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    Cargo van to compete with sprinter, promaster, transit, etc
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    I strongly suspect in addition to the truck, CyberVan will be announced Thursday. My reasoning: -Elon said the truck will be better than an F 150. It's possible he'll let us down and give us a glorified Subara Baja, but I strongly suspect this truck will have better cargo, load, and towing...
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    Paint Issues during delivery

    How does that even happen regularly? Are delivery staff sliding against cars with metal buttons on their pants??
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    Paint Issues during delivery

    Wow that's pretty bad...I'd be embarrassed trying to deliver that to someone who bought a new car.
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    Picking up inventory 3: checking battery health?

    Hey all, We are picking up a LR RWD Aug 2018 build soon with less than 15 miles on it. Owner adviser claims it was ordered, then swapped out for another inventory car, and it's been sitting there in inventory since. Interesting side note, we wanted a discounted inventory car in this...
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    So for new orders, AP/FSD costs what starting Monday?

    It's unclear to me if Elon's tweet is referencing only the current EAP owners, or new orders too. Does anyone have confirmation, will AP (not EAP) and/or FSD stay at the same price point for new car orders? What is "back to normal" for AP if it was never sold as a feature on AP2 until the new...
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    Four Upcoming Self Driving Level 3 Cars by 2019

    "The difference of course being: When you pre-sell something (Tesla) you expose yourself to different types of criticism than when it is just a future product (Nissan)." Good point
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    Do reservation holders get any priority with SR deliveries?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm not bothered by it, just wanted realistic expectations which you all helped with.
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    Four Upcoming Self Driving Level 3 Cars by 2019

    @strangecosmos I am often trolling the web for any info on new lane centering systems and know of nothing. Volvo supposed to be rolling out Pro Pilot 3 on a few cars, but my understanding is that still uses ME Q4, not Q4. Months ago I saw a post from someone claiming Nissan would be making an...
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    Do reservation holders get any priority with SR deliveries?

    Of course the thought was, deliveries would be made in order of reservation date. We have another early reservation, considering ordering SR+ after Model Y event but wondering if we should expect priority or are we then waiting for delivery behind anyone/everyone who has ordered before us?
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    Four Upcoming Self Driving Level 3 Cars by 2019

    Interesting to see these manufactures blow deadlines by years just like Tesla has with FSD, but no negative press because the vast majority of people never knew Nissan/Volvo made these goals. It's not a dig at Tesla or the other brands, just shows how difficult FSD is and getting there is not...
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    Four Upcoming Self Driving Level 3 Cars by 2019

    Just found this thread, interesting to see Nissan failed to meet their 2.0 highway feature set in 2018 (I see no mention of it anywhere yet) and Volvo still seems to be using EyeQ3 despite video suggesting they would be on EyeQ4 by now. When is a Tesla AP competitor coming from other...
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    FS: 2018 Model 3, White, Perfect, 9.8k miles

    Interested, I'm not seeing a way to PM you. Send me your email/number?
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    LR RWD with 2nd gen seats and headlights?

    Thanks everyone, the search begins!
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    LR RWD with 2nd gen seats and headlights?

    Hey all, Loving AWD M3, thinking about picking up a used LR RWD. Does anyone know, was there a period before RWD LR was discontinued that they were making them with second generation seats and improved headlights, or were they all made with the older hardware? Thanks,
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    2019 Mercades A class

    BMW 3 starts at $40,250. What's going on/what model are you talking about with Jeep/FCA?
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    2019 Mercades A class

    Seeing some hype around the new lane centering, acc, and lane change on this car. Allegedly it's a new system, coming out of this car first. Anyone have first hand experience driving it who can report in/compare it to AP? Seeing some youtube videos of it but appears to be out for reporters only...
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    AP2 MS 36 month leases ending

    Hey all, I want to buy a Model S with AP2 in the next 12 months. I read a long time ago that AP2 Model S would begin coming off 36 month leases sometime soon, but I can't remember the exact timeline. Seems likely waiting for this event will give me more options and maybe a better price. So...
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    Your Model S just went up in price...less depreciation

    You have it backwards...Would you pay a premium for 40 RWD after it was replaced?
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    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    I see a lot of analysis on RWD and P3D. Well, what about AWD. If RWD is getting 330 in real world "good" conditions, and many feel P3D is under 300, what's AWD getting?
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    Model 3, early June production date?

    Looking at another "new" model 3 with a 6/3/18 factory gate date. Looking back at headlines, this seems to be in the heat of production hell. Any owners with 3's from this months care to comment? Will that date include the updated seats? Thanks,
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    Ford's Co Pilot 360

    Co Pilot 360 is finally in public with 2019 Ford Edge ST and soon to come out with Ranger. I found one video on Facebook showing lane centering take a fairly sharp turn it's self in the wild, it caught my attention. Ford's site claims lane centering and ACC with stop and go...Can someone go test...
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    IRS clarification for tax. Implications for Ohio delivery?

    Thanks for taking the time to find that, seems reassuring.
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    IRS clarification for tax. Implications for Ohio delivery?

    Anyone know the truth about this? Have seen talk of it pop up on other forums, some claim title needs transfered to get the tax credit, others say car just needs delivered. Does anyone know what's true for Ohio? I was planning on picking up something locally in inventory, but need to know if tax...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    At 1:06 PM EST Today I got a message from them saying: "If you do, with an auto loan our current interest rates range from 2.50% to 17.5% right now depending on your credit score. To qualify for our lowest 2.50% your credit score has to be a 700 or higher with TransUnion and you would have to...
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    Full self driving for $3k: Go for it or wait?

    Hey all, I'm reserving an inventory car with FSD added, they will remove it for a $3k reduction in price. If you were in this situation, would you keep it or take the cash and see what happens. My instinct is with FSD back as an option, it might be a good purchase (they'll release stop light...
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    Does anyone know of a good lender that offers delayed financing?

    There's an inventory model I want to pick up monday or tuesday, I have enough cash to cover it and am leaving town next week so may not have time to line up financing. Anyone know of a bank who will let me pay cash and they send me the financed amount back shortly after, or is a refinance the...
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    Metallic silver and/or RWD resale

    Hey all, Two different questions, but same theme so will ask both here. How do you think resale will be affected as time goes on for Metallic silver or RWD or a combination of both in the M3? Sooner than later, RWD LR will be a small minority of M3's out there. I wonder in a few years will...
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    Cars using Mobileye IQ4?

    Hey all, Anyone know what other manufactures are going to begin releasing cars with IQ4 by Mobileye? I've been researching more affordable options than Model 3 to get a vehicle with Lane Centering and all speed adaptive cruise control, but finding surprisingly little information out there...
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    Delivery in different state?

    Hey all, I'm thinking about ordering the model 3. I am a resident in Ohio but interested in having the car delivered in Washington or California so I can fly in, and road trip the country for a few weeks before getting it home. Does anyone know is this allowable/feasible? I figured I'd see if...