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    Buying a used Model S - Please help with your opinions on these 2 options

    I'd definitely go with option #2: the new body style, AP2 is future proof, lower mileage, comfortable tires. If you spend $10,000 now or later for Full Self Driving, your Autopilot hardware will be upgraded to HW3 and you should also upgrade the UMC2. I have a 2016 MS with AP1 and a 2017 MX...
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    For sale: 2016 S 90D with FSD, lifetime unlimited supercharging, and remaining factory warranty

    The 90 kwh battery, version 1 and 2 has a bad reputation. Only version 3 seems to be OK. Which version is yours and it the vehicle still available? Thank you.
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    Suggestions on new tires?

    I recommend Continental ExtremeContact DWS for 22" wheels.
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    Do people install 2 NEMA 14-50 outlets in one garage?

    I installed 2 Nema 14-50 outlets in my garage for my S and my X. I used a subpanel for the 2 50A breakers and moved our cooktop from the main breaker box to the subpanel. Works perfect
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    University Tesla Survey

    I have 2 Teslas which I cannot input. Some silly questions.
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    Did last sw update break bluetooth?

    My phone connects immediately over bluetooth to my 2017 Model X with the same firmware 44.15. Try to reboot touchscreen.
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    Induction Stoves

    We own a Samsung NZ30K7880US Induction cooktop which we wouldn't give up for anything else. It's a 30 inch cooktop with different cooking zones and touch buttons. It is also manageable over wi-fi. We paid $1,509 for it in 2018. Samsung nz30k7880us 30 Inch Induction Cooktop with Virtual Flame...
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    19" Sport Wheel Rim Protectors?

    I'm using wheelbands (wheelbands.com) on my Model S and X. Very happy with it.
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    I'm So Pissed Off Right Now! [Update: Issue Resolved!]

    Well, congratulations from another member in Cape Coral. I made a deposit for a solar roof about a year ago, but the only information I got is that Cape Coral is currently not serviced by Tesla. Therefore it is good to hear that your project is going forward again. Could you provide me with...
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    Technician Needed in Cape Coral Florida to Install Replacement Optimizer - Suggestions?

    Different subject: I need a technician who climbs on my roof in Cape Coral, Florida, and replaces one (1) Power Optimizer behind my solar panel. I have the replacement part but are too old to do it myself. Any idea where I can find such a person? Thank you. [email protected]
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    All season tires for MX

    I also suggest the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06. Great tire for the Model X.
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    Review of Two House Solar Installations - 12kW and 8 kW - in SW FL

    Hi, I also live in Cape Coral and have a Solar System on my roof since 12/2014. It's 11.55 kW which keeps it in Tier 1 with LCEC. It consists of 42 panels @ 275W each with SolarEdge Power Optimizer and 1 SolarEdge 11400 inverter. Now 1 Optimizer died on me, but SolarEdge was quick sending me a...
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    Rim Savers Anyone?

    I successfully use Wheelbands.com products on my S and X. On my red S, I use a red track and a black insert on my black 21" rims. On my blue X I use a silver track with a blue insert on my silver 22" rim. All are installed by my wife within less than an hour for all 4 wheels. I highly recommend...
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    How to reduce road noise in 2017 X ?

    Can you provide a picture, please? Thank you.
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    Things that are there in model 3 but not model S?

    You press the center of the key fob until the blinker flashes. Then you press the rear button of the key fob. The car will open the garage door (if it is not already open) drive out from the garage and closes the garage door. If will stop itself after 30 feet if you don't stop it with the key...
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    V10 32.11.1

    I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, unlocked, in the U.S.A. I'm on EMUI version 9.1.0 and Android Version 9. I use the Tesla app 3.10.0 to access my Tesla Model X. When I hit "Summon" I get the following message: "Waiting for improved phone location accuracy" and I can't access the Summon feature. My...
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    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    I still have this problem with "phone waiting for improved phone location accuracy". I'm on FW Rev. 10, Version 2019.32.11 and my phone app is 3.10.0. I have a X100D with 2.0 Hardware. Still on Android 9. My phone is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro with EMUI 9.1.0. Any solutions out there? Thanks.
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    This wheel has been sold. Thank you.
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    Yes, it is still available. If you want it please send me $515.00 with PayPal to [email protected] As soon as I get the funds I ship it to you. I guess you are in California, but I need your exact address. You are protected by PayPals guarantees. Thank you. Michael Emrich
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    Homelink trouble with new opener

    I just installed a new garage door opener Genie 3055 and of course the remotes work, but my Tesla doesn't get it. 2 questions: which homelink mode should be used? Standard or Default? After I program the Tesla as requested and get flash light to confirm, I bring the opener in learning mode and...
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    Rim Savers?

    I use wheelbands.com on my Model S and X. Very happy with it.
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    Reading SMS Text loud?

    Yes, I'm aware that it was Windows Phone which had this capability and not Tesla. But I'm wondering if there is an Android App which can do the same for me?
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    Reading SMS Text loud?

    When I had my Windows phone connected to my Tesla in 2012, incoming text messages were read to me and I even could answer by speaking a response. Since I have a new Android phone this does NOT work anymore. Does someone have a solution for this function? Is there an App which will read my...
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    reading sms on my Tesla

    reading sms on my Tesla
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    Yes, it is still available in my garage in Cape Coral. But currently I'm in Costa Rica but will be back this Saturday. We could meet half way between Cape Coral and Parrish to exchange wheel for money. We just have to agree on a date, perhaps this Sunday, the 24th of March. Mike Emrich
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    Help Me Decide SR+ vs MR VS LR RWD

    I would go with MR, color, autopilot and appreciate the option package with a nicer interior. If you really need LR a few times a year, you have to make a stop at a supercharger.
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    Parting out 2018 Tesla Model X

    Would you consider unbundling your UMC and sell me the 14-50 adapter separately, please? Thank you. Michael Emrich
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    Tesla Gen 1 Mobile Charger 40AMP & 14-50

    Would you consider unbundling your package and sell me the 14-50 adapter separately, please? Thank you. Michael Emrich
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    Tesla Gen 1 Mobile Charger - 40 AMPs

    Would you consider unbundling your package and sell me the 14-50 adapter separately, please? Thank you. Michael Emrich
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    Hi Zero address, yes, my single wheel is still available: $450 + $65 for shipping. Location SW Florida.
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    My vehicle does NOT read my phone contacts anymore

    I can see all "recent" numbers, but no contacts anymore. I have a Model S, AP1, 6/2016, and a Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime with Android 7.1.1. It worked before but no - perhaps after upgrading to FW 9.0 - my touchscreen does not show the contacts anymore. Any idea what I do wrong? Thanks. Mike
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    I have just 1 wheel available which I held as spare wheel in case I got a flat. I don't need it anymore as I switched from silver to black rims. My price is $450 + $65 for shipping.
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    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    Selling this spare OEM wheel for Tesla Model S in silver. Comes with TPMS Generation 1 and Continental ExtremeContact DW on a 21 x 8.5 inch rim. Profile depths: Middle: 7/32" Outside: 7.5/32" Inside: 6.5/32" No rash at all. Gives you peace of mind if you have it in your garage.
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    New tires

    Your link to this tire does not work. As far as I know the DWS-06 are not made in 245/35R21. But are available for the Model X.
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    New tires

    I believe Tesla installs the following tire which you can buy from Tirerack.com for less money: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Pilot+Super+Sport&partnum=435YR1PSSXLAC&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes I personally go with the second "customer review"...
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    How reliable is your Model S?

    We are on our second Model S. The first we received (at home) in November of 2012 (Signature: VIN 0961) and kept it for 4 years and a little less than 40,000 miles. No problems! We traded it in mid 2016 for a new 75 (RWD). Since then it never saw the service center as it is perfect. By the way...
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    [Speculation] Model S Update — 200 kW Supercharging Speeds?

    You share 1A + 1B, 2A + 2B, but not 1A with 2A.
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    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Thank you, Larry and CoCanes, for the detailed instructions. I hope for the extension of the Plantation location. Mike
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    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Can someone please provide instructions where to enter the garage and how to find the new superchargers? Is there a parking fee like at Brickell and if yes, is there a way for endorsement? I also wish the superchargers at Plantation would be doubled as they are packed very often recently.
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    Supercharger - Miami, FL - SW 7th Street

    When is the other set of Supercharger stalls going to open at Brickell?
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    Miami / Ft Lauderdale Supercharger (Plantation)

    the number of stalls need to be increased from 8 to 16 pretty soon. In 2018 I charged at Plantation multiple times and all stalls were busy and several cars waiting. Perhaps the situation might get better when Aventura Mall is open but until then, it is pretty frustrating at Plantation.
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    New Maps for Model S and X

    Thank you. After I programmed a destination I saw the "Tesla Beta Naviation" on the main screen.
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    New Maps for Model S and X

    How do I determine if I already got the new maps via Wifi into my car? thanks.
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    Your Top 5 Anticipated Supercharger Locations

    It's time that the Supercharger at Plantation/Ft. Lauderdale will be extended from 8 to at least 16 stalls. It is always full with waiting lines of 3 cars. Last experience at 4 pm on Sunday, March 10th, 2018.
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    Need Owner Advice - today 02/18

    I use Hankook Evo2 tires on my Model S with 21" wheels. They last really long, are relatively quiet and cost less than $800 per set only.
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    I took my friend for a ride and his Neighbor asked "why on earth did he buy a Tesla"

    I drive Teslas since November of 2012. In December of 2014 I had 11.5 kW solar installed on my roof. Since then I drive "free".

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