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  1. K3Man

    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    Aside from all the great Tesla-specific tips in this thread, remember, you can still stop at a truck-stop and use their restrooms and window cleaning tools. Been on quite a few long trips in my T and I always consider the ubiquitous truck/travel stops for “facilities” and services.
  2. K3Man

    Supercharger - Gallup, NM

    The fear there is: “You can put a tuxedo on a goat. It’s still a goat.”
  3. K3Man

    Plugging in every day

    It doesn't seem ambiguous to me though. When you are not using the car, plug it in (if you can, anyways).
  4. K3Man

    Plugging in every day

    Remember, you asked for it! :p Model X Owners Manual (2020.4 North America), Section: Charging; SubSection: Battery Information (~pg 184) Quote: "Model X has one of the most sophisticatedbattery systems in the world. The mostimportant way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE...
  5. K3Man

    First Time using a Super Charger this weekend, I got some questions....

    All good advice so far. I’ll chime in with a few tips as well. Remember to check for the type of supercharger you are considering for a stop; there are three to consider (note: I’m referring to Superchargers not destination chargers or other Level 2 locations not offered by Tesla). The type...
  6. K3Man

    Tesla App and SolarEdge Inverter

    I’m not @reddy, but Tesla installed our system the same way- using Zigbee instead of WiFi or hardwired Ethernet. What they didn’t do was offer any instruction on how to connect to the SolarEdge site and to this day (a year later), I haven’t felt a need to.
  7. K3Man

    Supercharger - Casa Grande, AZ

    I honestly don’t recall, but what I do recall was that none were reported as being inoperable.
  8. K3Man

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Late in reporting -- Took a trip to Tucson, AZ last week and wound up visiting a few supercharger sites for the first time. Indio, CA Quartzsite, AZ Buckeye, AZ Casa Grande, AZ Tucson, East Skyline Drive, AZ Ehernberg, AZ Just added to the Google Docs spreadsheet. :D
  9. K3Man

    I finally got a Tesla!

    Unlimited free supercharging was attached to the car itself for awhile, but they changed that to the "lifetime" of the ownership at some point (I can't remember when they switched that and I'm sure someone will chime in with the details). His MX might be one of those that is attached to the car...
  10. K3Man

    I finally got a Tesla!

    Congrats! Enjoy your new ride!
  11. K3Man

    Supercharger - Casa Grande, AZ

    I was on 2B last Thursday, 5/21, and it got up to 120 kW. Was one of 3 Tesla’s there. All charger stalls *looked* normal. Can’t say I tried them all.
  12. K3Man

    Supercharger - Gallup, NM

    Gov. Lujan Grisham authorizes Gallup lockdown According to the article, apparently there is a major COVID-19 outbreak on the Navajo Nation. Also, seems the Gov. authorized the NM National Guard to assist the NMSP. The article does also say the lockdown ends on Monday (4 May, 2020).
  13. K3Man

    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Understood, @Daniellane . I was replying to PLUS EV’s response.
  14. K3Man

    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    LOL. I guess you don’t have too many women that travel with you?
  15. K3Man

    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Yup. At Gustine (Santa Nella), there is a Love’s and a TA, both very good truck/travel centers, very close. Best advice is to check Google/Apple Maps for nearby centers as above.
  16. K3Man

    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    @fwiw , I wouldn’t worry too much. Consider that electricity is an essential service and will be up and running as will the Superchargers. If you’re concerned about site closures due to parking lot locations, etc, start reviewing the charging stops that ABRP or your Tesla are picking for your...
  17. K3Man

    Route 66 Road Trip - Superchargers?

    Don’t forget Cadillac Ranch, just outside of Amarillo. Cadillac Ranch - Wikipedia It’s not too far from the SpC In Amarillo.
  18. K3Man

    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    Yeah, the California state borders as of 23 March, 2020 are NOT closed. We got my MIL to Oregon over the weekend, no problems. Kettleman City SpC lounge was even fully open, including a barista working along with a cleaning staff working hard to wipe and clean everything. (Kudos to those very...
  19. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    We were at KC twice today, since our trip was a turn-around. Both visits during daylight hours and not only was the lounge accessible as expected and as clean as always, there was a barista working and we observed one of the staff wiping everything down. So, Kettleman City is a good stop for...
  20. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    Well, that’s also a big point of interest with our Governor’s order yesterday directing everyone in the state to stay at home except for critical businesses. Please correct me if I’m wrong (or just am not understanding this recent order) but Starbucks isn’t a critical business and I am really...
  21. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    Yeah, you hit on the meat of my concern- restrooms. I’ll have an elderly relative with me. If Tesla does keep,the lounge open, then Kettleman City will probably be the least of my concerns, as I will need to stop at other SpCs that won’t have a lot of similar services.
  22. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    Does anyone know if Tesla will keep the lounge open during California's Stay-At-Home directive? We have to be traveling to get a relative to a safe location and need restroom access. My hope is that the lounge will remain open for at least the restrooms, but am concerned.
  23. K3Man

    Any way to turn on MX front reading lights without screen menu?

    Yup. I was incorrect. It’s what I get for late night posting. :( I just went out and paid attention to the lights. Mine is the very same- of the 5 lights/lenses in the dome, the back 3 are touch controlled while the front 2 are indeed what everyone else reports and controlled only via the...
  24. K3Man

    Any way to turn on MX front reading lights without screen menu?

    The front dome lights turn on by pressing the individual lenses themselves. Might take a bit of fumbling to find either the driver lense or the passenger, but they do work. Check the owners manual in the “Lights” section in the “Driving” chapter. Description and instructions are there.
  25. K3Man

    Quick question used 2018 75d

    I’m not so sure this is correct. When I ordered my 2018 MX, SiriusXM radio was only available with the Premium Upgrade Package (PUP). I opted to not get PUP and I don’t have SiriusXM.
  26. K3Man

    Mysterious FSD discount for some Model X owners

    Aug 2018 MX 100D with HW2.5 & MCU2, EAP only, no FSD. Just checked my app and the FSD upgrade price for me is $3K. We have all of the “auto” features we need and they work for us. Still don’t see any benefit to the upgrade for us so will NOT bite at this time.
  27. K3Man

    Energy Usage pulse - erroneous data?

    Our setup has no current monitoring on the utility input side though. Only solar production measurement from the inverter.
  28. K3Man

    Energy Usage pulse - erroneous data?

    I am seeing this exact same production pattern on my Tesla app. I have a 21 panel system with a SolarEdge inverter, no Powerwall. I see spikes and dips very similar to the image you posted. No significant clouds in the SoCal area during some of these time periods.
  29. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kingman, AZ

    Check Google Maps for the location. You can scroll down to the overview and find a drop down that lets you look at the typical busy times per day of the week.
  30. K3Man

    How to schedule service? No button on my app. Or on website.

    iOS app got updated today. Mine is now 3.10.1 (b68d98448). FYI.
  31. K3Man

    Supercharger - Green River, UT

    That’s only about 130 miles... Are you driving at 120 mph? :p;)
  32. K3Man

    Key FOB

    You know, there is a big section on the fobs in the Owner’s Manual. Just sayin’. :p;):)
  33. K3Man

    Protection against relay signal theft

    PIN-to-Drive will throw a big hurdle in their way from taking your car.
  34. K3Man

    Some people...

    Regarding the issue with sharing etiquette- I’m a relatively new Tesla owner but know about the sharing a charger (that is not an “urban” nor a V3) thing, but have now met several other Tesla owners that had no idea that most chargers are shared. I show them the pedestal numbers and use that...
  35. K3Man

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Visited 2 new (for me) superchargers yesterday: San Diego, CA - Friar's Road San Clemente, CA Takes me to 52! Small potatoes, I know, but... :p By the way, does walking up to a supercharger count as a visit? LOL I know it really doesn't, but hey! Shortly after we bought our MX, we went...
  36. K3Man

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    It is probably the best aggregate of time-span info available though. Also, thanks for helping supply info. It does help others in line after you. :)
  37. K3Man

    5 Seat Raven HVAC

    Our 2018 MX 5 seat has perfectly fine A/C coverage in the back. I am constantly asking folks who are in the back if they are getting good cooling/venting and everyone says it’s great. So... I think you all need to remember that for a lot of the trouble stories here, most are probably edge...
  38. K3Man

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Just look at the google spreadsheet that this whole thread was meant for and get an idea based on a lot of helpful MX owners that entered their milestone dates. :p
  39. K3Man

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV (High Roller at LINQ)

    So, when you enter the PIN from your nav display, it spits out a ticket? I guess that would make sense, considering everyone is charged for the time in lot and you would need it to get through the exit gate.
  40. K3Man

    Hvac Cold Air Delay

    Thanks for that update. I think I'm starting to experience the same thing. 2018 Model X100D. It's not bad enough yet, but noticeable on very warm days. @Dysong1 , any chance you can post a picture of the service order/receipt so we can use the info when taking into the SC?
  41. K3Man

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Two, actually! Both super fun to do, especially through Texas, having never been before.
  42. K3Man

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Joining the game! :) I’m up to 52 since August, 2018 with my X100D. Rancho Cucamonga, CA Cabazon, CA Fontana, CA Barstow, CA Needles, CA Flagstaff, AZ Holbrook, AZ Gallup, NM Albuquerque, NM Santa Rosa, NM Tucumcari, NM Amarillo,TX Childress, TX Denton, TX Sulphur Springs, TX Texarkana, TX...
  43. K3Man

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    It is! At least I witnessed someone bringing in In-n-Out food while I was there and no one said a word to the person. Can’t answer about baristas being there on holidays though since I’ve never been on an actual holiday day. Did drive through on the 5th though and there were employees working...
  44. K3Man

    I-40 through Arkansas?

    We just completed our similar trip and we stuck with the plan of diverting south from Amarillo through Childress, Denton, Little Rock, to Memphis. We have an MX 100D so didn’t really have a worry. Neither of us have ever been through Texas so driving through was an experience. The Childress to...
  45. K3Man

    Supercharger - Grand Island, NE

    Just rolled through a few days ago and it is definitely open, as is the Bosselman Travel Center that the supercharger shares its space with. I’ve now sent in about 3 edit requests to Google and posted a few pics for the charger’s entry but Google Maps still shows it as “Permanently Closed.”
  46. K3Man

    Supercharger - Grand Island, NE

    Thanks, @Trips ! I reported this issue to Google via the Edit capability.
  47. K3Man

    Supercharger - Grand Island, NE

    Google Maps reports this location is permanently closed. Tesla site says it's open. I'm guessing Google is incorrect. Can someone confirm?
  48. K3Man

    New Tesla showroom in Rancho Cucamonga

    It did get cut and is closed. Too bad too. I thought the sight had potential since there is heavy foot-traffic at Victoria Gardens.
  49. K3Man

    ICE'd Superchargers, a growing issue!

    You know, while I agree with most everyone here that that's just unfortunate and inconsiderate to Tesla drivers who might rely on these superchargers, I have to place a large part of the blame on Tesla for location choice. Looking at these pictures, it seems that it might be in a busy parking lot?

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