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  1. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Do you have any forum or other references for these failures. My car is an early build (VIN 24xx), and I did notice when looking for replacement part on my own that there was a newer part number for these front air struts that seller (who I presume was quoting some Tesla service doc) said they...
  2. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Perhaps a shorter question might get this rolling. Has anyone experienced an air suspension breakage like this? The whole thing is a bit baffling to me as this component doesn't really take any big transient loads - the dampers play that role.
  3. Colby Boles

    Affordable, Lightweight 19" Forged Wheels for Model X?

    One of the issues you will run into non-staggered is that you will have trouble finding a tire which is in the right load range for the rear, unless of course you err on the wide side for the front, which will create its own issues and be counter to your stated goal of better mileage.
  4. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Background: For more than half of the Summer days, we live up in the Sierras near Donner Pass in California. The last 2.5 miles of road to our property is a dirt / rock road that is graded every year by the utility (PG&E) that also manages a lake up there. Most of the road is relatively smooth...
  5. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Update on this - they did find the part number (the SC person admitted that they were using the internal part system wrong which was why they couldn't find it). I also confirmed that the aformentioned part number is what one would get for our car if they ordered a windshield for it today. Where...
  6. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    The crazy part is that the SC front desk staff who booked the appt. completely knew what I was talking about, but the service people seem to have no knowledge of the windshield change and can't find any reference to it in any internal service documents. I suspect Tesla is keeping a very low...
  7. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I'm still at a loss with this problem. After months of waiting for a replacement windshield to arrive at the San Francisco SC, one of the SC staff there said that we should just schedule the service appt. and the windshield will get sent ahead of time for that service. That appointment came last...
  8. Colby Boles

    Tire Wear experiences?

    Check my Michelins out. These were at about 22k mi. Right rear was through two layers of steel belting on the inside. Vehicle was set to go to low above 50mph. Will be installing camber adjusting bushings to avoid this with the new Conti DWS06s .
  9. Colby Boles

    Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

    I just wanted to vouch for the DWS06s also - I'm running the 265 and 275s and it is a better tire in every way compared to the stock Michelins. Quieter too, without foam.
  10. Colby Boles

    New: Adjustable camber bushings.

    Has anyone installed these yet? After going about 20k on the Michelins and wearing through two layers of steel belting only at the very inside of the rear tires and having about 6/32" everywhere else, I'm ready to change the camber a bit at the low setting to avoid wasting the next set of tires...
  11. Colby Boles

    Tire Wear experiences?

    I put on a set of Conti DWS06s which have no foam and I find them quieter that the OEM Michelins with the foam. I'm really liking these new tires.
  12. Colby Boles

    Non-staggered for Model X

    All good comments below. I spent some time thinking about these same issues, wanting to go non-staggered. I wanted to add a #4: 4. The 265 tires I looked at (and ended up buying for the front), Continental ExtremeContact DWS06s, have a lower load rating than the 275 version of the same tire...
  13. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    So an update from the San Francisco Service Center today. I spoke to one service rep on the phone about the fact that I had heard that some people on TMC had finally resolved their ghosting issues with a new windshield, and that I was interested in finally doing the same. He said that he was not...
  14. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    The ghosting is also very noticeable in the daytime, but it can be remedied by wearing polarized sunglasses, which I started doing as soon as I got the car as it was making my eyes very tired otherwise. I'm not a lemur or Cory Hart, so wearing my sunglasses at night is not an option.
  15. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I was supposedly on the 'list' too and never heard a peep. My car is actually in the shop right now for the parking brake recall. Did your new windshield finally solve the problem? If so I'll try to get mine done.
  16. Colby Boles

    Convert 6 seat to 5 seat?

    I'm going to venture a guess that they want a second row that folds down... I would like to have the same thing, but I feel like at this point I would have to harvest the seats from a salvage car with the same interior color and still have to live with some body controller errors from disabling...
  17. Colby Boles

    Vendor MX117 Model X Forged 22" Wheel -25% lighter than 22" Turbine

    Would love to get these in a 20" version if you ever decide to make that.
  18. Colby Boles

    Superchargers super-slow

    This make sense to me in that I have been experiencing this issue at so many different locations recently, but the fact that I can get such varied charging rates with different stalls at one location seems more like hardware issues than some centrally controlled limiting. It's as if many of the...
  19. Colby Boles

    Superchargers super-slow

    Same here. Other owners watching me change chargers two or three times must think I'm crazy, but even yesterday I switched from a stall giving me only 24kW to another that did 104kW with a battery that was around 18%. Given a decent number of open stalls, I always seem to get significantly...
  20. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    I should also mention that I never received any follow up from my NHTSA complaint either. I'm not sure if that is normal, but due to the fact that you are pretty limited in what you can input in the online forms, I was hoping for so follow-up to elaborate on the details of the issue.
  21. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    No, I did not. Recently I brought this up again with my SC contact and I forwarded the emails to her to see what she could find out or try to put me in contact with them. The more recent times I have merged at this on-ramp there has been heavy traffic, so I was not accelerating enough to trigger...
  22. Colby Boles

    Should I take my X to SF?

    100% true. I live in SF and have had this happen with our Nissan Leaf. I have no front plate on the X, but we don't park it on the street either.
  23. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    Yes - with no traffic in front full acceleration is normal.
  24. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    * You can see the cars coming from the tunnel. The issue is that this is a very busy interstate highway and much of the time all lanes are full of cars going 60mph - you might be waiting for an opening for a long time if your car is incapable of accelerating quickly. * I don't know specifically...
  25. Colby Boles


    As an AP1 car owner I feel more cheated that I have no upgrade path to AP2 for my car. Many people may not agree with me but I find AP1 to be insufficient enough that I rarely use it, and if so more out of curiosity than utility. Since I'm not using it anyway I would much rather have AP2 and...
  26. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    In some of my other posts in this thread I mention that I did report this to the NHTSA. I haven't heard anything back from them though - I should look into that.
  27. Colby Boles

    Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits

    Pay Per Lude? Ludicrous On Demand?
  28. Colby Boles

    Plastidip Model X Stock Wheels - PART 2

    I did wheels-off for a number of reasons but mainly so that I could do the entire rim. There is a lot of surface area on the backside, so it does take a number of extra cans to pull off. The other thing you have to be aware of is that the rim sticks beyond the tire, so if you are painting these...
  29. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I question if they are really polarized. I have some Persol polarized sunglasses and they work well day or night, but are too dark for night use. There is inherently at least 50% loss of light (assuming random incoming polarization) when light passes through a linear polarizer. If the...
  30. Colby Boles

    Bent Control Arm

    Speaking from experience rally racing where crashes and damage are quite common, control arms are designed to bend before transmitting damage to subframes and other suspension mounting points where things are much harder to fix. Much better to just have an easily replaceable control arm. Should...
  31. Colby Boles

    22 Inch Rims Question

    Center. The rotational inertia increases as the square of the radial distance from the center, but the mass needs to go up too considering the increased circumference and the metal being of similar thickness, so now you are talking about a cubic relationship. So, if the wheel was just a rim with...
  32. Colby Boles

    Powder Coated 20" Factory Wheels.

    I'm also curious about powder coaters in the Bay Area without a lot of downtime. I dipped the wheels with a matte black that I like, but I want to go to powder coated now that I am sure I like the look. Mine are less shiny than @cclemon8 's, but that should be achievable with the right powder.
  33. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    The powerpacks define your storage capacity, not your energy usage. Your PV sizing would need to exceed your daily energy usage in the worst-case months. The pack sizing would just be to make sure you could keep running overnight and through some bad weather days.
  34. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    In my case I was thinking of a three phase system, so you could treat a 15 PW system as 3 independent units with 5 PW each. Of course for off grid use they would all need to be synchronized to have the 120 degree phasing, but I'm not really expecting the PWs to be able to do that as compared to...
  35. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    I guess it is also worth pointing out that you could buy 15 Powerwall 2.0s for $82500 and have a 210kW system with 75kW output capability, which is more than $25k cheaper than a similar Powerpack solution. The difference being that it wouldn't be 480V 3ph and less robust, configurable, and...
  36. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    FYI, the configurator is back with pricing. Looking at the page source, all of the configurations are hard-coded in data structures like this: { "duration": 2, "power": 600, "energy": 1140, "inverters": 1, "powerstage": 10, "pp": 12, "total_price": 544330 }, which shows a little more...
  37. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    I'm guessing they will have made similar shifts in the price per kWh. Part of my interest in the commercial scale systems is that I would like to take some large three phase machines in my shop off grid as well, which have motors up to 50hp, but are only used for a couple hours on some days. I...
  38. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Agreed. For me, it does bother me less if I defocus my eyes and zone out a bit, but this isn't really what I should be doing while driving. It's also much less annoying as a passenger for the simple reason that you don't have to maintain your gaze on any particular object that has unpleasant...
  39. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Keep in mind that everything you see through the windshield has these vertically shifted, attenuated images. It's just much easier to see with bright objects on a dark background. Specular reflections during the day also have additional bright spots. I also see additional images of each car's...
  40. Colby Boles

    Powerpack 2.0 component pricing?

    Before the refresh, you could price Powerpack systems online by selecting the inverter size, battery capacity, etc. I don't see the pricing information anymore. I have filled out the contact form, but I'm wondering if anyone knows off hand what the new components cost now. I noticed that...
  41. Colby Boles

    Model X head injury

    Same here. We have had a number of hits from with the rear tailgate as well as the FWDs due to the fob getting pushed in my pocket. I had to turn off this functionality completely, which now gives me no option to close the doors remotely with the fob. Why they would make a completely exposed fob...
  42. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    Yes, but do you see ghosting in other X's? I think there is a general consensus that some people see or are bothered by the issue more than others even in the same car. Since some degree of ghosting is fundamental to angled glass, I've always been wary of claims that a windshield is without...
  43. Colby Boles

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    You are the first person I have heard of that sees the ghosting, but has been in a car that doesn't have it. This gives me hope. I noticed the problem the moment I started driving it home from the factory back in May. Polarized glasses solve that and the reflections of the dash grille during the...
  44. Colby Boles

    Car Unlocking On Its Own At Night

    This works for me. We have a metal keybox like you see at a valet / parking office. It's only 15 feet from the car but it keeps the car from waking up even if I don't close the metal door completely. I work in the space where my MX is. Having it wake up over and over as I walk by is pretty...
  45. Colby Boles

    More than 400V systems, where do things go sour?

    As you get into these higher voltage ranges, the transistors and other components you need for the motor inverters and battery chargers that have rated breakdown voltages that are some multiple of your operating voltage start to become more exotic and expensive, and less reliable. One might...
  46. Colby Boles

    Model X didn't warn when my wife was backing up the car and hit a parked car

    I agree that there needs to be some prioritization to the UI. Some things need to happen right away and not be trapped behind what are effectively modal dialogs. I was backing up once using the rear camera when a calendar reminder popped up that it was someone's birthday that I no longer have...
  47. Colby Boles

    5 Month Model X Experience + Build Quality

    Yeah - I really wonder how that is going to play out. From a business perspective, there are few reasons for Tesla to allow access to their Superchargers. I wonder if it might be bit more like Europe where there might ultimately be one standardized network of fast chargers for all car companies...
  48. Colby Boles

    5 Month Model X Experience + Build Quality

    I'm sort of wishing I had made that choice. When I first ran the numbers I thought the Tesla buyback price was pretty low, even figuring in that there would be new products coming down the line. I hadn't figured that AP 2.0 would be something that would be non-retrofittable (e.g. I thought 2.0...
  49. Colby Boles

    I can see the headlines now.

    Moreover, does it become morally unacceptable for the manufacturer to not provide the already developed software features for free assuming the car comes with the hardware capabilities already installed? Imagine the public push back if all cars came with airbags but you had to pay extra to...
  50. Colby Boles

    My Model-X resale value just dropped significantly

    I think the importance of AP for me or anyone else is directly related to its utility. AP1.0 is not that important to me because its limitations are significant enough that there are very few instances where I trust using it or where I feel the degree to which I have to supervise it is less work...

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