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  1. beatle

    Vtech Chip

    There's no real point in coasting since decelerating actually puts energy back into the battery. Perhaps if the car had an incredibly large amount of parasitic loss from the transmission, freewheeling could help in some cases. For a Model S I'd be incredibly surprised if someone were to...
  2. beatle

    Model S Front Upper Control Arm DIY

    What symptoms does your car have to warrant the UCA replacement? Old bushings?
  3. beatle

    The more things change, the more they stay the same...

    It was very useful to have the remaining predicted battery percentage always visible at the bottom of the list of turns. Now the list of turns has to be below a certain threshold for it to be visible unless you scroll to the bottom - which then hides the directions for the next turn. This next...
  4. beatle

    V11 - Adjusting Music time position

    I was able to do it when viewing the music app with a playlist or genres below it. It appears in the transition between the two frames. No elapsed/remaining time either, and the behavior of the expanded music menu is now unpredictable. Never know if you're going to get a list of songs or some...
  5. beatle

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    If you just want to run the sub+amp and get signal to it you can use a t-tap if you don't want to cut the wires. T-taps work most of the time, but at least buy good ones. However, if you're going to run an amp/dsp for your front stage then you'll need to cut the wires anyway unless you want to...
  6. beatle

    Lost Interest

    I'd prefer to talk to a person, especially for an expensive luxury vehicle, but at the least they need to expand their service. I could get an appointment quickly when I purchased my car 2 years ago. Now I have to wait 3 weeks and drive further out to reach an available SC. Responses via the...
  7. beatle

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    I'd do the sub+amp before the front. If you pay a shop to do the work, either ask them to run a big enough wire from the front to support a second amp via a distribution block, or run two power wires while they have the car apart if you ever plan on upgrading to an amp+dsp down the road. You...
  8. beatle

    Lost Interest

    I've joined that camp as well. While I haven't had a really terrible experience (yet) there are plenty of red flags that others have mentioned: lack of communication, reducing vehicles' performance or removing features post-sale, and a lack of repair resources (parts availability, diagnostic...
  9. beatle

    Model S aftermarket speaker upgrade

    Upgrades are a sliippery slope for sure. Installing new speakers is pretty simple, though getting to the midrange drivers in the dash requires some dash components to come off. Some people are happy with Light Harmonic speakers, though they are pricey. A set of speaker adapters will run you...
  10. beatle

    Exact benefit of 19" wheels

    While it's always good to have a good explanation of the numbers and how they translate to power and range, I wish there was more detail as to how their road load is calculated, and how things like wheel offset, wheel/tire weight, contact patch, and tire construction affect the road load. I...
  11. beatle

    New posts in watched forums?

    That did the trick, thanks!
  12. beatle

    New posts in watched forums?

    Before the site redesign there was a way to view all unread posts in watched forums. This minimized having to click back and forth between the various forums someone wanted to read. There is a "What's new" menu, but that picks up threads for all forums with no way to filter these. There is a...
  13. beatle

    Charging two different EV's with one nema 240 volt 14-50 outlet

    You could use something like this: https://www.bsaelectronics.com/collections/electric-range-buddy/products/electric-range-buddy-plus-auto-1-custom-50a-nema-14-50-2-way-splitter-3-5-14-50-cable-to-two-14-50-outlets-with-kwh-meter It's designed for electric ranges, but can also be used to...
  14. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Try here: https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2015/10/does-the-tesla-model-s-p85d-really-have-691-hp-.html As for your quoted article, it is condescending to the point that it assumes everyone reading it is stupid. When measuring the power available to move the vehicle, the comparative...
  15. beatle

    Fuel saving opinions please

    You didn't mention what your current vehicle is, but a Model S isn't a great vehicle to save money with. Sure, you might get ahead with electric vs. diesel, but they can be expensive to repair, and if you are using it for work, you will likely want a backup vehicle if it breaks and needs...
  16. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Well, 691 - 520 = 170hp or so, give or take a few hrspr. If the car actually made close to 691hp it'd be as fast as a MSP, maybe a bit quicker. If your response to this is again going to be, "but it's fast enough as is!" then I feel sorry for you. I am still happy with the car as is, but I...
  17. beatle

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Those HP calculators are based on ICE power plants, especially the one you linked to that looks like it's from the late 90s. The power curve is different for an EV. ETs can be lower with less hp than an equivalent ICE vehicle because the the power is available immediately and the car has such...
  18. beatle

    No more kW in energy widget

    Have you driven a non-budget basement car built in the past 30 years? Virtually every car has a tach whether it is a manual or automatic.
  19. beatle

    What kind of wheels are these?

  20. beatle

    Is it normal for the wall connector cable to get hot @80 amps?

    Note that I was not referring to wear. I was clarifying the defintion of a "charge cycle" which is one charge from 0-100, or 100 charges of 1% each. Increasing the frequency or reducing the amount of energy per charge does not change the number of charge cycles. The car actually keeps track...
  21. beatle

    Is it normal for the wall connector cable to get hot @80 amps?

    Charge cycles are based on the amount of energy exiting and entering the battery, not the speed of the charge. Whether you charge from 85-90% 20x or 0-100% one time, the battery is subject to the same single charge cycle. I always charge to 90% for daily use and 100% when leaving for a trip...
  22. beatle

    Destination Charger Roulette

    It's been a lot longer than 15 months. They've had this problem for years. I upgraded to MCU2 anyway earlier this year. Fortunately I haven't run into a public HPWC that is incompatible. You say J1772 works "slowly" but it is plenty fast to charge the car overnight. Most of the hotels where...
  23. beatle

    No more kW in energy widget

    Without the markers there is no way to determine how many kw the car is using when accelerating or how many kw it is regenerating. You say the meter is "cleaner" and I say it's "less useful."
  24. beatle

    Wrapping sliding armrest with alcantara

    You can find adhesive backed felt in any craft store. I used a tiny bit of Shin Etsu grease. Have to apply it about once a year.
  25. beatle

    Flow Forged vs Forged?

    Forged wheels are nice because they offer lighter weight with similiar strength, though they are not invincible either. Flow forged will be fine for a daily driver, especially in 19 or 20 inch sizes. When you run 21 or 22 inch sizes, you'll likely want a forged wheel as there is less sidewall...
  26. beatle

    Driving like Grandma S%^@#*s

    They may have sold 360,000, but some of them could have been on the same car if they take one in as a trade-in, then resell it without the feature in hopes that the next owner will buy it so they can collect double on the same car. There are losses from crashes as well. I never understood the...
  27. beatle

    Why is the glass roof so dark tinted on the refresh?

    That's a bummer. You can always go darker with tint or install a shade, but you can't make it lighter. I prefer the sunlight. Heating the car uses more energy than cooling anyway, so it is strange from an efficiency standpoint as well.
  28. beatle

    TeslaFi and other AWS and GCP clients currently blocked access to Tesla API

    I don't think I've had an issue with TeslaFi since the issue came and went last year.
  29. beatle

    Autopilot Change

    Try coming to the east or west coast. Please also stay in the far right lane if you're only going to do 5 over the limit.
  30. beatle

    Major Yoke concerns from Consumer Reports initial review

    Careful, you can drown in kool-aid. It's interesting that Musk says the benefit of the yoke is to provide better visibility of the instrument cluster - a cluster that is not even present in the 3/Y because it's so unimportant. So which is it? I wonder what his justification of the yoke will...
  31. beatle

    Model S Plaid range discussion.

    Yes, severe degradation would mean his effective capacity is reduced and his consumption is normal.
  32. beatle

    Will 20” rims work with 2021 Model S Plaid!

    Yes, TSportline already sells a bunch of 20" wheels for the refresh MS. Just look for wheels with the same width, offset, lug pattern, and a center bore at least as large as the factory wheels and you should be good.
  33. beatle

    Model S Plaid range discussion.

    Looks like the gauge is lying to you. If the pack's capacity is ~100kwh, your actual consumption is about 500wh/mi if you use 50% in 100 miles. Or if your average consumption is 313wh/mi then your battery actually has about 62kwh if you can empty it in 200 miles.
  34. beatle

    Depreciation on older ('14-15) S over the next 5 years?

    I've been telling myself since I decided to buy my car 2 years ago that the cottage industry will grow to meet customer demand for repairing these vehicles. So far the expansion is pretty slow. I say that selfishly because there's not a shop I can reasonably drive to in range of the DC area...
  35. beatle

    Anybody has issue with the dash display like this?

    I just updated to 2021.32.10 yesterday and lost the numbers from my energy meter as well. I now wonder if they removed them on purpose to hide how many kw the car is using. I think I'll kill my wifi network so my car stops getting updates. There really aren't any useful features being put...
  36. beatle

    Speaker upgrade with custom mounts

    This is where I got my brackets: Car Audio | Audio Designs & Custom Graphics | Jacksonville, FL
  37. beatle

    Tesla Service - Getting worse by the day....and weirder

    Maybe if there were more 3rd party garages than you could count on one hand, and if parts and diagnostics were readily available to perform fixes yourself, people wouldn't gripe about SC service because they would have alternatives. As it stands now, the only real way for people to get their...
  38. beatle

    Had a door unlock at 80 mph on my Plaid

    Right, I guess I should have said "why not construct everything like the front?" I know they have the control module located in the front door, and that module is for front and rear doors, but those are just wires. Maybe it's for child safety locks? I still don't know why the release would...
  39. beatle

    Had a door unlock at 80 mph on my Plaid

    I think we can agree that it's poor design, but why is it cheaper to put the release between the seats vs. directly linked from the handle? The front interior door handles have a mechanical linkage to the release. Simple is usually cheaper anyway.
  40. beatle

    Anybody has issue with the dash display like this?

    Not necessarily a different version, just reinstall the current version. It may have been corrupted on install.
  41. beatle

    Had a door unlock at 80 mph on my Plaid

    I don't know why Tesla made the mechanical rear door release an Easter egg. Relevant video:
  42. beatle

    Looking to buy a used Model S performance/AWD model - what do I need to know?

    Batteries degrade and are less powerful as they age. Here's a relevant video of a P100D with 100k on the clock running against a new M3P: If a car has really been beaten up, some of the drivetrain components such as the axles can wear. That's true of any car though, not just Tesla.
  43. beatle

    Anybody has issue with the dash display like this?

    Definitely seems like a software bug. Can they just redeploy the last update in attempt to fix this?
  44. beatle

    Blinker Issue

    Looks like some kind of morse code. Maybe check engine light? Should probably move this to the model 3 forum.
  45. beatle

    Aftermarket wheels for refreshed model s?

    Wait, you're saying you save over 40 pounds per corner? The stock wheels weigh over 60 pounds EACH? I could see a total savings of around 40 pounds, but not 160.
  46. beatle

    Tesla Service - Getting worse by the day....and weirder

    Unfortunately your story is no longer unique. This seems to be standard fare now.
  47. beatle

    UHFS Front Door Speaker Replacement 8”

    You are right. In addition, the 8" midbass are actually 1 ohm and not 2 ohm. I think they are made of ground up hens' teeth and unicorn mane. More info here: https://teslatap.com/articles/audio-systems-for-the-tesla-model-s-and-model-x/
  48. beatle

    UHFS Front Door Speaker Replacement 8”

    You'll likely want a 2ohm speaker to continue to get the most out of the stock amp, but those are few and far between, especially in 8" size. Finding one with a depth that doesn't hit the window when it's down will be even more of a challenge. I had a set of Infinity 60csx components up front...
  49. beatle

    The first slammed Model S

    Maybe the wrong thread for this, but I actually wonder if the lowered stance (not slammed) can be good for the half shafts by reducing their average angle while driving. From what I understand the MS originally shipped a bit lower than what is currently delivered. The car's adjustable ride...
  50. beatle

    Keep 2015 P85DL or trade for 2022 Model 3 Perf?

    I've driven both and they're pretty close, though the cars' performance does drop off a bit with age, and your car has almost 50k on the clock. I think a new M3P might be a tick faster now. They're comparable though - maybe not enough to notice. You can get a lot of repairs done (if needed)...

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