in only 13 minutes. It was worth my travel from Seaport, Boston. So good that I returned with wife's mercedes for a new sticker too.
  31. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    Brilliant post, surprised I didn't think of same response.
  32. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    Yes, I bought jack pads and offered them to inspector. Check out Evanex, ebay, and Amazon.
  33. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    I think the reason SCs don't do inspections is profitability. Inspections consume a work-bay, require purchase of a $20K machine, and one trained mechanic. I suspect it's more profitable to do general repairs.
  34. JPoldo

    Mass Inspections near Peabody

    If you live near Sudbury, MA, go to the Mobile station at corner of Rt 20 & Union Ave. I got 2 stickers very quickly from them and they don't take the car for a joy ride. MA inspection requires jacking up the vehicle so make sure they do it in the correct spot to avoid battery case damage...
  35. JPoldo

    I want to buy a used S with free supercharging. Should I go Private or Tesla ?

    Have some people skirted transferability of FUSC on purchase from a private party? While not advocating anything illegal, if vehicle is sold to a friend or relative and login credentials are not changed, what terminates FUSC? Maybe answer is first visit to a service center the transfer of...
  36. JPoldo

    Outdoor NEMA 14-50 install. Advice?

    When purchasing these weathertight enclosures, what is the usage rating on receptical? There are two basic quality levels: about 5-10 insertions and 100+ insertions. Do they give you the premium one that doesn't overheat and melt plastic or catch fire.
  37. JPoldo

    2016 X P90DL Key Fob issue

    Tesla key fobs are very sensitive to low voltage. My two batteries measured 3.023v / 2.975v and produced a low battery message. You would think this is close enough to 3v, but fobs want a 3.3v battery. As bigmskiman said, use local stores that turn inventory frequenty. Don't buy a mutipack...
  38. JPoldo

    Key fob battery low message won’t go away

    My problem was finally resolved after a big surprise.I I have other items that use the CR2032 battery so bought the 4-pack a while ago and replaced the battery in my primary keyfob. The message didn't go away so I followed all the procedues in forums / videos including MCU reset using both...
  39. JPoldo

    Would you buy a Model S with CATL battery?

    After further research, I think Tesla will start new battery production in Fremont and expand at a GigaFactory somewhere else. These batteries should go in model s/x.
  40. JPoldo

    M3 sucking 4 mbps from my internet

    EV_Rider, provide us your wifi router model because there are numerous Wi-Fi experts on this forum. Surely, one of them (or me) will PM you instructions for prioritizing the computer over the EV. At a minimum, you could automatically turn off WiFi from 7 am to 11 pm while you use an Ethernet...
  41. JPoldo

    Would you buy a Model S with CATL battery?

    After further research, I think Tesla will start new battery production in Fremont and expand at a GigaFactory somewhere else. We all know China steals our IP. I wonder how Tesla protects its IP while producing vehicles in China and working so closely with CATL. China reads our patents...
  42. JPoldo

    Would you buy a Model S with CATL battery?

    Battery Day is around the corner and potential announcement is first phase of million mile battery improvement using the readily available CATL battery from China. Alternatively, Tesla or Panasonic could make it in USA paying a big royalty to CATL. Elon may say a better 1.5M mile Tesla...
  43. JPoldo

    New LR OR Wait...

    If you follow Tesla news on Youtube, the S should receive new batteries (million mile, longer range, and faster charging) at a minimum. Wait for Battery Day announcement since range is important. However, we may not hear when the new tech will actually go into production. It may not be...
  44. JPoldo

    New Dual Charging Port!

    I AGREE, please no ugly door. Hide it in tail light.
  45. JPoldo

    Most OTA Updates Require WiFi

    Have you noticed over the past 2-3 years, most of the OTA updates request a WiFi connection? That probably is good news for most because it means the update includes a significant amount of software, rather than a small patch. Of course, we still want small patches too for bug fixes. If your...
  46. JPoldo

    Software updates

    Lasttoy, please think of your ms as a computer on wheels. Most high tech savvy people replace or upgrade their computer hardware about every 5-7 years, so you are overdue. 7 years ago, my computer had a slow mechanical hard drive and processor, much less memory, very slow WiFi, mediocre apps...
  47. JPoldo

    11 Improvements to the Model S I want to see

    I want Blind Spot Warning indicators in both side view mirrors. We should hear a warning chime when these lights turn on. Even a $20K Kia offers this feature. When making a turn, we look at our mirrors, not dashboard. Of course, this requires Tesla to use radar detectors instead of cameras.
  48. JPoldo

    Is the browser usable in your S?

    Identical to others, the browser in my 2017 ms worked fine when vehicle was new, but software updates have crippled it. It's non-functional now. We need a class-action law suit against Tesla. Are there any attorneys in this forum to carry the torch for us?
  49. JPoldo

    Card Lost in Center Console

    The same thing happened to me. My solution may not work for all, but since so easy it's worth a try. On a road with no other cars / people in site, do a jack-rabbit start from a completely stopped position. In less than 2 secs, inertia pushed the card backwards for easy retrieval.
  50. JPoldo

    Custom plates

    Many posts in this forum have pictures of Tesla vehicles showing creative custom plates. But why do a majority of posters hide plates in videos and photos? How could showing the plate be harmful? Plates are public information and we see them every day.