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  1. R5 Red Five

    2021 Shipping Movements

    If Vin in source code appeared 31st/Oct (or 1st Nov) - not sure which day which ship(s) left 29th / 30th October please?
  2. R5 Red Five

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Ordered mine on 20th October, had the Vin assigned in source code on 1st Nov, Spoke to Tesla and they said delivery "Early December " 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
  3. R5 Red Five

    Model X 72a charger

    Hi Trying to fathom the various charge rates based on amps really, work i believe is a 22kw EO charge point. On my Model 3 I used to get the below form various chargers. Home - on basic 13 amp charger - 9 miles per hour added Pod Point (7kw) - 25/26 miles per hour added Work - 22kw - 45/46...
  4. R5 Red Five

    Model X 72a charger

    Sorry i didnt mean energy consumption, i meant number of miles added per hour, it is 2/3 of what the model 3 was. My car is charging like it has the 48a charger (3 x 16a) whereas the spec suggests it has the 72a so i should be able to get 3 x 24a charge rate
  5. R5 Red Five

    Model X 72a charger

    hi I have a model x 2017 but the specs state it has a gen3 72a charger text from spec as below Chargers : Gen3 Charger (72A) (CH04) I can only charge at work at 3x16a but in my model 3 it managed it at I assume 24a the 3x16a charge rate is approx 30mph and previously on the model 3 it was...
  6. R5 Red Five

    A/C not cooling air - Solved

    Hi, Mine did not have that message but the car was cold for about 1 minute!. Into the SC it went as i was also doing the MCU2 upgrade , they said a recharge is what it needed. So two days later..."your condenser fan needs replacing"...ok - go ahead A day later, its still not getting cold...
  7. R5 Red Five

    Broken "B" pillar glass !!

    Getting this fixed next week , quote for the glass came back at £150 fitted by Tesla, £100 for the glass , £25 to fit and then taxes. Fitting much cheaper than I thought, camera is good thankfully as the unit price then triples!
  8. R5 Red Five

    Broken "B" pillar glass !!

    Hi all, has anyone had the side glass that covers the B pillar camera broken? On way home today something from other side of road hit it, I guess a stone from another vehicle. Heard a bang noise but didn't see the damage until I got home. any ideas on costs to replace by Tesla service? i have...
  9. R5 Red Five

    Buy used M3 2019 from Tesla and save $10k or new M3 2021?

    Hi, I bought a used (but marketed as new) M3P from Tesla, it had 9000 miles on the clock and it was nearly £11,000 cheaper , and it allowed me to get the M3P when i was looking at the M3LR. I was allowed to report any issues within 100 miles and they were rectified free of charge, these were as...
  10. R5 Red Five

    IOS 14 - now app won’t wake up the car

    I have this same problem, updated recently to IOS 14 and also 2020.36.10 on the car, after a while it wont wake the car up until i go near the car, then its okay for a while. unsure if its IOS or Tesla software, maybe an update will sort it.
  11. R5 Red Five

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    Sorry you are having problems, my thoughts on some as below, others i have left out as i dont use or have. 1. Phone Key - I had a 2016 Model S and never had any issues with it. My M3 constantly does not connect to my phone until I open the app. It would be easier to just carry the key card. I...
  12. R5 Red Five

    Reveal of My Ruined Tesla....

    Its Very Unique and stands out, not to everyone's taste but you can't deny the effort you have put in
  13. R5 Red Five

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Sunset After A Few Hours Of Cleaning
  14. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Did you try this, did this work as rather than make my life complicated i think i would have tried this first, and it didnt work :-)
  15. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Tried this and it didn't work for me, have you tried and did it work or are you assuming it will?
  16. R5 Red Five

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    I fitted these ones from Diamond Car Mats, very nice and full coverage. Weather is not always wet in UK so they don't get ruined, and wipe clean really easily.
  17. R5 Red Five

    Model 3 Performance - charged to 100% shows 293 miles range. Why?

    Mine shows a full range averagely of 303-306 miles This is M3P - 20" wheels, and 14,000 miles so I guess not too bad.
  18. R5 Red Five

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    Not sure about that , mine obviously had another issue as firstly they said it was the "front right Pivot point", this caused movement of the seat and was an issue on model 3 until July 2019. Now the whole seat is being done, who am i to complain!!:)
  19. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Hi All, New to the site, I have a M3P in red with white interior. First post so if this is already known...sorry!! I wanted to reduce the USB usage after buying a 500GB SSD drive, I did wonder if you could use the same drive for both? So using basic windows tools I partioned the drive to have...
  20. R5 Red Five

    creep, roll, hold. What is your fav setting?

    Defo Hold, makes driving so much easier
  21. R5 Red Five

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    I have a M3P with white interior , after 14,000 miles there were no issues with the seat wear at all. The seat did start rocking a little while ago so i booked it in, was told that it has issues with some bolts but since then Tesla has ordered me a new front seat + B Pillar trim ( i guess where...

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