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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    If the cybertruck trimotor will still have 500+ miles of range, that might fill the void? It would be a lot less convenient around town, but it could be a viable alternative? Or is the longest range configuration of the cybertruck going to be off the table too? Ben
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    500 + Mile Range Debate

    Agree with you. We also take our ICE on certain longer trips because of how much it cuts the total travel time. A 500+ mile range Tesla would eliminate that. Ben
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    Maybe a dump question, but it's physics

    I'll bite. :) I've read the full regen process (motion to electrons and back to motion) loses about 30%. So about 70% of the energy used to climb will be restored during the descent. But you're still driving a 24 mile route (Pike's peak). So your total energy use = energy required to go 24...
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    Sleeping at super chargers?

    I crashed in the back, parked one slot over from the superchargers, during a long journey in March, and it went fine. Here's the thread I started at the time: Sleeping at a supercharger? Safe travels! Ben
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    HVAC decontamination mode?

    Wow, that's disappointing. Appreciate the insight! Ben
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    HVAC decontamination mode?

    If it's just for 15 minutes, will that really hurt the hvac? And aren't cars spec'ed to handle death valley's 130 degree temps? Not saying you're wrong, just not familiar with reasons why a decontamination mode would have a significant impact on longevity or reliability. Thanks. Ben
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    HVAC decontamination mode?

    Hi Everyone, Saw this article: Ford heats police cars to 133 degrees to break down coronavirus They're basically heating the interior of the car to 133 degrees for 15 minutes to kill viruses. This seems like a useful feature for transporting vulnerable individuals right now and also during...
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    Supercharger cable / ports different in Canada vs USA?

    We went from the US into Canada last summer, and even though we didn't supercharge, we had many Canadian superchargers on the nav, and I'm certain we could have changed at any of them. I vote for your local rep being high as a kite. Ben
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    Can anyone help with a photo of something in your Model S?

    Had my wife go take a photo of our pre-facelift model S's screen. Is that what you're looking for? Sorry about the dust and blurriness. Best she could manage... Ben
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    Sleeping at a supercharger?

    My interpretation of his advice was to bring a golf wedge. Fortunately, only ended up using it to practice my swing. :) Ben
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    Road trips: Where to find open bathrooms during coronavirus

    I drove a significant chunk of i95 two weeks ago. At that point, most supercharger stops still had accessible bathrooms within walking distance. Most gas stations and hotels were still open, and Savannah airport was too. A few of the shopping mall based supercharger stops didn't have anything...
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    Quarantine in a Model Y with a bed?

    I recently slept several nights in my model S during a somewhat similar emergency trip. We used sleeping bags on a foam mattress topper we had lying around. A couple layers of thick blankets could also work in a pinch, but foam was more comfortable. We also used a crib mattress to fill the...
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    4 days on autopilot

    Hi everyone, Last week I had to make a long journey for a family emergency. I couldn't have done it without autopilot. Over the course of 4 days, I did a solo drive of over 2000 miles, with 19 supercharger stops. I know some people can drive for long distances without trouble, but driving...
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    Sleeping at a supercharger?

    Wanted to follow up and thank everyone for their input. The trip went fine, including sleeping/napping at several superchargers en route. Interestingly, I saw several ICE cars staying overnight near the superchargers. Perhaps they've also realized it's safer there because of the Tesla...
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    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    Yup, charged and even took a nap at the airport last week. Worked great! Ben
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    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing that! I have a chademo with me too, which may help at EA. Thanks again. Ben
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    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    Cool, thanks for that link! Ben
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    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of some emergency travel and will likely pass through Savannah tomorrow. Is there any indication the supercharger won't be accessible? There don't seem to be many alternatives along the 95 corridor, and I'd rather not get stranded... I'm ok even if the airport...
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    Sleeping at a supercharger?

    Thanks guys, glad to hear your positive experiences! Ben
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    Sleeping at a supercharger?

    Hi everyone, There's a chance I may need to travel long distance to handle a family emergency in the near future. Rather than fly, I'm thinking about driving my Model S. Is it a bad idea to avoid hotels and sleep in the back of the car? Can I just park at/near a supercharger and sleep there...
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    Supercharger - Lancaster, PA

    Awesome find! Ben
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    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Any updates on this site a couple years in? I don't see anything near by either? Thanks. Ben
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    X / Y overlay + 3 / Y overlay

    If the model X is 66 inches tall, is the model Y about 63? About same height as a Bolt or BMW X1? Thanks! Ben
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    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    Can confirm the chademo station on the far right works with our S and chademo adapter. Didn't record the charging rate, but it seemed typical for chademo. We only needed to charge for about 15 minutes to make our destination with enough cushion. Ben
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    Supercharger - York (York Township), PA

    Headed from Lancaster to DC this weekend. Fingers crossed! :)
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    Keeping car on while loading up the family

    Definitely this. It works really well on the S. I use it often. Try it on the 3? Ben
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    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Wow, appreciate all the ideas and sdugan99's generous offer! We actually do have a chademo adapter but haven't used it much after a sub-par experience. On the way back from Baltimore, we failed to charge at the Royal Farms on 283 and then after multiple tries finally got the station working at...
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    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    We're in the Lancaster area, so we're going up and down 283, and the 95 corridor superchargers aren't on our route. Haplethrope will be wonderful once it comes online. The chargers in the BWI lot are a thought, though we're usually away for a week at a time, so it wouldn't be good to tie those...
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    Supercharger - Baltimore, MD - South Caton Avenue

    Was hoping this would be ready for our winter flights from BWI. Guess not? We can make the round trip to/from BWI most of the time, but it gets dicey in cold weather, so a supercharger would be most welcome... Ben
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    Honda "Lane Keeping Assist System" = 90% Tesla AP 1.0 FW 7.0

    A 70D with AP1.0 is my daily driver, and I've driven an MDX with the "Acurawatch" version of Honda's system for highway trips several times. I agree the Honda system is about 90% there. But the missing 10% can be quite annoying. I view these systems as a balance between helpful and...
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    Supercharger - Lancaster, PA

    I could be wrong, but I don't remember there being much room at that sheetz for a supercharger? Unless Eden gives them some of their parking lot, but Eden's lot can get very full during an event... Not knowing anything, I'd have to bet on the 30-fruitville location as mentioned above...
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    AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?

    Not to threadjack, but on the subject of cameras, are the ap 2.0 cameras able to handle a hilly road with lots of undulations? We have quite a few in South Eastern PA, and the throw off the ap 1.0 camera quite badly. The undulations get registered as curves, and the car swerves side to side...
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    AutoPilot speed restrictions...what do you think

    Can anyone else confirm this? I've been avoiding updating because +0 just doesn't work for me. Thanks! -Ben PS. The Tesla GPS crashed the other day, with the arrow staying stuck in a parking lot, and autopilot started letting me set the speed much higher than +5 on an undivided road! It...
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    AutoPilot speed restrictions...what do you think

    Agree completely. I drive a lot of undivided roads where I know autopilot works great, and I know where to take over for the tricky bits. Being restricted to the speed limit will create an unacceptable traffic jam behind me. Will NOT be installing the upgrade. -Ben
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    Ummm... My car won't turn on.

    Never seen that myself, but try also rebooting the dash computer by holding both buttons above the scroll buttons? -Ben
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    Autopilot-to-TACC (autopilot cancel) bad interaction

    Agree. Have had this exact experience as well. Wish tacc automatically adjusted to match the speed autopilot was maintaining? Ben
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    Supercharger - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Charged at Egg Harbor this week on the way to/from the shore, and it worked great. There were 4 Teslas today when we were there! -Ben PS. Pizza was good!
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    Supercharger - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Looking good! Will definitely be using it on the way to/from stone harbor this summer! Ben
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    Where to mount phone in Model S

    I had a hard time deciding what to do and bought two inexpensive vent mounts from amazon to tide me over. These have a little hook in the back that clips over the horizontal part of the vent, and the phone is held by side clamps. The vent hook was a little finicky to attach, but it seems solid...
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    Supercharger - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Hi everyone, Just noticed a picture of the under construction Egg Harbor Township supercharger is up on plugshare! Not sure how to repost here (or whether it's allowed). Looking forward to having it as an extra safety blanket during our summer trips to the shore. Anyone know anything more...
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    Autopilot improvement in "MarioKart Rainbow Road" firmware update?

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd add a data point about the update and speed limit signs. After the rainbow road update, my car has started reading the private speed limit signs in our neighborhood. They're quite non-standard in layout and used to be ignored: At this point the system consistently...
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    There's a first ride video on periscope in which they say the car won't have an instrument panel and the gauges will be on the far left side of the main display. Wonder if there will be issues with glare on the main display since it lacks a cowl? -Ben
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Hi everyone, 70D 1/29: order 2/6: confirmed 2/29: in production! 8-) -Ben
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Hi everyone, Ordered on 1/29 but not in production yet. Maybe a combination of not choosing many options and paying cash? In any case, I'm waiting as patiently as I can... 8-) -Ben
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    use summon while inside the car?

    Thanks everyone. Will update in one of the summons threads once we get the car and give it a go! May even try the mother in law trick. 8-) Ben
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    use summon while inside the car?

    Hi everyone, This may be an obvious question for current owners, but we're waiting for our 70D and wondered whether summon can be used from inside the car? We have a narrow garage, and I'm not sure my wife will be able to reliably park the Tesla without occasionally scraping up the sides...

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