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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    So here is a huge source of confusion, especially for those of us who have had our cars for a couple years. Here are a few excerpts from the Model 3 owner's manual (from 2019 when I bought my car). As you can see, there is no ambiguity about needed to short or long press anything. Put it...
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    Just did a quick test in my garage shifting from D to Park with a short press vs long press. There was no difference in the whirring sound as the brake engaged that I could detect in volume, pitch, or duration. There WAS however, a noticeable "click" "click" at the end of the engagement when...
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    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    Someone backed in my my 3 a couple weeks ago while it was parked at a mall then drove off. A few weeks earlier I had disabled sentry by default, so no video (100% my fault - it's back on automatically now). Anyhow, my wife had gone out to get sandwiches and when she came out there was a...
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    Long commute

    Hey @jjrandorin Sounds like you're in the Harveston area. I lived for 16 years on the SOUTH edge of Murrieta. My drive was from roughly Harveston to Rancho Bernardo (43 miles), then we moved to French Valley and my commute went to ~50 miles, then I changed jobs and my commute went to ~60...
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    Model 3 interior temp

    It sounds like you have pre-conditioning turned on. That's a sub-feature of "scheduled departure", so if you have set to have your charging completed by, say, 6AM, and you have pre-conditioning on as well, it will charge your car and have it conditioned to your preferred temperature by the time...
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    Long commute

    I'm a 20 year veteran of the long-commute clan, my current commute (thankfully only 2 days a week) is 108 miles round trip, just under 3 hours with traffic. It seems to me like you're already aware of all the down-side to your plan both to the car and to yourself and family. So that being...
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    Which SR 3 would you pick?

    ah, remember when... ... we were told that charging to 100% wasn't a good idea anyhow because getting to 100% took longer, was less efficient to get to, and would limit regenerative braking thus making the car less efficient overall. And now, we're being told to select this new formula battery...
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    Poor Audiobook Support, Why?

    I hear ya! At its simplest, just having it pick up where it left off whenever you select the USB input would suffice for me. That won't work for everyone, of course, but it would work in much the same way switching inputs has traditionally on a car radio (MP3 continues where you left off, for...
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    Excessive ac condensation

    Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would like to purchase your Tesla immediately! They have some droids to barter with.
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    Auto headlights with wipers function deleted

    I've had my 3 for over 2 years and I don't recall ever seeing a setting to turn on lights when the wipers were on. Where was it? Was the feature "smart" enough to be useful? (e.g., didn't flash your headlights at everyone whenever you tapped the button to de-mist your windshield). I 100%...
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    Talk to me about automatic car washes

    I think we should define what is meant when we say "brushes"? I've seen and used countless automatic car washes in my lifetime, and I think I've only ever encountered what I'd call "brushes" a couple times. They were these large spinning spools with plasticky cords coming out of them as...
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    Windows dropping at random when opening driver door any ideas?

    If this only happens when you open your driver door from the INSIDE, then odds are you're hitting the window switches accidentally as you're opening your door (for example, with your watch, if you wear one). In fact, I don't wear a watch and have accidentally tapped a window switch many times...
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    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    So I noticed this supercharger is now listed as a 250kW. Haven't stopped by to see if its all the stations, or just the newest ones.
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    Big Preconditioning Change

    I could be wrong here (I'm not a Tesla expert), but "pre-conditioning" doesn't have to mean active generation of heat. It could also mean turning off active COOLING of the battery (continuing to circulate coolant to keep the pack an even temp, but not actively venting the heat to the outside...
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    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    Didn't have a chance to take a photo as I drove by yesterday, but here's a screenshot from the app this morning.
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    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    Drove past this afternoon, looks like the 6 new posts are up and running!
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    Charger Location: New Telsa Owner

    As others have stated, the HPWC can be installed on lower amp circuits no problem. When you install the HPWC, you tell it what capacity circuit its on and it'll limit its current draw accordingly. From your photo I see no reason why the HPWC install wouldn't be AT LEAST as simple as the...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Hey @P3dStealth , what duct is that? The intake in the frunk, or somewhere inside the cabin downstream of the condenser? I've got my moldy smell problem 90% solved, but still am getting 10 seconds or so of musty when the A/C is first turned on. I'm looking for a new spot that could benefit...
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    12V battery replacement [by tesla mobile service]

    You know, out of context, you sound like a crazy person.... 😜
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    12V battery replacement [by tesla mobile service]

    Tesla allegedly made improvements to the charging scheme awhile back that helps with the lifespan on the 12v batteries. Obviously, however, there are plenty of batteries out there that ran a good portion of their lifespan on the unimproved charging scheme, so no doubt their lifetime could be...
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    Set Charging Percentage Wrong

    I'm never around when my car is done charging in the middle of the night, but my ASSUMPTION has always been that it stopped charging at the right percentage (e.g., 80%). Then some time after that, while the car is sleeping, measurements and re-calculation occurs and the display is updated to the...
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    Tesla: Please fix the stinky AC - here's how with an OTA update

    So many variables involved, there really isn't a one-fix for them all. In my case, I've had the offending moldy smell 4 times. Each time I've had to perform an A/C condenser foam treatment. Each time my filters were completely dry (dry to the touch - there of course could be some moisture on...
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    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    On the topic of insurance, isn't hitting something on the road (pothole, debris, etc...) covered under COLLISION, not comprehensive? Isn't comprehensive for all the "other stuff", like fire, burglary, theft, or a tree branch falling and hitting your car, lighting strikes, hail, etc...
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    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    What? An automotive repair technician being wrong, incompetent, or lazy? An automotive repair facility overcharging customers for unneeded repairs? Why, that's unheard of!! 😜
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    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    Everyone relax a bit ;) I'm sure even Tesla will ultimately find it ridiculous that a 16K battery pack is "junked" because a small plastic coolant nipple has cracked. Eventually, someone will write the official procedure for fixing such a simple problem and it'll be a permissible fix - for...
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    Cybertruck will have rear wheel steering

    When GM introduced "Quadrasteer" in the early 2000's for the Silverado/Sierra, it was a $7000 option originally. They had to continually lower the price to get people to buy it. It disappeared as an option a few years later. I believe Tesla will be much smarter about this, but costing...
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    How good is YOUR Climate Control - Temperature Consistency

    I've always been happy with the way mine works. It maintains the "correct" temp very well, and pre cooling/heating before I get in is very effective. Make sure you aren't blocking the interior temp sensor with anything. I believe the console lid on a 2019 partially blocks the sensor (I...
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    I've owned many cars in my lifetime (GM, VW, Hyundai, Ford, Toyota), every single one of them had A/C odor issues at one time or another. My Tesla, however, definitely got it the soonest, the strongest smell, and the smell returned the soonest after treatment. Since I've lived in Southern...
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    Tesla Service damaged my car door shell

    As long as the repair is fully documented (what they did, when they did it, etc, and the normal body shop warranty intact) I wouldn't worry about it. Get a few pictures too. Long story, but my sister years ago had a PT Cruiser with some minor body damage on the left rear she was getting...
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    2021 Model 3 LR broke down and wouldn’t drive

    Every car can experience a failure, especially electronics that have an initial "burn-in" period. Try not to let this single incident sour you to your new car experience. Odds are they'll fix it right, and you'll have a very reliable car. Forums are scary places because they are literally...
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    Huge Vibration on Highway then gone? Anyone have info?

    Sorry if this sounds like a sarcastic answer, but YES, take it in for immediate service. New cars (from all manufacturers) can have defects. It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't torque down the lug nuts at the plant. Don't wait until something physically falls off the car while at highway...
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    Is the HomeLink menu a pain for anyone else?

    The simple solution (for me, anyway), is to drag the camera display DOWN so the homelink menu doesn't overlap. This will not allow you to use your side camera views while backing up, unfortunately. That's fine for me since I only use my driver's mirror and the reverse camera while backing into...
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    Premium Connectivity Trial not working

    Does your car think it has Premium Connectivity? If you look on your screen under Software, you should see 'premium connectivity' if it thinks it has it (should be listed somewhere under the graphic of your car). If it doesn't show it there, then something in your account is not set up...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Sounds like your USB drive is going bad. Do you have another one you can put in the car to see if it works? You can also put the Tesla drive into your computer and test it out by filling it up with random files until its full. Verify you can read all the data back by copying it all back to...
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    Yup, same here, it gets super hot where I live, and "summer" is about April to November. I got the rear glass dark tinted with whatever their best heat rejecting film was, and also bought the Tesla sunshade for the top glass which I leave in 99% of the time. I love the sun, but I don't care if...
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    Considering 2021 Model 3 - Trade-offs to current cars on my mind

    I'd stick with what you have, honestly. I really like my model 3 and its done everything I've needed it to do for the year and a half I've had it. It's had zero problems other than an annoying rattle or two. I fixed one, Tesla fixed the other. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the car to...
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    Need advice on data retrieval after accident with lying Fireman

    Just out of curiosity, did the firetruck have a dashcam? If so, then they might either have a recording, or deleted it which would be difficult to talk their way out of. But then again, the same argument could be made about you "conveniently" disabling your dashcam as well. (No accusation...
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    Model 3 Automated Car Wash. Possible damage done?

    I'm assuming you use "hold" mode for braking? therefore your brakes were on when the roller tried to move your car? If that's the case, then you more than likely did absolutely nothing bad to the car other than possibly scuff a wheel a bit as the tire came back down. Its standard procedure...
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    Need advice on data retrieval after accident with lying Fireman

    I'm sorry I can't think of any way to get any data from the car that would help you. I know Tesla did that whole "panic mode" recording thing a few months back, but I doubt a minor impact would've saved anything to the main computer. Even if it did, you probably have to copy it to your USB...
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    Model 3 door window fell out. How?

    I watched the video and I didn't see anything that I questioned. Looks plausible to me. There would've been a slight pressure differential working on the window (slight suction outside, slight positive pressure inside), this would've bent the window outward forming a cut-line at the bottom...
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    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    pure9 - Glad you agree the SR+ isn't right for you, I think we worked hard to make sure you understood that point. Try not to think of it as "range loss". The truth here is that the EPA estimates are calculated using a driving scenario that most people don't have on their commutes. Here's...
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    How to use voice command when callee has multiple phones?

    Couldn't agree more. However, with Tesla's sense of humor, it might decide "call Bob Marley" means 'Autopilot to the nearest dispensary'. Singing' don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be alright...
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    Tesla changing music streaming agreement?

    I think the "streaming" music is just an old Slacker streaming account, right? Can you create a free account and see if you can log in? If so, I don't think Tesla violated anything since you can still stream via wifi (granted with limited skip ability, and possibly with commercials) Again, as...
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    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    I have no choice but to offer the same advice just about everyone else is giving. Your real choice should be between the Honda and the Long Range 3. If the LR isn't affordable, then you have your answer, buy the Honda, it's a great car. You absolutely can make your commute with an SR+, but...
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    Pressure Stress Crack or Impact on Windshield?

    Definitely an impact. That likely is what was the start of your crack, and when you froze/heated your car, the crack grew.
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    New Noob Owner- Necessary accessories?

    Obviously each person will have his/her own opinions on what is important. Here's all I've felt I needed to do, in order: - 14-50 adapter for the UMC (bought from parts counter as I picked up the car) - Window tint (on day 2) - can't handle so much glare - Wheel cap/center cap kit so I...
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    Charging status remains on Charging Completed

    Also remember that your home charger, while perfectly adequate for overnight charging, can't fully keep up with the power draw that the car can use while preheating (granted only for a short time). UMC2 Max - 7680 watts Cabin heater on full ~7000 watts Battery heater on full ~7000 watts...
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    Question about different superchargers, how to tell them apart, and limit charging current.

    To use a J1772 charger, just open your charge port (from touchscreen, from app, or by simply pushing on the cover when the car is awake). The J1772 plug has a manual pushbutton latch to unlock it (its very obvious when you see it). Snap the tesla adapter onto the J1772 plug Then plug the...
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    Question about different superchargers, how to tell them apart, and limit charging current.

    Sounds like you're really concerned about protecting your battery. A lot of people here are. The fact is though, Tesla (and the rest of the industry), does tons of testing and constant tweaking to keep batteries working well. While conventional wisdom would be that car companies will only...
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    car not locking at home, without "exclude home" enabled

    Easy enough test to try turning off the bluetooth on your phone and see if the car locks. (or turn on airplane mode, or turn off the phone)

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