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    V10 on MCU1

    Doesn't seem like there's any confirmed information other than Spotify is included in mcu 1 based on the fact that's available in Europe on mcu1.
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    Tesla sent me a refund check that bounced

    I bought a S last Sept (privately) so I decided to cancel my 3. I got my $2500 (the downpayment for the configuration) back on my card but they told me they HAVE to send me a check for my original $1000 that I paid to reserve the 3 on Aug (2017). So after asking for it every week and various...
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    2017 Tesla Model S 75 For Sale. Florida.

    Holy crap, this is a good deal. If only this wasn't 5 months ago when I bought mine.
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    2017 Model S 90D (September Build Date)

    This is a amazing deal. Even with the high mileage (relative), I'd be all over this if I didn't buy my 75 2 months ago.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    They look great, how is your range with these?
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    Buford GA and surrounding area.

    Sounds good, you might want to reach out to the atlanta FB group for Teslas too.
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    3D KAGU Maxpider Floor Mat Group Buy

    Here's another one: U-Ace L1TL00001509 Maxpider Kagu Black All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model S | eBay These usually pop around this price from various sellers. Just wait till a ebay 15% coupon comes up to save another $30.
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    3D KAGU Maxpider Floor Mat Group Buy

    If you wait for a ebay 15% off coupon code (which happens every month now), you can get the Model S versions for $181.59 (with shipping & tax included). I bought mine from this seller: 3D Maxpider 2012-2017 Tesla Model S Kagu Black R1 R2 Floor Liners 842132101527 | eBay
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    Supercharger - Buford, GA

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    Supercharger - Buford, GA

    We should! I got a late 2017 MS a month ago. Def loving it. If you ever see a matte black MS with some Arachnids around there, it's me :)
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    Supercharger - Buford, GA

    I live about a minute away, just checked for the hell of it just now. Nothing new to report.
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    Why aren't 20 inch turbines more popular?

    That's basically the route I was looking at and that's prob what I'll end up doing.
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    Why aren't 20 inch turbines more popular?

    Just got my Model S, it came with amazing Arachnids and the OEM slipstreams. I was considering selling my slipstreams and 'upgrading' my winter tires to 20 inch turbines. However, I noticed there's not nearly as much demand or enough people selling 20 inch turbines whether it's here on the...
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    Silver 21" Turbines staggered, good for winter rims. Includes Gen2 TPMS

    Would def be interested if I lived near Cali :(
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    Horribly slow account transfer

    I bought a used Model S through a private party earlier this month and did a customer service transfer on 9/12 (same day I also cancelled my M3 reservation). This is so I could access the car thru the app, etc. They told me it shouldn't be a issue and it should take 48-72 hours. I've been...
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    2017 Model S 90D - Black, Multipattern, SAS, EAP

    Damn, a week too late or else I would have jumped on this presuming the miles aren't crazy.
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    Got it, mind sharing how he found it without the website?
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    It wasn't mentioned in what ad?
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    FS - 2016 Model S 90D Red

    I think it's a great price as well. If I didn't want specific options on it, I would have bought it a couple weeks ago.
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    I've emailed literally 6 or 7 different CPOs just to get a pic of 2 cars and I'm not getting a response from any of them (other than the ones that have the automated 'out of the office' message). This is getting ridiculous.
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    That was the one I posted. haha...It's a damn shame too because I thought it was a great deal. Still waiting for one like it but I may just give up and stick to the 3 AWD I have reserved.
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    New CPO experience (very BAD!)

    Asking this because I actually don't know, why would you just not register the car to your home state to avoid being double taxed?
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    Damn, I've received pics on several and they have all looked like trash in comparison to this one. Good find!
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    If you do buy a CPO and it does have damage light paint damage, do they offer to fix it at all?
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    Unsure whether to accept this CPO

    Looks like they put it back up for sale with the original higher price point Inventory Search | Tesla Damn, Tesla's CPO program is shady AF
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    Unsure whether to accept this CPO

    I went ahead earlier and asked for a refund and my CPO advisor obliged. It's a real damn shame the conditions that these vehicles are in and the fact that they actually try to offload these under the title of 'CPO' vehicles. I've had a AWD Model 3 reserved for awhile now (est delivery time of...
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    Unsure whether to accept this CPO

    Thanks for the quick feedback. Going to see if I can just get a refund, if not, allocate my deposit towards my tentative reserved Model 3. I thought it was a priced well but it was questionable to me whether it was worth it after seeing the pics. Price but was 75,200
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    Unsure whether to accept this CPO

    Basically I bought this CPO, 90D model S early this morning but I just got the pics from a CPO advisor and it looks beat up on the inside and out. I'm not sure how much it would be to fix the issues but here's the specs: Midnight Silver Metallic Paint Black Leather Tesla Premium Seats 19"...
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    2016 model S 75D lease takeover

    -_- if only it wasn't on the other side of the country.
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    FS - 2016 Model S 90D Deep Sea Blue AP and Transferable Supercharing

    Damn, I'd buy in a heart beat if it had AP 2.
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    2016 Model S P90D

    If this was in my neck of the woods, I'd offer 80.
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    Somebody buy this smoking CPO deal

    There's a bunch coming in, I have my eyes waiting for one with AP2 though.
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    FS: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD

    6000 miles in....Just curious, why are you selling it?
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    Buying Model S from Vroom

    how did your experience go?
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    Anyone get a 3 and regret not getting the S instead?

    I've configured a AWD 3 but I can't help but feel that I much prefer the S. I love the size, space, ride quality, dual display, and the looks of the S much more than the 3. However, I know the 3 is a much better buy in terms of value, range, tech, sound, etc. Anyone here who got their 3 and...
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    FS: Model 3 Performance Reservation

    Why don't you just ask for a refund thru Tesla's customer service? I called last week to double check whether I could still receive my $3500 back and they said I could until I got a VIN.
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    Lease Takeover on a Model S 75D

    Prob a dumb question but would I be able to pay the residual and keep the car?
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    Quick Question regarding Panoramic roofs.

    Got it, thanks for the clarity, guys!
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    Quick Question regarding Panoramic roofs.

    Right, so the pano=sunroof then? All I see is two options: glass roof or sunroof.
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    Quick Question regarding Panoramic roofs.

    My brother is thinking about buying a model S, however, we're both a bit confused. We've been looking a post-facelift CPOs and under the 'features' of some, it says 'All Glass Panoramic Roof' but on other CPOs it says 'sunroof'. I initially thought that the pano roof was essentially a immovable...
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    2017 Model S (AP2) Pearl White 75

    Just curious, I assume you already have one model 3, why did you decide to get rid of the S and get another 3? As someone who's torn between the two, thought I'd ask.
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I just subscribed to premium mainly to look at the historical price listings for Model S (CPO) in NA but they are not showing up. Next to US Model S inventory and on the US Model S CPO, it has a '(0)' and they are not populating.

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